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Sweet Melissa


"A girl with a big round ass, big fluffy titties and a slightly bulging tummy," I was saying to some friends of mine. "That's what it takes to get my attention."

My friends were giving me the usual yada yada about my liking big girls. Joe was making the most fun. His girl was about 5' 5" and weighed maybe 92 pounds with rocks in her pockets. I told him, "Your girl can turn sideways, stick her tongue out and look like a zipper." That elicited more laughter from group.

"My girl can give shade in the summer and heat in the winter. Your girl can give splinters and sharp elbows."

Guffaws rang out around the room, including Joe.

What they didn't know was that I had a girl like that. I grew up around white kids. Went to school with them and played ball with them and even fucked some of the girls. But until I met this girl, it was just something to do. I mean, I fucked black girls too. My philosophy is if you limit yourself to certain girls, you eliminate half or more of the fuckable girls.

Anyway, this girl, her name is Melissa, is built just like I like them. She is very tall, almost 6'. She is outsized to say the least. Her chest measurements are 40D. Her waist is 28 and her hips are 44. So wide she has to slide through the door. She won't tell her weight but I would guess it to be 200lbs easily.

When I first met her, she was bent over placing groceries into her car. All I could see was ass. Brother, I mean ass! I was so busy looking at that sweet, fine round ass that I almost got ran over by a car moving down the lane. When the driver blew the horn to get my attention, I skipped out of the way. Melissa looked up to see about the horn and saw me staring at her. She gave me one of those looks that you give people whom you suspect are mentally slow.

All I could do was to give her a shit-eating grin. A friend of mine says you can't make no sales if you don't knock on no doors. Taking him at his word, I said to her, "I know I am being very forward but, girl, you look so damned good from behind. And now! You look so damned good from the front too."

She looked at me and then burst out laughing. "That is the lamest line I have heard in years."

"Looking at you will make a man lame baby," I told her. "Lame, speechless and if he has a weak heart, it'll kill him."

She laughed again. Her laughter tinkled like wind chimes in a gentle breeze. The more I looked at her, the more I knew I was being drawn into her blue eyes and as I looked into them, I knew I didn't care. I tried to look away but I couldn't. Her face was a perfect oval. Besides the eyes, it framed a nose that was just right. And lips that were full and perfect and so delicious looking, I knew I had to taste them. Her hair was brown and shoulder length.

As I tore my eyes from her's, I looked at the rest of her body. She was wearing a small halter top that left her shoulders bare. Her breasts jiggled beneath the halter. Her midriff was bare and bulging slightly with an "innie" navel. Her hips flared out. And I mean flared. I knew I was going to drool on myself if I wasn't careful.

"I bet your body soap bill is high," I said.

She looked puzzled. "Why do you think that?" she asked.

"Because you have to wash all of those eyeball marks off every day."

She laughed that laugh again. "Do you always approach girls with lines like those?"

"No," I said. "I can't remember when I approached a girl that looks like you. You look like a glazed doughnut on Sunday morning. Downright delicious."

"Oh, I look like a doughnut," she said with a pout.

"Baby, you look positively damned delicious. I'd munch on you like a starving man at a buffet," I said.

"You are a nut," she said. "A nice nut, but a nut."

"Does that mean you'll have dinner with me tonight?" I asked. "We can go grab a bite to eat and I can stare at your rare good looks."

She told me, "I don't usually go out with men I don't know. You might be a sex maniac or something."

"Oh yeah, I love sex," I said with a leer. "But I am too timid to be a maniac."

"Timid my ass," she snorted. But she laughed while she said it, giving me hope. "Okay, let's meet." She suggested a local pub. I agreed.

"Why don't you let me pick you up, that way we can get there at the same time," I suggested.

"Maybe another time, but not now," she said.

We agreed on a time to meet. I was anxious for the day to progress. It seemed as though time was standing still.

Finally, that night we met at the restaurant. She looked even better than at the store. Now, she had an off-the-shoulder blouse that accentuated her unbound tits. Her skirt was modest, maybe 2 inches above her knees. It accentuated her hips. And brother, her hips were alluring.

As we were shown to our table, I noticed the sway of her hips. A hypnotist could do no better than her hips to hypnotize a man.

Dinner was a normal affair for that restaurant. Later, as we had an after dinner drink, I asked her if she had a boyfriend. Meeting me at a place raised a flag so I had to ask.

She said, "I had a boyfriend but he doesn't want to let go. He moved but he comes around. I wanted to enjoy dinner without the stress of him showing up while you were there."

"I see," I said. "Well, what you like to do now?"

She looked at me and said, "What would you like to do?"

"You mean besides touching your body and kissing those lips?"

"Yes, I mean besides kissing and touching me. We might do that later, who knows."

"Do you like to gamble?" I asked her. "You know, out at the casino."

"Oh yes, I love to play slots," she said.

"Okay, let's go to a casino and gamble a bit."

She left her car at the restaurant and climbed into mine. I have an older model luxury car, which I really like. It has been restored on the inside. As I held the door open for her, she climbed in swinging her legs in last. I knew that if I played my cards right, I could visit those legs all the way up to that luscious ass. On the other side of that ass had to be a pussy that, if it was as good as the rest of her, would drive a man into insanity. What a way to go crazy!

We rode in silence to the casino. I had some soft jazz on the radio and she seemed to be into it. I love jazz so it was cool with me.

After we arrived and entered the casino, I asked her what was her pleasure. She said, "Why don't you get a room at the hotel next door? That way, we can stay as long as we like and won't have to drive back tired."

Well, my heart jumped at that suggestion. We went over to the hotel and registered. I had lost any desire to gamble at that point. But I have learned through the years that taking time was a valuable asset in seducing a woman. Many women want to fuck as bad as a man but if a guy turns a woman off by putting pressure on her to quickly, he will be fucking his hand instead of woman's pussy.

I casually asked her, "Do you want to go to the room and freshen up or let's go gamble a bit?"

"Freshen up what?" she asked.

"Well, you can freshen up by getting out of your clothes letting them air, or you could freshen up by letting me lick you clean." I had a smile on my face to rob my words of any threat. "Not that you are dirty, but this way, you won't get dirty."

She gave me that laugh again. If there was a way to capture that laugh for posterity, I was all for it. "Let's discuss it in the room," She suggested.

As we made our way to the elevator, she held my arm. As tall as she is, I am taller yet. I could only guess at what the men we passed were thinking. I would've been willing to bet a lot of them were jealous. I mean, this woman was extra fine. I have never ranked a woman as a 10 but in her case, I was willing to go with a 12!

After we entered the room, she turned and pulled my lips down to hers. As she kissed me, her tongue parted my lips and darted in and out of my mouth. We stood there playing dueling tongues for I have no idea how long. As we finally came up for air, she tossed her head making her hair swirl around. "Damn!" she exclaimed. "I don't think I have ever been kissed like that."

My breath was short too. I took her face in my hands and started kissing her all over it. I kissed her forehead, then her eyelids. I kissed her cheeks and her ears. I lifted her head and kissed under her chin. She had started trembling a little by then. I had a truly irreverent moment. Somehow, I thought gambling was off the menu right now.

She looked at me and moistened her lips. She said, "I want you to do something for me."

"Whatever I can," I replied.

"I want you to talk rough to me. Call me names and make me do things to you."

I was kinda shocked but thought, okay, I can do that.

"Sure," I said. "Right now?" I asked.

"Yes, right now," she replied.

"Okay bitch, hold your arms up," I commanded. "Higher," I commanded. "All the way over your head."

She raised her arms over her head. I grabbed her blouse and pulled it straight up over her head. As I did, her tits were jiggling from the motion.

"Sit on the bed, bitch," I ordered. "Unfasten my pants and pull them down."

She undid the belt and unfastened my pants. She pulled them down taking my briefs with them. "Lift my dick up and lick my balls, now dammit!"

She lifted my rapidly hardening dick and started licking my balls. I was standing so I could look in the mirror and see her head bobbing as she licked my balls. As she licked my balls, she would take them into her mouth and suck them. "Shit!" I exclaimed. Her actions were about to make me cum already and I didn't want to just yet. "Stop bitch," I commanded.

She reluctantly let my cock go. It sprung back down and hit her in the face. I gradually regained control of my body, stopping it before it spewed cum everywhere.

"Stand up, you slut," I said. "Take your skirt and panties off." She unzipped her skirt and dropped it along with her panties. I could smell her arousal. Her breathing was slow but I could see that her face was flushed. "Lay down on your stomach, right now."

She lay down as I commanded. I went to the bathroom and got 2 washcloths. One, I soaped up with warm water and soap and the other, I just wet with warm water.

"Spread your legs and then reach back and spread your ass cheeks," I told her. She did as a commanded, exposing her little rosebud of an asshole. I took the soapy cloth and washed her asshole. Then I took the wet one and wiped the soap off. Dropping them on the floor, I knelt and started licking her ass crack. I could feel her ass cheeks clinching as I licked up and down the crack.

"Goddammit, be still and be quiet bitch," I said in my most stern voice. She was trying to comply but I knew the sensations were driving her wild. As I licked her crack, I moved closer to her exposed asshole. My tongue darted in and around her hole. I could hear her trying to keep from making any noise but my tongue was driving her wild.

I reached under her and felt her pussy. It was so wet; the sheet under it was wet where her pussy leaked juice. I could tell that licking her asshole was about to send her over the edge so I stopped licking it. I started licking and kissing her ass cheeks. I moved down to the backs of her knees. As I licked and kissed my way down her backside, she was trying to keep quiet but failing miserably.

I started gently licking the soles of her feet. I could hear her giggle from the ticklish sensations. She was squirming trying to keep her feet from me but I held her legs while licking her feet. Then, I started moving back up her body. As I approached her ass hole again, she started quivering.

"Bitch, I told you to be still," I said as I licked her ass cheeks. "Hold your ass cheeks open," I ordered. I started probing her asshole with my tongue again. She was shaking with lust as I probed deeper and deeper into her ass. I reached under her and touched her pussy. It was leaking fluid over the bed. I touched her clit while probing her ass with my tongue. That made her jump damned near off of the bed.

She started cumming. Her shrieks of ecstasy were loud in the room as I kept on probing her asshole and strumming her clit. She was bucking back against my tongue as I fingered her pussy. As her cum started subsiding, I started licking and kissing my way back up her body. As she quivered from her cum, I turned her over.

I reached down and took the wet washcloth and wiped my tongue. As I kissed her tits, I started fingering her pussy again. She groaned as her hips thrust her pussy into my hand. I was chewing on her nipples as she approached another cum. I removed my hand from her pussy. "Don't stop," she protested.

"You slut, suck my dick," I commanded. "Put your lips around my big black dick."

I turned over and lay on my back as she scooted down to my dick. It had deflated a bit while I was tonguing her body. As soon as she touched it though, it sprang back to life. The myth about black men being well endowed was not true about me. My dick was about 7 inches long and 6 ½ inches around. I guess it is a bit thick.

"Lick my asshole you white ho'", I told her. The words seemed to make her hotter. She took my dick and raised it up. She licked my balls and then moved down to the area between my balls and my asshole. She started jabbing her tongue lightly into my asshole. She was slowly stroking my dick while licking my asshole. Precum dripped from my dick onto her hand. As it did, she rubbed my dick with it making it slippery.

She was massaging my balls with one hand and jacking my cock with the other. As she moved her lips back to my dick, I thrust it hard into her mouth. Her mouth was making a big O around my dick. As she moved her lips up and down on my dick, I could feel sensations that told me this was going to be a mother of all cums.

"Suck it baby, suck it," I urged her. As she took my entire dick into her mouth, I was urging her on. "Suck it dammit, suck my dick."

As my cum started up my dick she pulled back slightly and jacked my dick. That made my cum even more intense. "Damn, cumming, cumming," I moaned. My ass clenched forcing my dick into her mouth. The first blast of cum hit her in the back of her throat. She kept on swallowing though. Blast after blast of ropy cum erupted from my dick into her mouth. She reached under me and forced her finger into my asshole. That seemed to renew my cum. More cum than I had ever shot before kept spewing from my dick.

She kept jacking my dick while sucking it and playing with my asshole. I felt as though my body was melting and was spewing out of the tip of my dick. As my cum finally subsided, I felt as though I had an immovable weight on me. My arms were flopping as though I had lost muscular control, which in fact, I temporarily had.

Melissa moved back up lay beside me. As we kissed, I could taste the salty residue from my cum on her lips. 'Damn baby, damn. You sucked the life out of me," I said softly.

"Oh, maybe not," she murmured. As she kissed me, she was fondling my dick. The damned thing seemed to take on a life of its own. It was getting hard again even after that explosive cum I had just had. She pushed me onto my back.

"Talk bad to me," she moaned. "Tell me what a nasty bitch I am. Tell me what a white trashy slut I am for fucking a black man." As she was talking she moved over me placing my dick in her pussy. As she sank down onto my dick, she was still talking to me.

"Fuck this white bitch. Fuck me until my pussy begs for your cum. I want that black dick to make me explode." As she talked, she ground her pussy around my dick. I was glad I had just cum, else, I would've cum right there. Her pussy was grabbing and clutching my dick as she moved up and down on it.

"Fuck me white bitch, fuck this black man," I said. "Make my dick cum in your slutty pussy bitch."

"Beg for it you ho'. Beg me to fuck your lily white pussy." As she moved up and down on my dick, I was thrusting up into her magnificent pussy. I used to think there was only two kinds of pussy; good ol' bigguns and big ol' gooduns. However brother, let me tell you now, that girl's pussy was beyond description. I have fucked in the Far East. I have fucked in the Middle East. I have fucked in Europe, Africa and the subcontinent too. But, until I fucked that pussy, I was just fucking around.

She leaned over me placing those bounteous tits over my mouth. I had to taste them. I grabbed one and placed the nipple between my lips. I chewed lightly on her nipple eliciting a low growl from her. She was bouncing up and down on my dick now. I could hear her moaning lightly.

She sat up on my dick. I grabbed her hips and slowed her down as I forced my dick further into her tight pussy. "Slow down bitch, slow down," I commanded. "Fuck me slower."

"Nooooo, I can't," she was almost crying now.

"Godammit! Slow down, I said," snarling at her. I held the side of her hips tighter now, forcing her to slow down her bouncing. As she slowed down, I was thrusting up hard into her pussy. Her pussy felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was tight, wet, smooth. My dick fit perfectly in it. Every time I thrust she gave a little shriek.

"Cum with me you cum loving slut, cum around my black hard dick," I said harshly. I felt anything but harsh though. I released her hips so she could find her rhythm. She ground her pussy around my dick as I was thrusting harder into her. Suddenly she stopped, tugging me over onto her as she flipped onto her back. We had not uncoupled as we flipped and I started fucking my dick into her pussy harder now. She raised her legs until they were straight up into the air. I hooked them behind her knees so that her ravaged pussy was exposed to my raging dick.

"Make me cum," she begged. "Make my pussy cum lover. Fuck me with that big black hard monster."

Instead of slamming my dick into her pussy, I pulled back until only the head of my dick was in her. She moaned, begging me to stick it back into her. I rubbed the head of my dick over her clit. That drove her wild. She was crying, begging, moaning, thrusting her pussy up trying to capture my dick. I kept on rubbing her clit with the tip of my dick.

"No no no, stop please," she whimpered. "You're driving me crazy. Oh shit, my pussy is on fire."

Slowly, I eased my dick back into her pussy. "Yes yes," she cried out. I slowly pulled my dick back.

"Oh you black bastard," she snarled. "You nasty black sonovabitch. I'm going to kill you. I'm going to fuck you until you die. I'm going to rip your dick off with my pussy. I'm going to make you cry like I am," she threatened me.

She was crying now. Her frustration was palpable now. I decided to stop teasing her pussy and shoved my dick back into her.

"OH YES!" she exclaimed. "That's it baby. That's it. Fuck my poor pussy."

I pulled back and slammed my dick into her. Again and again I slammed her pussy with my dick. My balls were bouncing off of her asshole.

"Shit baby, I'm gonna cum in that sweet pussy. My dick is going to explode in you."

She pulled me down and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She was trying to suck my tongue from my mouth. I kept on pounding her pussy as we kissed.

Suddenly, I couldn't hold it back any longer. I reared up forcing my dick farther into her. Again, I slammed my dick into her but this time, I held it in her up to the hilt. She could feel my balls laying on her asshole. My dick started flexing in her cunt. Her pussy started clenching around my dick. That started my cum to exploding from my dick. That explosion in turn started her cum in her pussy. I could feel her convulsions as my dick flexed its load of white, hot, sticky fluid into her pussy. Every blast would rock the back of her pussy causing her to have more convulsions, making her pussy spasm around my dick.

'Oh baby, oh baby," I murmured as my cum took control of my body. I couldn't move as my dick burrowed deeper into her pussy. I didn't think I could get it any deeper into her but it seemed like it was.

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