tagNon-EroticSweet Nicolas

Sweet Nicolas


Paula289. "Hiya, Rouge."

Rouge545. "Hugggs, Paula, how's things?"

Satyr659. "Hello, Rouge, welcome back."

Concerta723. "Hey Rouge, kisses Satyr, huggs Paula, hello room."

Paula289. "Good thanks, Rouge."

Lethargicrhythms931. "Hello, Concerta, come sit on my lap, ."

Concerta723. "Hahahaha, no thanks Rhythms, you're wearing the lips icon today. You're up to mischief. I'll sit in Satyrs lap instead!"

Satyr659. "Careful, Concerta. It is the Bermuda Triangle of laps..."

Paula289. "Don't sit on Sat..."

Concerta723. "You mean you have things going down on you all the time, Sat?"

Satyr659. " I wish."

CrimsonSkittles361. "I have a question! What position would you give up, if you had to?"

AcademicAccident307. "Back to back."

{general lol's}

Catch22222. "The one involving the rotating platform and winch."

{more lol's}

{HumongousCock243 enters room} "Wot's up room? ASL all?"

{room titters}

Slickeddie495. "You've got to be kidding, HC!"

HumongousCock243. "Well, worth a try "

Paula289. "What are you wearing, HC?"

HumongousCock243. "Just shorts, nuttin else."

Paula289. "No shoes?"

HumongousCock243. "Nope!"

Paula289. "Then you don't get my next line! "

HumongousCock243. "Wassat?"

{room titters again}

{room quietens}

{Rouge545, cruising the list of chatters, looking at profiles} Hey, look at Nicolas772 profile, hit his link!

{pause in room}

{room resounds with woooooooo's, mmmmmmmmm's, and giggles}

{Puala289 does same and the link brings up a black and white picture of a supine male, the area of the image covering from his knees to chin, an erection resting upon his belly. Hmmm, hinteresting, she thinks. Opening up a pm box she types in...} "Love monochrome prints. You do photography, you took that?"

"Yes." Nicolas772 said.

"It's great" she said. "By the way, not trying to pick you up, I don't do casual."

"Thank you" he replied. "that is alright, I am here for company. My girlfriend is in the country, I find this chat room by accident."

"The print is well done," Paula289 praised, "Long gradation of tones, no dark shadows, good detail. You're young, taking art, you're French?"

"Yes, graphic arts." he said. and yes French. How do you know that?"

Laughing she answered. "Your link address, somewhere in Europe, your phrasing, I guessed France, and your age - your body."

"You can tell so much from the image?" he asked.

"Sure," she replied, "I've photographed nude bodies, they date themselves."

"Interesting," he said, " I did not realise I would reveal so much."

Paula289 went on, "For example, the long bones in your thighs and forearms. You grew so quickly to over six feet that your body couldn't keep up. You haven't yet filled in although your pectorals are now getting muscled, the others will later, putting you around 20 years old. Am I right?"

"Yes, you are." he said. "I have just reached 20 years."

"You could be a runner," she guessed, "You haven't developed the short bulky muscles of resistance training."

"I have done a lot of running." he conceded.

"Your skin has a natural light tan, as if with a slight Mediterranean heritage, and." she added, "it's smooth, almost hairless, moving from the almost female similarities of adolescence to your male adulthood."

A pause ensued...

"This is very strange." he came back with, "You are reading my body and it is affecting me."

"I'm just describing what I see." she answered. "You put the picture in your profile link for everyone to see. The feedback you get depends on who is looking. Did you hope it would arouse girls who clicked on the link? Should I chide you for those nails you have chewed on those fine long fingers?"

Another pause...

"This is not what I expected" he replied, "I don't know what I expected, but knowing you are seeing all over my body and describing it, right now.. it is very arousing"

Smiling Paula289 continued.

"Your chest has beautiful moulding over to the nipples and you have a small mole on the left. Your abdominal muscles are not distinct down to your navel and from there your smooth skin gives way to your flat belly... Your scrotum is the thick and soft of the youth, resting closely under the base of your shaft."

"Your erection is very full, but I think you are not yet fully hard in the picture. It's very heavy on your belly and should it be stroked you would rise proud above that soft pubic hair. Vertical ridges will appear in your shaft and the veins will stand out in engorgement. The dome of the head will glisten, and soon... a drop will appear in the slit..."

"Should a mouth reach down to cover your cock...


The sudden response halted Paula289 in her typing, she grinned with pleasure. The idea that was borne in her head, part way through the conversation was now fulfilled. Did he think to shock with the picture link posted in the chatroom? She fancied the result was not as he expected.

" Goodnight, sweet Nicholas..."

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