tagRomanceSweet Ache

Sweet Ache


The warm breeze makes my auburn hair fly around my face. I'm not concerned if my hair is messy now, just enjoying the feel of the wind lifting it, feels sensual.

Walking on the beach, sandals protect my feet from the thousands of shells clustered of the damp sand. Looking for perfect shells, maybe a intact sand dollar, to give to my daughter back home.

I came here, to the coast for two reasons.

First, to meet a friend from the net and have fantastic sex.

Secondary, to take the time to think about my life and decide which road to take. Do I continue my tedious pattern, or change it entirely.

At any rate here I am, walking down the beach, alone for the evening and night. My lover had to go home for the night for appearances. You see, he's married. So I am the "other" women, here in search of a few days of erotic bliss in my life. Then it's back home to my mate and our family.

This was not an easy decision, and not something I would ever condone, by any means. Knowingly cheating on my mate, guilt flooding my heart. What am I thinking?

I shrug off the thought. I've made my decision. My bungalow stands, not a hundred feet behind me on the right, and I'm walking down the beach, looking for shells.

A few feet before me, an object protrudes from the sand. Hoping I'm right in my excitement, I kneel. Gently, I remove the sand from around the partially buried sand dollar. Happily it's intact, gray from the sea water; I hold it in my hand, gently brushing the wet sand from the surface. This guy will take weeks to dry and turn white. My daughter will scream with happiness, I smile, thinking of her sweet face. I miss her.

I place my new prize into the mesh bag that's hanging from my wrist. Standing, I brush the sand from the front of my white sundress. Almost sunset.

I looked around and find a large log half-buried in the sand dune and walk over and sit down, and wait for the sun to go down.

The sun was such a bright orange this morning, as it rose from the sea, and now the colors are echoed in the sunset. The sky seems almost liquid, streaks of orange, red and purple light up the evening. The display so enraptured me, that I failed to see the figure to my left, watching me.

What a sight I must be with my shoulder length auburn hair, flying about me in the wind. My face reflecting the colors of the sunset. My dress moving in the wind, occasionally lifting the hem above my knees. Glimpses of tanned legs flicker in and out of view. The wind forms the light fabric around my large breasts.

He stands there, rock still.

A chill crossed my nape; the feeling of being observed suddenly crept through me. I look around, glancing from right to left. My eyes widened in brief alarm at the sight of the dark figure I can't make out in the descending dusk.

I watch with increasing panic as the figure advances, the distance quickly narrowing. I stand and ready myself to run, when my eyes focus and I suddenly recognized the person walking towards me. A big smile spreads itself across my face. It's you, the sweet man that I have come to so love and desire.

You open your arms, smiling at the surprised look on my face.

"I thought I was to be with out you tonight." I say breathlessly as I feel myself wrapped in your embrace. You nuzzle my neck, kissing my cheek lightly, then your mouth takes mine. Our kiss is hungry, moans are ripped from our bodies as we explore with our tongues. Your hand cups the back of my head, pulling me harder against you. I'm in heaven, you're here!

You murmur against my fevered mouth, barely leaving my lips, "I had to come back, I can't bare for you to be here, waiting for me, alone, not even a second!"

My heart nearly bursts at the exclamation of your desire to be with me. "I love you so much!" I exclaim. "I was feeling so alone but now I'm so very happy!"

We kiss a bit longer, and then separate. We hold hands as we walk back toward our love nest.

Once inside, you suddenly slam me back against the wall. Your hands are running over my body, your needs are urgent. Your hands caress my thighs, then go to the hem of my dress. I feel the material being pulled up around my waist, then your warm hands on the back of my upper thighs. They slide up to my rounded bottom, where they caress then squeeze each soft globe. I know you revel in the feel of them in your hands.

I'm panting as you pull my panties down over my hips, our mouths engaged in erotic battle.

I feel my panties slide down my calves, to my feet. I quickly step out of them, using my toes to move them to the side. The movement of my thigh gives you sweet access to me.

Your fingers slide through the soft petals of my sex, I gasp and cry out. You moan when your fingers find me covered in honey.

With your other hand, you pull down the left strap of my dress, first you kiss my neck and shoulder, and then you bite me. The pain and pleasure makes me almost faint. Sliding the material covering my breasts aside. Your hot mouth claims my erect nipple, sucking deeply, flicking the hardened point to pebble size.

You leave the breast in your mouth and reach between us and tug open your jeans, using your free hand to pull yourself free from the confines of your shorts.

Hard and red, your member twitches in your hand. You want me so much, but you'll wait. Again your hand wraps around my breast sucking harder, you nip and pull the erect nipple with your teeth.

Your fingers, playing with my sex, slide slowly into my excited hole, my desire so intense, I'm hurting from it. The wonderful feeling of your two fingers inside me, filling me, makes me cry out once again. Pure animal lust emanates though out my being at this moment. I need...nay I demand more,

"Please baby!" I say panting and purring, "Please...make me cum!"

You look deep in my green eyes and see the sweet ache of my desire and kiss me slow and deep. My breath is so ragged, my passion is running wild.

Breaking the kiss you remove my dress, sliding it down over my hips. My body is totally bare to your delight as your mouth once more teases one breast, then the other.

I watch you through lust clouded eyes, as you kneel before me. Your hands slide down my hips; starved lips and tongue explore my lower tummy, to the crease between abs and thighs. Your teasing causes heat through out my shaky limbs.

Finally, your sweet mouth reaches my sex, swollen and tender from your fingers, you take in my heated scent. I hear you moan, as if in anguish, my heart jumps in my chest. My hands gently slide through your hair as I pull you to me.

Your hands wrap around me as your long tongue snakes between my nether lips, opening me. Wet heat covers me as your tongue licks and probes me. You place my right foot on your knee, opening me even more. I feel the length of your tongue slides inside me, it wiggles, striking my "G" spot, my knees almost buckle.

My hips move gently to the swirling attention of your mouth. With guttural cry, massive convulsions wrack my body, pouring sweet women's cream into your open mouth. You wait for my body to calm slightly then suck hard on my tender nub, I scream as another climax claims my tortured body. I start to slide towards the floor, weak from the intense release.

Standing; you take my hands, you lead me to the bed. I sit and look into your face. Undeniable passion's need shines from your eyes.

Seeing that some how during my ravishment you have lost your clothes and that you are before me nude. Your wonderful member, pulsing and in desperate need, protrudes near my face. With a lustful smile and a flash of green eyes, I open my mouth and offer my tongue for your enjoyment.

With my hands on your hips, your hand guides your sweet shaft to the tip of my studded tongue. The taste is wonderful, I moan. Rubbing the head over my stud, I watch as your eyes close. I remove your hand and hold you by the base, sucking you deep into my throat.

My excited tongue swirls and licks the shaft then the head. I love the look of pleasure on your sexy face. The look encourages me to suck harder, to give you the most erotic experience I can.

I pull you out of my mouth and making sure you are watching me; I slowly lick my upper lip, and then slide my finger in my mouth making it very wet. Making a little groan, you know what I'm going to do, we've written it often enough on the IM.

Sliding my hand between your thighs, I feel for your sweet puckered hole. Smiling up at you, the wet finger massages it, and then slowly enters you, careful not to cause pain.

I resume sucking you as my finger keeps tempo inside you. Hands now surround my head, firmly holding me still as you pump yourself deeply in and out of my hot mouth. Your moans, mirroring the wonderful sensations, mingle with mine, as your thrusting quickens. I know you're not long from releasing your self in my mouth. I stop you.

"Darling, " I say, "I want you to straddle me." Scooting back to the middle of the bed, I lie down. I watch as you straddle my ribs. Taking my huge breasts, I push them together. You lean foreword, sliding your saliva-soaked member between my breasts and begin to move to and fro. Each time the head came near my mouth, my tongue extends and licks your tip.

While we're moving in this erotic display of love, you reach over your hip and caress my nub, making me moan. Having already achieved two orgasms, it's not long before I climax with your finger tips.

You face is a picture of ensuing rapture as you slide between my breasts. Moaning and looking into your eyes, I am trapped in the depths of your soul.

Just as I think that you're going to cum you stop. "I want to be inside that sweet body baby, turn over." You say, swatting me on my right butt cheek.

On all fours, you kneel behind me, I purr deep in my chest. I feel you push your member into my velvety folds. The heat inside must be fierce. You cry out, the sensation makes you so close to your orgasm now. With out thought, you pump deep inside me, playing with my nub. Within a few strokes, my body tenses as a new orgasm floods my body.

Your cock is rock-hard as you slam hard into me, with each contact my breasts sway to your pounding.

Faster now, your need becoming urgent. "Are you ready to receive my cum baby?" You moan, sounding almost in pain. "Oh god!" Then you grasp my hips hard as you groan, sending your hot load streaming deep into my velvet sheath.

Your orgasm seems to last forever, as you thrust a few more times, milking every drop from your twitching rod.

We disengage our selves and lie on the bed, cuddling, kissing. Whispers of love pass between us. I'm in heaven, wrapped in your arms.

I know now that the decision will be harder than I thought; I want to stay here forever. Then reality filters through the erotic haze. Leaving will be so hard, feeling a sweet ache in my heart. I sigh and cuddle closer to your chest.

I have now.

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