tagFirst TimeSweet Catherine's First Time

Sweet Catherine's First Time


"Don't Raymond..!" young Catherine uttered as she tried to push at the hand forcing its way under her new uniform. "I said no!" she cried under her breath and she searched back over her shoulder where she could see the silhouette of her father at the front window.

"Come on – you let Reece and Des have a feel," Raymond argued as he reached as far as her panties and could feel the heat from her pussy through them. Reece and Des were two of his workmates from the supermarket. Catherine had started work there two weeks ago and they had both kissed her and felt her up.

"But I didn't let them touch me down there," Catherine complained. She had also clamped her thighs together and managed to wriggle across against the passenger door - free of his hand for the moment. "Plus my dad's right there watching!"

"But he can't see anything," Raymond laughed. It was dark and his car windows were tinted. Her old man was there trying to spy through the blinds but there's no way he could see inside the car.

Raymond pulled Catherine close and kissed her again. She didn't try to fight against that and he pushed his tongue into her mouth while feeling her through her dress. He squeezed one boob and felt for the nipple, causing her to moan and thrust her chest forward. Neither Reece nor Des had been able to get into her pants either. Reece had felt her through her bra though. He had bragged about getting that far with her when he drove her home on her second night at work. Then Des had scored with her on a date after just one week. He had bragged to all the guys how he had felt her up underneath her bra and that she had touched his dick – only through his shorts though!

Raymond was determined to out-do them and he didn't want to have to exaggerate to do it. There was a street light above the car that was offering enough visibility and while he continued kissing her he was working at the buttons on her uniform... He got two of them undone before her hand closed over his wrist... "Just let me have a little look," he said to her. "Just lift up your bra and show me..."

He was pulling her dress off her shoulder and Catherine looked back at the front window again. Her dad was still there but he had turned around and it looked like he was talking on the phone... She turned back to the guy who had taken her to the mall after work for a thick shake and driven her home. He had her dress pulled down and he was tugging underneath her bra... She lifted forward a bit to help him and he pulled her bra up over her little breasts, baring them completely. Then he pulled her dress down further and opened it more, and he just sat there staring at her boobs.

"Fucking awesome!" Raymond said under his breath, then he squeezed one of them and felt Catherine tense up and kind of shudder... He smiled and looked at her face but she was looking down at his hand with her eyes wide and her hands gripping both edges of the passenger seat... He looked back at her boobs and squeezed the other one, making her body shudder again as she sucked in a breath. "Do you want to touch my dick?" he asked her.

Catherine shook her head. "No thanks."

"Why not? You touched it for Des."

"Did he say that?" Catherine uttered as she started tugging at her bra, trying to fix it back into place. "Are you going to tell about this too?" she asked indignantly, although the idea of the boys at work talking about her was exciting.

"I won't tell," Raymond lied, and while she was busy fixing the top of her uniform he felt up under it again – that time catching her thighs slightly apart and getting his fingers right into the crotch of her panties before she clamped them together and started squirming to get away.

"Don't..!" she cried under her breath but he had his hand wedged in there and he was rubbing into her, feeling through the crotch of her panties how hot she was inside.

"Stop that..!" she said more forcefully that time and she somehow got her legs up and her knee into Raymond's chest... She got the passenger door open and jumped out of the car. "God, my dad's right there!" she scolded and she brushed her uniform down and slammed the car door shut right in Raymond's face.

Catherine raked at her hair and tried to compose herself. The car sped off and the front door opened. "Is that you Catherine?" her dad called out.

"Yes it's me. But what are you doing spying at the window like that dad? How embarrassing!"

"I'll spy out the window anytime I damn well please young lady! Who was that in the car?"

"It was just a guy from work," Catherine said as she brushed by and into the house.

"And where have you been?" her father called after her. "Your shift finished two hours ago!"

"God – I went to the mall... I'm 18 now so I don't have to tell you everything I do. I'm not a child anymore!"

"Well you're my child and I want to know you're safe," her dad grumped. "It wouldn't hurt you to call if you're going to be late!"

He had cornered Catherine in the kitchen. He was such a pain with his overbearing, authoritarian attitude. He was the town Police Chief and he was still in uniform as he stood there like smoke was about to start puffing out of his ears.

Catherine snapped to attention and gave him a salute. "Yes sir!" she said defiantly, knowing full well that was the fastest way to piss him off. Then she squeezed past him and ran to her room.

She flopped on the bed and lay staring at the floral wallpaper that had to go one day. Her dad made her angry but that minor distraction faded away while she remembered the feel of Raymond's hand on her boob... She felt her boobs and giggled to herself. What was the fascination? It seemed every boy she let kiss her would want to feel them or look at them. It seemed every boy she met would glance down at them or stand there staring at her chest half the time.

Catherine was a pretty girl. She was tall and slender with long blond hair and a nice, slightly impish smile. And not that she was completely mischievous – it's just that she was curious about everything boys did and she liked to see their reactions to the way she looked. She also noticed that sometimes older men would be staring at her and she was curious about that too... She thought of this one married guy from down the street who always checks her out. She imagined being felt up by him in his car as she closed her eyes and slipped her hand down the front of her panties.

And it wasn't as if she had never been touched down there... She had been fingered by a boy right there on her bed one afternoon. Plus there was the time she was visiting an unmarried aunt for summer vacation and there had been a water bunny vibrator accidentally left in the shower...

Well after giving that a scrub there was only one thing to do with it, and although it would have been a good six inches long she managed to get it in all the way to the bunny ears. Unfortunately it only gave a little buzz before the batteries fizzed out but the feel of it sliding in and out was interesting... Although not really exciting! It was kind of like when the boy was sticking his finger in – just pushing it up inside and feeling around – more invasive and uncomfortable than anything that was going to lead to one of the little orgasms that she could quite easily bring on with her own fingers.

Catherine's mind switched back to the married guy from down the street and the wonderful things he would surely know how to do to her. She imagined him forcing her legs open and using his tongue instead of his finger, when there was a soft knock at her bedroom door and her mother called, "are you there Catherine?"

"Yes mom," Catherine called back, scooting up the bed as the door was opening.

Her mother poked her head around the door. "Anne called earlier... Apparently her brother is going to pick you up from work tomorrow. Do you need some money?"

"No – I'm fine mom. Thanks!"

Catherine was to spend the holiday weekend with her new girlfriend Anne. What she hadn't mentioned to her parents is that Anne was spending the holiday weekend at her uncle's villa, about 12 hours down the coast. Anne's brother was picking her up to give her a lift to the train station, not to their house across town.

Catherine regretted misleading her mother but there was not a hope in hell of her father agreeing to her taking an overnight train trip alone. That argument just wasn't worth having!

Getting picked up from work complicated things a little however. It meant she would have to pack and take her bag to work with her. And that meant getting busy right then. Although as she sorted through her wardrobe she decided that there wasn't much to it really. There would be days at the beach and Anne had said the parties would either be there or at a neighbour's pool. So all she really needed was her two bikinis and a couple of skirts and tops to go with them.

The next day dragged until after classes, then Catherine rushed home and got her bag - intending to breeze back out the door with a hug and kiss for her dad to stop him from arguing about giving her a lift to Anne's house himself - since he was home and had nothing else to do... He was actually very nice and Catherine loved him to bits in spite of having to trick him sometimes. She let him drive her to work instead and gave him an extra big hug.

Throughout her shift the guys were looking over at her and laughing amongst themselves. She knew they were talking about her and probably comparing notes on how far each of them had gotten. And that affected her, causing her to feel herself blushing with embarrassment every time one of them would walk past her checkout. It made no difference at the end of her shift when Des cornered her in the staff room though. He had closed the door and had her backed against it. Then he started kissing her and her legs went all tingly. He forced his tongue in her mouth and she melted into him. Then he started feeling her boobs and she couldn't move. She just let him do it while he teased her about Raymond having a look at them the night before and how he and Reece should be allowed to have a look as well.

She just stood there while he pulled at the front of her uniform and had a look down it... He stretched her bra out as well and could see her nipples – which were hard.

"Yeah – nice," he grinned, and she just blushed – so he kissed her again. And that time he smoothed his hand down over her belly and grabbed her between the legs – and Catherine moaned into his mouth and relaxed, allowing her thighs to part... She clung to his shoulders because she couldn't stand up without holding onto him. She opened her legs more so that he could do what he wanted. They were blocking the door and couldn't be seen through the window. If he wanted to finger her she was going to let him but suddenly his name was called out over the loud speaker to assist in the car park.

"Fuck!!" he said and Catherine just smiled at him, biting her lip submissively.

He then worked around the edge of her panties and forced his middle finger up into her. But the manager announced his name again and Catherine just closed her eyes and relaxed her legs a bit wider. He had his finger all the way in and he was jiggling it around with the palm of his hand inadvertently rubbing against her clit.

"Fuck – I have to go!" he groaned and he jiggled a bit more then pulled his finger out and wiped it on her inner thigh... Then he shifted her aside and pulled the door open to hurry out to the car park and collect trolleys.

Catherine was in a bit of a trance as she picked up her bag and walked out the back to wait for her ride. It was only a few minutes before Anne's brother turned up in his old Dodge pickup and she was squashed in between him and his best buddy. She could still feel her own wetness on her thigh and she hadn't thought to fix her uniform from having hiked up a bit when she slid into the middle of the seat.

Her panties weren't quite on display but they nearly were, and her leg was being touched every time Anne's brother changed gears. She had her legs together on one side of the gear stick but it was one of those big long ones that stem up from the floor and she didn't have much room between it and the other guy's big hairy thigh.

The other guy was Brett and Anne's brother was Adrian. Brett was fat but Adrian was built. His huge bicep was stretching the sleeve of his t-shirt. He worked at a lumber yard – chopping down trees and lugging them around on his shoulder, Catherine imagined as she sat there dreamily taking in the scent of them both.

"How 'bout we make Nev ride in back and you come on down with us instead of catching the train?" Adrian suggested at one point. Nev was Anne's boyfriend. He was yet to be picked up.

"No thanks... I'm looking forward to my train adventure," Catherine answered sweetly. "It will be nice to see you down there though..."

That half hour ride had passed in a daze for Catherine. They were already at the train station and the guys left her there with her bag and sped off whistling back at her and whooping it up... Still in a bit of a daze she boarded the train that was there waiting and got her seat beside an old woman who must have been 50. The carriage was pretty full. There were two seats either side of the narrow aisle, all facing forward. By the time the train departed half an hour later it was getting dark.

Catherine slept for a few hours then woke to find some of the passengers had gone. There had been several stops and not everyone was going all the way down the coast.

She decided to get changed out of her work uniform. The next carriage along was for sleeping berths. They were like small rooms with the aisle along one side lined with big windows that were all open, and there were people sitting on the ledges smoking. She edged her way along the aisle being thrown from side to side as the old carriage lurched and swayed. It was a very old train with the full range of clanks, clunks and unexpected jolts. At the end of the sleeping car was a bathroom that was big enough to get changed and it even had a mirror. Catherine had brought a pair of track pants and a light sweater. That morning she had chosen a frumpy old bra that her mother had picked out for her. It was ugly and huge but it was really comfortable to sleep in. She suddenly blushed at the thought of Des looking down her front earlier – and the fact he would have seen it!

After getting changed into her travel clothes she explored further and found the dining car where she used her ID to buy a can of rum and coke. But just one! To add to the adventure and all... She also bought a meal and sat there in the dining car to eat.

The walk back to her seat was even more fun with the rather strong rum drink having gone directly to her brain and adding considerably to the swaying and lurching of the train. She had her work uniform in a plastic bag with the soap and deodorant she had used, and she was carrying a can of soda in her other hand and kind of bumping her way from side to side along the narrow aisles. Then when she got to the sleeper car with a few men smoking she had to apologise for bumping into each one of them. Or rather, giggle and apologise...

Two of the men were cheerful and polite about it. The last one was smiling too but he caught her and held onto her with his hands upon her waist and his fingers pressing firmly enough to tickle a little bit. And that of course made Catherine jump and spill her soda on the guy's shirt - which led to her having to apologise again, and to him keeping hold of her for even longer.

She was being thrust about by the lurching of the train and being forced against him. His hands were moving upon her body. His thumb was pressing right up under her right boob and his other hand was squeezing her hip with his long bony fingers kneading her butt a little bit.

"You ok?" he asked, grinning down at her.

"I'm fine thanks," Catherine uttered in reply. "I'm so sorry about your shirt though..."

"So, you're travelling alone yeah?"

"Uh huh... It's fun so far."

"Yeah good! Do you smoke?"

"Umm – no thanks," Catherine returned politely as he offered her a cigarette. He had also released her so she moved along but as she did his hand lowered and he gave her a little pat on the butt – which caused her to glance back and smile out of confusion. And he grinned again and gave her a wink.

Falling back over the legs of the women into her window seat, Catherine giggled to herself. She just had her bum squeezed by a man who must have been at least 35. And he looked like a business man too. He wasn't some scumbag lowlife. He was dressed in a suit and she could see him back in his seat with his phone and laptop obviously doing something important!

She suddenly saw herself as the wife of a man like that. Not just a supermarket checkout chick, but a serious, attractive woman throwing dinner parties and stuff.

It was a fantasy that Catherine indulged for a little while as the train clanked along and the guy kept looking back at her. He was two rows ahead with an aisle seat. The one beside him was vacant, as were more than half the seats in the carriage after about a third of the journey... Catherine kept blushing and smiling every time the guy caught her looking. Then after a while longer he went for a walk again and she assumed he was smoking but he was gone for longer than that.

Eventually curiosity got the better of her and she decided she needed some chips and another soda. She edged her way to the end of the carriage and looked around into the next one and there he was sitting on the same window ledge with a hot dog and a beer... She steeled herself to walk by casually but the train was still lurching and she was being tossed from side to side. Then when she tried to squeeze past him he swayed against her and touched her sweater with his ketchup dripping hotdog.

"Oops!" he said with a grin.

The mark was on her breast and he pulled out a handkerchief like he had it planned. "Sorry about that," he said evenly and he started dabbing at the ketchup. Catherine stood still and watched his hand move. Her nipple had firmed and was even prominent through her big bra. He was holding her sweater with one hand and wiping with the other. The stationary hand was sort of cupping her breast and his bony fingers were pressing in, feeling her a little bit. "Do you have another sweater? You might have to take this one off and rinse it."

"I have another top in my bag," Catherine answered, as if she would do as she was told. The train then lurched severely and she was pinned against the wall with the guy's hand covering her breast, and he massaged it and pinched her nipple quite deliberately.

"Don't!" she said, wriggling away from him but meeting his grin. "You can't just do that..." she challenged playfully.

"Sorry," he said, though he was obviously not sorry at all. "Why don't you go and change and I'll give you some money to buy a new sweater to replace that ruined one."

"But I ruined your shirt – so we're even aren't we?" Catherine shot back. Her confidence was up and she was feeling very flattered to have captured the interest of a mature man. "I'll go and get another top," she said and she went back to her seat.

The lights had been turned down for people to sleep so she had to go by feel and she pulled a top from the bundle of clothes in her bag. She only had a few tank tops to choose from anyway because that's all she had packed. She took it back and squeezed past the guy quickly before he could grab and tickle her. There was one other man there smoking who was from the seat behind Catherine's. She met his look and blushed as she sneaked past and into the bathroom.

The train actually stopped while she was in there so it was easier to get changed. She pulled her sweater off and rinsed the stain – which would be fine. She then slipped the tank top on and looked in the mirror horrified. It was a top she usually wore with a bikini and the cut under her arms revealed the big thick bra strap as well as the side of the cup... There was no way she could go out there dressed like that!

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