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Sweet Lena


It had been a long day and I was happy to see the line growing short. I love book signings, but I'm usually pretty happy when they wind down to the last few stalwarts and I know I can finally stop being "on". I surveyed the line and only saw five more people and knew the end was in sight. The third to last person handed me the book and said, "Hi Mister M. Will you sign my book?"

I looked up sharply and saw my young neighbor from home, Lena.

"Lena? What are you doing here?"

I knew the answer to the question before I'd finished asking it. She was going to school at McGill. But I certainly had not expected to see her and my mind spun as I made the connections.

"I go to school here. I'm a junior. Remember? Anyway, I came to your talk this afternoon and now you can sign my book," she said cheerily.

The book, my third, was doing quite well and I had decided to take September, the first month of my sabbatical, to tour the east coast, giving talks at colleges and bookstores and attending these book signings. My publisher was happy to have me out on the road pushing the book and I was pleased it seemed to have legs and was apparently selling pretty well.

I teach sociology at a college in Providence and write as both a requisite for my tenure, but also, quite honestly, for the income. It was fortunate that my topic, how the new generation of video games is affecting our youth, had a great crossover appeal. My travels had taken me up and down the eastern seaboard and I was stopping in Montreal for my last stop before heading back to Rhode Island. My talk that afternoon had been very well-attended, but I must say I had not noticed my pretty young neighbor in the audience.

"Lena. Let me finish up with the few people left in line and then we can talk."

I signed her book, she nodded eagerly, and stood off to the side while I finished up with the last person in line. I could feel her eyes upon me as I signed the last book. I pushed back from the table, stood up and walked over to greet her.

"Lena. What a pleasure to see you."

I gave her a gentle hug and leaned back, holding her elbows to look at her closely. She was a lovely young lady and had matured considerably since leaving for college.

Lena and her family had moved next door to us about seven years earlier. She'd been in the eighth grade at the time and she and her younger brother brought some much–needed life to our end of the street. From what I'd been able to garner from conversations with her parents her father was of European descent, but her mother, Tina, was from Cali, Colombia. She was a looker in her own right. I had ventured down to Colombia in my late twenties and a two-day stay in Cali had proved a legend I had heard over the years: that the women in Cali were some of the most beautiful in the world. Tina, now in her mid-forties, was a testament to that truth, and her daughter was living proof of the superior genetics from that small area of the world.

I had watched Lena grow up and she had occasionally done odd jobs for us or cared for our pets when we were away. The boys had flocked to her house during the high school years, which was certainly no surprise given her looks and personality. She'd done very well in school and had chosen to study foreign languages in Montreal. Her sophomore year was spent abroad, so I had not seen her since the summer after her freshman year. She was now a twenty year-old co-ed and drop-dead gorgeous.

"Mr. M., it was so much fun to listen to you speak today. You had such an amazing presence in front of all those people. I mean, I know you're a professor and all, but it was really cool to see you lecture. I hope you don't mind my coming?" she asked quizzically.

"Lena, don't be silly. It's wonderful to see you. You look like life is treating you well. How do you like McGill and Montreal?"

As Lena spoke I took in this magnificent young creature. She had always been very pretty in an exotic sort of way. But even though she was only twenty, she had a sultry sophistication about her that was intoxicating. I'd be lieing if I said I hadn't fantasized about her in the past.

She stood about 5'-5" and had a dark bronze complexion. Her hair was black, thick, and wavy and had always been kind of wild. It was longer now then when I'd last seen her and pulled up and over her head, accentuating the fine line of her delicate neck. She had a very beautiful face with big expressive dark brown eyes, lovely arching eyebrows and perfect full lips. She could look serious and sultry or flash her incredible smile and totally transform her appearance. To say she was an extremely attractive young lady was an understatement.

She spoke in a somewhat husky voice that I found quite evocative. She had a quiet intelligence and an underlying sexuality to her personality. I'd often envied the young men that came to her door during her high school years, wondering if they were fortunate enough to kiss her or touch her or, perhaps, do even more with her.

She was wearing a pair of tight tan jeans, riding a bit low on her flaring hips, barely exposing her well-toned stomach. Her sleek black top had several buttons open at the neck. I could see her upper chest and a lovely gold necklace that lay on her dark skin. Her open-toed high heel sandals made her a few inches taller and accentuated her regal stature. Her body was exquisite – slender, but curvy. She had an extremely cute ass and beautifully proportioned legs. I used to love to watch her walk, especially the rear view where I could admire the tight twitch and sway of her butt. Her stride absolutely oozed sex.

I'd always pegged her breasts as large B cups, but they were the kind of breasts that looked rather big in some clothes and small in others. Tonight they looked perfect. Her top was just slightly transparent and I could just make out the black straps of her bra. I felt my pulse racing as I admired her presence.

"Are you heading back home tonight?" she inquired.

It may have been my imagination, or wishful thinking, but the way she posed the question gave me the impression that she hoped I wasn't departing just yet.

"Actually, no. I'm staying the night and heading out in the morning. Usually these shindigs require me to go out to dinner with some bookstore owner or department chair, but tonight I'm on my own. And I'm famished and was going to head down to Old Montreal for dinner. If you're free, I'd love for you to join me?"

Her face brightened with a broad smile. "I'd love to, Mr. M. Thank you."

"My pleasure, I assure you, Lena. Give me a minute to clean up and we'll be on our way."

My mind raced as I cleaned up the table and packed my briefcase. I was going out to dinner in an exciting city with a gorgeous young woman and I tried to comprehend the circumstances and read the clues that Lena seemed to be dropping. Dinner would be the perfect place to feel her out. I felt the guilt of knowing that I was a good ten to fifteen years older than her own father, but it seemed, incredibly, like one of my long term fantasies was rapidly unfolding. We headed out of the bookstore and strolled down Sherbrooke toward Old Montreal.

All the way she talked animatedly about school, the city and her family. I admired her slender profile as we walked. We found a quiet little bistro in an old stone building on Rue St. Antoine and were led to a cozy table in a relatively dark corner of the restaurant. A single candle lit the table. I selected a bottle of French burgundy from the wine list as we ordered dinner, knowing that in Canada Lena was of legal age to imbibe. We toasted our good fortune and waited for dinner. By the time our appetizers arrived, we'd almost polished off the bottle. Our conversation, greased by the comfortable setting and alcohol, turned more personal. I tried to ask casually as to whether she was dating anyone. She quickly deflected the question.

"Not really. A few guys here and there. Nothing special."

Then she got an evil little grin on her cute face. God, she looked incredibly beautiful in the candlelight. She moved her face closer as if she was about to tell me a secret.

"My friend, Sarah, has been having an affair with her English professor. She is so into this guy, it's scary."

"Really," I retorted. "What's so special about him?"

"Well, Sarah has been around, if you know what I mean? But this is the first really older guy she's been with and she says he's an incredible lover. He's so patient and experienced. She keeps talking about the incredible orgasms he gives her – pardon my French – and how focused he is on her pleasure as opposed to his own."

Lena suddenly seemed a bit embarrassed by the turn our conversation had taken.

"Geez, I hope you don't mind my talking about this stuff. I'm sorry," she said sweetly.

"Don't be silly. I don't mind at all," I replied.

I decided to probe carefully. I was getting very turned on listening to her talk this way and I didn't want to scare her off the topic.

"Any older guy will tell you that they wish they knew when they were twenty what they know now. Experience and knowledge of women is a wonderful thing. What does this fellow do that's so special?" I asked.

"Well, according to Sarah, he's actually pretty small, if you know what I mean, but he apparently gives great oral sex. He's really into her body and making her feel good. I suppose it's part of the forbidden nature of it that turns her on as well. Anyway, she won't shut up about the guy. So all her friends have to keep hearing all the gory details."

I poured Lena a little more wine. This was getting very interesting. She looked up at me as if she had a question on her mind.

"You're a handsome older professor. You certainly must have gotten hit on over the years by your female students?" she probed. I hesitated before responding.

I'm not Charles Atlas, but I maintain a slim and wiry profile after 55 years kicking around this planet. My hair, while white, is still long and full, and a goatee rounds out a pretty typical professorial image, I'm embarrassed to say. I stay in shape and genetics has provided me with a slender body, a fairly tight ass for an older gent, and a generous cock. Certainly Lena seemed to be responding to whatever charms I had at my disposal.

"Well, to a certain extent," I answered evasively. "I mean, every year there is some young thing that comes on to me. But honestly, over the years, I've only taken the bait twice, with two beautiful young ladies. It's too much of a risk to play around that way. But every once in awhile an opportunity presents itself that...."

My voice trailed off, not sure where to go next. Lena's eyes lit up and she prodded me with more questions.

"Really? Only twice? Why those two particular girls? Tell me."

She squirmed in her seat and listened with a sexy expectant smile on her face.

"I'm not sure what it was, exactly. I guess they were both very beautiful and incredibly sexy. I responded to their looks, there's no doubt, but they were both very intelligent, as well, and very direct about what they wanted. One was a graduate student that assisted me on a project, the other was an undergrad. These were both some years back. I guess I can't pinpoint why I succumbed to their charms. Just the right timing, I guess."

"What were they like? What did you do with them?"

Lena was most definitely getting off on this conversation, as was I. She looked at me with those dark inquisitive eyes and I admired the delicate lines of her pretty face in the candlelight as I spoke about the past. I looked straight into her eyes as I shared the intimate details with this gorgeous young lady.

"Well the first was Christina – probably about ten years ago. I chose her to help me on a special project so we spent a lot of time together. Things developed slowly over a semester. In November of that year we went to a conference in Chicago where I was giving a paper and, being out of town and away from the college, things fell into place very quickly. We were just incredibly turned on by one another and one thing led to another. The first night after dinner she ended up back in my hotel room."

I paused before continuing.

"What did she look like?" Lena asked.

"Well, she was very petite and very pretty. She stood about 5'-2" and had short brown hair and a dark complexion. She came across initially as a sort of innocent nerd. She had a sweet little body – tight and very compact – a very nice ass and small tits, but they were very sensitive. To look at her you'd peg her as a studious and very serious student, which she was. But once she was in the bedroom and turned on, watch out."

"What do you mean?" Lena was hanging on every word.

"Well, she was incredible. She had an endless and voracious appetite for sex. I was still young enough to keep up with her and she....." I hesitated as I looked at Lena to see if I should take the leap. "She just wanted to fuck – all the time. I mean, I had never been with anyone who was so into sex. She was incredibly orgasmic, and very loud. Those three days we were together we barely left the hotel room. I was very concerned about our neighbors."

I was beginning to get very turned on talking this way with Lena and I could see her twisting in her seat as she looked at me with an incredibly seductive gaze. I continued.

"She was 24 and very experienced herself. We explored everything – nothing was off limits with her." I paused again. "And she absolutely loved to suck my cock and....she also loved to swallow my come. I think she really got off on my size in relation to her own petite stature. I'm not overly well-endowed, but I'm not ashamed of my size either. But in relation to her small tight body, I was a monster, or so it felt. In any case, she got off on it."

"Our time together was one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life." I looked directly into Lena's eyes – she didn't flinch. She licked her lips in a very subtle way.

"We continued our affair through the academic year, but only had sex when we were out of town. It was too risky to do anything in town – she had roommates and..." I let my voice trail off. "Anyway, after that year she transferred to another school and we lost touch. Just as well."

"Wow. And the other?" Lena asked in a low throaty whisper.

"Nicole. She came along a few years later. She was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen: young, tall, very blond, model looks, perfect body. She was amazing. And she was having trouble in my class and would come by the office for extra help. Sounds like the typical "sex for grades" story you hear all the time, and I guess, to some extent, it was."

"So who initiated what?" Lena asked.

"Well, the grade thing was actually never mentioned – it was just sort of understood. But late one evening Nicole came into my office after everyone else in the building was gone. She had a fantastic body; she knew it and she loved to use it to her advantage. I have to admit I just sat back and enjoyed the show. She loved to wear clothes to tease and that evening she came in wearing a small top with no bra and a very short skirt. Her breasts were a perfect size and her nipples were stiff and poking clearly through her top. She kept crossing her long tan legs to show them off and give me glimpses of her black panties."

I hesitated. "I'm sorry, Lena. I'm getting rather graphic. Probably more than you really want to know," I stated.

"Oh, no. Keep going Mr. M. It's fascinating," she responded.

"Okay. Well, she knew the effect she was having on me and, at some point she just came right out and said she wanted to fuck me. I was dumbstruck, quite honestly, and just nodded acquiescence. She stood up and started taking her clothes off, all the while telling me she had wanted to fuck me from the first day she walked into class."

I looked at Lena in the candlelight. She was enraptured in our conversation. I was fully erect under the tablecloth. I had a feeling Lena was wet in her jeans. We were leaning over the table and our faces were only a foot apart. I continued to gaze deeply into her glistening dark eyes as I spoke.

"She took off all her clothes, lay down on my desk and spread her legs. I sat between them and watched while she masturbated for me. She loved to show off her body, and she especially got off on spreading her blond pussy and exposing herself completely. It was an amazing thing to watch – the site of her hand rubbing and spreading her pussy while she looked into my eyes. When she was getting close to orgasm her hand was flying furiously across her cunt and making wet juicy sounds. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen."

I was on a roll and Lena's eyes begged for more details.

"But what Nicole really got off on was fucking in my office. She loved the danger of screwing our brains out while students and other faculty members were walking by in the hall right outside the door. It was incredibly dangerous, but I have to admit, it turned me on too. Nicole was quieter than Christina, but no less intense. We weren't vocally loud, but anyone walking by would certainly have heard the sounds of our sweaty bodies slamming together and the desk crashing against the wall. I still can't believe I took such a risk."

I again looked at Lena, rapt and fully absorbed in my tale.

"She loved every position, but she especially loved to be on top of me while I was on the desk. She liked to be able to control the tempo and depth. She had the most incredible orgasms I think I've ever had with a woman – quiet, but amazingly intense – and wet. Our affair lasted until the end of the year. I've lost touch with her as well."

Lena leveled her gaze at me and came an inch or two closer.

"I want that," she whispered.

I paused and looked at her directly.

"What do you want, Lena?" I questioned back. I wanted her to say it.

"I want you to fuck me like that," she said intently.

"Like what, Lena?" She leaned in even closer so our faces were almost touching.

"I want you to fuck me like those other girls," she stated clearly.

I stared into her eyes. They were burning.

"I'm serious. I want to suck your cock. I want you to eat and fuck my pussy. I know you think I'm the innocent girl from next door, but I'm not. I love sex as much as the girls you just described – maybe more. And I want you – now. My panties are soaking wet."

She squirmed in her seat, but our eyes never left one another. We stared at each other for another few moments and then she turned the tables.

"Do you want me?" she asked softly.

"Yes. I think you're incredible," I stated.

"Do you like my body?" she cooed.

"Absolutely. You're an amazing beauty. I want to taste you," I said emphatically.

"Do you want to fuck me?" she asked in a soft breathy voice.

She slowly stuck her finger into her mouth and pursed her lips as she gently sucked it. I didn't reply. We had paid the check, so I stood up and extended my hand. Lena folded her hand into mine and we walked out of the restaurant, no doubt turning a few heads in the process – the old geezer in his tweed jacket and the sexy young co-ed.

We started to walk back to my hotel in silence. I had my arm around her shoulder and she had her arm around my waist. We both knew where we were going and what was going to happen.

"God, I can't believe we're doing this," she exclaimed at one point as we climbed the streets back toward Sherbrooke.

"Lena, if you have any reservations at all, please know that I would never push you to do anything you didn't want to do," I said bravely.

"Oh no, that's not what I meant. I mean, I don't know, you're older and my neighbor, and it's just – it's hard to explain. I've been with lots of guys my age. I just want to be with an older more experienced guy, I guess. And as fate would have it, you're it. I hope you don't mind?"

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