tagFirst TimeSuzy Learns To Fuck

Suzy Learns To Fuck


Suzy watched the little child sleeping on the floor. This was the third time this week that Mr Barnes had been late in picking up his daughter from day-care. The first time Mrs Henley had stayed behind, but the last two times it had been Suzy who volunteered. She liked little Emily Barnes and couldn’t stand the way Mrs Henley treated the poor child. It wasn’t her fault that her dad was a lousy timekeeper.

It was nearly eight now and the day-care closed at six. Mr Barnes still hadn’t called and Suzy was wondering if she should call the police. Just as she was thinking that she saw the headlights of a car pull up outside. She went to open the door and Mr Barnes stood there with an apologetic smile.

“I’m so sorry Suzy,” he said. “I was stuck in a telephone conference with the Far East and they went on and on and on… Thank you for staying with Emily. She likes you much better than that old crow Mrs Henley.”

Suzy admonished him lightly, but she agreed with little Emily. She’d only taken this job after high school since she didn’t want to go to college and the secretarial school course hadn’t happened. She wasn’t planning on working in the church day-care for the rest of her life.

“I didn’t see your car outside,” Mr Barnes said. “Do you want a ride?”

“My car is in the shop,” Suzy admitted. “I was supposed to be there before they closed at 8.”

“I’m really sorry,” Mr Barnes apologised again. “And I bet you haven’t eaten either.”


“OK, I need to get Emily into bed, but I’ll call for a Chinese right now and by the time we get to my place and Emily’s sleeping the Chinese will be there. Please let me treat you.”

Suzy wasn’t sure about going to Mr Barnes’ house, but she was hungry and Chinese was her favourite food. What could happen? Mr Barnes was 20 years older than her 18 years, a widower and father of little Emily. He’d been a member of her church for as long as she could remember. And it was only a quick walk from his house to her parents’ house where she still lived. She agreed to go with him.

Half an hour later they each sat with a pair of chopsticks on Mr Barnes’ couch and laughed together. Mr Barnes was great company. Suzy thought that he acted much younger than his age. He was kind of good looking too, for an older guy.

“So what are you going to do now that you’ve graduated?” he asked her. “Are you intending to have a career in childcare?”

“I don’t know what I want to do,” Suzy admitted. “The day-care is OK for a bit of pocket money. But I don’t want to work there forever. If I have to wipe too many snotty noses I’m going to be put off from having kids of my own for life.”

“Do you want kids?”

“Oh yeah. I want to get married and then I want to stop working and concentrate on raising a family.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Mr Barnes hand rested on Suzy’s arm.

“Not yet,” Suzy blushed. “I wasn’t allowed to date before I was 18 and I haven’t met any nice boys since my birthday.”

“You know, nice boys aren’t always what’s best for nice girls,” Mr Barnes said and stroked Suzy’s arm.

“What do you mean?” Suzy’s voice was a whisper. She was feeling things she’d never felt before, things that good girls surely weren’t supposed to feel until they got married!

“I mean,” Mr Barnes leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “I mean that nice boys don’t know how to make nice girls happy.”


“Because they’re not real men yet. It takes a real man to satisfy a nice girl.”

“How do they do that?” Suzy was still whispering, her breath caught in her throat and she was barely able to think straight. All she could think of was the warm breath that was caressing her neck.

“I’ll show you,” Mr Barnes whispered and his lips closed in on Suzy’s neck, sucking on it and running his tongue in circles inside the suction of his lips.

Suzy moaned out loud with pleasure. “Oh please Mr Barnes, don’t stop!”

He chuckled. “I don’t intend to.”

He picked her up and carried her to a bedroom with a huge king-sized bed. He locked the door behind him and put the key in his pocket.

“First Suzy, you take your clothes off for me.”

Suzy hesitated.

“Don’t make me rip them off you! You’ll have a hard time explaining that to your parents.”

Suzy shivered at the tone of his voice, which was kind, but very firm. She was coming back to her senses now, but there was no way of getting out of there. Mr Barnes leaned against the door and the key was in his trouser pocket. She had no way of getting to it.


He was looking determined, he was not going to let her change her mind. Suzy zipped up her skirt and stepped out of it. Mr Barnes nodded encouragingly. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall on top of the skirt. She stood in front of him in nothing but her white, lace-edged, bra and matching panties. Her eyes pleaded with him to let her leave them on, but one glance from him told her that she had to finish what she’d started. She slowly unclasped her bra, revealing the full and firm d-cup breasts that spent most days inside sports bras and all other days hidden away by baggy blouses. She then let her panties fall, showing off blonde curls to match her hair.

Mr Barnes walked up to her and released her hair from the clasp that kept it firmly in a bun on her head. The golden locks fell down, providing a modest curtain for her breasts that she could now feel were getting stiff nipples, probably a combination of the cool air and the danger of the situation she was in.

“You have beautiful tits Suzy,” Mr Barnes said and cupped one of them in his hand. He leaned forward and sucked on her nipple, making Suzy gasp for air from the unfamiliar tingle between her legs. She was sure that she was feeling damp down there.

“Do you like it when I suck your tits?” Mr Barnes asked and didn’t wait for an answer before he started sucking on her other nipple, gently massaging the first one with his fingertips. “Does it make you wet do have your tits sucked?”

“I don’t know,” was all Suzy could say as she didn’t know what he meant.

“I’ll have to check then.”

He let his hand slide between Suzy’s round thighs, making her shriek in shock, and then he expertly slid a finger inside her slit.

“Oh yes,” he smiled against her breast. “Real wet!” He pulled his finger out and licked it. “And you taste so good too. I’ve gotta get myself some more of that.”

He pushed her back onto the bed and parted her legs. He buried his face in her sparse bush and licked along her damp slit. As his tongue opened her up for him she moaned with pleasure. She wanted more and he knew it. He lightly bit her clit and then he licked her, up and down her slit, lapping up her juices that were coming fast and furious. Soon he was sucking her clit hard, followed by penetration of his tongue. Suzy moaned louder and louder as his actions intensified. His fingers were now inside her while his tongue worked on her clit. Her whole body had been lit on fire and she was kneading her breasts and wrapping her legs around his neck. Then the explosion came. All of a sudden she cried out loud and her whole body was convulsing, squeezing hard around the fingers that were pumping in and out of her. Mr Barnes stopped as she caught her breath and then he lay down next to her and let her lick his wet fingers.

She could see the bulge in his pants and wondered what was next. Mr Barnes guided her hand to the bulge and it felt as though there was something alive in there. Then they were interrupted by a weird sound.

“What’s that?” Mr Barnes asked. It sounded as though it came from Suzy’s clothes.

“Oh, it’s my cell phone!” she exclaimed and jumped off the bed to answer it. It was her mom wondering where she was.

“I’m at Mr Barnes’ house. He was late picking up Emily and treated me to Chinese as a thank you.”

Mr Barnes watched her from his position on the bed. He admired her shapely ass and those big, young tits.

“Yes mom, I’ll be ready to leave in five minutes.” She turned to Mr Barnes. “That was my mom. She’ll be here in five minutes to pick me up.”

Suzy quickly got back into her clothes and walked to the door. “Please let me out.”

“You were saved by the bell today, Suzy. Next time I’ll make sure we won’t be disturbed.”

Suzy vowed to herself that there’d never be a next time. She was so ashamed of what they’d done. She’d have to pray for days about this. Was she still a virgin? He hadn’t put his thing inside her. Could she get pregnant by what they’d done? His tongue had been inside her. She wasn’t happy at all when she sat down in her mother’s car and went home.


The next two weeks Mr Barnes was late almost every evening but Suzy always had an excuse not to stay behind with Emily. Mrs Henley was teasing her that she must be very serious with the new boyfriend since she couldn’t wait to leave each afternoon. She had no idea. The more Suzy prayed the guiltier she felt about the whole episode. What boy was ever going to want to marry her now?

She was enjoying her Saturday at home. Since the episode with Mr Barnes she didn’t enjoy going out with her friends as much and preferred to stay at home. She was in the kitchen, helping her dad balance his books when the phone rang. Her dad answered and seemed to be talking about her.

“That’s fantastic. Yes we are very proud of her. Of course she would, she doesn’t have any plans for tonight. Staying overnight? You’ve got a hot date? HAHAHA! You dog! Enjoy yourself and I’ll see you when you pick Suzy up.”

Suzy looked at her dad. “That was Mr Barnes. Apparently little Emily is so taken in with you that she refuses any other babysitter. He’ll pay you double what you make at the day-care centre per hour to stay overnight. Isn’t that great?”

Suzy panicked. “No dad. I can’t. I want to go to the movies with Annie tonight.”

“But you just said half an hour ago that you weren’t doing anything. You can’t pull out now. This’ll do you good. Mr Barnes runs his own business, maybe if you’re nice to him and Emily he’ll be willing to take you on as a secretary or assistant and you can train on the job!”

She had no way out. She packed her bag and waited with butterflies in her stomach for it to be five o’clock. At five on the dot Mr Barnes arrived and chatted with Suzy’s dad. She went into the kitchen with heavy steps.

“Ah there she is,” Mr Barnes smiled. “Emily won’t stop talking about Suzy. It’s Suzy-this and Suzy-that.”

“Where IS Emily?” Suzy asked as she couldn’t see the girl.

“She was playing with the kids next door when I drove to pick you up so I left here there. We better hurry, because I need to get going within half an hour.”

Suzy and Mr Barnes said goodbye to Suzy’s parents and drove off. When they didn’t turn into Mr Barnes’ street Suzy froze.

“Where are we going?”

“We’re going to a hotel downtown where nobody knows us.”

“But what about Emily?”

“She’s with her grandparents.”

“But what if my parents call me? Or try to stop by to see Emily and me?”

“You have your cell phone, the house phone is forwarded to my cell. And if they stop by to see you and you’re not there they’ll call you and you’ll tell them you’ve gone for ice cream. Now relax, be quiet and save your energy for later.”

The rest of the drive was spent in silence. When they reached the hotel Mr Barnes drove straight into the hotel garage and they caught the elevator up to the room. He’d obviously already checked in. Suzy was amazed when she walked in. It was a proper suite with a living room and a bedroom and there was light coming from what looked like a big bathroom.

“There are some clothes for you on the bed that I bought,” said Mr Barnes. “Go and change and join me out here again so that I can see how pretty you look.”

Suzy went into the bedroom and looked for the clothes. There were only shoes and underwear to be seen. “I can’t find the dress!”

“There is no dress; we’re not going out so you don’t need one. Now be a good girl and put on the clothes and come back out here.”

With trembling hands Suzy stripped out of her clothes and started putting on the outfit that Mr Barnes had got her. The pair of black stockings went on easily, but when she picked up the black teddy she realised that there was something wrong with it. It had openings for her breasts and for her crotch. She felt so dirty and ashamed of herself. She stepped into the high heel shoes and covered her breasts with her arms as she walked into the living room.

Mr Barnes smiled at her and offered her a glass. “You look absolutely beautiful, honey. I knew this would suit you.” He wrapped his arm around her and spilled some champagne on her breast. He quickly leaned forward to lap it up and again Suzy started feeling those tingles between her legs.

“Now, let’s continue where we left off last time.” Mr Barnes took Suzy’s champagne glass from her and placed his hands on her shoulders. Just as she thought he was going to kiss her he gently but firmly pressed her down, making her kneel in front of him.

“Get it out,” he said and Suzy looked quizzically at him. “My dick. Get my dick out and suck on it like it was a lollipop. You’ll like it.”

Suzy unzipped his pants and reached inside his briefs to get his cock out. It wasn’t as big as it had felt the last time. She opened her mouth tentatively and placed it on her lips. She teased the tip with her tongue. Then Mr Barnes grabbed hold of her head and made her accommodate his whole cock inside her mouth. “Suck it, baby!” he commanded.

She moved her tongue over the cock in her mouth and nearly choked when she felt it grow. Mr Barnes was holding her head in place so there was no way for his cock to grow but down her throat. She thought she was going to die when he released her slightly, but the reprieve was brief. Before she knew it he was sliding in and out of her mouth, across her lips, fucking her virgin mouth. She moved her tongue back and forth, trying to fit both it and that big cock in her small mouth. It seemed to make Mr Barnes even more excited as he moaned her name. Then he stopped, pressed himself deep into her throat and let out a roar. Suzy felt something hit her throat. Then Mr Barnes pulled out a bit and her mouth was all full and she had to swallow. Then he pulled out completely and sprayed white liquid over her naked breasts.

“You’re a sweet little cock sucker,” he smiled and pulled her up and kissed her deeply. “Your youthful enthusiasm for my meat was so endearing. I look forward to helping you become an expert cock sucker.”

He pressed her against his body and kissed her, his arms were moving all over her back, squeezing her ass and around to fondle her breasts that were pushed up by the teddy. He leaned over and sucked on her nipples, first one and then the other. Suzy let a hungry moan escape. She knew what they were doing was wrong. She knew that this was something that she should only ever let her husband do to her, but it felt so good, she didn’t want him to stop. Once again there was wetness between her thighs and this time it was even more than last time. Mr Barnes seemed to sense this and he let his finger wander from her breast to her pussy.

“Oh my sweet Suzy,” he exclaimed. “You’re even wetter than last time.”

“Don’t stop!” she panted as his mouth had left her nipple.

“Don’t worry my darling,” he reassured her. “We have plenty of time tonight. I’m going to make you cum in more ways than you ever imagined. Trust me and let me do what I want. I know what’s best for you.”

Suzy nodded. Mr Barnes made her feel so good. If he said it was going to get better then she had to believe him. Once again they were face to face. Mr Barnes was ravishing her mouth and she was happy to feel him there. Then he stepped away from her.

“Take my clothes off, Suzy,” he said.

She did as she was told, slowly stripping him of his suit and tie until he was standing in front of her in his briefs, which were showing a sizeable bulge.

“And those too,” he said to her, indicating his briefs.

She pulled them off and was faced with his erection once again. She couldn’t keep her eye off it. It must be at least eight inches and almost as thick as her wrist. No wonder she’d struggled to keep it in her mouth. It seemed so smooth and the head glistened in the light from the balcony.

Mr Barnes chuckled. “I know you’re hungry to suck my cock again, but there’s plenty of fun to be had before you get another taste of it.”

He pulled her back up in his arms and kissed her. Then he took her by the hand and went into the bedroom. They lay down together and he started kissing her. First he kissed her mouth and then he moved to her neck and stopping at her collarbones, sending shockwaves to her pussy. He then moved on to her breasts and spent what seemed like hours kissing, pulling, biting and kneading her breasts. Her pink nipples were like hard little peanuts on top of her big, firm mounds. He couldn’t get enough of them and Suzy was sure she was going to cum again if he didn’t stop sucking them soon. Then he moved down to her calves and started kissing and licking his way up. Every touch of his lips and tongue seemed to move straight to the damp pleasure centre between her thighs. As he got closer and closer her panting got louder. She could feel her juices flowing down her butt crack and even though she’d never been fucked in her life she knew that her cunt was ready for a big piece of meat.

“Oh Mr Barnes,” she moaned. “Take me!”

“You’re such an impatient little thing,” he chuckled. “A delightful little fucktoy for me. Knowing that you’re so horny for me makes me very happy.”

With those words he buried his tongue through the opening of the crotch of the black teddy he’d given her and Suzy cried out in passion. She wanted more of him, she wanted all of him and he was teasing her so badly. She could feel the texture of his tongue as he slid it in and out of her wet hole. Then it started flicking across her sensitive clit while his fingers moved in and out of her hole, splashing in the rich supply of feminine juices. Then it happened again. Suzy’s body started shaking; she wrapped her thighs hard around Mr Barnes’ neck and started grinding her hips against his face. Her cunt squeezed his fingers hard and she screamed out for more.

When her orgasm subsided Mr Barnes crept up next to her again and kissed her deeply, letting her taste her own sweet juices that were smeared over his face. He held her in his arms and kissed her while taking off the teddy. It had served its purpose for the time being. She felt his hard cock against her stomach and she moved her hand down to feel its silky smooth texture. She’d just cum but she was even hungrier than before. Being eaten was the most exquisite pleasure she’d ever felt but rather than satisfying her hunger it had made her want more.

“Do you want my cock, Suzy?” Mr Barnes asked and kissed her nipple.

“Oh yes, Mr Barnes,” she replied with yearning.

“Tell me what you want me to do.” His fingers were lightly massaging her clit.

“Fuck me, Mr Barnes,” she cried out with a voice filled with passion.

“I’ll be happy to,” he smiled and manoeuvred her onto her back. He placed his knees between her parted legs and let his cock rest against the dripping slit. “I will hurt you, honey, but that’s only temporary. You will love being fucked by me.”

With those words he started kissing her deeply again while pressing his cock against her wet opening. His cock knew exactly where to go and it started sliding inside Suzy, opening her up for unimagined pleasures. Suzy gasped at the size of his cockhead inside her tight cunt. Mr Barnes stopped the penetration, letting her adjust to his size. When he felt her relax he buried himself deeper in the warm sweetness until he came to a halt. His hands were busy with her tits, his lips were on hers and he slowly withdrew an inch and then without warning pushed himself deep inside her. Her scream of pain was muffled by his mouth and she wanted out but his weight kept her down. After what felt like an eternity the pain ebbed away and was replaced with excitement. His cock filled her so well. It was as though her cunt had been made to fit his cock inside it.

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