tagFirst TimeSuzie Learns A Lesson Ch. 1

Suzie Learns A Lesson Ch. 1


At last! School was over and done with; her finals finished and a glorious summer stretched ahead of her. Today was the first day of the holidays and she was free to spend it as she pleased. She walked along without a care in the world, ready to go swimming in the deliciously cool lake on her Uncle's Farm. Chuck wasn't really her Uncle – but she had called him that for as long as she could remember. He was her father's closest friend. He and his wife had looked after her for long periods of time after her mother had died when she was just eight years old. As she walked, her thin summer dress fluttered in the slight breeze, demurely covering her scanty bathing suit. The one her father didn't know about – because if he had, she would never have been allowed to wear it. It covered all the essential parts, but only just, and didn't leave very much to the imagination. This was the first time she had worn it, and Suzie felt really quite daring.

When she arrived at the farm, she thought she ought to go and say a hello to Cindy before heading down to the lake. Cindy would probably be in the kitchen, cooking up one of her wonderful creations, so Suzie headed round to the back of the house. As she walked past Chuck's den, she glanced in at the window and ground to a halt. Oh My! There was Chuck and Cindy having sex! Although she knew that she really ought to go, not to watch, Suzie found herself unable to tear her eyes away. She felt jealous … not of Cindy, but of what she was so obviously enjoying. Suzie longed to experience the thrill of sex. Since she had begun to develop the woman's body she now had, she had dreamt of being naked in a man's arms. Many of her friends had boasted that they had been 'all the way' with their boyfriends, and Suzie longed to have such secrets to trade. But the local boys had never dared to lay a finger on her – not with her father being the local Minister. Heck, here she was, turned 18 a few months ago, and she hadn't even had a real kiss yet. Roll on college!

Suzie reluctantly backed away from the window and turned round. She gave a start and a guilty cry as she came face to face with Jim, Chuck's son. My goodness, she thought, he has grown some since I last saw him. Jim was a year older than her and Suzie hadn't seen him since waving him off to college the year before. For the first time in her life Suzie saw Jim as he really was, and not some gawky kid she had run wild with as they were growing. Suzie must have looked as embarrassed as she felt because Jim looked over her shoulder into the den. "Oh! Right – and why did you stand watching for so long, eh?" Suzie didn't know what to say and the conflicting emotions mirrored in her face as she tried to think up one plausible explanation after another. Words failed her until she heard Jim say, "Made you horny? Do you want to try it?"

"Yes," she heard herself say before her brain kicked in and she altered her answer to an indignant, "No way!" Before she had even finished speaking Jim scooped her into his arms and ran with her into the nearby barn.

Once in the barn, se was unceremoniously dumped onto a pile of grain sacks. As she struggled to stand, Jim fell on her like a football player lunging in for a tackle. Suzie began to struggle and yell at him to get the hell off her, but this seemed to make Jim all the more determined. He managed to get her dress off and was grabbing at her breasts when a voice rang out. "STOP! Stop that right this minute!" Jim sprang away from her like a scalded cat. There, in the doorway, stood Chuck. Suzie couldn't see his face but she knew from the tone of his voice that they were both in a heap of trouble.

Chuck moved to one side and Suzie could see that Cindy was also there. Cindy made a move towards Suzie, but Chuck stopped her. "Cindy, take this young scamp to my den and begin to teach him his manners. I will be along shortly." Jim slinked from the barn like a dog with its tail between its legs and Suzie was left to face Chuck alone. She stood and went to retrieve her dress. Chuck beat her to it and held the flimsy material saying, "I don't think so, young lady. Not yet!" Suzie watched as he shook the dress out and hung it on a hook just inside the door, which he then pulled shut and shot the bolt home. As the harsh sunshine was shut out and Suzie's eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness, she wondered what was coming next. She didn't have long to wait.

Chuck went and sat on bale of straw and beckoned her over to him, "now then, what in the world do you think you were up to?" Suzie began to spurt out an explanation as to why Jim was on top of her, but it didn't ring true even to her ears. She stuttered to a halt and looked at Chuck, who was just sitting there shaking his head. "OK Suzie. Do you want to start again from the beginning? This time, sweetie, I want the truth. I have always been able to tell when you are lying." Suzie gulped. She had never been able to lie to 'Uncle' Chuck. He just sat there, staring at her with his huge greeny-brown eyes, his eyebrows raised in an unspoken question. Suzie stood there and was only able to open and close her mouth, like a fish out of water. She made a start, "It was hot … and I wanted a swim … so I came here … and …" She stopped, unable to put into words what was racing through her head.

Chuck sighed and said, "How about I ask you some questions and you answer them? Will that make it easier? I want the truth, mind." Suzie flashed him a grateful smile and nodded. "OK then. You looked into the den. Right?" Nod. "And you saw Cindy and I in there. Right?" Suzie nodded again and felt herself blushing as the sight of them making love over the desk came back into sharp focus. This was getting harder now. Chuck asked another question, "You saw what we were doing. Right?" Suzie nodded again, wishing for all the world she was anywhere but here. Then came the question that Suzie was dreading. "So why did you stand and watch for so long?" She lowered her gaze to the ground and shrugged her shoulders. She didn't fully understand it herself, so how could she begin to explain it to somebody else? "I … I just … well I … "She gave up trying and felt tears of frustration and shame building behind her lashes.

Suzie flinched slightly as Chuck took hold of her arm and pulled her closer to him. "Come and sit down here and let's talk this thing through." Without protest, Suzie allowed him to sit her on his lap and place an arm around her waist. The abrupt change of subject that followed took Suzie totally by surprise. "How many boyfriends have you had, sweetie?" Chuck asked in the gentlest voice Suzie had ever heard. Suzie just shook her head. "What? Not even one?" Chuck queried and then added, "All too frightened of Daddy, eh?" Suzie nodded and gave a soft sigh. "So you have never been kissed or petted or anything like that?"

"No," Suzie admitted quietly, and then added softly, with the longing ache clearly showing in her voice, "And I so want to. Just to see …" She stopped, afraid she had said too much.

"Is that why you are moving so far away for college? So nobody will know whom your father is? So that you will be free to explore and find yourself?" Suzie nodded once again and chewed on her lip. She felt so foolish when it was spoken aloud. She heard Chuck give a huge sigh and scratch his head. She stole a glance at him and saw that he was now rubbing his chin, as he always did when lost in thought. "Suzie, my sweet girl, you are going to be prey for all the worst sorts out there! I should have guessed that you would be ill prepared." He stopped and Suzie glanced at him quizzically. Chuck looked as if he were weighing up some tough puzzle. He suddenly gave a nod as if something has clicked into place and he had reached a decision. "I think you need a few lessons." Suzie was about to ask what he meant when she felt his hand slide from her waist to the back of her head. Pressure was applied and her head was guided slowly towards his face, his mouth meeting hers in a kiss.

Suzie was shocked. Chuck was giving her a kiss, just like she was a little girl again. No, she thought after a moment, this was nothing like when she was a kid. She began to move her lips against his; kissing him back in what she hoped was the correct manner. She stiffened as she felt his tongue push between her lips, trying to get between her teeth and eventually succeeding. This was gross – having another person's tongue in her mouth. Once again, she quickly revised her opinion as the sensation of him exploring her mouth began to feel wonderful. Feeling full of daring, she opened her mouth a little wider and tentatively pushed her own tongue forward. He tasted wonderful! Soon Suzie was lost in the moment. When she felt a hand slide down her shoulder and inside her costume to run over her breast, she hardly paused.

All to soon for Suzie, Chuck broke off the kiss and moved her from his lap. He sat Suzie beside him on the bales and turned to look at her. Suzie was confused and a little disappointed. "OK sweetie, now you have a had a proper kiss. What was it like? Did you enjoy it?" Suzie just nodded enthusiastically and beamed a smile at Chuck. "What about when I touched your breast? What did you feel then?" Without thinking about her response at all, Suzie just said, "Wow!" Chuck gave a snort of laughter and muttered something about the youth of today and how English was being taught in schools these days. "So," he continued, "That was lesson one. Do you want the second lesson now or have you had enough for one day?" Suzie didn't even stop to think about what this might mean, all she knew was she wanted another of those kisses. "Yes. Yes I do want lesson two," she said firmly.

Chuck stood and removed his shirt, shaking it out and folding it neatly. Suzie had seen him bare-chested before, but only now noticed the rippling muscles and the broad shoulders. She gave a little shiver as Chuck pulled her to her feet, and looked deep into her eyes. "Now listen," he said in a serious tone, "Any time you are not comfortable and want to stop, you just say so. I will not do anything to hurt you, and I want this to be a good experience for you."

Suzie nodded briefly, just to show she had heard him, but wished he would just stop talking and give her another of those fantastic kisses. She held her face up hopefully and was so lost in her dreams that she gave a start as she felt Chuck sliding down the straps of her bathing suit. Suzie suddenly wasn't too sure about this turn of events. Nobody had ever seen her breasts before. She was just about to voice her uncertainty when Chuck's moth found hers again and she was swept away in another passionate kiss. He pulled at her arms until they were free of the straps and placed them around his neck. Suzie relaxed into his chest and marvelled at how it felt to have her breasts rubbing against his hairy torso. As his hands ran gently up and down her back, her body gave little shivers of delight and she gave a low moan of pleasure. This turned into a gasp as Chuck's hand moved over her breasts and began to gently rub them.

Although he didn't stop the kiss, Chuck dropped his hand from her body. Suzie felt lost. She had enjoyed the sensation of somebody other than herself touching her tits and, feeling quite brave, she lifted his hands and replaced them on her skin. Chuck quickly obliged and was soon kneading and tweaking her both breasts like a baker getting dough ready to shape into loaves. Suzie felt intense waves of heat coursing through her body and was soon responding by giving little gasps and moans of pleasure, moving her body slightly as if in time with some unheard melody playing in her head.

Feeling brave again, Suzie began to allow her hands to explore Chuck's chest. She found that by rubbing his nipples made him kiss her even deeper than before. All too soon, Chuck broke off again and sat her back on the straw. She felt a bit weak and more than a little disorientated. It took her a while to realise that Chuck was kneeling on the floor speaking to her. She caught the end of what he was saying. "… so is that OK with you?" Huh? What? Is what alright with her? Suzie didn't want to appear rude by admitting that she hadn't been listening, so just nodded her head. Anything was Ok with her just so long as she felt that wonderful inner glow again.

She was a little startled when Chuck began to kiss her neck rather than her lips, but soon his hands were roaming over her tits again and she relaxed, wanting them to be caressed again. She found that Chuck was pushing against her slightly and had to lean back, putting her hand down to balance herself. The pressure increased and soon she was lying flat on her back on the straw. Chuck was alternating his mouth between her neck and her face, his hands never leaving her tits. They felt so different, so alive, thought Suzie, and just gave a sharp gasp as one of her nipples was pinched.

This was a totally different sensation and she was just learning how good it felt when she felt Chuck's mouth at a breast. Ooh, that was so good. Every time a nipple was pinched or nibbled Suzie felt tingles travel down her body. It was as if she was floating once again, but receiving little electric shocks at the same time. She began to run her hand through Chuck's hair and her nails up and down his back. This seemed to drive him to kiss her with more urgency. This is so wonderful, thought Suzie, no wonder all the girls loved petting so much. Jeez! What had she been missing this last couple of years? What a waste!

Once again Chuck abruptly stopped and Suzie tutted in annoyance. She was enjoying herself and wanted him to carry on so she could be on that cloud again. She struggled into a sitting position and looked quizzically at who was sitting back on his heels. "Why did you stop? I want to carry on. Please Uncle Chuck, please?" Chuck looked troubled and said seriously, "Suzie, the next step is a big one. If you want to take it, you had better drop the Uncle thing, if you don't mind. Just plain Chuck will do. Now, I will ask you again … are you sure you want to carry on?" Suzie knew that she would regret it if she didn't and so, as nervous as she was at the change in atmosphere, she said simply, "Yes, Chuck. I want to carry on."

Chuck took her hands and pulled her to her feet. After giving her quick kiss of reassurance, he ran his hands down the length of her body, taking the bathing suit with them. Soon it was round her ankles and he simply lifted her to one side and picked the suit up. He carefully shook the stray bits of straw from it and hung it with the dress. Suzie gave a little shudder. She wasn't cold, but suddenly felt as if her skin was covered in goose pimples running up and down her limbs. Nobody had seen her naked for years and years. Just the thought that Chuck could see every inch of her body made her feel different, sort of warm all over, like she was laying in a warm blanket.

Chuck turned back to her and gave her a warm smile of reassurance. He went behind her and rearranged the bales slightly, making almost a bed of them. He took Suzie by the hand and led her to the bales and gestured to her to lay down. Although she felt suddenly very nervous, Suzie settled herself on the straw and tried to relax. She wanted this, she had asked for this … but at the same time she wanted to flee. She heard Chuck remove the belt from the waistband of his jeans and then heard the zip being pulled down. Suzie started to shake with nerves. Chuck quickly pulled of his jeans and lay down beside her, gently stroking her face until she had stopped shaking.

"It's OK. I am not totally stripping. I just wanted to make sure my belt didn't catch you. If you want to stop, we can. It's entirely up to you. If you want me to take you the next step, then that's fine too." Suzie fought with her conscience. She so wanted this, but knew that it wasn't right, not really right. Her curiosity won and she nodded. "I want to go on," she said simply. "I just don't know what to do."

Chuck smiled at her and let his finger slip to her breasts once again, planting kisses over her face and neck. As she began to relax, his hands moved lower, stroking her stomach, then lightly brushing her mound. At the first touch, Suzie stiffened, but relaxed once again as the hand did nothing more than just brush across it. Soon she was yearning for the hand to spend longer and longer there. Suzie couldn't explain it to herself, but it made her flutter inside. Like butterflies in the stomach on exam days, but much, much nicer. She began to actually move her hips slightly in an attempt to keep her mound under his hand.

Suzie gave a slight start as she felt a finger slide down between her labial lips. She wasn't sure quite what Chuck had touched but it was as if she had received and electric shock. Her hips lifted from the straw and she gave a gasp. Without stopping the movement of his finger, Chuck lifted his head to look at her face. "Are you OK sweetie?" he asked softly. Suzie tried to articulate words to say she was fine, but found that the only sound that she seemed to be able to produce was a cross between a moan and a hum. She began to move her hips in time with his finger and found that the tension in her body was mounting.

Suddenly her body gave a violent lurch and she saw stars behind her eyes. She didn't know whether she wanted to laugh or cry, such was the emotional mixture washing across her. Chuck kept his finger still and continued to kiss her until Suzie had stopped shaking. He then began a slow slide downwards, kissing the length of her body until his head was on a level with her hips. Carefully he slid off the bales and knelt at her feet. Gently, and slowly, he used his free hand to caress her legs; each caress going higher and higher. Suzie was so lost in the new sensations that her thighs were quite relaxed and it took no effort to slide a hand between them.

Suzie felt the pressure on her thighs and without thinking, moved her legs apart a little. She felt Chuck lift one of her feet and place it over one of his shoulders, then the other. She almost sat up in shock as she felt him plant a kiss on her mound. The kissing continued and, finding the butterflies were once again fluttering in her stomach, she settled back to enjoy this new sensation. She felt a finger playing at the entrance to her vagina and held her breath. The girls at school had said it hurt the first time. As minutes ticked by and nothing seemed to be happening, Suzie let her body go limp again.

She hardly noticed that Chuck had moved his head slightly but soon found herself panting as his tongue found her clitoris. This was already sensitive from his fingering before, but this sensation was something else. It was more intense than anything she had so far experienced and she was soon soaring way above that imaginary cloud she had previously been on. Her hips took on a mind of their own and she couldn't control the involuntary movements they made any more than she could have controlled the rising and setting of the sun.

Then a new sensation hit her. Chuck had a finger inside her and was moving it slowly in and out in time with her hip movements. Suzie began to move faster and faster. This new feeling was so wonderful, so filling, so … She couldn't think anything, she could hardly breathe and then suddenly … CRASH. Her body was jerking out of control, the stars exploded and she gave a low scream. Oh god! Thought Suzie, I've wet myself. She could feel a warm wetness running down her legs and she struggled up to a sitting position. Chuck did not appear to have noticed and was licking at the moisture. "Stop it, please. Don't, please," she begged, close to tears.

Chuck immediately stopped and got to his feet. He put an arm round her and asked her gently what was wrong. "Oh Chuck, I've wet myself. I am so sorry. I couldn't help it. I …" Suzie trailed off as she heard Chuck laughing quietly. "Oh Suzie, Suzie," he said, still laughing softly, "You haven't wet yourself at all. You just had an orgasm, that's all." He quickly stroked a finger up between her lips and held it out to her. "Here, smell it; taste it." Suzie carefully sniffed at his finger and then allowed the tip of her tongue to touch it. It certainly wasn't urine she tasted. It smelt musky and earthy, and tasted slightly sweet and salty at the same time. "That, Suzie, is a prize that not every man receives, but once tasted, it is like a drug. Most men just cannot get enough of it."

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