tagFetishSweet Arm(pit)s Ch. 02

Sweet Arm(pit)s Ch. 02


Brenda was in heaven; she pressed her breasts to Kathy's body, her arms stretched up. The back of her halter-top was darkened by a long stain of sweat. sweat glistened on Her face, neck, shoulders and arms shone with sweat. Her thick hair clung in strands to her bare sweaty skin. Her pouting lips were parted as she groaned in arousal.

"Oh!!! Kathy ..." Brenda's hips began to shift as Kathy's lashing tongue drank every tiny droplet of sweat from her armpit. Her nipples forced rigid lumps in the tightness of her halter-top.

Kathy kept her eyes open, concentrating on the delicate structure of Brenda's armpit, the gentle curves and furrows of her upper arm, the way feminine muscles interchanged to create the hollow of the armpits. Kathy licked and kissed away the sweat.

"I'm going to explode," Brenda gasped.

Kathy was charged up. She broke from Brenda's right armpit and shifted to the left. The moment her tongue found the hot, humid hollow of tender, sensitive skin. Brenda gave a soft cry, lowering herself, pushing her left armpit hard into Kathy's face. The wetness of Brenda's sweaty underarm was spread on Kathy's nose, her cheek, her forehead, until she could smell its soft muskiness. Kathy's mouth worked against the soft bristles of stubble, her tongue rasping through the saltiness.

"Oh – so good!!" Her body jerked and twitched as the orgasm swept through her. Kathy embraced Brenda tight, and licked and kissed with passion until Brenda went past the climax.

They lay together in a tight embrace, satisfied and enjoying the tight embrace for a long time.

After an hour Ted dropped in. Kathy and Brenda were in a fresh energetic mood.

They welcomed Ted with lifted arms, showing off their armpits, as Ted was a connoisseur of armpits. They had several wild sessions in the past. They knew that today there would be another wild one. They sniffed their armpits several times. Ted gave a nod of approval.

They came near Ted. Kathy was on right side of Brenda. Kathy kept her left arm lifted, while Brenda kept her right arm lifted, both touching each other on the sides of the exposed armpits.

The two armpits, side-by-side, were brought to Ted's nose. Ted was amazed at this grand reception, and dived with his nose into those two luscious armpits, and sniffed them hard, first one, then the other. He got aroused in no time. The two ladies' body odor in their underarms was great.

"What a grand sight!" Ted said.

Ted gave a good lick and kiss to those armpits. They quickly brought down their arms, promising more, later.

Ted took off his shirt and vest. Brenda pulled Ted into a tight embrace, rubbing their bodies and enjoying the skin touch. Their open mouths came together, tongues searching, and Brenda felt the juices of her own mouth mixing with Ted's, an exchange of lust and arousal. Their lips were glued tight in a deep suction, while their tongues fought a fierce battle of dominance in their joined mouths. Huge volumes of saliva were being exchanged and sucked.

Ted forcibly lifted up her left arm and buried his face in Brenda's right armpit and started to lustily lick her armpit. Brenda squirmed but enjoyed the lick to the full. Ted licked again, with more vigour. A long slippery lick with the end of his tongue, from the base of Brenda's armpit, to the valley inside. Brenda's arms wrapped Ted's body tightly, and her head tipped back. "Oh! my...how sweet ... ." she moaned.

Again a deep lick; a slow slurp with his tongue, at the centre of Brenda's armpit, tasting the sensitive, pungent smelly salty skin. Ted's own saliva was mixing with Brenda's secreted sweat, a concoction of heavenly sweet nectars. With slow rhythm, Ted began lapping at Brenda's armpit, like a cat. Brenda sighed and cooed and pressed her bare breasts to Ted's chest. She buried her face in Ted's right armpit and sniffed hard.

The two perspiring bodies were locked in a tight slippery embrace, with bodies swaying from side to side, their faces buried deep inside each other's armpits, skin shining from the sweat. After a long time they changed armpits, and on the way kissed heavily, almost tearing away their lips in a forceful suction.

When the mouth-kiss ended, Ted shifted to Brenda's left armpit, inhaling slowly, deeply. Again, he was greeted with the musky pungent smell of Brenda's perspiration, the wonderful droplets and trickles that covered the skin, collected in the shallow creases of Brenda's luscious and lusty armpits. He licked and licked, tracing the tiny creases and tasting the salty sparkles of pungent smelly sweat.

"Ohh, that feels great," Brenda moaned. Her brown nipples thrust into the Ted's chest. Ted took one in his palm and squeezed hard. He then kissed the tip of Brenda's sharp nose and sucked the entire nose in his mouth.

Brenda's nose was so much sucked deep into Ted's mouth, that she could not extract it easily. Ted's suction brought out a load of snot from Brenda 's nose, which Ted swallowed with relish. He enjoyed the slippery load and its salty taste. He drove his tongue up both her nostrils in turn and tasted the inside of the nostrils with the tongue tip.

Finally Brenda managed to draw out her nose from Ted's sucking mouth and pulled his face, mouth and nose to her wet armpit. He began with gentle little kisses, wetting lips, tasting the salt and musk; with licks in between. The taste was intoxicating, and Ted began slurping at Brenda's perspiration with ever-greater passion, his open mouth sucking at the warm skin, then his tongue licking the entire length of Brenda's stubbly armpit.

"Oh!!! my.., I'm so wet," Brenda sighed.

Kathy pulled Ted from Brenda's tight embrace, and made him lie on the ground, face up. She was on the divan. Then she put her sweaty stockings on his nose. He inhaled with lustful sniffs, and again got instantly super hard. He held Kathy's feet on her face and sniffed, kissed and licked them. He put his tongue between each pair of toes and licked the sweat. He sniffed her knee fold. Then he licked the underside of each feet of Kathy.

Brenda came forward, sat by Kathy and thrust her feet on Ted's face. As Ted sniffed and licked the two pairs of female feet, the two ladies embraced and kissed lustily. The sound of their kisses heated up Ted.

Kathy lowered her head and continued her exploration of Brenda's sweaty, stubbly, smelly underarm, with slurping sounds.

Kathy put her thumbs into Brenda's wet underarms, and gently caressed the hot skin. Brenda began moaning in a great arousal. With her lips, Kathy tugged at Brenda's nipple, then licked it, then traced the areola with her tongue.

"Please," Brenda begged, arching her back, "lick my armpits again - please!"

With lust and desire on her face, Kathy slid upwards, kissing Brenda's sweaty upper chest, her neck, then put her mouth to the wet hollow of Brenda's right pit. Brenda gave a cry of delight. With her tongue, Kathy traced Brenda's armpit skin, from the base of her armpit to her upper arm, then licked again, and again. Brenda lowered her shoulder, to press her armpit into Kathy's face. Kathy nipped at the sweaty creases of soft flesh with her teeth, licking in between, her tongue exploring the smelly, pungent salty skin of Brenda's underarm.

"Ohhh - great!!!" Brenda suddenly cried out, as orgasm spread powerfully through her body, her hips lifting off the divan and half-lifting Kathy with her. Kathy kept French-kissing and licking Brenda's armpit while the orgasm surged and swayed through both Brenda's and Kathy's bodies, until finally they went entwined themselves in a tight lusty hug, and remained still for a long time.

With both arms stretched up, Brenda turned her head to bring her own nose close to her bare armpit, sniffing deeply. When she discovered her own aroma, she growled in delight, and, already relishing the attention of Kathy's tongue in her armpits, she buried her head in Kathy's wet and hairy armpits.

Meanwhile Ted sat up and took Kathy in his lap, engaging in a deep French-kiss, and then an equally lusty armpit-kiss. He munched Kathy's armpit hair in his mouth. He sniffed and bit her armpit flesh. The smell was very very lusty. Ted spat heavily in her armpits, and then licked hard. The smell now was great. Ted took her in a lusty embrace, with his head buried in her left armpit, slowly entered her and had a very lusty quickie, while sucking her armpits in turn. Kathy also pushed her sexy nose in his armpits and kissed. The armpit smell was irresistible, they wildly licked each other's smelly armpits. Now they could hold no longer. They came into a fierce orgasm, kissing and biting away at each other's armpits, then holding each other's body in a super tight embrace.

When Ted and Kathy unwillingly disengaged from their embrace, Brenda came into his lap, longing for an armpit quickie, like Kathy. Their embrace was much tighter and lustier. For a long time they madly sniffed, licked, kissed each other's smelly armpits, with heavy spitting in the armpits, and then lapping it up. The smell of spit drove them mad.

Ted was ready again. He lustily held Brenda tightly, and slowly entered. Soon they were snug tight, swaying from side to side, enjoying the slow quickie. Ted licked Brenda's shoulders and armpits incessantly with urgent strokes of his tongue. Brenda also pushed her tongue into his armpit. Then suddenly something happened. They made their embrace super-tight, and biting, sniffing, licking each other's pungent smelly armpits. The armpit caresses made them wild. They raced to the peak, and remained there for long, with their faces buried deep in each other's armpits.

Now it was deep into the night. They took a short sleep in each other's embrace, with faces buried in their smelly armpits. After waking up they were very hungry. Kathy found a few sausages, which she quickly warmed up. Then she did something strange. She pushed one each in Ted's and Brenda's armpits, while they pressed their arms to their sides. Brenda took the cue and pushed one each in Ted's and Kathy's armpits. Finally Ted did the finishing act – he put one each sausage in the armpits of Kathy and Brenda.

The sausages were getting drenched in their armpit sweat. Then they bit those sausages from each other's armpits, and relished the sweaty smelly taste. Kathy put some tomato ketchup in everybody's armpits. They relished the same, and licked up the ketchup from each other's armpits.

They then went to the private sauna in the apartment, and put the full heat on. Soon they were sweaty like hell. In the small sauna, their bodies were getting touched and rubbed all the time. They relished the sweaty slippery embraces, which they indulged in.

The embraces were accompanied by tremendously lusty armpit licking, kissing, nibbling and biting. One of them was always being trapped in a fiercely tight embrace between the other two. When Ted was trapped in between the two ladies, he very much enjoyed the lusty armpit kisses, sniffs and licks.

After coming out of the sauna, they dried each other's bodies, while embracing and kissing, with lot of armpit licks and bites. Then the ladies wanted to have an armpit shave and asked Ted to do it for them. Ted was reluctant first, but agreed later with lot of persuasion by the ladies. He agreed on one condition, which the ladies agreed.

Before shaving he would sniff, kiss, lick, munch and bite those hairs and stubbles. Ted got down to his job by alternately sniffing, kissing, licking, munching and biting those beautiful and luscious hairy and stubbly underarms of Kathy and Brenda respectively. He would almost pull those hairs out of Kathy's underarms.

Then he lathered Brenda's stubbly armpits first and shaved one after the other. He kissed and licked those smooth armpits for a long time. Then he took up Kathy's hairy armpits, lathered them and shaved one after the other. He kissed, nibbled, rubbed his nose and licked those smooth armpits of Kathy for a long time. After that Kathy lathered one and Brenda lathered the other armpit of Ted. Then they shaved the armpits of Ted in turn, and sniffed and kissed them.

Kathy and Brenda now got locked in a super tight embrace, followed by a lusty mouth kiss. After the prolonged mouth kiss, they lowered each other's face to each other's armpits, and sniffed, licked, nibbled and kissed those smooth armpits for a long time. While Ted savoured their armpits from behind. This went on and on and on...

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