tagIncest/TabooSuzie's Son-Swapping Sex Club 01

Suzie's Son-Swapping Sex Club 01


I guess it all started with my eighteenth birthday. I woke up that morning to find that mom had bought me a set of weights. A bench, barbell set, and a pair of adjustable dumbbells. I was so delighted I impulsively gave her a kiss and a big hug. Then she treated me to my favorite breakfast: Scrambled eggs with chopped up pieces of bacon topped with salsa, and homemade bran muffins with butter and honey on the side. Waiting for me at the table was also a couple of CDs of my favorite group. And that deserved another hug and a kiss, I thought.

"Oh, mom," I said as I hugged her. "You're the most wonderful mom in the world."

And she was in more ways than one. Divorced, she was thirty-eight, looked twenty eight, and had a body that had given me many an adolescent wet dream (but we won't talk about such things). During the week she worked in the office of a large insurance firm, worked out three times a week at a local gym and played tennis on the weekends.

During breakfast we had small talk, mostly about my schooling. After breakfast I sat and listed to the new CDs mom had given me while she got herself ready to go play tennis, this being a Saturday.

After my breakfast had digested a bit I decided to try out the set of weights mom had given me. I placed the bar on the bench's rack and knocked out a few quick sets, increasing the weight as I went. Then I decided to go heavy.

I went looking for mom first. I found her just about ready to step out the door. She was dressed in a short red tennis skirt with a tight-fitting blue T-shirt on top—and looked just drop dead sexy gorgeous, even if she was my own mom. And I could tell she wasn't wearing any bra underneath that T-shirt—the way her ample tits bounced with each step.


"Yes Brad, what is it," she said turning around to smile at me.

"Before you leave could you give me a spot? I want to rep out with something heavy on the bench you just gave me and I don't want to take any chances."

"Okay, just one set. And then I've got to go. My friend Marge will be waiting for me."

I led mom into the den where I had set up the weights and then I laid down on the bench.

"What do I do?" she said. "I've never done this before, I always use machines at the gym."

"Just stand at the head of the bench as close to the bar as you can. I should be okay for the first nine or ten reps, but when I start to struggle then you put your hands under the bar and help me through the sticking point. But don't worry I'll be lifting most of the weight. But just be sure to stand as close to the bar as you can get, otherwise even a little bit of weight might hurt your back."

So mom scooted up closer to the bar and now was almost directly over my face. Looking up her tiny tennis skirt I could see her sexy white panties framed by that bright red skirt. Her panties were tight enough, and silky enough, that I could clearly make out the shape of her mound—and just a hint of a crease right in the middle.

And I started getting a hard on. I felt my cock grow trying to bulge out both my underwear and my gym shorts so hard it was starting to hurt. Better get busy, I thought, before mom sees my growing erection and realizes it's from looking up her skirt. So I took a deep breath, hefted the bar off the rack and started pumping out the reps. As I lowered the weight I inhaled, and then as I pushed the weight up I exhaled as strongly as I could making mom's skimpy skirt flutter and lift—which I thought was neat because I got to see more of her panties that way.

That was so much fun I thought. So with each rep, with each exhalation, I tried to direct my breath in a stream right up between her legs, trying to see how high I could billow her skirt. By the time I reached the tenth rep I could see a trace of dampness in mom's panties—from her looking at the growing bulge in my shorts, or from my blowing forceful, hot streams of air against her panty-encased cunt, or a from both.

By the time I had finished the set, knocking out 17 reps with mom helping me the last three, mom's panties were quite wet, and my poor cock ached in its struggle against my underwear and gym shorts. As mom helped me guide the bar back onto the rack I breathed in deeply, hoping to inhale some of her female sex. And, yes, there was a nice whiff of tanginess in the air I breathed. All of which made my cock poke up all the stronger against my shorts.

Mom's face got red as a beet as she stared at the growing bulge in my gym shorts. She backed away from the bench. "I-I-I-I've got to go now, son. Don't hurt yourself with those weights. And then she dashed out the door all a fluster. But as she moved away I got to watch her tits jiggle under her T-shirt and the way her erect nipples poked through it.

As for me? I made a beeline for the bathroom, my cock straining against my shorts so bad I couldn't walk and had to sort of limp and hop to get to the bathroom. I ripped off my clothes letting my cock spring to full erection. Oh God, that felt good! It can breathe at last. Then I stepped into the shower. I got myself all soaped up—and no, cold water didn't help a bit. It only made my balls that much tighter, my sexual tension that much higher. My cock throbbed and bounced with each movement I made as I soaped myself up, and seemed to grow larger with each second. I couldn't get the sight of looking up mom's skirt like that out of my mind. Her white panties. The sexy little crease down the middle of her mound. The tell tale wetness from my hot breath upon her.

My cock had never been so huge and engorged in all my life. It was like a club, and it ached and throbbed so. And so I just had to play with myself. I soaped up my thighs making them as slippery as possible. Then I soaped up my cock (oh, did that ever feel good—I couldn't help but play with it a bit). Then, bending my knees in a semi squat position while leaning forward, I forced my cock down, down, down, forcing it down between my slippery thighs until I had it imprisoned behind my legs, straining against the backs of my thighs as it tried to right itself. Once I had it back there I squeezed my thighs shut, but then I straightened my body back up just a bit and my enraged cock, so hard and strong, would force its way back up between my slippery thighs—and oh God did that feel good! Then I would do it all over again, forcing my joystick down, trapping it, then letting it spring free. By doing these partial squats and moving my body just so, I developed a steady motion where I could perform this move quite rapidly. In and out, in and out. In essence I was fucking my own thighs while fantasizing that I was fucking mom's thighs.

Then, when I couldn't stand it any longer and just had to come, I freed my cock, letting it "sprong" back to it's full height. And as it quivered and vibrated there in front of my stomach, I soaped it up some more and stroked it up and down using both of my soap-slippery hands. By then I was so tormented that I quickly shot my load and washed it down the drain.


I just had to look up mom's tennis skirt again. All week I could not think of anything else. Yes, I must do some bench presses again, but this time with a different twist. By using dumbbells instead of the barbell I could position my head at the other end of the bench. And with no rack in the way, I could (I hope) get mom to stand even more directly over my face.

I caught her again just as she was getting ready to go play tennis.

"Mom, can you give me a spot again?"

She paused, her hand clenched onto the doorknob, her knuckles turning white. A touch of red briefly flushed her face. She licked her lips then turned to smile weakly at me. "Sure."

"What now?" She said as she saw me lie on the bench opposite of the way I was last week.

"I want to use the dumbbells this time. Just stand up real close like you did last time so you can help me finish the last couple of reps."

"Like this?" She stood directly behind the bench giving me the same angle as before.

"Yeah, but if you could move in a little closer, it'd be better." I reached back, placing my hands behind her ankles, then ran my hands up her legs until I reached the backs of her thighs. "Go ahead and straddle yourself over me, I won't bite." I said with a giggle as I urged her forward a bit.

"You're sure about that now?" Mom giggled weakly with obviously drying throat.

"There, that's perfect, mom." And perfect it was as she was now directly over my face and I could see her firm round panty-covered ass, and her crotch, everything. White panties again, I might add. All framed by that short, skimpy red tennis skirt.

As my cock kept getting harder, and the bulge in my grey gym shorts more obvious (I wasn't wearing any constraining underwear this time), and painful, I ran my hands up and down the backs of her legs a few times as if to make sure she was in the right position to spot me. Then I grabbed the two dumbbells up off the floor and began pumping out my reps.

Again, as I did last week, I inhaled and exhaled strongly. As I exhaled I pursed my lips so as to shoot a powerful stream of hot, wet air up between her legs—directing it like a laser beam right at her pussy.

And I think I really had her going now. She started getting wet right away, and by the time I had finished my set her panties were soaked and practically dripping down on to my face. I inhaled as deeply as I could, relishing the now very strong tangy sexual arousal of my mom.

I set the dumbbells back down on the floor and continued to breathe deeply, inhaling mom's wetness and forcing my exhalations back up against her pussy. And I hoped she would just stay there forever.

She did linger a bit longer than necessary. But then finally backed away. "I-I-I've got to com . . ., uh, go, now," she stammered and began to back away from the bench. And I could now see how red her face was—and how erect and prominent her nipples were as they poked through her shirt just like my cock was poking through my gym shorts. Then she made a dash for the front door and I got to watch her bra-less titties bounce and jiggle under her shirt.

As soon as she had slammed the front door, I dashed into the bathroom, ripped my shorts off, stepped into the shower, got myself all lathered up—and quickly began playing with my aching, throbbing cock and fucking my own soap-slippery legs just like last week. And all the time I mumbled "mommy's titties, mommy's erect nipples, mommy's thighs, mommy's ass, mommy's mound, mommy's white panties, mommy's very wet white panties, mommy's slit, mommy's cunt, mommy, mommy, mommy!" And then I shot my load so strong it splattered against the shower wall.

After cleaning it up I stepped out of the shower and dried. And then, thinking I was home alone, I started to walk down the hall to my bedroom—completely naked.

But there were strange sounds coming out of mom's bedroom. Her door was slightly ajar so I silently crept up as close as I could and peeked in.

Mom had never made it to her tennis match. Instead she was playing with herself—and it wasn't tennis. She was laying on her back on her bed with her feet planted on the edge of the bed with her knees sticking up in the air, but spread out wide splitting her thighs apart. She had her sopping wet panties pulled down to her ankles, her skimpy skirt hiked up over her hips, and had one hand buried in her crotch furiously fingering her most secret place and making "squish," "squish" "squish" sounds coming from her wet pussy. Her other hand had lifted up her T-shirt exposing her gorgeous tits while her fingers tugged on her very erect nipples.

Never before in my life had I ever seen a real live naked woman. Oh, I had sneaked a quick peek at some of the sexy pictures on the internet, but those were just pictures. But mom was real flesh and blood, and she was right there not five feet away from me!

Seeing my mom's hot cunt and erect tits exposed and her sopping wet panties pulled down like that while she masturbated and played with herself gave me another instant hard-on, even though I had just cum in the shower. My cock got so hard so fast I thought it was going to rip right out away from my body.

I trembled all over. Never before in my life had I seen anything so sexy. Never before in my life had I felt so turned on. My cock throbbed and bobbed up and down, so horny it was for mommy's hot pussy.

I wanted to rush right in there and help mom get off. I knew that she had to be thinking about me and the way I had been teasing her and trying to turn her on. But how, exactly does one go about fucking their own mother? How could I break the ice? It's one thing to fantasize about it, and quite another to actually go through with it. Crossing that line, that barrier, was just a bit too much for me. And so, I just stood there and trembled.

Besides, I was so fucking turned on and mesmerized and afraid of getting caught that I couldn't move. I just stood there and trembled while my cock throbbed and jerked in its horny anger.

I just had to play with it. I had no mind of my own, my hands just flew to my cock, and I jerked off while watching mom jerk off and moan.

It didn't take long before I shot my load again. But this time it dribbled all over the rug. Embarrassed now, I ran and got a paper towel and a couple of Kleenexes and wiped up the mess I'd made as best as I could. Then I tossed the evidence away and returned to my bedroom to get dressed before mom caught me looking at her.

The next day after breakfast and reading the Sunday paper I started getting horny again, thinking of what I'd seen mommy do in her bedroom. I knew I had to try to take this to the next level, and I wanted to get another look up her skirt to start things off, so I thought of a new exercise that would do both, or so I hoped.

I went into my bedroom to take off all my clothes and came back out wearing nothing but a tight-fitting pair of grey cotton gym shorts. No underwear this time either because I wanted my cock to be free to bulge out my shorts as much as it wanted to—and I wanted mom to see it.

Getting more and more horny just thinking about it, I went looking for mom. I found her near the doorway of her bedroom. She had said she was going shopping today and was wearing heels and a tight-fitting T-shirt mini that was short enough to show off pert near all of her nice legs even when she was standing—but also had a plunging neckline so she could show off a lot of cleavage when she walked the mall.

But mommy wasn't standing. She was bent over inspecting the rug where I'd spilled my cum (gosh, I thought I'd cleaned it all up). She didn't see me approaching, since her ass was facing my direction. Bent over like she was, her tight-fitting mini was hiked up around her hips exposing most of her panty-covered ass. And, oh, those white panties again. My cock now got instantly hard bulging out the crotch of my shorts as if it was ready to rip right through them.

I crept up a bit closer to get a better view. The way she was bent over I could also see the bulge of her mound. And, oh, how I wanted to stick my face in there.

Mom rubbed her fingers on the white spot I'd left on the rug then brought her fingers up to her face and sniffed them. And I saw her panties start to get wet. She had to know now that I'd spied on her and jerked myself off while watching her masturbate. And the idea was making her hot and wet!

I began to tremble again, my cock aching and straining against my shorts.

Mom sensed me gawking at her, and still bent over and with her fingers still under her nose, she turned to look at me.

I'd never seen a look like that on mom's face before. Her bright blue eyes were all glassy and almost glowing as if she'd taken some kind of a drug. Her mouth twisted into a weird grin as her eyes zeroed in on the huge bulge in my gym shorts. And her panties seemed to get noticeably wetter.

Then she seemed to recover as she stood back up and straightened her skirt back down to cover her now very wet panties. "Okay, son, what are you staring at now?" She tried to sound firm, but her eyes were still locked onto my tented shorts.

"Oh, uh, mom. Nothing, I mean I wasn't . . . I mean I didn't mean to stare. But I just wanted to ask you little favor."

"So, what is it this time, more bench presses?" Her lips curled into a weird smile again.

"No, mom. There's a couple of new exercises I want to try, but I need your help."

"Okay." She seemed to sigh in relief as she smiled a normal smile at me. "I can do that. But first you have to promise me something."

"Yes, mom, anything."

She came up beside me then as I turned to lead her into the living room. "Son, I know you're a healthy young boy, and mommy doesn't mind if you masturbate, but for God's sake don't you dare ever make a mess on my rug again, you understand?" And with that she gave my ass a few sharp blows. "Whack! Whack! Whack!" Making my ass cheeks jiggle under my shorts—and making her tits jiggle from the effort of giving me those blows. And I couldn't take my eyes off of her tits now that I was walking beside her so I could look down her open front and see all that sexy cleavage that I'd just love to bury my face into and the way it jiggled like a bowl of jello.

"I-I-I-I promise mommy." While embarrassed about the mess I'd made, and even more embarrassed that mom found it in spite of my efforts to clean it up, and most embarrassed of all that she actually mentioned it and brought it out into the open, I kind of liked the way she slapped my ass and wished she'd do it again.

"That's better. Now what were those exercises you had in mind?"

"Some ab work. First I'd like to do some leg raises, but I need something to hold on to for support."

"So what do you want me to do?"

"I'd like to hang on to your ankles for support." By then we were in the center of the living room floor so I laid down on my back. "Now if you could stand with your feet on either side of my head so I can grab your ankles for support."

"Like this?" Mom stood directly over my face! The tips of her sexy high heels just barely touched my shoulders, and her legs were split just wide enough that I could see all the way up between and up under her skirt to her panties—her beautiful white panties that were already getting nice and wet.

"That's beautif . . . , I mean, just perfect mom. Now when I lift my legs up I'd like you to push real hard against my ankles when I'm near the top, 'cause that'll make my abs work harder."

And what I beautiful sight that was, because each time she reached forward to push against my ankles it caused her thighs to ripple and flex a little. It all looked so incredibly sexy looking up her skirt like that, watching her legs ripple and move. And those beautiful white panties getting wetter and wetter. I thought I'd add to mom's consternation (in hopes of a serious spanking?) by exhaling strongly at the top of each rep. I directed a powerful stream of air as hard as I could right up between her thighs aiming for her pussy just as I had done yesterday. And my efforts were amply rewarded as her panties soon were so soggy that they had become almost transparent and I could see her puffy pussy lips start to show through.

And at the same time I knew that my own arousal was most obvious, since looking up between mom's legs like this had given me a nice hard-on that was seriously tenting my gym shorts much more than before. And I knew that mom couldn't help but see it. In fact I hoped that she was staring at it.

But as my abs started getting tired, I felt my erection start to go down so I stopped and lowered my legs to the floor for the last time. But I didn't want to stop looking up mom's skirt so I just lay there staring and still holding on to her ankles. And, as I breathed deeply to get my breath back I felt my erection harden again. Mom made no attempt to move so I began to rub my hands up and down her calve muscles and the backs of her knees while staring at her panties.

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