tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSwat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 09 Pt. 2

Swat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 09 Pt. 2


Chapter 9, Part II. School's in Session

18-year-old Ashley look out the window of the patrician Jaguar as it sped along the country lane towards the old, gabled building surrounded by a gravel drive. She tugged uncomfortably at the wide school tie clasped at the collar of a crisp white schoolgirl shirt. She shifted her weight nervously as she turned to observe the ancient manor home the car was approaching. The soft, luxurious leather seats of the gracious vehicle molded perfectly to the anxious girl's shifting haunches as she twisted her torso. The car came to a halt. The building, thought Ashley, looked established and imposing, a short series of steps leading to a wide heavy oak door bordered in wooden carvings. A heavy iron knocker in the shape of a lion's paw looked like it would require more strength than the young girl had to rap for attention and gain admission. Not that gaining admission would be high on Ashley's list of desires when standing at the door. If anything, the brooding presence of the building and the mysterious and ominous circumstances whereby the young lady had come to be there elicited in her troubled mind a wish to flee more than to enter. She glanced quickly at her uncle in the driver's side of the vehicle, setting the parking brake. She didn't imagine that he would be amenable to agreeing to forego the day of "education" he had arranged and take her home.

Edward had come to her a few days before, and surprised her with the news that she was to start to attend classes. He had said this would prevent her from becoming idle during her summer. Ashley hadn't expected to be going to school while in England, but the though of meeting and fraternizing with her contemporaries excited her. So it was with eagerness this morning that she'd donned the uniform her Uncle had prepared for her: the aforementioned crisp white shirt, a pleated gray skirt, and thigh high white stockings. For all extent and purposes, Ashley's schoolgirl uniform would have been proper for a schoolgirl of 13. The one variation on the ageless dress her Uncle had made, he'd put to her as, "of course, Ashley, for your uniform we will forego the plain undergarments and flat heels appropriate to younger girls. You will wear your delicate, black strapped heels. And, of course, it is always appropriate to wear nice underthings. Let me see...." While Ashley had watched embarrassed, Edward had gone to her underwear drawer. True, she told herself, he'd bought most of the lacy undergarments. But still she blushed to have him finger through her lingerie, possessively taking up and examining one after another lacy transparent panty, or unfolding a large cupped, supportive but decorative brassiere with a hint of a smile which Ashley knew came from imagining her breasts and body in the garments. She had blushed as Edward picked up the bra and used a hand to push out each cup, clearly imagining what the cup would look like when supporting Ashley's full, heavy, young breast. The creamy smooth satin would complement, he imagined,the hint of dark olive skinned hue of her skin, and the decorative lilac floral pattern on the sides of the cups would grace the outer curve of his niece's swelling feminine globes.

He settled on a pair of panties that sported lace and silk construction in pale lavender in the front, and a smooth, semi-transparent, full rear. At the hips a pair of violet ink ruffles extended across the top of the back of the panties, forming a vestigial skirt around the sides and rear. Ashley saw they would not provide much protection from prying eyes, though at that point she had no notion of how many such eyes would soon be enjoying her undress.

Her Uncle was silent on the drive over, and Ashley caught a glimpse in the distance of an old manor like house, appearing and disappearing between the tall trees surrounding it. The car stopped at the gate for a moment, where an unseen camera approved them, causing the gate to swing open automatically, and the car to enter the grounds of the old building. Ashley watched the school blink in and out of her sight warily. The though she kept coming back, the thought that caused her to shiver in fright, was the phrase with which Marquist had dismissed her, "We shall see each other again soon enough, little Ashley, when your lessons resume."

Could Marquist be one of the teachers at this school? "Please no," thought Ashley to herself, envisioning the strict punishments the old pervert would dream up. Another shameful thought came to her mind unbidden. "Hopefully there will be other girls and he won't concentrate on me." Ashley's concerns were prescient, and though as she would find out in due course, there would be other girls, Marquist and the other masters of the approaching institution would have plenty of occasion to give her the attention due the nubile and lovely young lady in their charge.

After the Jaguar had pulled up to the stern, ancient building and Edward extinguished the engine, he turned to his niece. "Ashley, I expect you to be on your most ladylike and best behavior today. I am delivering you to the experienced hands of the masters of this school. Let me be clear. If I receive reports of your behavior being anything but fully complacent and agreeable, or any misdeeds or disobedience on your part, you will be made to regret it. Do I make myself clear?"

Ashley hung her head, and nodded her assent. Quickly looking up at her Uncle she obeyed his gesture waving her out of the car. She stepped down onto the gravel drive, the small stones crunching under her black, open toes heels, and closed the car door behind herself. On the gravel beside her Uncle's Jaguar, three other elegant cars were also disgorging their occupants. Three other girls, about Ashley's age, stood confused outside the cars that had brought them there. Superficially, they all looked alike, wearing the same uniform of white cotton blouse, striped tie and gray skirt. Only their stockings and footwear differed, one wearing schoolgirl socks and flat shoes, and other the black or, like Ashley, white stockings and high-heeled shoes appropriate to a young woman, rather than a schoolgirl. Ashley noticed that all the girls appeared, just as she did to be nervous and tentative.

Ashley stood on the gravel drive, uncertain what to do next, as her Uncle drove away. The cars the other girls had come in also drove around the drive towards the rear of the building, and Ashley imagined, the exit.

Unknown to her or to the other girls being delivered to the "school," the men who had dropped them off, Ashley's Uncle, and the two others, parked their cars in the rear, and entered the building. They smiled broadly at one another, and exchanged pleasantries, as they made their way to a special room that had been arranged for them.

As if recounting the statistics of horses on which they were betting, the men discussed the girls they'd delivered. One of their party, a fiftyesh, trim, steel-haired, man who introduced himself as Dorset, told of his charge. What he recounted recapitulated the written summary he'd left the masters of the school in preparation for this event, a summary all the assembled men had also had a chance to peruse at their amusement.

"Andrea is 20, and has been in training for a year. She is by nature a bit rebellious, and needs to be roughly brought to heel. She has been ridden frequently, and performs admirably when forced. She has been "on the penis" for 6 months. Particularly dislikes properly swallowing sperm. Let's see, what else can I tell you chaps, she is great ride, one of the tightest cunts I've had the pleasure of encountering. Full tits, as you can see, and they are a source of exquisite torment to her when properly used, or shall I say abused? As I am sure you will be given the pleasure of witnessing, Andrea has most amusing and sensitive nipples. Not only do they swell delightfully full when tormented, but they take on a most decorative bright crimson hue." Dorset chuckled, a grin evidencing reminiscences which were clearly pleasant to him.

Edward, in turn, intoned, "Ashley, my niece is 19, a virgin still, and is a few weeks from being introduced to the penis, alas, gentlemen. Her submissive and compliant nature, make her a delight to work on. It s a most simple matter to make her feel she is responsible for any predicament she is in, and deserves her punishments, which she takes with delightful meekness and embarrassment. As you can see, she has admirable chest development, and exquisitely sensitive nipples, which cause her entire body to writhe and twist stupendously. Especially, her bottom, which is one of the most spankable I've had the pleasure to encounter in my career."

The men made themselves comfortable in the overstuffed chairs in the room, after pouring themselves drinks and taking cigars. They all turned towards a table with 2 large television displays on them. The images in the televisions panned around a schoolroom, with various angles taking the place of one another. It was clear that there were cameramen presently filming the rooms, able to artistically and strategically capture any action therein for the immediate viewing pleasure of the men, as well as for posterity.

After lighting and puffing at his cigar, the third man, a portly, balding, weak-chinned specimen, intoned in a petulant voice, "Katy came to me from foster care three months ago. She is 18, and had a series of unpleasant families with which she was placed, where she was maltreated but with no sound principles of conduct or eye to her edification. As such, she had been on the penis since quite young, but has had to be trained to be responsive and attentive. She's rather a tall, willowy sort, muscled like a greyhound. Thankfully, she is sufficiently fleshy where required, and her buttocks are long and nicely rounded and very sensitive. She cries copiously while being spanked. She also has the softest breasts I've run into, with the most delightfully chewable stiff nipples I've seen. I often punish her by attaching clamp on earrings to the stiff nubbins. She hates it. As you will also see, Katy exhibits a delightful contrast between her lean body, and the slightly bulbous cheeks of her bottom. More so, however with her labia, which are fleshy and prominent. This has led me to apply particular attention in her training to punishing her genitals, which can lead her to paroxysms of hysterics, but after relentless repetition produces a subservient passivity in her."

The men looked up as they heard a shuffling sounds come from the television in front of them. The scene showed the three girls being shepherded into the room by Professor Marquist. All the girls appeared to be cowed and quietly apprehensive, due of course to each of them having already undergone a introductory session with the disciplinarian similar to that endured by Ashley. The girls appeared paralyzed by nervousness.

Marquist pointed to three school benches placed in the front of the room. Just before the benches was a large mobile blackboard. Slightly to one side, Marquist bent over and consulted some papers on the master's desk. Right behind the girl's three school desks were four additional desks. They were positioned closer together, so that the three girls who no sat nervously at their desks were arrayed in front of the desks, merely an arms length away.

"Young ladies, settle down," ordered Marquist, "and face forward." The girls obeyed, each remembering how strict the teacher had been with them when in private. Though they didn't know it, they all shared a common hope and misapprehension, that in this more structure space and occasion, they would be spared any humiliations or punishments.

"Right, face forward, ladies. I want you attention and gaze focused on the front of the room. I know how girls of your age get distracted by the presence of boys, and, as you are here to learn and not to flirt, we will endeavor to keep the interaction between you and the rest of the class to a minimum. I should think you ought to have no trouble at all behaving like proper ladies. Gentlemen, please take your seats..." entoned Marquist loudly.

Ashley heard the heavy footsteps of a number of people come into the classroom. She suppressed the desire to glance back at what she assumed were "the boys." It was far too early to start disobeying the old tyrant! Behind her, she heard the scraping of chairs as the boys took their places at the narrow wooden desks.

The four boys sat confidently an arms length from the girls and observed them intently. The insolence and freedom of their male gaze contrasted with the downcast, meek, glances as the girls avoided looking at the boys. The young men shifted in their seats as they stared at the girls sitting primly in front of them. Their gazes took in the girl's narrow backs and traced along the lines of the rear straps of their brassieres, and the neat manes of hair the girls sported. They craned around to glimpse the girl's pretty faces, stonily facing forward in compliance with Marquists' orders.

Marquist began lecturing on English History. The boys heard none of this. They'd been informed by the their elders what would be taking place, and eagerly awaited the next step. As Marquist droned on drily, Jack, ginger haired, and wiry took the initiative when Marquist instructed Andrea to continue the reading. The nervous girl started to read aloud, but was interrupted by the Professor, who ordered her to stand beside her desk as she read. While the girl read, Jack leaned forward, grinning, and grasped the lower rear edge of Andrea's pleated schoolgirl skirt. Andrea concentrated on her reading, but felt a tug at her skirt as Jack lifted it, baring for a moment one cheek of Andrea's full rounded bottom covered by her translucent white lace panties. "Hey!" Andrea cried out, losing her composure, and whirled around, "Stop that!". Jack grinned up at the aggrieved girl. Her shoulder length, white-blonde hair, whipped around as she swung towards him. She glared at the grinning boy.

"Miss Andrea, what are you doing, please?" said Marquist sternly, seemingly oblivious to Jack who had released Andrea's skirt and leaned back nonchalantly, chatting with the other boys. "Nothing, sir," responded Andrea, "the boys were bothering me." "Pay no attention to the young men, they are merely high-spirited, young lady. Continue." Andrea turned reluctantly away from the boy behind her, and began reading where she's left off. Almost immediately she felt one of the other boys start to lift her skirt up in the rear. "Hey!" she yelled out and pulled forward and away from the boy.

"Miss Andrea," scolded the professor from the front of the room, "what is the matter?" "They're bugging me!" Andrea blurted. "And what are they doing that warrants your interrupting your reading?" asked Marquist. Andrea hesitated before responding, she didn't want to call attention to herself, but the rebellious young lady rose to the taunting grins of the boys behind her. "They're grabbing my skirt and pulling it up!"

"Gentlemen, are you paying attention to our nubile reader?" Marquist inquired. Jack answered, "She's not a very good reader, Sir, so I was looking for some other talent she might have to keep us entertained" "Young lady, as you know boys can be quite high spirited. You have an issue with what the boys are doing to pass the time as you read to us? "Well, yes, sir,..." Andrea quavered, "they're looking under my skirt." "Ah, well," sighed the Professor walking up to the girl, and leaning against her desk, "boys will be distracted by young ladies, it is only natural. The female bottom does tend to draw young men's attention. Perhaps one should not fight nature in such cases, but give in to it. Maybe that will settle them down, hmmm?"

"Young women, though, need to be more disciplined. You must learn to do what you're told without being distracted! Discipline of this nature is all important in a girls' upbringing. If you cannot maintain your composure, you will never amount to anything. Now you will continue, and the young men will perhaps oblige me by attempting to distract you. I do not want you to react, do you understand?" Marquist paced slowly back towards the young men.

The frightened girl nodded her head. Tentatively she began reading again from the text. Within moments she again felt a hand at the hem of her skirt. She attempted to continue reading, but felt one of the boys raise the back of her skirt all the way up and hold it against her lower back. Her white panty covered cheeks were exposed to the boys, who drank in the womanly swelling of Andrea's round ass cheeks. Andrea tried hard to ignore the boys, though she could hear them whispering behind her. She read from the textbook, but was distracted by snippets of comments she heard from the boys behind her. "Now that's a great arse! Yeah, and great legs too. Too bad her panties aren't transparent, eh? I wouldn't mind her waving that in my face! Born to be bare, yeah."

Andrea faltered in her reading, embarrassed and disturbed by the boys' rude comments. Marquist walked over slowly to the girl, his gaze intent on her. She suddenly realized that she had stopped reading, and that the master was standing beside her looking down at her sternly. "Andrea, you are NOT paying full attention to your lesson. If it is this pesky skirt of yours that is causing you to be distracted, we shall have to remove the distractions."

Andrea, stood motionless, unable to comprehend what was happening. Marquist ordered her to stand tall and put her hands on her head. Andrea complied, feeling her chest jut out and push out on her white blouse. She tried to roll her shoulders forward and point her elbows inward to reduce the prominent swell of her chest, which she knew the boys would be staring at gleefully.

"You, young Jack, could you please assist your classmate? I would like you to remove her skirt!" The three girls gasped. While Andrea trembled expectantly, Katy and Ashley looked down at their desks, petrified of getting into the same predicament as Andrea.

Rising from his laconic lounge, Jack stood next to Andrea and reached out to undo the snap on the side of her skirt. He then expertly ran the zipper down and opened the gray, pleated, school skirt. Andrea, her hands on the back of her head and her elbows pointing skyward, trembled and looked down at the boy's hand on her hip, as it slid her zipper open, baring the skin of her hips and the edges of her white panties. The boy held the two sides of the opening of her skirt open, and began tugging downward, and Andrea shuddered as she felt her skirt slip from around her waist and start to slide downward off her smooth belly. Pulling the skirt down over Andrea's snug hips, the boy drew it down the length of her thighs, over her panties then down the naked flesh of her upper legs. At the top of her stockings the skirt slid loosely over the smooth black transparent stockings, and the boy let the skirt drop to where it pooled at her feet. Andrea was shocked. As the five boys watched her intently, she stood half-naked below the waist wearing only her white lacy panties. With her hands behind her head, her blouse fell only to just above her hips, leaving a bare strip of belly flesh visible above her panties. She felt the boys' stares fixed on her lightly concealed, prominent, rounded bottom cheeks. Her eyes closed in humiliation. She could feel her bottom tremble as she sniffled in shame at being exposed.

"And now," intoned the professor, "perhaps we can all matter of factly return to our lessons. Though, on second though, this occasion might be put to additional educational use by addressing the educational materials that Andrea has been so good as to put at our disposal, hmmm...to wit her young female body. Gentlemen, I do not imagine you would object to a slight diversion from our study of Literature to veer into the topic of female anatomy, which your young classmate seems so willing to demonstrate? After all, we ought to make use of the occasion provided for us by a young lady standing around in her panties for us."

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