tagMatureSweet Little 'Niece'

Sweet Little 'Niece'


Date: Spring Break 1992
Location: Disneyland Hotel Suite

"Whatya doin' Uncle Robbie" came a sweet sound from the bathroom doorway as Liz stood there watching me shave with a full lather on my face. It was a rhetorical question, but she would do that a lot just to start a conversation with me.

"Just doing the guy thing and getting rid of my facial hair sweetie" I told her.

Liz is my very pretty 13 year old niece. Well, she's not exactly my niece. She's my best friend Steve's daughter. Steve and myself grew up together, went to the same schools including college and were like brothers. We even went through our divorces the same year.

Liz was Steve's only child. I had never had children with my ex-wife. I had always treated Liz like the daughter I never had and spoiled her with gifts on her birthday, Christmas, and any other prominent occasion. Liz had called me "Uncle Robbie" practically since she had learned to talk. Steve had Liz during the Easter vacation week and we arranged our vacations so that we could spend a week in a suite at the Disneyland hotel and let Liz enjoy all the pleasures of Disneyland for the week.

Now this time when I answered her about shaving my face she mentioned something that left me speechless for a few seconds. "You know Uncle Robbie, I started shaving not too long ago." I looked down at my little 5 foot tall princess with sandy brown hair in pigtails with a shocked look on my face. I thought she was kidding. "Yeah Precious, you better be careful and not let your facial hair get too thick."

"No, I mean my legs, underarms, and other areas." For the first time, I had looked at her as a young lady rather than a child. She was very pretty with a body just starting to show development. My God, she was in 8th grade already…how time flies! All I could think to say was "Well, don't shave everything. You'll know what I mean as you get older" I decided to change the subject immediately and began discussing our Disneyland plans.

Date: Summer 1996
Location: Maui

Liz had just graduated from high school. As it turned out this year, her 18th birthday was the day after graduation. For her graduation / birthday gift I paid for her a trip to Maui. Included in the trip was Steve, his new wife Trish, and Liz's best friend Leah. I had reserved 3 rooms. One for myself, one for Steve and Trish, and one for Liz and Leah. I hadn't been able to get all 3 room adjoining so I got a room on the 4th floor while the other two rooms were adjoining on the 10 floor.

We went out the first night there dancing, Steve and I had a few drinks, and just soaked in the atmosphere. Steve and Trish decided to take a romantic walk on the beach at midnight while Liz and Leah were busy scouting the area for hunks. I decided to go back to the room and rent some adult movies. After watching sexy babes all day long on the beach and at the bars, I was feeling kind of horny.

I got back to the room and immediately got in the shower. No sooner had I gotten undressed and had the nice hot water hitting my skin when I heard a knock at the door."Room service" I heard come from the door. It was a female voice but I hadn't ordered anything. Maybe Steve had something sent, who knows?

I dried off quickly and wrapped the towel around my waist. I went to the door and looked out the peep hole. It was Liz! I opened the door and invited her in. I told her I was in the middle of a shower and to give me about 5 more minutes and I would be out to visit with her.

"Oh, don't bother with that" she said , " I kind of like looking at you with just a towel." "What?" I thought to myself, what exactly was that to mean.

"Uncle Robbie" she continued, "You have always been so good to me. I remembered what you told me several years ago about not shaving everything and that I'd understand what you meant when I got older. Well, I understood it then. I have never shaved that area except the bikini line since then."

I looked at her trying to figure out why she felt a need to tell me this. She was certainly a nice looking young lady now. She was still short, only about 5ft 2in and very petite. She couldn't have weighed more than 100 pounds soaking wet. She was wearing a towel around her waist and a flowery bikini top covering most of her smallish breasts.

She continued," First I call you Uncle Robbie, but I know I'm not your flesh and blood niece. Secondly, I've always wanted to share my body with you but I knew that as long as I was a minor that you would get mad at me"

Wow, here I am, horny and ready to rent adult videos and in walks a sexy young lady wanting to share herself with me." No, she's my niece" I tell myself." No, she's not really your niece, you dumbshit, she's fair game. No, but she's your best friend's daughter you pervert." All these conversations are playing out in my mind and Liz stands up and removes her towel. What a sight! A flowery high cut bikini bottom to match the top. Beautiful thighs and a nice flat tummy. However, what she told me next about blew me away.

"I need to tell you something Robbie(no uncle?). When you were married to Debbie(my ex-wife) you and her got into a lot of arguments because you knew she was messing around on you." "You knew that?" I asked. "That isn't the best part Robbie" she continued.When I was 11, I walked in on my Dad and Debbie one time when they were in the shower together. Debbie had Dad's cock in her mouth. Dad got mad because I walked in but decided not to punish me as long as I never told anyone, especially you. Later he told me that he felt really bad about it and that it happened twice between them. He told me that if I told you, that you would get real mad and you two would never be friends again…meaning that I wouldn't get to be around you again."

My mind was going a million miles per hour. I was pissed at Steve, but that happened so long ago and we had continued on building our friendship all these years.Also, if I had been told at that time, I would have never got to spend time with Liz again. I looked over at Liz and thanked her for keeping such a difficult secret for all these years. I promised that I would never let Steve know she told me. Well, if Steve can screw my wife twice, I can at least screw his adult daughter once.

"Sweetie" I looked at young Liz, "I really need to finish my shower. You are welcome to wait for me or join me." She reached up to my 6 foot frame and put her arms around me. Her lips met mine and it was magical. Liz had kissed me on the lips several times over the years, but this kiss was very different. This had passion to it. Our lips locked for a least a minute when my tongue parted her lips and inside her mouth. I felt her hands reach down and pull off the towel I was wearing. My erect cock was now up against her belly.

I reached up and untied the back of her bikini top. I stood there with my eyes wide open as I saw two of the most beautiful perky breasts. She was a B cup with pointy nipples that actually pointed slightly upwards. My tongue darted down to her tits and began to lick those sexy nipples. Liz took my cock in both of her small hands and began to massage it. She rolled my balls around with her fingertips. I looked down at her bikini bottoms. She saw my eyes go there and immediately took her hands off my cock and removed her bottom. Again, I'm staring at one of the most beautiful bushes in the world! Thick, brown hair in a nice 'V' shape pointing down at her moist pussy lips. I just had to run my hands through that fur. My fingers found their way to her lips and parted them, with my large middle finger finding that precious little hole.

"I didn't bring any protection. Liz, I don't want you getting pregnant." " Oh Robbie I've been on the pill for 3 months now. I had sex with a boy at school a few months ago and decided that if I'm going to be active, I'd better be on the pill. Robbie, I just want you to fuck my brains out NOW!"

With that encouragement, I picked up her small frame and placed it on my bed. She laid there with the sweetest smile I had ever seen. She REALLY did want this! She laid on her back with her knees bent and her legs open. Those sexy little tits, brown fur, and pink pussy had made me so desirous of her, I couldn't have stopped myself no matter what she had said. I placed my 7 inches of throbbing cock already moist with precum right into that pussy. Damn that was tight. I pumped away on her as she began moaning….LOUD moaning. Oh shit, I hope nobody outside can hear….and am I glad my room WASN"T adjoining theirs now!

I sat her up on the bed and put her in my lap. She placed her pussy right on top of my rigid cock. I fucked her while she was facing me on my lap. We kissed passionately and then my cock could not hold back the cum any longer. I shots loads of cum deep into her cunt. She moaned more as she felt the warm substance soak her pussy walls. I stayed inside her as she stayed on my lap. We talked for several minutes. She said this shouldn't be the only time for us. She still wanted to give me a blow job. She still wanted me to eat her out. She wanted to try different positions. Best of all, she felt that the best way to get even with Steve was to seduce Trish and screw her. Trish was a hot brunette with a killer ass. Liz was going to help me.Who was I to argue?

"Uh, Liz," I smiled. "How about that shower now?" We discussed our sexual future and revenge on Steve. Oh, and she discussed her friend Leah. But that's another story.

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