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Swapping Wives


"So we're agreed?" asked Carl, "You girls are ok with this too?"

Carl and Kevin's wives, Paula and Miriam looked at each other and giggled, nodding. The men were relieved, they'd actually talked about the possibility of switching wives for a night weeks before, but they had taken time to suss out how the wives might feel about that. They'd both been surprised when the women hadn't been too upset at their suggestion and that they had been willing to go along with it... Kevin had even asked Carl if he'd thought they'd been set up. Carl had replied that he didn't think the girls would do that, and even if they had, well the guys were still getting what they wanted!

Truthfully Carl didn't really WANT to share Paula with Kevin, he had a very possessive side to him and he didn't particularly like the idea of sharing his Paula with anyone. Although the idea did turn him on a little, just thinking of watching her with someone else. Still, it wasn't anything he'd ever thought of as doing for real until Kevin confessed to him just how sexy he thought Paula was... and Carl had always had a bit of a thing for Miriam. Slowly, over a couple of months, the men had discussed actually swapping wives, doing the swingers thing and spicing up their sex lives. Not that Carl didn't find Paula sexy anymore, but sometimes it did seem as if they'd gotten stuck in the doldrums, a rut that they couldn't quite get out of anymore. Sex was more of a race to an orgasm than the mutual pleasuring and sharing... ever since he'd suggested the possibility of a one-time swap with Kevin and Miriam, his and Paula's sex life had taken off with a vengeance. She admitted that she didn't want to share him either in a lot of ways, but that the idea of him watching her with another man - and maybe even of watching him with another woman, was very exciting in a lot of ways. It definitely got her lust going, mostly because she wanted to show him just how much sexier and more wonderful she was than any other woman.

"Ok, so Friday," said Kevin, shaking Carl's hand as he and Miriam left, "Miriam will come over then and Paula will come to my house."

"Don't forget to set up the video camera!" called Carl, feeling Paula behind him, running her fingers over his butt. She was horny again, probably with thinking about the upcoming event. As Kevin waved and Paula's fingers curled under his buttocks and towards his balls, he closed the door and then took his beautiful wife in his arms to fuck her brains out. Which they did, right there on the rug in the front hall.

That Friday as she prepared to go he gave her a rough kiss, holding her tightly against him, "I love you honey," he whispered as they clung to each other possessively.

"I love you too..." she said, "You know, we don't HAVE to do this..."

"No," he told her, "I do want to... it's just that you're so beautiful."

She giggled, "If you had me right here and right now would there be any left over for Miriam?"

"Of course not," he told her, and pressed his hard dick against her body as they kissed one last time.

"Then I'd better go and stop the temptation," she kissed him gently again as she pranced out the door, "We'll watch each other's tapes tomorrow."

"And then fuck like rabbits," he called after her, and she smiled sexily at him.

Upstairs he set up the tape as he waited for Miriam to arrive. Ok, so it wasn't REALLY cheating since Paula knew and she was out with Kevin tonight, but he was still getting a rushing thrill of naughtiness, that he was doing something VERY wrong. And he couldn't help but think about how Kevin would feel when Paula showed up at his door, her sexy body packed in tight to that lacy lingerie and her pussy all smooth and shaved... it turned him on. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he imagined what it would be like to watch his best friend fuck his wife - while he fucked his best friend's wife even! - and slid his hands into his boxers (which was all he was wearing) as he thought about it.

When the doorbell rang he was fisting a raging hard-on, actually caught with his hands down his pants! Grinning, he checked the camera's position one last time and raced down the stairs. Opening the door he found Miriam standing there in nothing but a g-string and a push-up bra.

"What are you doing!" he gasped, pulling her inside, feeling the shock of her bare skin against his hands as she stepped in, "Aren't you worried about the neighbors?!"

Miriam giggled at the shock on his face, "I'm sure they'd appreciate the show even if they saw," she said saucily as she tossed her brown hair over her shoulder.

Carl shook his head, Kevin had always told him that Miriam was a bit of a wildcat, but he'd never really realized just how much. With another laugh she went up on tiptoes and kissed him, her firm breasts pressing against his bare chest, practically popping out of the bra.

"Let's go upstairs," he said eagerly, and she shrieked as he swept her up into his arms, "We should be doing this in front of the camera for Kevin."

"And for Paula," she nibbled his ear as he carried her up the flight, running her hand over his shoulders.

"And for Paula," he repeated as he carried her into the bedroom, tossing her onto his marital bed. Going over he pushed the Record button on the camera and turned back to the little minx on his bed. She had stretched herself out into a very sensuous pose that would have gotten his dick going if it hadn't ben already.

"Come over here and lemme see that dick, handsome," she purred, changing positions so that she was actually crawling sexily to the edge of the bed. As if his dick was pulling him along he went straight to her and let her pull down his boxers, his dick bobbing in front of him, "Well hello!" she said in mock surprise, "Paula certainly is a lucky woman!"

He was about to answer when she suddenly swallowed him up, sliding her lips all the way down his shaft to the base of his dick. It was something no girl had ever done for him, not even his wife, and he gasped with the amazing sensation of her throat muscles working around his head. Without even realizing what he was doing he had his hands pressed against the back of her head and was holding her lips his crotch... as soon as he realized that she was going to need to breath he released the back of her head and gasped as she started working up and down his dick. It was amazing, possibly the best blow job he'd ever had... especially when her hands began to work on massaging his balls.

"Kevin's a pretty lucky man too!" he gasped as she worked over his dick, and was rewarded for his compliment with a low hum that made her mouth and throat vibrate. His knees went weak, "You keep that up and I'm going to cum!"

Pulling her mouth off of him, she continued to stroke his balls with her hand as she asked, "You can cum in my mouth or all over my tits as long as you'll be able to get it up again and fucking me good!"

For answer, he pressed her head back towards his dick and she went to work with gusto, sucking on the shaft and tugging on his dick. Swallowing him all the way, she would sit there for as long as she could, just sliding her tongue over his shaft before coming up for a breath of air and then taking the plunge again. Then she began humming again every time she swallowed him and he shuddered, using her shoulders to keep standing by the edge.

The first three spurts of cum went straight down into her belly, and then he pulled out and sprayed the fourth over her face and aimed the last for her tits. Smiling prettily, she licked what she could off of her face and then used her fingers to scoop up the rest from her pretty face and tits, sucking it off of her fingers. Just that was enough to start making him hard again, Paula really wasn't one for oral sex and she hated to swallow; the way that Miriam was greedily eating his cum was a major turn on.

Sliding back, she undid the back of her bra and starting to pull it off, "You wanna join me?"

Two seconds later he was on the bed and on top of her, kneading her breasts between his hands. They were firm and full, filling his fingers with flesh and he lowered his mouth to suck on the pink nipple, teasing it with his tongue and then sucking it deep into his mouth. Switching back and forth between her nipples his attentions to her breasts were making her pussy wetter and wetter, he could feel the damp crotch of her panties rubbing against his slowly hardening dick.

"Oh yes..." she moaned, "Suck my nipples... oh god you're making me wet..."

Lowering one hand he actually tore the g-string from her body as she shrieked, his teeth biting down on the nipple in his mouth.

"YES! HURT ME YOU BASTARD!" she cried out as the cloth ripped, her hands pulling his head into her chest where his teeth were nibbling and biting. Oh, so she liked it rough huh? Without wetting them, Carl shoved two of his fingers straight into her pussy hole and listened as she squealed happily, pulling his mouth over to her other nipple for similar attentions. Humping her hips against his fingers she kept talking dirty to him, turning him on even more.

"Hurt me fucker... oh god it's so hot... yes, bite my nipple, HARDER BITE IT HARDER YOU BASTARD!!! OH GOD... YOUR FINGERS FEEL SO GOOD!!" He was shoving a third one into her before sliding it out and pressing it against her ass.

To his shock she suddenly stiffened and pulled away, squealing "I don't do that!"

"Oh..." he didn't quite know what to say, "I'm sorry..."

"It's ok," she relaxed a little, "Just, now you know."

"Yeah ok," he said, and started kissing her breast again. She got right back into the swing of things, but he thought that it might take him a little longer. Considering all her dirty talking and her apparent penchant for rough sex he hadn't given a second thought to the fact that she might not be into anal. Anal was one of his and Paula's favorite things... well, Miriam had the oral thing down. It made sense that they weren't into completely the same things in bed, Paula had never liked things quite this rough.

Miriam seemed to sense that he wasn't quite as recovered as she was. Pulling him off her breast she smiled wickedly at him, "I'm so bad Carl... I'm sleeping with a man who's not my husband... I think I need a good spanking, don't you?"

"Absolutely," he breathed, his dick starting to revive again. One of things that he loved to do was give a spanking... Paula would let him do it on his birthday, but she never offered at any other time. As much as she loved anal, she wasn't into any kind of painful stimulation at all, and when she didn't really get any enjoyment from the spankings it kinda downed his. Miriam was definitely the type to get off on a spanking from everything he'd seen.

Getting up on her hands and knees she waggled her delicious ass at him, her buns jiggling nicely with firm flesh. Raising up his hand he slammed it down hard on that curvy derriere, leaving a nice pink handprint on its pale surface. Miriam shrieked.


Blow after blow made her ass cheeks jiggle as he spanked her, telling her what a naughty girl she was, really getting into turning her ass red. For a moment, as he heard her actually sob he'd thought that he'd gone a little too far and he stopped, caressing her heated flesh with his hand.

"Oh please Carl..." she moaned and waggled her ass, "Fuck me hard... I need it, I need it bad."

Running his hand over that red curve he found that her pussy was even wetter than before, she really was turned on by the beating he'd given her backside.

Grinning he rolled over onto is back and looked at her tear-streaked face, "Climb on, you delicious slut!" and he watched as her eyes lit up. Straddling his body with her thighs she positioned him at her dripping hole and started the slow erotic slide down onto him. When her burning cheeks touched his thighs she moaned low in her throat and wriggled, making her tits sway. Taking hold of her hands, he twined his fingers through hers and let her use his arms as leverage while she bounced up and down on his dick, riding him hard. This way he had control over how she was positioned, and he kept her sitting straight up so that he could watch her boobs bounce, her hair sway and the erotic expression of lust and pleasure on her face.

She rode him like a bronco, grinding down on top of him and letting her tits flop all over the place. A couple of times she got going so hard and fast that he thought one of them might actually smack her in the fact. Her pussy clamped down as she rose and then opened up to give him a smooth slide in as she fell, her technique was amazing, he felt like his dick was going to rocket right off into her body. The tightness, the way she massaged him, and the way her cunt tugged at him as she pulled off of it.

Letting go of her hands he grabbed her tits and roughly used them to move her on his dick, making her grind into his crotch with her pussy. Shrieking with pleasure, her pussy rippled around him and they both started to cum as his hands clamped down on her tender tit flesh, nipples spilling out from between his fingers. Writhing on top of him, her pussy massaged all the cum from his dick, sucking it up out of him.

When his fingers finally released her breasts there were red fingerprints marked into her skin and she slumped down on top of him.

"That was amazing," she breathed, her eyes glowing as she lifted her head to kiss him.

"Yeah it was," he grinned and kissed her back, "You know, I still have you for the rest of the night."

Miriam just moaned as he parted her lips with his tongue.

They fucked twice more that night. She put on a show for him, scooping the cum from her pussy out of her hole and licking it all off before cleaning off his dick and giving him another blow job to hardness. When he was fully hard he positioned her in front of the camera, facing it so that he could do her doggy-style and the camera caught every facial expression during the fast fuck. After that he spanked her sloppy pussy till it was as red as her ass and then sat on the edge of the bed so that she could bounce on top of him, facing the camera again. With his hands wrapped around her tits, there wasn't a part of her sex parts that wasn't red and sore by the morning... Although they fucked three times and he came three times, he couldn't even remember how many times she'd cum while he'd abused her body.

The only thing he really felt was missing from the night was taking her in the ass. Still, switching wives with Kevin had been quite an experience. He couldn't wait to watch the tape of his best friend and Paula.

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