tagFetishSuzy's Socks Ch. 01

Suzy's Socks Ch. 01


At nineteen I still lived at home with my mum and younger sister Suzy who was eighteen. My dad had left us when Suzy was only a baby and we hadn't heard anything from him since, he had gone to places unknown with his secretary, a slut with big tits and loose knickers, well that's what mum told her friends anyhow.

At nineteen I hadn't dated many girls compared with my friends, it wasn't that i was bad looking just a bit shy. It was because of my shyness that I was still a virgin at the age of nineteen. Suzy on the other hand had a steady stream of boyfriends, 5,9", long blond hair, 36c tits, blue eyes, flat tummy and an ass you would die for, was it any wonder she had every boy in school after her.

I blame my lack of sex for my fetish with Suzy's dirty panties and socks. Hardly a day would go by that I wouldn't find myself digging in the laundry basket to find a pair of her worn panties and sweaty smelling socks, I would conceal them up my shirt and head for my room, Where I would first examine the crotch of the panties to see how soiled they were, then I would bury my face in them and inhale Suzy's sweet scent. The socks would be next, don't ask me why but something about the ripe cheesy smell of Suzy's socks always made my cock painfully hard. Slipping my shorts down I would then roll one of her socks over my hard-on and while sucking her dirty panties I would jack off into her sock thinking of her sweaty feet and sweet pussy.

When eventually I emptied my load into the toe part of Suzy's sock, I would roll it into a ball and place it and her panties back in the laundry. I had got away with my secret for so long, I had got over my fear of getting caught by mum or Suzy, because of my over confidence one Saturday when I had the house to myself, I didn't even bother to lock my bedroom door when I went for my usual jerk off, there I was, laying on my bed sucking away on a soiled pair of Suzy's panties and jerking into one of her stripey socks when the door burst open.

"Phil, have you seen my.......WHAT THE FUCK......" Suzy stood frozen with her mouth hanging open, looking at me with a confused look as if her eye's must surely must be playing tricks on her. I could hear my own heart beating, what should I do? I pushed the panties from my mouth with my tongue and whimpered,

"Suzy...please, it's not what you thi.."

Not what I think?...NOT WHAT I THINK, why you dirty pervert I, I, I can't believe this."

I reached for my shorts, wanting to cover myself before she really laid into me. "Please don't tell mum" I began, "I will never do it again, I will do anything you want, please just don't tell anyone."

A thoughtful look spread over suzy's face.

"OK then; first drop those shorts, I want to see just what you are doing with my sock, a sock that I put in the laundry yesterday, I can't believe this."

As I dropped my shorts to the floor once more, Suzy came and sat on the end of my bed, she looked down at her limp sock in my lap, my erection and gone, leaving the sock looking like a deflated balloon. Suzy reached over and picked up her panties,

"my god,these are the one's I wore yesterday as well." She looked inside at the crotch, her eyes taking in the yellow piss stain at the front and the thin brown coloured smear at the back. I couldn't meet her eyes as she studied my face.

"You like sucking my worn panties? you like the taste of my pussy, or is it the taste of my shit?"

I could feel the sweat break out on my forehead,

"I don't know" I stammered.

"You don't know? come on; what is it that makes you suck on my stinky panties Phil, tell me, or elssssse." She seemed to be enjoying my discomfort now.

"I like the taste of both." I heard myself say. "OK then put your tongue out."

As I complied Suzy reached forward and placed the brown shit smear against my protruding tongue.

"mmmm lick it, you dirty boy, "she purred "lick my dirty panties clean for me." As I did as i was told I felt my cock start to grow again, the deflated balloon that was Suzy's sock started to rise again, Suzy noticed and broke out in a grin.

"Oh look! a stripey snake, give snakey a stroke Phil, suck my panties the way you were when I came in, and jerk into mt stinky sock."

With this she pushed the panties into my mouth and sat back.

"Come on Phil, suck them clean and for fuck sake tug on that thing; yeah that's it HARDER."

She watched wide eyed as I pumped my hard, sock enclosed cock as hard as I could.

"mmm, yes that's it, faster, FASTER, I want to see how hard and fast you can pump that cock, cum in my stinky sock, mmmmm that's right." Suzy then pulled off one of her pumps and socks, then pulling her wet panties from my mouth she wiggled her toes in front of my face.

"Come on Phil, suck my toes, my feet are sweating and my poor toes feel all sticky." She pushed her toes into my open mouth, I felt my balls tighten as I tasted her salty, sticky toes, she wriggled them in my mouth and I ran my tongue between each toe lapping and sucking at them like they were the best thing I had ever tasted.

"ooooh, good boy" she cooed" suck my toes and cum for me."

And that's just what I did, I couldn't hold it anymore, my balls contracted, my cock grew even harder and I let loose my hot load into Suzy's sock, I could see my cum soak through the toe and run down the sides of the sock in little white rivers.

"God! but this is making me horny," Suzy whispered. "keep pumping, empty your big balls for me."

As the last of my hot cum drained from my balls I fell back on the bed totally spent, Suzy, her foot now free of my mouth lent over me. I felt her peel the sock from my semi limp cock. "my god Phil, you should feel how heavy this sock feels with your spunk." She dangled the wet cum soaked sock over my face.

"Open up dirty boy," she coaxed as she brushed my lips with the toe of her sodden sock.

"open up and suck my sweaty cum soaked sock clean, that's a good boy."

What choice did I have? I opened my mouth and at her command sucked my cum through the end of her wet sock.

"mmm that's a good boy," she laughed "suck it all out."

Then when her sock was sucked to her satisfaction she pulled it from my mouth and to my surprise, she pulled it onto the foot that she had in my mouth a couple of minutes ago.

"hmm it's still quite sticky Phil but I will wear it anyhow."

With that she put her shoe back on and stood up.

"Well Phil, from now on you will do what i want when I want it, any problem with that?"

I knew when I was beat.

"No, no problem Suzy" I agreed.

"Good, well you have me quite worked up, my panties are soaking, I am going to my room for a bit of self relief, oh and I WILL remember to lock the door. I think I will put these panties back on, hmmmm yes, in fact I will wear them until tomorrow, then there will be a bit more flavor for you when I make you clean them."

She grinned in satisfaction when she saw my look of shock.

"oh yes Phil, you will be doing a lot of pantie cleaning from now on, hmmm, I wonder if the girls on my netball team would like your special; er...wash".

Leaving me with that thought in my head she left the room shutting the door behind her.I had a feeling my life was going to be a lot more interesting from now on.

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