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Sweet Escape


If you asked me if I felt bad about lying to both of the men I cared about, I'd have to say yes, but, at the same time, Tatsumi made me the happiest girl alive. Knowing she loved me made it okay for me to not only work but breathe and be myself again. For the longest time, I felt as if I had lost who I was.

Gone were the scowling faces and haunted broken eyes. The photographers I was shooting with noticed first. Then my ratings on my phone sex line shot up. I guess I did my best work effortlessly when happy. Rabbit suspected that I was seeing Tatsumi. He didn't particularly care as long as I was happy. That's why I loved him most.

My real boyfriend, however was another matter all together. He grew up rich and even though he himself was not he acted like he had all the money in the world. He was spoiled, and I was, in his eyes, less then he deserved, so he didn't mind making me work while he sat around and played rockstar.

Not only that, but he abused me emotionally, and I knew it. I knew exactly what was going on, but I couldn't just leave him. Somehow despite this I felt like I was leaving a little boy who needed a mother. However, I had to live for myself as long as I could.

Drew had gone on vacation with his family so I was free to do whatever I liked. Tatsumi had invited me to stay with her. Of course Drew thought this was a purely friendly gesture. It made him relax, and assume I was safe from sexual temptation.

"Not that anyone but that stoner friend of yours would fuck you." Drew concluded coldly. I stiffened and absorbed the remark and went about packing his suitcase.

"What are you thinking about?" Tatsumi asked stroking my arm as we cuddled on her futon in her room above the shop.

"What my life will be like." I said softly.

"It'll be whatever you want." She said stroking my hair.

"I know. Free to be me." I said turning to kiss her. Our lips met and our bodies came together. Tatsumi's lips always tasted like sugar. Sometimes they were tinged with fruit. Right now I tasted blueberries and sugar. I wanted more. My hands pressed her against me. She licked at my lips and pushed her left leg between mine. Urgency shot through me, I was pressed against her, left to whimper into her mouth and grind my wet pussy against her knee.

Finally Tatsumi broke the kiss to whisper in my ear.

"I love you Lotus." She said taking my earlobe in her mouth sucking on it slowly before leaving it for the exposed flesh of my neck and the expanses of my belly. That was where she truly an artist. No tattoo she could ever draw would live up to the lines her mouth could trace on my body.

"I love you too." I said as she began he assault on my tender belly and lower.

Doing anything with Tatsumi was a bit like strapping in to ride a hurricane. Sex was especially like that. Tatsumi often said her parents tried to name her Tsunami but their parents objected.

Lucky for her.

Lucky for me as her lips and tongue trailed kisses down along my stomach and along the lines of my hips, progressively moving down. Her hands parted my thighs as she looked up, letting the tip of her tongue slowly drag down the edge of my slit. My body tightened in response, fingers grasping for anything to hold onto as a deep moan escaped my lips.

Her tongue continued to play against me, teasingly, her eyes still focused on my reactions before her fingers pulled me apart to accept her hungry, darting tongue. The playful look was gone replaced with an intense focus as she started to lap at my juices and send her tongue in for more.

My legs started to buckle as I could feel an orgasm building from her manipulations. She braced me with her hands withdrawing just enough to guide me to the bed and push me into a sitting position so she still had a good angle. I gasped again as she renewed her licking with an intense vigor, my body shaking as I fell back against the bed, clutching at the sheets.

After I came, she lingered for a moment before crawling up next to me with a wicked grin on her face. I expected the worst, but she surprised me again when she just laid next to me, wrapping her arms in mine.

As we lay in bed limbs still entwined and panting. I looked into her eyes, and saw no shame or loathing like I often saw in Drew's eyes. Instead I saw love there, and that made me very happy.

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