Swallow Our Cum!


We weren't 10 minutes out of town and Petra already had her lips on Ricky's cock. He slouched way down in the back of James' red Ford Mustang and let her work. I was in the front passenger seat with a pile of CDs in my lap.

"They've already started," I said.

James adjusted his rearview and took a peek. He smirked.

"It's gonna be a good fuckin' weekend," James laughed.

As the trees picked by the car in a blur, I picked out a homemade CD titled "Techno mix" and plugged it into the player. I punched up the bass a couple notches and cranked the volume way up. When I turned around, Petra was still slobbering on Ricky's eight-inch pole. Both were oblivious to anything happening around them. Ricky looked close to cumming. My cock rose. I wished it were my lips on his helmet.

"Not yet," James said instinctively. "But it'll be your turn soon enough."

James was driving us from the suburb where we all worked at an accounting firm to my parents' beach house. They invited me to use it one fall weekend and to bring a few friends. I picked Petra, Ricky and James because we had a special kind of relationship.

A few months back, we'd all attended "fetish" night at a local bar where everyone is encouraged to dress in leather, lace and anything else usually reserved for the bedroom. One woman showed up in nothing but body paint. Most of the guys didn't wear anything unusual and came just to check out the chicks. The four of us geek accountants arrived straight from the office and found a corner table to observe the action. The conversation flowed and inevitably turned to sex. Tongues slowly loosened. Turns out, we all had a bundles of secret fantasies locked in our brains and no way to get them out.

By the end of the night, we'd made a pact.

We agreed to throw off any inhibitions we had about sex and just do whatever felt good. If someone wanted to try something, all he or she had to do was ask the others. We didn't laugh at each other's fantasies, no matter how twisted they seemed. And no one would get hurt if someone said "no" to a hook-up. The only strict rule we had was that all sex had to be consensual.

The arrangement gave us opportunity to live out every weird sexual fantasy we'd ever had. I wanted to try dressing in lingerie and sucking cock, so Ricky came to my apartment and let me do it. Petra wanted to get gang-banged. The three of us guys were happy to oblige.

We eventually gave it a name: "Fuck Club."

It was easy to understand why we guys would agree to the arrangement. We were sex-starved dorks, clumsy with women and utterly hopeless. But Petra was like a model. She had long dark hair and a figure that reminded me of Angelina Jolie. But I wasn't stupid enough to ask her why she joined our little sex cult. I was just happy she did.

Don't get me wrong: James and Ricky weren't hopeless. Both had rippling muscles and fatal smiles. With his blonde hair, James reminded me of a California surfer dude. And Ricky's shaggy dark hair made him look like snowboarder. If either of them lacked anything, it was self-confidence.

My cock was raging by the time we reached the beach house. I could still taste Ricky's jizz on my tongue as the car wheels crunched on the gravel driveway. At my request, Petra had kissed his cum into mouth after he shot his load.

I swallowed.

But when we rounded the bend in the driveway and cleared the palm trees, I gulped. A red convertible Mercedes was parked next to the house.

"What the fuck is my sister doing here?" I asked.

The whole weekend flashed before my eyes. A long drive back to 'burbs. No weird sex. No falling asleep to the sound of waves rolling up on the beach.

I must've turned white because Petra said, "Maybe she's just picking up a few things."

"Yeah, maybe," I said.

But I knew that was bullshit. Kate attended a college three hours from the beach house. She wouldn't have made the journey without the intention of staying for a while.

James parked the Mustang next to Kate's car. The sea breeze smacked me in the face when I stepped out. I walked quickly to the front door with my three friends in tow. I tried the knob. It opened without a key. We dropped our luggage in the foyer, went down a hallway and walked into the living room.

And there was Kate.

Her face was buried in some Latin guy's ass. He was naked and in the doggy style position on the couch. She was spreading his cheeks and eating him out. Kate still had on a lacy black bra and matching thong. The lingerie contrasted nicely with her pale skin. Her long red hair concealed her face, but her jerking body movements suggested she was having a good time. So was the guy. He was breathing hard and saying, "Das' right. Eat tha' ass, baby."

James and Petra looked at each other and smiled.

"Soon enough," James said.

Ricky snickered.

The guy looked up and saw us. He lunged for his jeans, which were in a ball next to the couch. Kate almost fell on her face. When she righted her self and cleared away her hair, she saw me. Kate had the most precious look on her face. Total bewilderment.

"Hi, sis," I said with mock cheer.

Kate sighed and fell back on the couch.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" she asked.

"Interesting question," I said. "I was about to ask you the same thing."

Kate rolled her eyes.

"Mom and dad said me and Ernesto could use the house for the weekend," she said. "So, I think you and your friends should get the fuck out of here. We want our privacy."

"Ernesto?" I asked.

Kate motioned to the ass-munching recipient, who was now pulling on jeans and a black T-shirt.

"My boyfriend," Kate said. "He's an exchange student. We met in biology lab."

I shook my head.

"Nice," I said. "Well, if you think me and my friends are going to bug out of here, you're fucked in the head. We just drove two hours. And I'm the older one. If anyone should go, it's you!"

Kate jumped off the couch and stood defiantly.

"Listen, you fuckin' asshole," she said with a pointed finger. "If you want to start getting belligerent, maybe I'll just have Ernesto beat your ass!"

I looked over at Ernesto. His muscles bulged as he cracked his knuckles. We glared at each other.

"Bring it on, fucker," I said.

Petra stepped between us.

"All right, all right," she said. "Let's just cool it. I think I know how we can all go home happy."

Petra took Kate by the hand and guided her to the couch. They sat next to each other. Ernesto relaxed his hands. So did I. We all found places to sit while Petra and my sister talked.

"Kate, we're brother's friends," Petra said, motioning to James and Rick. "And I'm going to be straight up with you. We all came here to fuck our brains out. I think you did the same thing. Am I right?"

Kate looked across Kate's lap at Ernesto and blushed.

"Who wouldn't?" Kate said.

Ernesto smiled sheepishly, as Petra leaned in close to Kate.

"I agree," Petra said, clasping my sister's hand in her lap. "So, I was just wondering why we all couldn't hang out together this weekend."

Lost in Petra's penetrating blue eyes, Kate furrowed up her brow ever so slightly.

"What do you mean?" Kate asked.

Petra leaned in to give Kate a passionate kiss. Kate never flinched. She opened her mouth and accepted Petra's tongue. While their faces were pressed together, Petra groped for Ernesto's cock.

All the guys in the room flashed their mugs at me to see how I'd react. But I didn't. I was afraid to avert my stare from the show, lest I miss something. A serious woody grew in my jeans.

The threesome didn't disappoint. Kate helped Petra hike up her skirt and slipped a finger under her silky, white panties. While Kate finger fucked Petra, Ernesto whipped out his dong and laid back. Petra stroked his pecker with flourish. He had close to a foot, the biggest cock I'd ever seen in person.

It was all getting very hot. James, Ricky and I were poised on the edges of our chairs, ready to jump in. But then Kate pushed Petra back. Petra's hand left Ernesto's rod.

"What's the matter?" Petra said. "Is it that you don't want your brother here?"

Kate looked at me and then back at Petra.

"No," Kate said. "Larry's fine. It's just that there are so many guys. I wish we had another woman to even things out."

Petra looked at me and smiled devilishly. I smiled back.

"I think we can do that," Petra said.

Kate perked up.

"Really?" she asked. "How?"

Petra didn't have to say another word. I ran to the foyer and got Petra's bag. I dropped it in her lap. Petra opened the zipper and pulled out a neon pink bikini top.

"I think one of these guys might be willing to switch sides," Petra said, while dangling the bikini from her pinky finger.

Kate laughed.

"And who might that be?" she asked.

I snatched the bikini.

"Anything for my sister," I said.

I pulled off my tie-dye T-shirt and threw it in the corner. The top of the bikini was already tied. I draped it around my neck.

"Petra, dear," I said. "Will you tie me up?"

"Certainly," she said.

Petra came up behind me. I felt the string tighten around my chest and few gentle tugs as Petra made the knot. I adjusted the cups so they covered my breasts. I was starting to feel like a woman, so I acted like it, too.

"I feel so pretty!" I said, while throwing my arms in the air.

Everyone laughed.

"You look pretty, babe," Petra said. "Put these on."

She threw me the bottoms. I stripped off my sandals, shorts and underwear. The bottoms were hot pants rather than a thong, which made it easier to fit my cock and balls inside.

"Make-up time," Petra said. "Have a seat."

She patted the spot next to her on the couch. Kate watched with utter shock as Petra painted my lips with red lipstick.

"A-a-are you homo?" Kate asked.

Petra capped the lipstick and had me close my eyes so she could do my eyeliner.

"I like to think I transcend strict definitions," I said.

"Oh," Kate said, obviously baffled.

When Petra finished with my eyeliner, eye shadow and rouge, she got a black wig out of her bag and put it on my head. It was a sexy page-boy cut like something out of the 1920s. Petra finished me off with a spray of perfume.

"Wow," Kate said. "You almost look like the real thing."

"It's all thanks to Petra," I said.

"Thank you," Petra said.

"Well," Kate said. "What do we do now?"

I leaned over and planted a sloppy kiss on my sister's lips. She didn't pull away. I probed her lips with my tongue. She let me inside. Her breath smelled like spearmint. When Kate wanted to tongue my mouth, I let her. I felt a hand on my prick and looked out of the corner of my eye. It was Ernesto.

"Les' fuck dees slut," he said.

James and Ricky roared their approval. One of them grabbed me from behind and threw me to the floor. On my knees, I was helpless. Ernesto was the first to take advantage. He jammed his cock in my face.

"Suck eet, you filthy beetch," he said.

I opened my mouth. Ernesto shoved the whole thing inside me. I gagged and instinctively tried to pull away. Ernesto wouldn't let me. Gripping the back of my head, he held is meat pole deep in my throat. I looked up at him. His eyes blazed with fury.

"Take eet, puta!" he said.

I had no choice but to cope with his cock inside me. I relaxed. When oxygen returned to my lungs, I stopped struggling.

Ernesto began face-fucking me. He pulled out slowly and then quickly plunged himself back in. I made sure my teeth didn't get in the way. All that touched his cock was soft, wet flesh. His stokes quickened. He was pushing himself all the way into me each time. His soft, curly pubic hair tickled my nose.

When his eyes rolled back into his head, I figured he was about to cum. I closed my eyes and waited for the wave. Instead, I felt his prick abruptly pull out of my mouth. At first, I was disappointed. I wanted his sweet gunk in me.

But then Ernesto explained.

"Your turn," he said to no one in particular. "I don't want to cum yet."

I had a chance to glimpse some of the action going on around me. A full-fledged orgy had broken out.

Ricky was banging Kate. Down to nothing but her bra, she leaned back on the couch with her legs spread open. Ricky, who was naked, kneeled on the floor between her thighs and grunted each time he thrust his hips forward.

Petra was blowing James. Totally naked, he lay back on the couch next to Kate with his legs open. Petra's jet hair flopped all over the place as her head bobbed. She was down to a lacy white bra and thong.

James gently patted Petra on the shoulder when he saw Ernesto backing away from me. She looked up.

"Get the dildo and the lube," he said. "And get her ready."

James pointed at me.

"Ernesto might want to try her out," he said.

Petra looked over her shoulder, bit her lip for a second and then smiled.

"Gladly," she said.

Petra rushed to her bag and got a thin gold dildo about six inches long and a tube of "Dr. Feelgood" lube. I was still on my knees when she came over to me. I admired her body from my subservient position. She had smooth, tan thighs. Her dark pubic hair showed through her silky panties. She had a flat stomach and amazing C-cup tits. Everything all natural, uncorrupted by age or silicone.

Petra slapped the dildo into the palm of her hand like a pissed-off cop with a nightstick.

"Assume the position," she said.

I buried my head in the carpet and used my hands to spread open my butt cheeks. The thought of letting someone shove anything up my rear always made my butt hole tighten. But Petra knew just what to do.

We'd been through this before. I heard the lube squirt into her hand. And then came the smacking noises as she spread the slime across the plastic.

All I could see was carpet, but I knew exactly what Petra was doing by the sounds she made. She twisted the bottom of the fuckstick, and it hummed to life. Petra set the contraption on my bung hole without shoving it inside. The vibrations sent a pleasant shiver up my back.

"Oh, yes," Ernesto said. "Look at de goose bumps."

Petra playfully wiggled the dildo. My asshole loosened. She pushed the tip inside me. I gasped.

"Oh my God!" Kate said. "He's actually letting her do it."

I heard James laugh.

Petra slowly worked the dildo in and out of my ass. She did it with a gentleness that can only come from a woman. Each time she pushed the plastic inside me, my ass craved more. Petra sensed it. She gave it to me harder. The vibrator whined, changing pitch as Petra penetrated my hole ever deeper. I heard myself groaning.

"Das eet," Ernesto said. "Muevete!"

The dildo fell away from my ass with an angry buzz. Before I could look up, Ernesto's fingers dug into my hips. I wasn't sure if I was ready for his injection. But I had no choice. He slid himself deep inside me.

"Uh!" I yelped.

It was the largest load I'd ever taken. Pain gripped my hole. But if Ernesto felt any sympathy, he didn't show it. He started pumping, slowly and methodically. My ass began to adapt. The pain turned to pleasure. At that moment, I learned an important lesson: Anal sex with a well-hung guy is like coffee -- it's an acquired taste.

But not my sister's pussy. I liked the taste of that the second it touched my tongue.

Ricky gave it to me. While Ernesto fucked me, Ricky lifted my head. His legs were spread. His prick pulsed inches from my lips.

"This has been in your sister's twat," he said. "Wanna taste?"

I nodded. Making sure to keep my ass at a convenient angle for Ernesto, I propped myself up on my elbows. Ricky inched himself closer. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. The salty taste of his skin mingling with my sister's juices agreed with me. I slowly slid down his pole. My tongue rubbed against the veined underside. He moaned appreciatively. I took the whole thing into my mouth. I pulled back just as slowly and then started dropping my head again. Halfway down, Ricky exploded into my mouth. I refused to let a single drop get away. His warm salty jizz slid down my throat.

Ricky fell back on the floor next to Kate. She was now laying on the carpet with her legs spread. In the doggy style position, Petra was eating her out. James was behind Petra, pumping her pussy from behind. Kate had her hand on the back of Petra's head.

No one had even stroked my prick, but I had to struggle to keep the jizz in my loins.

Ernesto's thrusts quickened. They became violent. I imagined his cum rushing into my butt cavity. I wanted it so badly. But once again, just as I thought he was going to explode, Ernesto pulled out.

He rushed over to Kate with his hard prick in his hand. Ernesto kneeled next to her and grabbed a handful of her red hair. He jerked her head to the side and aimed his cock at her mouth.

"Open!" he yelled.

Kate made a big "O" with her mouth. Ernesto unleashed a tidal wave of cum. The first spurt hit her upper lip. The second smacked her chin. By the third squirt, Ernesto had found her tongue. I thought each shot would be the last, but the cum just kept shooting. By the time Ernesto backed away, it looked like he'd dumped a bowl of coconut pudding on her head.

"No swallow," he said to Kate.

And then to James and Ricky, he said, "Vatos, now you. Cum in dees beetch mouth."

James pulled out of Petra and rushed to Kate. It took him less than 10 seconds to spill his load. But it was a highly effective 10 seconds. When he finished, Kate's mouth was overflowing with jizz.

Ricky had cum twice already that day, but he had amazing regenerative powers. He knelt next to Kate and started stroking himself. Petra eased in behind him to help. She pressed her tits against his back and took over for Ricky's right hand. He popped almost immediately. But Petra didn't let him shoot on Kate's face. Petra aimed his cock at the bare skin between Kate's tits.

My sister was an absolute mess. She lay there with a pool of cum in her open mouth. Little streams of three guys' jizz ran down her cheeks, chin, neck and chest.

"Now, maricon, you clean it up," Ernesto said.

He shoved me toward Kate. Her eyes locked onto mine. They held one unmistakable message: "Yes!"

I lapped the cum off her chest and then her neck. She smelled sweet and tasted salty. I moved to her chin and then her cheeks. I went slowly, taking care to get every drop.

When her skin was clean, Kate pursed her lips together and guided me to my back. She positioned her sealed lips about six inches above mine and flipped her hair to the side. I knew exactly what to do. I opened wide.

Kate let the cum roll off her lips. The stream descended slowly, hovering a quarter inch above my tongue for what seemed an eternity. Then it hit. I let the cum pool in my mouth. Kate filled it up.

"Swallow eet!" Ernesto said.

When the last drop fell from Kate's lips, I followed his order. It took three gulps to get it all down.

Kate kneeled next to the couch.

"Ready to relieve some pressure?" she asked.

Kate patted one of the seat cushions next to Petra. I stripped off my hot pants and flopped onto the couch. Kate put her lips on my cock. Petra tweaked my nipples. I exploded immediately. The relief was amazing. It was like dumping ten pounds of fluid all at once.

Kate held my jizz in her mouth as she climbed onto me, straddling my lap. She looked longingly into my eyes, as if she were about to say something very touching.

And then she exploded on me. She spit the cum back at me in a spray. My face was a mess.

Ernesto burst into laughter.

"Fucking faggot," he said.

Kate was snickering.

James and Ricky looked at me, wondering how I'd take it all. I smiled.

"A faggot," I said, "And loving every minute of it."

I leaned over and gave Petra a long, deep kiss.

When I pulled back, we all had a good laugh.

It turned out James was right: It was a good fuckin' weekend. And that's not all.

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