tagLoving WivesSwapping Husbands Ch. 01

Swapping Husbands Ch. 01


"Does Ryan always come when you blow him?" The question between girlfriends spoke as much to their growing comfortableness with each other as it did to the amount of wine they had consumed that night. The girls had only known each other for a year, since Brennon moved to town with her husband Ryan. Kathy's husband, Greg, had been Ryan's friend for years before Ryan left town for a job. By the time Ryan was able to finagle a transfer back, he brought his new bride to town with him, and Brennon and Kathy had hit things off well. The two couples spent many evenings together, and while the boys paired off, the girls were left to develop a friendship.

The girls both laughed loudly at the out of the blue question, but once the laughter died off Kathy tried restating it: "I mean, if you give a Ryan a blow job, does he come just from the blow job, or is it just, like, foreplay to something else?" There was a little giggle afterward, but much more nervous, as Brennon realized it was a serious question and Kathy realized what a strange direction she had taken their conversation in.

Brennon set her wine glass down, and answered the question tentatively: "Umm, usually, I guess. Like, sometimes, we're just fooling around for foreplay, but most of the time it's when we don't have time for sex or I'm not really in the mood, so I just do it as kind of a favor." Kathy was listening to Brennon with rapt attention, like she was a listening in on a secret she wasn't supposed to know. "Do you mean does he come in my mouth?" continued Brennon, searching for a clue as to where this question was coming from. "I mean, usually, but I don't mind it, and it keeps from making a mess on my clothes or hair."

Both girls were normally very reserved, and both realizing their mutual unease with the topic opted to top off their wine glasses. Just as Brennon began to think it was a one-off truth-or-dare type question, Kathy kept the topic going: "Oh, so you sometimes just give him a blow-job. That's what I was curious about."

"Yeah," continued Brennon, "probably about half the time we do anything it's just a quick blow job." Brennon noticed Kathy's mixed look of surprise and dismay. "Why, does Greg only want blow jobs?"

"Far from it. He almost never asks for them, usually its sex, or both of us playing together."

"Well, Ryan never really ASKS for them outright, he knows he needs to be a bit more subtle than that." Brennon was starting to look a bit more confident with the conversation. "He usually just lets me know that he's in the mood for something, and then I decide what I feel like doing. Sex is nice, but I don't always have time, so a 5 minute blow job can work for both of us!"

"5 minutes!" Kathy exclaimed with apparent surprise. "God, the few times when Greg has come from a blow job, it seems like it takes half an hour. My jaw is sore just thinking about it. I think I just don't know how to give a blow job." Brennon saw Kathy's face change from excited to disappointed while she was talking.

"Some guys just don't get into blow jobs, I'm sure it's not your fault. I had a boyfriend for a few months who couldn't seem to come from anything but his own fist."

"But Greg comes so easily from other things. I just wish I could give a good blow job."

"Have you ever had a problem with other guys?" asked Brennon.

"Well, Greg was my first, so I've never had anyone else to compare to."

Brennon chuckled before taking another sip of wine. "You should try Ryan, he seems to come before I even get started. Sometimes I wish it was a challenge."

It was Kathy's turn to laugh. "Well if you're ever looking for a challenge you don't have to look any further than the one in Greg's pants." They laughed together at this, again topping off their wine glasses. "Still, I just wish I knew. I feel like I have no idea what works, and what doesn't. Greg tries to make suggestions, but he doesn't seem to react to things, so I'm not sure. If I only could go back in time, I would've experimented on some guys just to know what I'm doing."

Seeing the look of disappointment return to Kathy's face, Brennon tried to comfort her. "Does it really bother you that much? You said you have fun in other ways, right?"

"Yeah, we do," continued Kathy, "but it's just Greg is always so thoughtful, making sure I'm satisfied, I just feel like I can't repay the favor. Now whenever I just get started trying to give him a blow job, I get nervous that I don't know what I'm doing, and the self-doubt gives me stage fright."

"If it's just some self-confidence you need, you should just give Ryan a blow job some time, you'll have a whole mouth-load of self confidence in a couple minutes flat," Brennon said dryly, meaning it as a joke. However, by this time the wine was affecting Kathy's ability to read her friend's intentions.

"I'd give it a try if you think it would work, but I can't imagine how hurt Greg would be if his best friend is getting blow jobs from me when doesn't get them."

Assuming the joke was still continuing, Brennon replied "He can't get jealous if I'm busy sucking his cock." At this point both girls laughed loudly again at Brennon's uncharacteristic language. But when the laughter died a bit and the silence lingered a bit too long, it was obvious that both girls were actually contemplating the suggestion.

Kathy finally broke the silence, more seriously but shyly, "Could you possibly even really consider that? Giving a blow job to someone other than your husband?"

Brennon seemed to have already asked herself that. "Sure, it's just a blow job, it's not like we're making love. Heck, guys are so simple minded when it comes to the bedroom. It's like scratching a dog's belly. They don't care who's doing it, they just like the feeling."

"And you'd be OK with someone else blowing Ryan?"

"Well not with anyone. But if it helps a friend in need. And to be honest, it kind of turns me on, the idea of trying to give Greg a blow job," Brennon said. Both girls were leaning in together now, talking in lower tones, clearly feeling like they were doing something that needed to be kept secret, just between them.

"I think this must be some wine, because now I'm picturing it, and it doesn't seem like such a big deal. Do you think the boys would be willing? Would they try to take things too far," Kathy asked, showing that she was actively trying to assuage her doubts.

"I think they'd be willing in a heartbeat," Brennon thought out loud. "If I say to Ryan 'You can get a blow job from Kathy, but you can't take things any further than that', what's he going to say? No?"

"You may be onto something. I think Greg would take some reassuring that I mean it seriously, but I bet he'd jump at the chance. He thinks he's being all sneaky, but I've seen him staring at your tits and ass at times while we're hanging out. I bet he's thought about a blow job from you before."

"Hey Kathy, you about ready to head home?" Greg called from inside the house. Both girls were startled, as if caught by parents, as they were quickly jerked back to reality.

Kathy called in that she'd be ready in a few minutes. The girls looked each other in the eyes nervously. Brennon said in a whisper "What are you think? Are you going to say something to Greg?"

"I need to see if it still seems like a good idea when I sober up in the morning. What about you?"

"I'm sure Ryan will want to mess around after you guys leave, so I may say something tonight. He likes me to talk dirty in bed. I bet he'd get turned on if I mention that Kathy was talking about sucking on his cock. But I'll need to bring it up again in the morning, though, so he knows it's not just playing around."

The girls cleaned up and said their good nights, with non-specific plans to catch-up soon.


The next morning, Kathy woke up with a bit of a head-ache, but an even greater wonder over what she and Brennon had discussed the night before. Had she really agreed that she would give a blow job to her friend's husband? That she would let her husband get a blow job from her friend? Though wracked by worry -- that Brennon would be upset when she woke up, that somehow everyone would blame her for trying to break-up two marriages -- she found herself considering the idea. Ryan was taller, skinnier than her husband, with floppy hair on his head. Though she had never really thought about him in that way before, she could picture herself holding his penis in her hand, leaning forward, tasting, licking . . . No! What was she doing? She had to control herself, keep from taking things further than they had already gone.

As she dragged herself out of bed, and down the stairs, she found Greg had already prepared some breakfast, and was starting his day. "Mornin', beautiful, how you feeling?" Greg asked.

"A little groggy, but not too bad. More hungry than anything. Are these eggs for me?"

"Yeah, dig in." Greg returned to working on his laptop, while Kathy prepared a plate for herself, and sat at the table. While eating she looked up at her husband, sitting in the next room with his computer on his lap. Greg was about six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a pretty muscular build. As he sat there typing, Kathy's mind wandered. Looking at him on the couch, she pictured Brennon walking in and kneeling in front of Greg. She pictured Brennon opening his pants, and pulling him out. Stroking him gently while she stared in his eyes, then lowering her mouth over. . .

"You need a hand under the table there?" Greg's joke pulled her back to reality quickly, and she realized she had let her hand linger over the thin material covering her pussy. Before she could think of a response, Greg was off of the couch, coming over to her.

"If you're done eating, I have something else I may be able to interest you in," Greg said, rubbing her shoulders. Kathy could feel his growing member against her back, and got up to return her husband's intentions.

They made their way up to the bedroom, and before she could make a move, Greg had her on her back and her panties on the floor, as he began eating her pussy. The feelings he was stirring in her pussy were driving her crazy, but were also reminding her that she hadn't figured out yet how to repay him for his generosity.

As Greg started sliding a finger between her moistening lips, she started picturing herself sliding Ryan's dick past her lips, into her mouth. As Greg's tongue started flicking her clitoris, she pictured her own tongue swirling around the head of Ryan's cock, before she engulfs it again. As Greg's free hand stroked her thigh, and squeezed her ass, she pictured herself jerking Ryan's cock into her mouth, hoping to taste his hot cum. She realized that Ryan's cum would only be the second she's ever touched or tasted, since Greg was her first.

Kathy was quickly withdrawn from her fantasy as Greg pulled away from her pussy, and started entering her with his large cock. It wasn't too long, at six inches, but it was incredibly thick, to the extent that she couldn't wrap her hand all the way around, and even her mouth (and her pussy!) needed to stretch to accommodate it. As he started sliding in and out, her thoughts returned to the other part of the bargain: As Greg's cock slid between her pussy lips, she pictured his cock stretching Brennon's mouth. She thought about Brennon jerking on his cock, staring him in his eyes. Would he come easily for her? Would Brennon taste his come like she often had wanted to, but been unable to succeed in? As she started picturing her husband coming in Brennon's mouth while staring lustily into her eyes, she realized that Greg was starting to come in her pussy, thrusting deeply. She was incredibly turned on, but the distractions had kept her from an orgasm.

As Greg's thrusting slowed, he kept his still flaccid penis in her pussy, and began rubbing her clitoris in the way he knew so well. Kathy put her fantasies on hold, and just began enjoying the attention her husband was giving her. As soon as her concerns were put out of mind, she began coming herself, her pussy squeezing her husband's member while she called his name between moans. As her orgasm subsided, her husband withdrew himself, and crawled up next to her. Kathy returned to her fantasies, thinking of Ryan sliding up next to her, and Greg sliding up next to Brennon, and Ryan and Brennon, all jumbles of legs and breasts and hands and pubic regions, all without bothering with coherent thoughts of whom was with whom, only being concerned that everyone was satisfied. Kathy drifted back to sleep in this manner, with wicked dreams peppering her thoughts.

When she awoke a while later, she discovered Greg had slid out of bed, probably back off to work. After her orgasm and fantasies, she was feeling much less guilty about the idea of her arrangement with Brennon, and decided it was time to check in with her friend to see if her fantasies were anything more than that.


A few minutes later, Brennon's phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hey Brennon," the voice on the phone obviously being Kathy.

"Good morning. How are you?"

"I'm good. Have you thought anymore about the little scheme we concocted last night?"

"Have I thought about it? Since mentioning to Ryan last night I've already had five orgasms. He's been kind of untamable. I think I'd be on my way to six right now if Greg hadn't stopped by."

Kathy was momentarily taken aback. "Wait, you've seen Greg this morning?"

"Yeah, he and Ryan ran out about a half hour ago, he's helping Ryan pick up something."

"Oh, yeah he mentioned that. I was surprised because I fell asleep after an orgasm of my own, and I didn't realize where Greg had gone."

"Hmmmm, so then I guess you've already discussed it with Greg?"

"No, not yet," replied Kathy. "I was still coming to terms with it. But I have to admit, I was fantasizing about it while Greg was fucking me, and I've definitely come to terms with it. Wait a second, so Ryan already knows? Uh oh."

"Oh, are you worried that they're talking about it now? I can try to call Ryan to. . . ... oops, never mind, they're pulling back into the drive right now."

"Well, maybe Ryan's already done the awkward part of bringing it up. Brennon, just do me a favor: Don't suck on my husband's dick until after I've had a chance to talk to him about it, OK?"

"I suppose I'll be able to keep my mouth off it for a little while longer."

"Thanks, I appreciate it. Talk to you later."

A short while later, Greg arrived home. When Kathy met him at the door, the first thing he said was, "So Ryan is under the impression that you're going to be giving him a blow-job, and that Brennon is going to be giving me a blow job. Is that accurate?"

From his tone it didn't sound like Greg was mad, so she decided to play coy, "Wellllll . . . . . . do you want it to be accurate?"

"It depends why we're doing this. Are you hoping to start a torrid affair with my friend? Cause, as nice looking as Brennon is, I don't know that I'm looking to trade you in yet."

Kathy hit him playfully. "No, silly, this isn't about an affair, if that's what I wanted to do, I'd probably find a better way to do it than ask my husband and the wife of the guy I'm going after. Did Ryan explain any of it?"

"He didn't quite understand it, something about Brennon wanting a challenge. To be honest, I tuned out at the part where she's giving me a blow job."

"Typical. Well, it all came about because I was telling Brennon how hard of a time I have giving you blow jobs."

"Kathy, come on, you know I don't really care about that. We . . ."

Cutting him off, she replied, "I know you say you're fine with the other things we do, but it's still important to me. So Brennon was saying how easy of a time she has with Ryan, and we were talking, and it seemed like if I could experiment where I have some success, it may make it easy to figure out what works for you. And the part of her giving you a blow job just came about so you don't feel left out, although there was definitely a bit of excitement in her voice while we were talking about it, I think she may want into your pants regardless of whether I'd be giving her husband a blow job or not."

"So that's all this is, just a guinea pig for you to experiment on."


"Well, if you put it like that, I guess I can deal with it. So did you and Brennon set any plans or ground rules?"

"Plans? No, not until making sure you boys were on board. Ground rules? What kind of rules do we really need? You boys are getting blow jobs, that's it."

"Fair enough."


The next day, Kathy worked up the courage to head over to Ryan and Brennon's. She found Brennon on the front porch tending to some hanging baskets. When Brennon saw her walking up the walk, she said jokingly, "Are you here to borrow my husband?"

"Yeah, if you can spare him for a second. Is he around?"

"He was upstairs putting together a new dresser we picked up. Feel free to go look for him. Is Greg around, by any chance?"

"When I left he was doing some work in the office. I don't even think he realized I had left."

Brennon, noticing that Kathy had put on a nicer blouse and jeans, realized she wasn't quite dressed the part of a seductress in her capri shorts, tank top, and zip-up sweat-shirt. "Should I run up and change quickly?"

"No, not at all. I doubt Greg will even notice what you're wearing, once he realizes why you're there."

"Well, here goes nothing. Good luck. Maybe I'll meet you on the way back, we can compare notes," Brennon said, with a wink.

Brennon took off, while Kathy tentatively walked into the house, and made her way upstairs. As she neared the top of the steps she heard some activity coming from the bedroom, and headed in that way.

As she entered the room, Ryan looked up, and after a second of puzzlement, a smile spread over his face. "So, you girls really are going to follow through with this?"

"You didn't think we'd tease you without following through, did you?" Kathy said, while walking towards Ryan.

"So, where do you want me?" Ryan asked, belying a bit of unease.

"You're good right where you are," said Kathy, walking up to Ryan, who was standing facing her. When she got within a foot, Ryan was unsure if she was coming in for an embrace, but she quickly glanced down, then back at his eyes smiling. As their eyes remained locked, Kathy began to kneel down in front of Ryan, her hands trailing down his stomach, then his hips, and legs, until her knees rested on the floor.

Reaching up to caress his crotch through his pants, she smiled again and said, "Now, just relax, and try to enjoy yourself." With that Kathy began to undo Ryan's belt buckle, unbutton his pants, and lower his zipper. Pulling his pants down a bit, she could see from the tent in his boxers that he was already erect. She grabbed his penis through the material, and muttered, "I hope you're prepared to be just the second dick I've had in my mouth."

Ryan replied lowly, "Hopefully it's not the last time it's inside of you."

Unsure how to respond, but incredibly excited, Kathy tugged Ryan's boxers down, until his stiff penis finally sprung free from the waist band. It was nine inches long, notably bigger than her husband's, although not nearly as thick. Kathy began by wrapping her hand around her husband's friend's cock, very slowly stroking it while kissing the sides, move up towards the head, and occasionally licking the underside.

Once she reached the end, Kathy slowly took the head of his penis into her mouth. She quickly glanced up at Ryan's face, and locking eyes with Ryan as he watched her, demurely closed her eyes again as she took in as much of Ryan's penis in her mouth as she could. While stroking his throbbing erection with one hand, Kathy began sucking and using her tongue to swirl around his penis, all while bobbing in and out in time with her stroking.

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