tagFetishSuzy's Savior

Suzy's Savior


At one point in time, in His Majesty's kingdom there lived a small but powerful band of men who would scour the villages taking whatever they pleased and killing all they encountered, so as not to reveal whom they were.

One afternoon, during a raid, they had ransacked a small village of only about ten huts. They succeeded in immediately killing all the men as most were older and none were very experienced at fighting. Then they slowly made their way, one by one, raping and killing all the women.

As the last of the band was finishing off fucking the last woman in the village and just as he brought his sword up to her cunt to slice her upwards, he heard a noise behind him.

There he saw a boy of about 7 staring at him with his deep blue eyes.

After finishing off the woman, the man turned to grab the boy; he made a daring leap out of the window and headed straight for the forest. The band gave chase but could not find him.

After 5 days of searching they figured the boy had either been eaten by a wild animal or had died of exposure so they left the area to return home to count their bounty.

The boy actually had been attacked by an animal but had been saved by an old man living in the forest, who cared for the boy until he had recovered.

Having no one to return to the village for, the boy stayed with the old man who cared for him like a son. It turned out that the old man had once been a great warrior but had let the power get the best of him and he had become a wanted man by the king.

Wanting to reconcile himself before his death, the old man decided to train the boy to be a great warrior himself so he might someday take revenge on the raiders and eventually make good the name of the old man.

After some twenty years of training and defending the forest against all evil that passed its way. The boy, now a young man, met a beautiful woman walking in the forest.

She was quite startled at first to see him since this was the king's very own private forest and no one was allowed in without the kings permission. The Lady started to scream but the man was too quick and grabbed her and quickly put his hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

"Please do not scream m'lady" he asked. "I will not hurt you if you do not yell out."

Nodding her head the woman agreed "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"My name is Todd" he replied. "And I live nearby in the forest defending against all evil that pass through."

He then told the lady about his childhood and what he had seen and how his village had been destroyed.

She was quite nervous upon hearing this news and was noticeably shaken. Todd asked "What is wrong m'lady, why do you tremble upon hearing this story?"

The woman replied "I know these men you seek. Most have gone by the wayside except one, Their leader, whom I know all too well. His name is William. For you see he is the man I was forced to marry and I have been looking for someone brave enough and strong enough to free me from his hold."

"M'lady," he replied "If this man is your husband then why should I believe you and not just put you through right now!"

"Todd," she said starting to cry, "Why would I tell you this if it wasn't true? I could have just led you to him and you would have been none the wiser?"

"True m'lady. I am sorry. Will you help me then to find and kill this monster that we both wish dead."

"Of course I will... but one thing I ask... Please call me Suzy."

"By your wish M'Lady... I mean Suzy."

And with that the stood and stared into each others eyes, both knowing that the thought of finally avenging each other was causing a stirring of desires in both of them.

At first they thought they should fight it, but the longer they stayed there the more the both of them knew what was to come next.

Todd reached over and grabbed Suzy by the back of her neck, clutching her dark brown hair, pulling her close he kissed her again and again.

Each time a little harder, moving from her lips down her cheek to her neck, sucking, down her neck to the tops of her breasts ripping her clothes off to expose her firm breasts and dark nipples. After a few moments Suzy reached backed and tore open Todd's shirt, exposing his broad shoulders, chest hairs and his hard stomach.

Suzy couldn't wait any longer. She started kissing him, down his neck, across his shoulders and down his chest until she was on her knees kissing his stomach.

"Sir, may I please have your cock to suck?" she begged.

"Yes... if you must!" was his reply.

And with that she tore open his trousers and out fell the most perfect cock she had ever seen. Although she had only seen one before, this one was so much bigger and rounder. And seemed so full of life it practically danced right in front of her. It was all she could do to get her hand around it and it must have been at 7 1/2 inches long maybe more.

And with that Suzy grabbed this huge cock and pulled her mouth up toward it. Slowly inserting the cock into her mouth she could feel the heat from inside him longing to escape.

She started working the cock deeper and deeper into her mouth savoring the scent and flavor Todd had to offer.

Stroking it with her hand as she let it go in and out of her mouth, Todd knew that he had found the woman for him and regardless of the cost, would have her forever.

After about ten minutes of this, Todd told her:

"Now it is your turn!" and he pulled away from her pushed her down, flipped up her dress so as to expose a beautiful pussy with all of its hair in place.

Oh how he craved the taste and smell of pussy with hair.

Todd fell between her legs and proceeded to kiss her from her knees up her thighs until he found what he had been searching for!

He started by circling his tongue around her lips. Then finding the slit he slowly worked his tongue inside, feeling her, smelling her, tasting her. Letting his tongue run all up inside as deep as it would go.

Grabbing her hips to pull her closer as he darted his tongue in and out.

Feeling her move her hips to the rhythm of his tongue as she started to moan. Harder and harder he forced in his tongue.

Harder and harder she thrust her hips until she could stand no more and started to cum.

Slowly at first but building by the second. Never had someone been able to make her cum with just his or her mouth before.

Oh why couldn't her William, that is Bill as she called him, do these things to me? She wondered.

As she had finished and Todd started to rise she said:

"Oh Todd that was incredible!"

And his reply was "But Suzy... we are not done yet!"

He stood her up and placed her beside a tree. He then bent her over.

Grabbing on to the tree for balance, Suzy suddenly felt the back of her dress lift up and Todd's hands behind her.

The next thing she felt was like nothing she knew was possible. All of a sudden between her legs she felt her skin stretching beyond what she thought possible and felt Todd's cock slide into her.

Penetrating her deeper and deeper, never knowing that a cock could go so far in!

She felt every thrust he gave her. Deeper and deeper inside he went. So deep that she thought her womb had been penetrated and would explode.

Deeper still, as he thrust inside her, Todd was grabbing harder and harder to her hips.

Pulling her closer and closer until they were like one. With each thrust Suzy could feel Todd's hands hold her tighter and tighter.

Feeling his fingers grab just above her bladder and it was then and there as she started to cum harder then she ever had.

The idea came to her, but all this was too much, she moaned, then screamed louder and louder as she came in a way no human would have thought possible.

As she came, Todd also did, and Suzy could feel his hot insides becoming one with hers as he shot his hot white sperm into her beautiful pink pussy.

As they lay there resting after what had just happened they suddenly heard noises coming towards them.

"That sounded like the queen screaming!"

"I think it came from over here." cried one voice.

"We are close said another!" said another

And with that Todd turned to Suzy and said "Meet me back here in 2 days I must see you again."

"Yes, I must see you too! But hurry run before they get here."

And then Todd was gone.

As the men approached Suzy straightened herself as best she could.

"Are you alright M'Lady? We heard you scream!"

"Yes I am quite fine thank you."

"But your clothes they are torn! Were you attacked?"

"I said I am fine!" she yelled back. "I just fell and tore my clothes now avert your eyes away from your queen and leave me now and NEVER RETURN TO THIS AREA OF THE WOODS AGAIN. DO YOU ALL UNDERSTAND? THAT IS AN ORDER FROM YOUR QUEEN!"

"Yes M'Lady." they all replied.

For the next several months Suzy and Todd would meet in their secret spot to make love like they were the only two people on earth knowing that one day soon they must take their plan to the next level.

The encounters that Suzy and Todd had were like no other. Their lovemaking was the kind people could only dream about.


One day as Suzy was wandering about the forest looking for her Todd the oddest thing happened, she couldn't find him.

She wandered all around looking and carefully calling out her secret name for him so no one would suspect whom she was really meeting.

When suddenly from behind a hand wrapped around her mouth and she felt a strong-arm wrap itself around her. She fought and tried to scream but the person was just too strong for her.

Suddenly she felt his hot breath on the back of her neck. Just a little at first then more, and harder, then she felt the moistness of his lips kissing her neck.

Then the feel of his tongue making circles around her neck and slowly moving up her neck to her ears.

It was at this point that she started to struggle less and less. The soothing feeling of the heat on her neck weakened her more and more. She let out a soft moan and softly said:

"OOHHH... Todd I love it when you do that!"

Todd slowly released her turned her around and kissed her on the lips slowly spreading open her lips with his tongue. Letting it slide past her lips through her teeth and letting it slide against her tongue.

In and out, their tongues fought for control over the open spaces in their mouths. Not stopping, Todd quickly peeled Suzy's clothes off her shoulders and let them slide down to the soft grass, revealing her beautiful breasts and those luscious pink nipples.

Her waist and her beautiful mound of fur that keeps itself snuggly warm between her legs.

At the same time Suzy fought to remove Todd's breeches and as she removed and let them fall to the ground, Todd's 7 1/2-inch manliness sprang to life. Slowly growing until it was stretched out as far as it would go.

Now was the time! Todd picked up Suzy and laid her on the ground on her back, never stopping the tongue probing that was going on because it was at these times that they felt the closest.

You see this was one thing they had in common, THE TOUCH OF A KISS!

It was something that they both loved and it heightened everything else to a new level, as long as they were kissing everything was intensified!

And so they kissed, lying there naked on the grass they kissed, their bodies lying together completely naked, but they were kissing.

Slowly Todd climbed on top of Suzy; their kissing so complete that Todd was rock hard and Suzy was already dripping wet.

So when Todd rolled over on her, his cock slid right where it belonged. In that warmest and wettest of places, in between Suzy's legs, right in to her pussy.

As Todd slid himself in, Suzy moaned just a little, feeling his manliness go right in, forcing her tongue even deeper into Todd's mouth.

Not wanting any of it to stop, slowly Todd pressed back, first with his cock then his tongue.

Cock, tongue, cock, tongue. This was the way it went.

At the same time Suzy would press up with her hips. Then her tongue.

Her hips, her tongue. This was the way it went. Both of them in perfect rhythm with each other, touching each other and being inside of each other as much as possible at anyone time!

Oh the rhythms they shared tongue, cock, hips, tongue.

They were perfect for each other.

Then it happened. First Suzy started to moan louder and louder muffled by the kissing, it rang in Todd's head, which made him start to moan louder and louder.

This causing Suzy to move her hips harder and faster upward; Which was causing Todd to move his hips and cock deeper and deeper; Which pushed Suzy's tongue in deeper and deeper; Which resulted in Todd's tongue going deeper and deeper

Faster they went, deeper they went, with each thrust they found themselves wanting more.

Every 1/4-inch more they could push brought them into a newer state of bliss.

Until, until.

Neither one could take it anymore and they both exploded like so many cannons going off inside themselves.

Suzy screamed louder and louder not able to contain herself!

Thinking about what life would be like when Todd finally got rid of the king for good and they didn't have to hide from the world any longer. And with that last moment Suzy relaxed and Todd held her tight not wanting to ever let go.

As they lay there for sometime both of them must have been too spent for they started to drift off together in their dreams.

SUDDENLY there was a sound


Right above Todd's head. He arose quickly grabbing what he could and started to turn to warn Suzy.

Then another


Arrows are being shot at him from somewhere. Looking at one that had lodged by a tree just inches from him, Todd noticed the feather design was that of the Kings.

Suzy screamed for the arrows to stop, but they were coming too fast.

She then turned to Todd.

"Run... Hurry... before its too late... We will meet next week same time... but RUN!"

And then Todd turned to Suzy

"I love you my Queen," He said. "For now and for all of time."

And as Todd turned to leave it happened. An arrow struck him in the back of the arm. Suzy screamed.

Todd stumbled but proceeded onward. Then another arrow struck him in the back.

Again Suzy screamed.

Todd stumbled but moved on farther and farther until He disappeared completely in the woods.

The Kings men had come to where Suzy was lying. She screamed and tried to beat them with her fists but to no avail.

They picked her up threw her onto the back of a horse and took her back to the king, to live out her lonely life with the king until one day, if he survived, Todd would come back to rescue her.

The Queen, Suzy, was taken back to the home of the King to live out her life in deep despair.

The king did not seem angry; he just walked around with a smug look on his face knowing he had killed the only man that would ever make Suzy truly happy.

And to make sure she would never try to be with anyone else ever again, the King locked Suzy up in a private room that only he had the key to.

The king left her alone to think about the evil she had done for about a month then one night after dark the king unlocked her door and crept inside.

Suzy hearing him enter faked sleeping hoping he would go away but to her shock he stood over her bed undressed himself and stood before her ordering:

"Fuck your king!"

At first Suzy did not move again hoping he would go away but he persisted.

"Listen Bitch after all you have put me through either fuck me or I will fuck you anyway!"

And with that Suzy reached up took hold of his cock and placed it in her mouth.

At first Suzy felt nothing, trying to keep her anger in check but as he moaned that awful groan of his all Suzy could think of was Todd.

As Suzy started to pull away and plead with the king that she couldn't, He walked over to the closet door opened it and took out four lengths of chain and proceeded to chain Suzy's arms and legs so she could not resist.

Then the King climbed on the bed tearing Suzy's beautiful nightdress that Todd had given to her and climbed on top of Suzy to do with her as he pleased.

At first Suzy was scared as the king started to pump his hips up and down enjoying the feeling he had, but then Suzy realized that his cock was so small that instead of being inside her pussy he was actually just humping her between her thighs, but he did not know the difference.

It was all Suzy could do to keep from laughing!

She was laughing so hard inside that the king actually thought Suzy was feeling the joy of his cock in her pussy instead of what she was really doing which was laughing at the incredibly bad way the king was trying to fuck her.

Soon he shot his load and retired to his room for the night.

This went on once or twice a week for the next 5 years. The same routine the king going in at night trying to fuck Suzy while only getting to her thighs, shooting his load and thinking he was a great lover.

If he only knew Suzy thought, if he only knew.

After the king would leave and unchain her, Suzy would clean herself up and get ready to really enjoy herself. For you see the only man Suzy could ever enjoy was Todd and since he could not be there except in her thoughts she would make that do.

Suzy would start out by rubbing her hands against her shoulders then slowly down to her tits.

Squeezing them and working to her nipples where she would squeeze and twist them between her fingers just like Todd used to do with his fingers and teeth.

Then as she squeezed a nipple she would move her other hand down her stomach and across her belly, stopping just long enough to push against herself where she knew Todd would one day come back, and kill the king with a sword in this very spot.

While she pushed, which made her very wet, she would let go of her nipple and run her hand down to her pussy.

Playing with the hair just for a moment before she started to rub her clit.

Faster she would rub, feeling her juices slide out of herself to her fingers moistening her clit even more.

Then as she started to rock her hips up and down she would let two fingers slide up inside as her palm pressed hard onto her clit.

Farther up her fingers would go and higher and harder her hips would move. With each stroke her hips would rock harder and her fingers would slide in farther all the while remembering how wonderful it had felt with Todd's cock deep inside her, and how no matter what he did the King could never make her feel that way.

Higher and harder and hotter it would get in her room until she would start to scream out Todd's name.

Although he wasn't there, it was still his hands and cock Suzy was feeling.

This went on and on for weeks then months then years but Suzy never gave up hope.

As time passed the King started to trust Suzy a little more and would let her come out once a month to see the fights.

This was where either the king or one of his best warriors (if the opponent looked too tough) would fight to the death with their swords.

This would make Suzy happy because she was sure one day she would see Todd in the arena.

One day about a week before the fight word was sent to the castle that there was a man in the dungeons who wished to speak with the king.

Of course the king would have nothing to do with him so word was sent up that if he was going to have to fight that month then he wished to fight the king himself.

This piqued the king's interest so he had the man brought up to ask why.

As the man stood before the king he was asked why he wanted to fight the king.

He replied " I have my reasons and if I am to die I want it to be by your hands my Grace."

Satisfied the king looked at this mans physique. He did look strong but he had many scars across his back and chest as if he had been shot by a few too many arrows.

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