tagFetishSweet Melissa Ch. 02

Sweet Melissa Ch. 02


Chapter Two: Little Red Corvette

[*A note of explanation. The name I prefer is Bob. Melissa however chooses to call me Robert and her slight Spanish lilt [it sounds more like Row-bert] is so sensual I wouldn't have her call me anything else. Also many of my relatives call me Bobby even though I'm 50 something. I still love them even the ones that voted for W. Thanks to all who sent me a message, even anonymous who just wrote to say I was a jerk. I don't mind criticism, but don't send me a note just calling me names. Tell me why I'm a jerk. While most of the incidents in my story are based on real life events, some of them are from my warped imagination. This story is currently taking place in 1972 when STDS consisted of gonorrhea and syphilis (crabs were also around but they're a nuisance not a disease). Today everyone should practice safe sex when having casual sex because there are to many life-threatening STDS out there. If I continue this tale into the late 70's Melissa will change her ways to reflect the changing sexual mores, some in surprising ways.

There is little sex in this chapter. This chapter is for character development.]


After cleaning up I returned to my room to get dressed as Melissa was getting ready at her place. Mr. Owens asked if I was going out and I told him I had a date with Melissa.

"Way to go guy she's a doll and I've noticed you checking her out.

'Yeah she is lovely." I replied.

"Tell me was that her making those noises this afternoon, you dog?"

I think my red face answered his question.

"Well I have to be going. I'll see you later." I said as I left to return to Melissa's apartment.

Melissa was waiting for me outside her door. She had on a white halter-top and skin-tight jeans.

"You look absolutely stunning. God it almost hurts to look at you."

"Stop it silly you look great too. Let's get going."

Melissa drove her 1968 red Mustang convertible. The car was almost as beautiful as she and cherry to boot. I had a beat up 1966 Honda CB250 motorbike that got me around town, but wasn't suitable for escorting a lady around. "You're right about Winn Dixie, Robert. But I have a second job. I made over $25,000 between here and Brazil last year. And I've invested wisely."

"So you're a whore!" I blurted.

"Would that bother you?"

"I don't know, maybe. I'm confused. You wouldn't be the first whore I've fucked, but the others I paid."

"Let's wait until we get to Lamberti's to discuss this."

While we were driving I was thinking. Here I was with a drop-dead gorgeous woman with money and I'm wondering if I want to stick around. I just had the best sex since Mrs. DePalma who broke my cherry in 1962. I knew I could and probably would fall in love with Melissa if I continued to fuck her, but did I want to continue?

"This is a really nice car, beautifully maintained." I said attempting to take my mind off my feelings about Melissa.

"I love the color scheme, poppy red with white & red trim interior." Melissa said with s sigh. "It's my one car that I can use around town without drawing undue attention to myself."

"Your one car? So you own others?"

"Yes I own three others, but you don't want to get me talking about my babies. I can become a complete bore."

"Where do you keep them?"

"You know that self storage place on Kathleen near 92, The Stowaway?"


"I store them there."

"That must cost a fortune?"

"Not at all Robert. I own the place. I get to store my babies for free and turn a small profit to boot."

"Wow! You're beautiful, a great fuck & a business tycoon."

Melissa laughed. "I know men find me attractive and you better believe I'm a great fuck, but my financial advisors, Chas Bennett and Rafe Gonzales before him, deserves all the credit for my business success."

We arrived at Lamberti's an Italian restaurant on Edgeview. I had never been in there before. It was out of my price range. Heck I couldn't even afford MacDonald's on a regular basis.

Upon entering the concierge said "Hello Melissa. Thanks for calling ahead. We have the room for you."

"Thank you John" Melissa said while slipping him a tip.

"John this is Robert. I hope you'll be seeing a lot of him."

"Good evening Robert. I don't think I've ever seen you here before?"

"No John, I've never had the pleasure before."

"Well I hope you enjoy your meal. I know you'll enjoy Melissa's company." John was an average looking guy. He was about 6' tall and slender. He had straight brown hair that was short and meticulously groomed He got menus and then showed us to a door in the dining area.

Beyond the door was a private dining room I whistled softly. The room was about 10' by 12'. The wall and ceiling were paneled in black walnut. The table, chairs and a small wet bar were dark cherry. The lighting was very dim. I had definitely moved up in class.

"John you can turn the lights up a little we aren't planning on making out. Although if Robert's up for it I might give him a waxing."

"Please have the bar stocked with a six pack of Heineken and a fifth of Johnnie Walker blue."

After John left I turn to Melissa and said, "Johnnie Walker Blue? I've heard of red and black what's blue? And what's a waxing?"

"Blue is Johnnie Walkers top of the line. It's very expensive and it's so mellow it's like drinking morning dew. A waxing is a hand job."

I turn red. I think my toes blushed. I still wasn't used to Melissa's straightforward manner.

Just then a door opposite to where we had entered opened and a black waiter with a tight Afro appeared with the beer and scotch.

"Why Miss Diaz you seem to be bothering this young fellow"

"George this is Robert. He's a bit shy. You know to call me Melissa."

George was about 6'2" and burly. He was dressed in a sharp black suit with a white shirt and black bowtie. He kind of reminded me of Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops.

"I wasn't sure if the gentleman would mind me being so familiar."

"Don't worry George I'm not that way." I said.

"George can I suck your cock? Do you mind Robert?"

"Miss Melissa that's not right. You're with this gentleman and you've got him blushing even more know."

"I'm sorry George. I'm testing Robert. I want him as my lover, but only if everything else remains the same. Let's set up a session for Saturday night at 11:00. Tell Pierre no special tonight, but on Saturday to prepare a buffet for twelve and the special for me. Don't forget to tell Mr. Lamberti, Jerry and a couple of the younger guys. Robert may be there to observe and as Missy's treat. I'll tell John and Frank. Bring us two orders of stuffed mushrooms and two shrimp cocktails then come back in thirty minutes for our order."

"Yes ma'am." George said while pouring a double on the rocks for Melissa. He then used a church key from the bar to open a beer for me.

After bringing us our drinks George left. I said, "Who's Missy and don't offer me up as a treat without my say so and I don't want you ordering for me without my input first."

"You're pissed Robert. Why? This is a place I'm very familiar with I know the food here and I wouldn't offer you to any one who wasn't desirable. Missy's hot. If I were a guy I'd fuck her. She's Pierre's wife and my fluffer"

"Fluffer, what's a fluffer? And what if I don't like mushrooms or shrimp?"

"If you didn't want something you could of just told George none for me. A fluffer is the girl who preps the guys for me. She gets them hard and on the way to cumming. A good fluffer isn't easy to find. Missy's great. If she didn't prep the guys my pussy, jaw and ass would be sore for days. She also has the hairiest pussy I've ever seen. Pierre calls it Wooly Bully. So Saturday night King Dong can add Wooly Bully to the list of beaver pelts he's conquered. That is if you quit being so testy"

Melissa handed me a menu and said, "Look this over while I try to explain myself. You called me a whore. I was a prostitute in Brazil for a very short period until Andre recruited me for his adult films. Andre is my producer and manager. He was my lover but I'm too old for him now. Andre likes his women young. Andre has made me a 'movie star' in Brazil and an underground sensation, so I'm told, in Japan. At first these movies couldn't be distributed anywhere but Brazil at my insistence. Now they're also sent to Japan. I am a sex entertainer and barterer. As an entertainer I only do gangbang movies and in Brazil I do some live shows with audience participation. As a barterer I use sex for special considerations, to pay for services, and to harvest sperm."

I got up and went to the bar for another beer. I interrupted Mel to ask if she wanted a refill. She did. "Last year I made twenty movies for which I was paid $25,000. I received $1,000 per movie plus a bonus of $5,000 and somewhere around $3,000 at the Winn Dixie. I also own three businesses The Stowaway on Kathleen; a sex boutique in Tampa called La Petite Morte that means the little death a French euphemism for an orgasm and a vitamin wholesaler in Miami."

Melissa was sitting across from me, but she got up and moved along side me. She unbuckled my belt and reached into my shorts to fondle my cock. I guess King Dong was tuckered out because he wasn't responding to Mel's ministrations. The door leading to the kitchen opened and a small thin mustached man wearing a chef's cap over his dirty blonde hair entered bringing our appetizers. "Pierre! Come over here I need your help." She pulled back the tablecloth exposing my flaccid cock. 'See Robert seems to be having trouble getting an erection. Maybe if he watched me blowing you he'll become aroused."

Pierre walked to the table, put the tray down and unzipped his pants pulling out a limp prick. Melissa bent over and took his organ between her lips. I watch fascinated as it grew to its full size in her mouth. Melissa continued to fondle me with her right hand while grasping Pierre's cock with her left hand as she blew him. Melissa looked stunning more beautiful then I had ever seen her with her lips sliding up and down his shaft. To my surprise I became immediately aroused my cock straining to new heights.

"My God Melissa what a magnificent cock he has." Pierre said. "I know Missy will be panting when she sees it. I should have a huge load for you. I haven't cum since yesterday morning."

Melissa took Pierre's cock from her mouth and said, "You know my feeling the more cum the more fun. Robert not only does he have a huge and beautiful cock Pierre. He also made me squirt while eating me. He's my stud-muffin." I just sat there totally aroused and blushing.

"Pierre when you are ready to cum pull out and shot your sperm on my face. I think that would really please Robert. Robert get up and after Pierre splatters my face add your cum also."

I pushed my chair back, almost falling in my haste, and stood to her right. She continued pumping my cock while bobbing up and down on Pierre's. At one point she again released Pierre from her mouth and turned to me. She started kissing my cock and finished up by putting the tip to her lips and licking the pre-cum from the head and cock hole. She turned back to Pierre and impaled her mouth on the full length of his shaft and started swallowing to constrict her throat around his shaft. Pierre let out a big moan pulled out and shot spurt after spurt on the left side of her face.

She turned to me and said "Your turn Robert. Pierre, stand clear Robert's a shooter."

I took my cock out of her grasp and started jerking it. After a few strokes I shot my load on the right side of her face.

Pierre got a napkin off the table and handed it to Melissa. "No Pierre Robert knows what to do." I was perplexed for a moment then remembered my words from earlier that day. I extended my finger to Melissa's face and swabbed the cum to her parted lips. She greedily licked it from my finger. After moving most of the sperm from her face to her mouth I bent and kissed her. She had kept the loads in her mouth and transferred them to mine. It was like my first communion, I wanted to gag but knew I shouldn't. I swallowed.

Melissa threw her arms around me and whispered "Robert I love you." "And I you." I whispered back.


At this point the door to the kitchen open and George entered. Pierre had made himself presentable while Melissa and I were cooing and swapping sperm, but my pants were still around my ankles and my dick was waving in the breeze.

George excused himself and started to exit but Melissa said, "George we're ready to order." and in a casual manner continued with, "And doesn't Robert have an impressive cock."

"Robert must have some black blood in his family the way he's hung,' George joshed.

"I don't think so George. If I did I'd probably be tripping over it about now."

"George, please fix me another double. Robert will have the capellini with a double order of meatballs and a double order of sausage and drown it in sauce and. absolutely no garlic and no garlic bread either. And I'll have the colossal shrimp Parmesan. And a Caesar salad, Robert do you want a salad?"

Shaking my head I said, "Do I actually get to choose something on my own?"

George and Pierre both snickered and I said, "I'll have a garden salad with oil and vinegar and make sure the spaghetti sauce is marinara. I don't want any chunks of tomato in it"

"Robert I have reasons for what I ordered for you." She grinned and added, "The pasta and meat are to add bulk to you. You might be long but you could use some girth." George and Pierre were belly laughing now and it was infectious, I started laughing also.

Still laughing they both left the room. "Melissa I really think I can order for my self." I said while still laughing. "I know you can Robert but there's a reason for my assertiveness. I do want you to bulk up and carbs plus protein will help accomplish that. I was only kidding about your cock its plenty bulky but your upper body and arms could use some definition. Your legs are fine and you said I had the greatest ass but that was because you can't easily see yours'. You should hear the comments your ass gets around the pool. If all the women who've said they'd like a bite of your ass actually did, you wouldn't have an ass left. I also want you to eat red tomato sauce because it enhances the production of sperm."

"That sounds like a an old wives tale." I said.

"I'm sure plenty of old wives knew, but it's true. You'll see. On the way home we'll stop at The Stowaway and I'll get you a supply of special minerals and dietary supplements"

While Melissa and I ate the appetizers I said, "I have some questions for you Melissa. You told Pierre I was a shooter. What's a shooter?"

"When you cum the semen shoots out of your penis. When I blew you the back of my throat got a real blast. I almost gagged and I'm used to guys cumming in my mouth. I knew you were a shooter then. With many men the cum just oozes out of their cock."

"A girlfriend once asked me to jerk-off so she could see how far it shot. I have no idea how far it went but she was like 'My God'. I though all guys shot like that. Question two: why can't I have garlic? I like garlic on Italian food and its supposed to be healthy."

"Yes it is healthy, but it gives semen a nasty taste that I don't like. Any more questions?"

"Yeah, what minerals and supplements enhance sperm production?" "Zinc 50mg's, Niacin 500mg's, Lycopene 10mg's, Beta Sitosterol 150mg's, and most importantly L-arginine 1,000mg's all the guys I harvest semen from take these supplements at those doses daily. I also recommend they take 1,000mg's of Vitamin C, but I haven't heard of it helping sperm production."

"Where do you learn about this stuff? Pierre really covered you face. I think it was an unusually large load. Does he take your supplements?"

"Yes he does. I belong to an association of about 50 women who are all prodigious cum eaters we share information. We have a meet coming up in Atlanta on a May weekend. We swap recipes (not to mention swapping cum) and discuss how to enhance sperm production. We also have some fun with the men we bring with us. I want to bring you if you'll come and you will cum frequently. I guarantee you'll have a great time. I also do research at a medical school in Tampa. You wouldn't believe how much research is done on male sperm production and published in medical journals." "How did you hook up with these other women? Are they in 'the Business' too?"

"A couple of them are but most of them are wives and mothers. A few are doctors and a few are lawyers and one is a judge. The doctors are very helpful because they keep us up on STDS. That's what the doctors call sexually transmitted diseases. One of the lawyers helped me out of the jam that caused me to leave Miami. My sister-in-law Mercedes was the one who told me about the group. She's a sperm eater too. If you come with me you'll meet Mercedes and maybe Berti, my brother."

Our conversation ended as George entered the room with our food. After serving our dishes George pours another double for Melissa (her fourth; I was counting). He asked if I wanted another beer, but I declined since it was obvious I would be driving home.

When George brought her drink, Melissa slipped gave him a tip. When he left I asked why she didn't wait for the bill before tipping him. She told me there wouldn't be any bill. She only had to take care of the bar tab everything else had been paid for with past and future services like Saturday night.

We ate without much conversation. Melissa asked how my food was and I said great. I asked after hers with a similar reply.

When we finished Melissa asked me to get the booze we hadn't finished and she left for the bar. I join her there and she introduced me to the bartender, Frank. While I waited she invited him to Saturday night's main event and on the way out she stopped at John's station to invite him.

"How was dinner Robert." Asked John.

"Fantastic John, but the company was better."

"I'm sure it was." He replied while giving Melissa an admiring glance.

After exiting toward the parking lot Melissa went to the driver's side door and opened it. Then she started to get in.

"Whoa no way Melissa." I said. "I'm driving home."

"I'm oshay," She slurred.

"Look Mel there's a VIP aboard this vehicle I don't want hurt."

"There's no important person here."

"Who said anything about a person," I replied. "I meant a very important penis"

Melissa giggled and handed me the keys.

After getting into the passenger seat Melissa said, "Don't forget to stop at The Stowaway," and promptly passed out.

I drove around for a while just for the pleasure of driving a great car and in hopes of Mel sobering up some. After about half an hour I headed for The Stowawy. When I got there it was 10:30 by the dashboard clock and the gate was locked. The night watchman sauntered over and said, "Ain't that Miss Diaz's car?"

"Yeah. She's a little drunk and she wanted me to see her cars. She's sleeping next to me"

He pointed his flashlight towards the passenger seat and then opened the gate. "Stalls 14, 15 and 16. Brother you're in for a treat"

I wasn't sure if he meant Mel or her babies.

"Mel sweetie we're at The Stowaway, Mel honey."

She stirred, "Yeah?"

"We're at The Stowaway Melissa."

"Okay give me a minute"

Eventually she yawned and stretched and said, "Give me the keys."

I had parked in front of stall 14. Melissa went and opened the swinging doors. I couldn't see anything in the dark. Mel walked inside and turned on the lights. Boom! A beautiful red hardtop Corvette appeared like magic. It looked like it had never been driven.

Melissa started her monologue. "This is 1955 Corvette V8 gypsy red hardtop convertible, only 500 of the '55 Vette were made this is the seventh one produced."

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