tagFetishSweet Gushing Pussies

Sweet Gushing Pussies


I remember it was a couple of miles south of a town named Barletta, right on the coast. I was happily lost, just wandering in the languid way travellers do. The Adriatic Sea was sparkling with promise, and the midday streets were filled with the smells of seafood, salt and fresh bread. I felt a vibrant sense for adventure and a keen anticipation to taste all the local delicacies I could find. I took a thin alleyway running down between two bustling restaurants where old men stood around drinking coffee and smoking cigars. Several women stood around washing laundry and eyeing me in a friendly way. I nodded and smiled, continuing on my way, listening to them chuckling and joking about the new foreigner in town.

Then I noticed a quaint little shop with faded red curtains and dusty windows. There was a wooden sign hanging above the door which said something in Italian and had a drawing of a tall glass filled with a peach coloured liquid and dappled with condensation. I licked my dry lips and wondered if there was anyone in there. The whole place looked a bit neglected.

I knocked gently on the door only to discover it wasn't closed properly and swung inwards to reveal a small room with a desk in the middle and pictures of various different coloured drinks on the wall. I couldn't see anyone around but decided to go in anyway, it was obviously a shop of some kind. Hopefully selling some bottled water or fruit juice.

There was a bell on the desk which I jingled a little then stood back, feeling a bit like a trespasser. There was a hallway running down towards the back where I heard rustling noises and a female voice calling out. Having no idea what she was saying I did what every ignorant english speaker would do and called out, "Hello? Anybody there?"

While I was waiting I noticed a strange photo on the wall behind the desk. It looked like a woman squatting down to pee. I took a couple of steps forward and tried to make out the details a little better. Surely, I thought, it couldn't be. Not on a shop wall.

The woman had her dress drawn up around her waist and I could see she was naked beneath it. I felt stirrings in the front of my pants as my cock filled with blood. God, I loved to see a beautiful woman pee. It never failed to fill me with excitement.

Then she appeared next to me, taking me completely by surprise, dark eyes flashing. My hand slapped to my chest as I stepped back, embarrassed by my arousal and interest in the photo on the wall.

She smiled openly, looked at the photo then back to me and laughed at my embarrassment, spouting a few words in Italian. She looked about twenty-five, with a smooth tanned face, and was wrapped in a velvety red dress. Her hair was the colour of nutmeg, loose and lightly combed, hanging down her back.

I gulped and said, "I'm sorry, ah, excusi"

Oh christ, I thought, "Um, no speak Italiano. Sorry..." God, how I wished I'd paid more attention during Italian lessons at school.

She spoke to me, pointing down at my feet and then showing me hers which were bare. I bent down to untie my boots, still looking at her feet, dirty from the wooden floors, but smooth and brown, the toenails painted a chipped red. I knew she was aware of my interest as she held her dress up just enough for me to see them.

I kicked my boots off and pointed at the pictures of drinks on the wall and made the drinking motion with my hand. She laughed a little, then nodded and led me down towards the back of the shop.

Broomsticks and poles were balanced along the wall of the hallway where strands of fettuccini lay drying, and there was a wonderful smell in the air. I could make out the perfume of mangoes, limes, strawberries and pineapple, with underlying scents of flowers and coffee beans. At the end of the hallway there was another room, slightly larger, and in the middle was a table overflowing with different tropical fruits. I gasped in amazement, wondering how or why on earth she had so many amazing fruits. Where would she get them from?

Sunlight burst in when she opened a wooden door, revealing a lush garden with large, sun bleached rocks and flowers nestled in amongst green shrubbery. As soon as I came through the door I was shocked again by another woman squatting on the grass and peeing into a large wooden bowl. She had on a green dress that was bunched up around her waist, reminding me of the picture inside.

I looked around to the other woman who was obviously her elder sister. She smiled as if this was a normal occurrence in her daily life and gestured for me to look more closely. She took me by the hand and pulled me down to kneel before the girl who smiled at me warmly and lifted her skirt a little more, showing me her dark pubes.

Her stream of pee was a light pink hue like cotton candy and I could smell an aroma of champagne and strawberries drifting up from it. I looked around again in amazement and both luscious girls were smiling at me and urging me closer to the pee. Small splashes were hitting my bare arm and I was getting so turned on I just felt like having filthy sex with these two gorgeous girls.

Gently stroking my back, the girl behind me reached forward with her other hand and touched her two outstretched fingers into the pink stream of pee, then lifted them to her lips and sucked them. I gulped in a breath and did the same, savouring the feeling of warm liquid splashing over my fingers for a couple of seconds before lifting them to my mouth.

The taste was the most exquisite flavour I had ever experienced, better than the finest fruit shakes of Thailand, or the best champagne in France. I swirled it around in my mouth, savouring the unique intricacies it held.

I kept watching the stream in fascination until it slowed down to a dribble and died. She wiped her fingers gently over her pussy then licked off the drops, all the while smiling at me. I watched her stand up gracefully and let her skirt fall back down her smooth legs. Her sister picked up the bowl and walked carefully back into the shop.

"Good morning," She said slowly with a thick and sultry Italian accent. "My name is Dellona and my sister's name is Maria. She's not so good with the English. What is your name?"

"My name is Jacob. Bon Journo!" I said and she burst out laughing at my attempt to speak Italian. My Australian accent must have sounded hilarious to her, I thought. She reached out and pinched my cheeks then kissed me lightly on both sides. Her dark brown eyes sparkling with mischievous promises.

The door opened again and Maria came out, her red dress swirling around at her feet. Three glasses were balanced in her hands, and her eyes were focused on the pink liquid as it sloshed around in them. She stopped in front of us and Dellona took the nearest glass and had a long drink. Maria offered me one which I graciously accepted, smiling in blissful disbelief.

My erection was so obvious in my pants that the two girls talked about it in between sips of their drinks. I loved the flavour so much that I finished it in seconds, leaving only chunks of ice in the glass. I tilted it to my lips, trying to get the last few drops.

Maria knelt down in front of me and pressed on my straining cock, then looked up at me and grinned. Dellona said something else to her and came closer, pointing at the bulge in my pants.

"Can you show?" Dellona asked.

Quickly I undid the buttons and opened the front, then pulled my underwear up and over, until my hard cock sprang out into the midday sun. Maria smiled up at Dellona who took another step forward and stroked her sisters hair. Maria licked at the head of my cock a little, mouthing the precum glistening there. She licked her lips and a sticky strand clung then broke between her shiny lower lip and the hole of my cock.

Then Maria stood up and took my hand, leading us both over to a wooden table on the edge of the small garden, basking in the sun. There were a couple of bowls of fruit sitting on the edge; blueberries, raspberries and chopped up pieces of mango, pawpaw and watermelon alongside two bottles of white wine. Dellona dropped her dress to the grass, climbed up on the table facing us, spread her legs and lay back. She ran her fingers through the tuft of hair and touched at her brown lips which lay closed together.

Maria urged me to sit down at the end of the table, opposite her and right in front of her sisters open legs. I could see Dellona's fingers pressing at her fleshy lips and flicking over the protruding inner lips. She pulled lightly and they sprang open, revealing the wet opening in between. Her finger slid from the bottom of her pussy to the top and then stretched it open wide.

My cock was still sticking up from my lap, begging for attention so I touched it distractedly, watching Dellona's sex as she leaned further back and pulled her knees up, lifting her bottom off the table. I gulped as her tight pink bumhole came into view beneath her raw pussy.

"You like?" Maria asked with wide eyes. I just nooded, amazed that I could be in the middle of such wonderful sisters.

"I love!" I said. "You two are bellissimo. Thank you, thankyou so much."

Maria seemed to understand what I said and smiled again, playfully holding her sisters foot as it waved in the air and gently stroking between her pussy and her bumhole. I took hold of the other foot, and kissed her toes, letting my tongue in between and sucking gently. I touched the skin on the bottom of her thighs, trailing my fingers up and down as Maria inserted the tip of her finger into her sisters bumhole.

My cock flexed and I felt a drop of precum squeeze out the tip. Maria slid her finger all the way into Dellona's bumhole, then back again and out, all the while smiling. Dellona spoke happily to her, giving some kind of instructions. I reached out and pushed the backs of my fingers against her swollen lips, feeling the wetness and gently pressing into her. I let them slide back over the round muscle of her bumhole, stopping and pressing it with the knuckle of my finger.

Maria picked out a strawberry from the basket and holding Dellona's pussy open, she pushed the strawberry inside. I picked up a raspberry and pushed it into the slippery hole next, feeling her heat. Then she inserted half a cheek of mango, and she pushed it right inside as far as she could. I probed at her bumhole with my index finger, unable to resist its allure. She didn't seem to mind, although she wasn't moaning or crying out either. She was just lying back and letting us do what we liked to her.

The more fruit we pushed inside Dellona, the wetter she became and although her pussy was upright like a cup, the juices were dribbling out and into her bumhole, filling the little aperture and then flowing further down her crack, like honey. Maria picked up a small blue funnel and a bottle of white wine with no label. She pushed the funnel tip into her sisters pussy and uncorked the bottle. I slid my finger deeper into Dellona's arse as far as I could and gently stroked the inside walls, loving their velvety texture.

Now Dellona was starting to moan and Maria looked at me, her smile widening. She started pouring the wine into the open funnel. I watched closely, sliding my finger back and forth and then adding another and stretching her hole wider. The wine gurgled a little as it filled Dellona, and some bubbled out the sides. I leaned down and lapped it from all over her bum, across the cheeks and mostly around the hole. The smells of wine, sex and fruits in the air were mingling deliciously.

I pulled my fingers out of her bum and pushed my tongue in deeply. Her hole was relaxed and slighly open, and wine was running in as my tongue pushed and my mouth sucked. Maria giggled and pulled the funnel out then climbed up on the table over the top of Dellona. I stood up and ran my hand under Maria's dress and up her long leg. She pulled her dress up high revealing her pussy for the first time.

It was so smooth I wondered if she waxed the hair. There was not even any stubble or dark patches on the skin where hair might once have been. It was as if she was simply hairless down there. I slid my hand to cup her buttock and pulled her hips toward me until her pussy was right in front of my face.

"Uno momento." She said and awkwardly turned around until her rounded bum was in my face, then she lent forward and pulled her bottom cheeks apart. Her pussy spread with them and her small rosebud flowered invitingly. I licked all around her two holes noticing a slightly different flavour than her sister. A little more feminine and pungent as if she was coming close to menstruation.

Then she began to pee. Dellona lowered her own legs and sat up to watch me tongueing her sister's pussy and arse passionately as pee sprinkled down onto her. I tried to get lower between her legs and suck directly on her peehole, but her legs were too close together and pee splashed everywhere.

I felt Dellona grab my cock and it shuddered dangerously. She opened her mouth beneath her sister's gushing pussy and Maria lowered obligingly and peed directly into her mouth. I watched it fill and overflow as her throat tried to gulp the juice down. I stepped around the chair and pulled Dellona's hips toward me until my cock pressed against the sopping opening of her pussy.

"No! No!" She splattered, pee spraying everywhere. Maria turned to look, still peeing. Dellona pulled her legs back up until her pink bumhole was open before me. She touched it with her index finger. "This one, okay?"

"No problem." I replied hungrily and pushed the head of my aching cock inside. I groaned with pleasure and wine squirted out around my cock as it sunk in to the hilt. I leaned forward to try to get some of Maria's pee, licking her bumhole and squeezing Dellona's breasts. Maria lent forward and sprayed all over my neck and chest.

Building rapidly from the core of my being was a monstrous orgasm getting closer with each squelching thrust. Dellona was moaning and crying together as her breasts wobbled heavily while I fucked her, piss running down her sides and onto the table. My arsehole clenched tightly, my balls contracted and semen spurted out of my cockhead far into the depths of Dellona's belly. I pulled it out with a thick plop and spurted a huge steam of cum across her wet stomach and breasts.

Maria stopped pissing and turned around and lowered down. Quickly she put her lips over my cock just as another spurt caught her on the side of her face. Dellona's legs were still pulled up to her chest and I looked down at her bumhole. It was open widely and slowly I could see the muscle contracting again down to a tiny hole. It was a sight I'll never forget.

Maria and I both licked my semen and her delicious pee off Dellona's breasts and fruit swollen belly, then kissed each other, searching the interiors of each others mouths. Dellona sat up and joined in, her arm encirling me and pulling me closer. We tongue kissed and dribbled into each others mouths for a long time, then walked back inside the shop.

They took me into a small shower where we all washed together under the cold water, rubbing and probing each others bodies. Afterward we went back outside naked and dripping and I remembered all the fruit Maria and I had put inside Dellona's pussy. She had been with us all the time and it must have still been in there. I wondered what they were planning to do with it, but I knew it wouldn't be long before I found out.

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