tagFetishSuzette's Norma Ch. 6

Suzette's Norma Ch. 6


Norma arrived home and immediately went to the bedroom to begin undressing. It had been a long week at work. She unbuttoned her blouse, threw it to the bed and wriggled out of her skirt. Standing in her panties, bra and heels she admired her slim figure in the full length mirror. As she looked at her reflection she undid the clip in her blonde hair allowing it to cascade down past her shoulders. Now she undid the clasp on her bra, dropped it to the floor and gently rubbed her small firm breasts, watching herself in the mirror. She teased her nipples erect and opened the dresser drawer to get out her vibrator for some much needed relief when the phone rang.


"Hi honey, whatever your plans are tonight - cancel them. We're going out. " It was Suzette on the other end. "Put on a short skirt, low cut blouse, garter belt, stockings and heels - no panties. I'll pick you up in an hour. And Norma... put away that vibrator, I want you really horny tonight. " Suzette said emphatically and hung up the phone.

Norma put down the phone. Her body flushed warm at the thought of Suzette's last comment. It had been two weeks since they had last gone out. That was the night of John's party and ensuing adventure at Jennifer's house. Now Norma REALLY needed release but she put the vibrator away and smiled as thought of how well Suzette knew her. She removed the remainder of her clothes and went to take a shower and dress before Suzette arrived.

Norma heard the honk of Suzette's car horn and went outside. She climbed into the car and closed the door. Suzette leaned over and kissed Norma gently on the lips and immediately put her hand up Norma's short navy blue skirt. Norma shuddered a little as Suzette's fingers lightly touched her pussy. Suzette smiled and said "Just checking to make sure you followed directions. "

Suzette was wearing a clingy, black short dress, black stockings and strappy black high heeled sandals. Her light brown hair was pulled into a ponytail that wafted down her back. "Are you wearing a bra Norma?" Suzette asked as she drove. "Yes... " replied Norma. "I forgot to tell you not to. " They drove along for a bit when Suzette asked kind of abruptly "What are you waiting for?" Suzette pulled the car to a complete stop, right in the middle of traffic and turned to her... " Take it off now Norma. " Suzette said. "OK" said Norma, sheepishly, knowing full well she should have obeyed the casual request as a command. "Remove your blouse, THEN remove your bra. " said Suzette, as the car began to move again.

Norma undid her blouse and removed it as Suzette continued driving down the dark road. Then she removed her bra. As she began to put the blouse back on Suzette stopped her. "Not yet. " Suzette said as the car slowed to a stop at a red light. Norma realized what Suzette was doing just as the car came to a stop. Alongside them was a car with several young men and women... all of them looking directly at Norma in the light of the intersection. The girls were giggling and pointing and the guys were leering at her naked breasts. Norma stared straight ahead and waited for the eternity it took for the light to change to green. The car of young people pulled away first as Suzette veered the car onto the highway ramp. "OK honey, you can put your blouse on now. " Suzette said and reached over touching Norma's cheek softly. "It's not right to keep such lovely breasts hidden all the time, and nothing should prevent the tips of my fingers... from doing this.... " As she drove her hand reached inside Norma's blouse... and the tips of her fingers caressed the tips of her nipple... causing Norma to shift in her seat and moan out loud, just a bit.

A few minutes later the car pulled into a driveway and Suzette shut off the ignition. "This is my friend Samantha's house. She invited us over to play" Suzette said with a wink.

Suzette and Norma rang the bell and were greeted by a tall slender redhead in a black latex jumpsuit and boots. This was Samantha. She was about six feet tall with long straight fiery red hair and dark eyes. The latex outfit clung tightly to her slim figure and Norma could discern a discrete little bulge at the crotch. "MMMM... another t-girl friend" she thought to herself.

They all stepped inside the unassuming suburban home. "Samantha, this is Norma... the girl I told you about. What do you think of her?" Suzette asked. Samantha walked around Norma once, very slowly, her boots making a distinctive click with each step, looking her over from head to toe, like she was a piece of meat... or a piece of ass... She stopped for a moment then walked around her a second time smoothing her hands down Norma's ass then cupping each cheek with a squeeze... tracing her hand down the back of her calves as she passed around her... Then running her fingers through Norma's hair... smoothing her fingers across her belly... and then cupping each breast... lightly thumbing each nipple... Samantha stopped in front of Norma and looked her directly in the eyes. In a commanding tone she instructed Norma to lift her skirt. Norma complied, and slipped her index finger roughly inside her pussy... pushing it in until Norma stepped her legs apart and helped her finger inside.... "She looks like a such 'nice' girl. And she appears to be married... "

Samantha takes Norma's left hand in the air, waving it limply and displaying her wedding band, then dropping her hand abruptly. "Her marital status is none of your concern Samantha dear" Suzette replied. " Are you sure this female you've brought to MY home does all the naughty things you said Suzette?" Samantha asked, keeping her eyes glued to Suzette. "Oh Norma is very compliant and she enjoys being a little slutty for shecock. " said Suzette. "I can fuck her, Suzette?" Norma answered "yes". Samantha abruptly snapped back "I did NOT ask you Norma, I asked Suzette"... Suzette's eyes glazed as she watched her Norma being fingered so casually " Yes, you may fuck her, Samantha, as much as you want"... Suzette then took her wetted finger out of Norma's pussy and walked behind her... her eyes now locked to Suzette's... "Ahh... but can I fuck her in the ass, Suzette?"... She made Norma bend slightly at the waist, having her put her hands on her knees and lifting the hem of her skirt with one hand, pushed the wet finger into Norma's rosebud... And wiggled it in for a moment, making Norma moan slighty... "Let's go upstairs and find out" said Samantha and led the way to the bedroom. Norma could see that the bulge in between Samantha's legs was no longer the little pouch.

Samantha's bedroom contained a large bed and armoire and on one wall four large brass rings had been bolted for rope games. "I'm very horny Suzette and have some friends coming over later tonight so let's get the girl undressed and tied to the wall. " Samantha said matter-of-factly. Suzette helped Norma remove her skirt and blouse and then tied her wrists and ankles to the brass rings on the wall.

As soon as she was restrained Norma began to feel warm all over. Her wrists were tied to rings above her head and her legs spread and ankles bound to the rings near the floor. Like this her body formed the letter "X" on the wall. "Now remove your own clothing Suzette. " Samantha ordered. Suzette stripped down to her stockings and heels just as Norma was attired.

"Good... now come over here and get my shecock nice and hard so I can fuck Norma's pussy. " said Samantha as she unzipped the front of her black latex suit releasing her nearly-erect cock. "Kneel down and suck me Suzette. "

Samantha placed her cock on Suzette's red lips and rubbed them a little. Suzette parted her lips and took the cock into her wet mouth. As she licked and teased with her tongue she felt the prick grow larger in her mouth. Norma watched as Suzette knelt and sucked on Samantha's cock. She was beginning to get really wet, the scent of her pussy starting to fill the room, and closed her eyes for a moment to imagine her own lips on that shecock as she felt fingers penetrate her pussy. Samantha had inserted two fingers right up Norma's pussy and was fingerfucking her as Suzette sucked.

Norma moved her hips as best she could to rub her pussy on Sam's fingers. She found she was able to lift herself up and down by using the brass rings she was bound to above her head. Just as she was establishing a rhythm Samantha removed her fingers and Norma watched as Suzette licked the pussyjuice from Samantha's fingertips. Samantha's cock was now quite hard and Suzette had traces of precum and Norma's juice on her lips and chin. "Get up Suzette and put my cock in Norma's pussy now. " Samantha commanded. Suzette stood and took Samantha's oozing cock in her hand. She stroked Norma's pussylips with the cock once and then quickly inserted the shaft into Norma.

Norma groaned loudly as Samantha's rigid member filled her pussy, pushing her against the wall. Samantha made several deep slow hard strokes... making Norma groan out loud... Then... Samantha pulled out of Norma. Norma whimpered in disappointment.

"Tell me you want my shecock to fuck your pussy Norma. " Samantha said. Norma gasped... barely able to get out the words "Please fuck my pussy with your shecock. " Samantha smiled. "Suzette, put my cock back in Norma's pussy, please. " Suzette once again took hold of Samantha's throbbing cock and slid the shaft into Norma's wet pussy. Norma moaned, deeper this time. Samantha began to fuck Norma, pushing deep inside her so Norma was pressed back against the wall.

"Suzette, suck on Norma's tits while I fuck her. " ordered Samantha. Suzette kissed and suckled Norma's breasts and nipples as Samantha continued to drive her shecock into Norma. Norma was again using the brass rings above her head to lift her body up and down. By doing so she was able to drive Samantha's cock deeper and she felt herself approaching orgasm as the two t-girls used her helpless body. She wanted so badly to lift her legs and close them around Samantha's back to drive her she-cock deeper and deeper inside herself

Suddenly, Samantha heard her garage open... and a car pull in... feet coming up the steps... and Samantha pushing faster and harder and deeper inside her... It was Samantha's wife, Donna, a average housewife and mom type... very PTA... With short blonde curly hair... her C-cups bosom had Norma in a trance......... She came up the stairs and walked right into the bedroom with a bright and cheery smile. She stood there for several minutes... Watching the scene, Samantha without a pause...... then finally walking up to Samantha while she was still inside Norma and giving her a great big wet sloppy horny kiss... saying only... "I just GOT to have some of this... can I cut in"? With hardly a care she had slipped out of her jeans and heels but leaving her top and bra on... Sliding her hand between Samantha and Norma...... Pushing Samantha back away and out of Norma... she lay herself in the same shape... her back to Norma... her ass purposely wiggled... to Norma's pussy and told Suzette to put Samantha's cock "where it belonged"... Norma felt each and every stroke... as Samantha pounded into Donna, over and over... "quickly Samantha... I have to get back to work"... Samantha grabbed Donna by the hips... lifting her off of her feet and pressing her back into Norma... "Yes", she began to scream... louder and louder... her ass now slipping back and forth across Norma's pussy... she shuddered... Clawed at Samantha's back... then suddenly went limp as a rag doll... collapsing in between Norma and Samantha... Suzette then helped her back up... after a few moments... she began to recover and suddenly turned and kissed Norma very hard on the mouth... while holding and massaging Samantha's still hard she-cock... pausing to say "And who is this that is exciting my husband Samantha so much?" Before anyone could answer, Donna turned back to Norma and said "You want more, don't you honey?" Norma could only nod emphatically, she was breathing so hard. She had never felt so used. Donna turned to Samantha as she got dressed... "You still have more for her, Samantha"?

"I want you to cum hard on my shecock Norma so I can slip it up little Suzette's ass" Samantha said. "You can watch me fuck her cute ass after you cum. " Norma felt Suzette's lips on her nipples and Samantha's cock probing deep inside her. She ground her hips forward trying to take in as much of the shecock as possible squeezing her pussy around it tightly. Samantha grabbed Norma's hips and pulled her down onto her cock stretching Norma's arms slightly. Norma could not contain herself any longer and flooded Samantha's cock with her juices, moaning and trembling in an intense release.

"Good girl, Norma" Samantha said smiling wickedly. "That should be plenty of lube for Suzette's ass. "

"Suzette, remove my cock from Norma's pussy and kiss it. " Samantha ordered. Suzette pulled the rock hard shecock from Norma's pussy, kneeled and gently kissed the sticky wet shaft. "Now get on the bed with your sweet ass in the air. Norma wants to watch me fuck you now. "

Suzette positioned herself as instructed and Samantha stood at the edge of the bed and pushed her wet cock into Suzette's ass in one long thrust. Suzette groaned and her shecock twitched as Samantha rocked her hips back and forth, stroking in and out of Suzette's ass. Donna sat on the floor in the corner, mesmerized and silent.

Samantha was nearly ready to cum. The tightness of Suzette's ass coupled with the previous stimulation with Norma had her on the verge of release. She slowly fucked Suzette's ass a few more strokes and then pulled out of her.

"Roll over Suzette, I want to cum on your shecock" commanded Samantha.

Suzette rolled onto her back, her shecock hard and throbbing against her belly. Donna got up and walked over... then stroked her shecock two or three times and shot her husband Samantha's hot semen all over Suzette's shecock and tummy... Donna rubbed it into Suzette's belly with her hand while kissing Samantha. From the look on Samantha's face... she felt very disappointed that Samantha had not cum in her...

"Now go shove that cummy cock back in Norma's pussy. " Suzette appproached Norma, her shecock covered in Samantha's cum and throbbing. She placed her hands on Norma's hips and pushed her cock into Norma's still wet quivering pussy. Suzette kissed Norma as she pushed in and out of her pussy. Norma tasted precum and her own juice on Suzette's lips. They both began moaning as Suzette fucked Norma. Suzette's shecock was ready to explode as she felt a finger slip up her ass. Samantha was standing behind her, probing her ass with her fingers and squeezing Norma's breasts and nipples.

"Cum inside of Norma's pussy, Suzette. Do it now. " ordered Samantha.

That was all she needed not to hold back any more... Suzette's shecock swelled inside of Norma and released a burst of hot cum. The sensations of being pinned against the wall by Suzette's body coupled with Samantha's attention to her breasts made Norma shiver in orgasm yet again as she felt Suzette's cum oozing out of her pussy and down her legs.

"OK you two... I have guests coming over so it's time for you to get dressed and leave. " said the business-like Samantha.

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