tagFirst TimeSuzie's Lessons Ch. 10

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 10


This is a fictional account.


Thanks to all of you that have written me back on this series. I am glad many of you have liked it and appreciate the kind words. Thanks too to Techsan for helping me edit this story. This is the final chapter for now. I want to try other things but you never know. Maybe one day I will come back to Suzie and Curt. Happy Holidays.


The afternoon at school went very fast. Even drama club seemed to go by fast, but Suzie could have done without the lecture from Mrs. Wood about practicing her lines. She had messed up twice and not at difficult parts. She had to spend more time studying or she would screw up the play. Right now though, all she could think about was the trip Mary, Mark and she were going to be making to the police station. Mark and Mary were meeting Suzie after drama club and they were going directly to the station. When the rehearsal was over, she quickly headed out for the parking lot. She found Mary and Mark easily and soon they were on their way in Mark's car.

They arrived at the station just before 4:30. They entered and told the desk officer they were there to see Detective John Peterson and Officer Lisa Banks. The officer had them take a seat but only five minutes later the Detective and Officer Banks appeared. They looked somewhat curiously at the three as they approached.

"Miss Johnson, good of you to come down again," Detective Peterson said. "Are these friends of yours?"

"Yes, they are," Suzie said. Before she could say anything more Mary stood.

"I believe I'm the one you're looking for," Mary said looking quite nervous.

Officer Banks and Detective Peterson looked surprised, but only for a second.

"Is that so," Detective Peterson said. "And why would that be?"

"I believe you have a bra of mine," Mary said.

"What is your name?" Detective Peterson asked.

"Mary Williams," she said.

"Well, Miss Williams, I do in fact want to talk to you very much, right after I talk to Miss Johnson here," he said, then turned to Mark. "And who might you be?"

"I'm Mary's boyfriend," Mark said standing. Mary smiled slightly at the mention of his being her boyfriend.

"Were you at the party in question?" Detective Peterson asked.

"No," Mark said.

"Okay, please wait here with Miss Williams. Miss Johnson, please follow us," he concluded. They walked down the hall to the same room as before.

"Have a seat, Miss Johnson," Detective Peterson said.

"Thanks," Suzie said, sitting in what was probably the same chair as before.

When the officers were seated too, Detective Peterson started asking questions.

"So, Miss Johnson, it seems you left a good bit of the story out of our last meeting," he said, with a wry smile.

"Yes, sir. Mary didn't want to come forward and didn't want her parents to find out. She has just wanted to put the whole thing behind her since it happened," Suzie said.

"Holding information back from the police and possibly lying to us is a serious matter, Miss Johnson," Detective Peterson said.

"I know, sir. You have to know how distraught Mary was. We were afraid what she might do if her dad found out. She thought it would kill him. We worried she might be suicidal," Suzie said.

"Who is we?" Officer Banks asked.

"Janie and I," Suzie said.

"Why don't you explain to us everything you know?" suggested Detective Peterson.

Suzie related the whole story from start to finish this time leaving nothing out.

"So, you were the one that called 911?" Officer Banks asked.


"We knew that. That's why we called you back," Officer Banks said.

"Miss Johnson, would you go get Miss Williams for us and show her to this room. You can then go wait with her boyfriend. I want to talk to Officer Banks a second," Detective Peterson said.

"Okay," Suzie said.

She got Mary and led her to the room and then returned to Mark. Suzie waited with Mark for over an hour before Mary and the two officers came out. Mary looked a little tired, but also much less nervous.

"Miss Johnson, we should charge you for obstructing a police investigation," Detective Peterson said.

Suzie stiffened in the chair and Mary and Mark looked concerned.

"But we're feeling hospitable today given the circumstances and the fact you brought Miss Williams in to talk with us now," he said. "Officer Banks and I feel we will recommend you get off with a stiff warning to never obstruct an investigation again. Can we get that assurance from you?"

"Oh, yes, Detective, thank you," Suzie said. Mary and Mark also said thanks.

"Okay, you three are free to go. Miss Williams, please call me tomorrow as we agreed," he concluded.

"Yes, Detective Peterson."

The three left the police station. In the car, Mary told them what had happened. She had related the whole story as best she could remember. She didn't want to press charges as that would involve a completely new trial on just her case alone, but she did agree to testify at the trial pending with Kathy Walker. She also agreed to tell her parents tonight or the officers would.

"How do you feel?" Suzie asked.

"I feel somewhat relieved," Mary said. "I'm nervous about the trial, but I think you both were right. I needed to face this in order to get it behind me."

"Do you want me to be there when you tell your parents?" Mark asked.

"No, but thanks anyway. I need to do this with them by myself," she concluded.

They were all deep in thought for the rest of the trip back. Mary and Mark dropped Suzie home before heading to her house. Mary thanked Suzie again for standing by her and nearly getting in serious trouble on her behalf.

Suzie had missed dinner, but her parents had a plate made for her. As her mother warmed it, and then she ate, she related the story of what happened at the police station to them both. Her parents were relieved to hear the police would not seek charges against her. They also were happy for Mary, that she was finally facing things and telling her parents. Surprisingly they asked little of the after prom parties. They only asked if she had a good time or not. When she finished eating and helped clean her dishes, she excused herself to study and memorize her lines for the play.

Suzie carried her suitcase up the stairs and down the hall past Beth's room. As she passed by Beth's room, Beth yelled to her. Suzie stopped and poked her head in.

"Hi, Suzie, how are you?" Beth asked.

"Great, Beth, how about you? How did your date go Friday?"

"Well, I wanted to talk with you about that," Beth said. "But first, I want to hear all about the prom."

"Okay, come in my room though so I can unpack."

After they shifted into Suzie's room, Beth sat on Suzie's bed while Suzie unpacked, and they started talking about the prom. Suzie related the whole story including the night in the cabana at Curt's house and the trip to the lake. Suzie left out the sex parts though, so Beth had to ask.

"Wow, you got to stay overnight with Curt," Beth said smirking. "You must have done it a lot."

"Beth, I can't tell you all the details. That won't be fair to Curt."

"Why not? I tell you everything," Beth said.

"That's different. You were asking for advice," Suzie said.

"I still am, but first you need to tell me what happened," Beth pleaded.

Suzie related much of the story but didn't go into too much detail about the actual sex acts. Beth seemed satisfied and delighted with the rest of the story.

"Does it hurt much when you lose your cherry?" Beth asked.

"Yes, but only for a short time," Suzie said. "It's not as bad as anal though, because it's quick. Anal hurts during and after."

"Oh, my god, you did anal with Curt?" Beth said. "That must really hurt badly?"

"It does," Suzie said. "It can be pleasurable but I don't like it that much. Curt told me a girlfriend of his liked it and she thought of it as a good way to avoid getting pregnant. I would rather use condoms than take it in the ass all the time."

"Wow," Beth said. "What's it like having a guy inside your vagina?"

"After the pain of your hymen is gone, it's the most wonderful feeling of all," Suzie said.

"Beth, it's impossible to describe how good it feels. It's the best feeling in the world. You feel so full. A guy's dick can stretch you more than ever and he can reach places inside you that you can't with your fingers."

"Oh, it sounds delightful," Beth said.

"But you must wait," Suzie said, all of a sudden serious. "You're too young to lose your virginity."

"I know, but sometimes I really want to," Beth said.

"I know but you need to fight that because it's too early for you," Suzie said, worried that Beth would not hold out.

"I will," Beth said.

"Well, tell me about your date?" Suzie asked.

"We had a great time," Beth said. "He is so nice. The movie was fun and we went back to his house after. We went down his basement to a rec room to watch TV. That is where it happened."

"What happened?" Suzie asked curiously.

"I did it, Suzie," Beth said.

"You did what?" she asked, worried.

Beth told Suzie the whole story of what she did with Mark.

"Oh, so you didn't taste his cum?" Suzie asked.

"No! Yuck, people do that?" Beth asked.

"Yes, some do," Suzie said.

"What do you do with Curt," Beth asked.

"Beth, you shouldn't do what I do," Suzie said, hoping it would die there.

"But do you let him cum in your mouth?" Beth asked.

Suzie paused to think for a second and decided to be truthful, "Yes."

"Oh, gross, Suzie!"

"Actually, I love it and it adds greatly to the blowjob for the guy," Suzie said.

"It does?" Beth asked.

"Yes, guys love to cum in a girl's mouth. They love it more when she swallows too. I think they get a thrill from the girl ingesting their seed. It completes the blowjob for them if the girl swallows," Suzie added.

"It looks disgusting though," Beth said.

"It's not the tastiest thing in the world but you can get used to it. It's incredible when it shoots off in your mouth. Though if he cums a lot, it can be hard to keep from gagging. Many girls dislike the texture as much as the taste. It tastes bland and salty. Actually, it tastes like bleach," Suzie related smiling.

"Yuck," Beth said. "You like it?"

"I do," Suzie said. "I love sucking Curt's cock until he explodes in my mouth and then I swallow it all down. He cums huge too."

"I bet Mark would love it if I did that to him," Beth said.

"He probably would but you are moving too fast, Beth. You need to slow down or I fear you are going to regret having gone so far so soon," Suzie said.

"I know. I'll try to not progress anymore," Beth said.

"That's what you said before. You need to be stronger, Beth!"

"You're right. Thanks, Suzie. I will be careful."

"I hope so," Suzie said. "Now I have a million things to do like study and memorize my lines."

"You want me to read lines with you?" Beth asked. "I like doing that."

"Okay, that would be great, Beth. I can use the help," Suzie said.

They practiced together for an hour on Suzie's lines. Then Beth left Suzie alone so she could study some math before bed. Suzie was exhausted when she finally turned out the light for sleep.

All the sex talk with Beth quickly came to mind and she stirred restlessly. Her first thoughts were concerns about Beth going too fast but then thoughts of her sucking her boyfriend's cock kept creeping into her mind. Suzie found herself rubbing her pussy through her skimpy pajama bottoms. She contemplated fingering herself for a while and realized she missed going the whole day without sex with Curt.

They had been together everyday for about the last week and she missed being with him especially now that they were fucking. Her desire to masturbate was strong but she fought it off, preferring to wait until she could be with Curt. She fought restlessness for a while until she eventually fell asleep from being so tired.

Tuesday was a beautiful warm day. She rode to school with Curt and Janie as usual. Curt and she discussed working out again as usual after school. The rest of the day went like normal except she aced all her lines for the play and Mrs. Wood seemed pleased.

Suzie met Curt in the parking lot after school and they went through the normal routine of Suzie changing then working out at the junior high school. They both pushed themselves hard to make up for the days off and Suzie was feeling some pain from aching muscles at the end.

On the way home, Curt broke some news to her. He had to go Wednesday night to another pre-season meeting at Rutgers for the football team. So he would not be able to work out with her. Suzie realized it also meant he would not be around to fuck her either. She decided to make tonight last.

"Curt, I'm sore from our work out. How about we go back and use the hot tub?" she asked, with a devilish smile.

"That sounds fine with me but your swimsuit is home now, I believe," he said.

"Swing by and I'll run in and get it. Some other clothes too," she said.

"What will your parents think?" he asked.

"They must know we are sexually active by now. At least I bet my mom knows. Besides I'm sore and the hot tub is a perfectly reasonable thing to do," she added.

"Okay, I guess you're right," Curt said, as he swung the car in front of her house.

Suzie was back in ten minutes. She had seen her mom but her mom seemed cool with her explanation. Within ten more minutes they were changing in the cabana. Modesty was a thing of the past between them and they both stripped down in the main room.

Suzie had to struggle to get her yellow polka dotted bikini on though, as Curt kept playfully grabbing her. He hugged her and palmed her tits as she tried to finish getting ready. He had gotten his suit on with his dick still flaccid but as he played with her it pushed out the front of his trucks noticeably.

"Down, boy," Suzie mused. "Can't you control yourself and Cyclops?"

"He missed you. Can't you tell? He only wants to show you how much he likes you," Curt teased.

"I know him," Suzie said laughing. "He wants to find a hole in my body and invade it like some alien creature."

Curt laughed and stated, "I guess you do know him, because that is exactly what he wants to do."

Suzie broke free and managed to get the bikini bra in place. Curt left her to finish with a smile and went to uncover the hot tub. He turned on the jets and retrieved some large towels for them to use when they got out. They both slipped quickly into the bubbling warm water and relaxed for a while.

The hot tub did feel great and Suzie could feel her aching muscles relaxing a bit. She was just about to close her eyes and lean her head back when Curt slid off the seat next to her. He wedged himself between her legs facing her. She looked at him as he bore in for a kiss. Soon they were kissing passionately and his hands were massaging her aching legs. In minutes their tongues were wrestling and one of his hands found her covered pussy and stroked the gash with her fingers.

Suzie moaned into his mouth as he teased her sex. She was as charged up as Curt was and couldn't wait to feel Cyclops splitting her open and filling her like only he could. It was still bright light out at just before 6:00 pm. That meant they didn't have the cover of darkness to hide their activities in the tub. This didn't seem to matter much to Curt as he maneuvered her swimsuit bottom aside and worked his finger into her cunt. Suzie groaned at Curt's invading tongue.

"Curt, we shouldn't be doing this right here," she stated. "Someone might see us."

"I can't help it," he said. "Being this close to you is driving me crazy."

"Me too, but we should go in the cabana. Want to take a shower together?"

"Okay, that sounds good," Curt said.

Curt removed his hand from Suzie's pussy and she fixed the bottoms before they exited the hot tub. Curt's dick was half hard. Anyone looking would easily see the obvious bulge in his trunks. They quickly wrapped towels around themselves, not to dry off as much as to hide their bodies. As they walked to the cabana, Curt's mother appeared on the back porch and called to them.

"Curt, it's dinner time. Does Suzie want to stay for dinner?" she asked.

Suzie noticed movement at one of the upstairs windows and thought she saw Curt's younger brother move away from the window. She wondered if he had been watching them.

Curt yelled back to his mom, "We aren't hungry just yet. Could we come in later?"

His mom gave them a questioning look but said, "Okay."

As they entered the cabana Suzie said, "That reminds me, I better call home to tell my parents what's up. Is it okay for me to eat with you?"

"Of course," he said.

Suzie grabbed the phone and dialed home as Curt started the shower. She explained to her mom she was eating at Curt's. Her mom was fine with that, but reminded her it was a school night. When Suzie hung up the phone and turn towards the bathroom, she saw Curt in the doorway, already naked. Cyclops was half hard and almost pointing to her as she walked to Curt.

Once inside the bathroom, she shed the bikini quickly and followed Curt's lead into the shower. At first they soaped each other like this was a serious shower but soon the touching centered more to the erogenous zones. Within five minutes, they were standing under the water, face to face, and stroking each other. Suzie had Cyclops in her hand and was making him fully hard quickly. Curt was kneading one ample breast while he sucked the distended nipple of the other.

Suzie spoke to him hoarsely," We shouldn't take too long or your mother might get mad about dinner."

"You're right, but I don't need food. I want to spend hours fucking you," Curt growled.

"I know. I feel the same way. I want Cyclops in my mouth and pussy at the same time," she said laughing.

"He wants to be in both places at the same time," Curt said, smiling back.

"What should we do?" Suzie asked.

"Turn around and bend over," Curt said.

Suzie did what Curt asked and realized he intended to fuck her here in the shower from behind. His fingers played in her wet pussy briefly in order to determine if she was ready. All the sexual tension from the hot tub and in the shower had Suzie slick and primed.

Curt eased his cockhead into Suzie's slot and she reached back to guide the head to her hole. Seconds later, Curt had the head wedged into her hole about a half inch. Even though Suzie had taken him several times over the last week, his dick was still huge and her twat tight as a baby's glove. Suzie groaned with the exquisite feeling and from being stretched to accommodate his girth.

The water from the shower sprayed down on her back as Curt slowly worked his fat spear into her slowly giving hole. It took a few moments for him to sink into her until his dickhead bumped into her cervix. Suzie groaned as the head slipped past her cervix deeper into her belly. He had at least seven inches inside her. She felt stretched unbelievably and so full. It felt like her lower body was crammed full of cock.

Curt pulled back slowly. He had learned to fuck women slowly at first as they all had to adjust to his massive cock. Even that wild redhead, Joanie, had cautioned him to go slow in the beginning. Becca, his old girlfriend, had whimpered and stiffened with pain each time he screwed her. She was one of the smaller framed girls he had fucked to date and he always had to be careful when he fucked her.

One time, he had been drinking after a big football win with the guys and didn't realize he was hurting her as they fucked. When they were finished, he noticed she had been crying. He had hammered her deep in her pussy repeatedly and she could barely walk straight when they were done. He had apologized repeatedly, but she took several days to forgive him.

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