tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 02

Sweet November Ch. 02


Saturday, November 2nd

I must have been pretty tired. I barely remember lying down, but there I was reaching to turn off the alarm once again at 5:00 a.m. I pulled myself off the floor and got ready for the day ahead. I showered, shaved, etc....then proceeded to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I had to fumble around a little, looking for a recipe for French toast, but eventually I found it. Once I was satisfied with my preparation I took it to Jess. To my surprise she was already up and sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Thanks," she blurted, as she took the plate from my hands. "Here is a list of things to do around the house today. You can wear a sweatshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes while you do the yard work, but other than that I expect you to wear the usual. I am going out and I expect you to be done when I get home." Then she finished her last couple bites, finished getting ready and headed out the door.

I could not believe this list she gave me. I hope she did not plan on coming home anytime soon or there was no way I would get it all done. I had to mow the lawn one last time before winter, weed whack around the house, winterize the lawn, vacuum the whole house, do two loads of laundry, load and unload the dishwasher, put 4 bags of salt in the water softener, change the kitty litter, fix the spout in the spare bathroom, change any and all light bulbs that needed changing, dust off the two ceiling fans, and then shower once more before she got home.

I went to work almost immediately, hesitating just long enough to look the list over one more time in order to figure out the best way to do things. I loaded the washing machine and then the dish washer and then ran out to mow and weed whack. Before winterizing I switched the first load into the dryer, unloaded the dishwasher and threw some leftovers in the microwave for lunch.

After I got done winterizing I quickly changed back into my slave gear and went to fix the spout in the bathroom. This took me longer than expected and threw my schedule off from when I was guessing she would return. So I grabbed the water softener salt and ran down to the basement, filled up the softener, changed the kitty litter, and grabbed some light bulbs.

I changed the bulbs while I dusted the fans when it struck me that I left the salt bags and dirty cat litter in the basement so I rushed to get those before I forgot. I threw my trash away then grabbed my list to look it over one last time. All I had left to do was finish the laundry, vacuum, and take a shower, but it was already approaching 7 p.m. and I had no idea when she would be home.

I threw my panties in with the last load of laundry knowing they had to be pretty sweaty the way I had been running around. Then I started vacuuming. It felt a little strange vacuuming the house wearing just some leather cuffs and a collar, but at the same time it was kind of nice. I finished up just as the washer finished. I pulled the first load from the dryer and moved the second in its place. I folded the first load, put it away and then jumped in the shower.

I wanted so desperately to relax, but was not sure that was a safe thing to do so I hustled through it, dried my self off, and did a little grooming. When I checked the dryer it still had a few minutes to go so I took the opportunity to look over the house one last time and make sure everything was in order. It was good that I did because I had left a glass out and forgot to put the vacuum away. My timing could not have been much better as the dryer went off right as I put the vacuum in the closet.

I grabbed a basket and folded the towels in the dryer, quickly put them away, and put my pale green "Saturday" panties back on. It was now pushing 9:00 p.m. and I had not heard a word from her. I decided to try to relax a bit and lie down on the couch when I heard the garage door going up. My Diva had returned. I got up and walked over to the spot where I knew she would want me and knelt with my eyes cast down. Moments later she walked in with a couple shopping bags under each arm.

"Take these," she commanded. "I expect everything to be put away immediately." Then she walked straight into the bathroom, closed the door and began to run herself some bath water. She did not even look at the house and notice all the hard work I had done. I was dejected.

I opened the bags to find a couple pair of shoes, some new blouses, a dress, and a sweater. I put the shoes right where I knew she wanted them. Then I folded the sweater and put it in her drawer. Finally I pulled out the blouses and the dress and noticed they were a bit wrinkled. I got out the ironing board and iron and went to task. Just as I finished up and put the last thing away I heard her calling for me. I went to the edge of the tub right away.

"You've worked hard today, haven't you?" she asked.

"Yes, mistress," I answered.

"Why don't you go get some rest then," she responded. "I won't need you again until morning." Then she put her washcloth back over her eyes and shooed me out the door.

I was taken aback, but at the same time too exhausted to say anything so I just found my spot on the floor and went to sleep.

Sunday, November 3..............

I woke Sunday morning with a start. A little bit of sun was peeking through the blinds. "How did I miss the alarm?" I wondered to myself. I looked up at the clock to see it was nearly 8 a.m. I shot out of bed knowing I was going to be in huge trouble.

Before I could make it all the way to my feet I heard Jess say as she stepped through the doorway into our room, "I turned the alarm off. You have nothing to worry about. Now get ready and meet me in the kitchen for breakfast when you get done."

A sense of relief washed over me and I proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower. When I was all done I came out of the bathroom and reached in the drawer to get my panties of the day but could not find them. I looked again, but they were nowhere to be found.

Jess must have heard me shuffling around. "You aren't going to find any no matter how hard you look," she called from the other room. "It's Sunday. You don't need panties. Now hurry up."

I continued to dry myself off, finished the rest of my grooming, and then put my cuffs and collar back on. After that I headed in to join her. I found her sitting at the bar in the kitchen looking over the Sunday paper while eating a donut and enjoying some coffee.

"Have some." She pointed at the open box and the glass of milk she had poured for me. Part of me was disappointed that this was all we were having for breakfast, but part of me was also glad that I did not have to make anything.

As I took my first bite from the chocolate cake donut I had selected I heard her say, "You did a nice job with the house yesterday so I thought I'd get us a treat."

"Thank you, mistress," came my response, as I swallowed. I stood there in relative silence as I finished my donut and started on another.

"While I was out of town yesterday I had someone check up on you every once in a while to make sure you weren't cheating," she commented, as she continued to flip through the paper. "I'm happy to say you did well. Although I have to ask why you chose to go without the panties while you vacuumed. She told me that she had a hard time leaving after a couple minutes of watching your tight body strut around in just a little bondage gear. So, where were your panties?"

"They were in the wash, mistress. I wanted to be ready for you when you got home and I had been sweating all day," I answered, and then finished my last gulp of milk.

"Very good," she replied. "Anyway, as I was saying, Amber was pretty impressed with you when she checked up on you yesterday so I told her she could come over and play. You remember Amber, don't you? Cute, young, little redhead, with a body that won't quit. She should be here any minute." She looked up from her paper to see the look on my face and to watch my cock begin to twitch. "I see. You do remember Amber," she laughed.

Just then the doorbell rang. "That must be her. Take that sprinkle donut to her when you answer the door. Those are her favorite."

I picked up a napkin, placed the donut on it, and started towards the door.

"Not like that," snapped my wife. "Come here!" She took the donut from my hand, grabbed my now fully-erect cock and slid it down the shaft causing the donut to break in half. "Damn it, you made me break it," she chided, as she smacked my naked ass and grabbed another. "Now hold still." This time she used her finger to open the hole up a little more before she slid it on. "Now go answer the door. She has waited long enough," and then she slapped my ass once more.

I stepped quickly yet cautiously toward the door. When I opened the door Amber looked me up and down. "My favorite," she exclaimed, as she dropped to her knees and began to devour both my cock and the donut. The sensation was incredible, but I was unable to completely enjoy it because I was somewhat distracted by the fact she never came completely in the door.

So there I stood, basically naked, for my whole neighborhood to see while I was being serviced by a woman who wasn't my wife. I tried to back up and pull her inside but she grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me back. I had no choice but to relax, enjoy, and hope no one came by.

Over the next couple of minutes she nibbled every last bite and licked every bit of frosting from my member, but the distraction of being displayed to the world kept me from shooting my load. Finally she rose to her feet, thanked me for the donut, stepped inside, slammed the door, and slapped me on the ass. Then she walked into the kitchen to chat with Jess as if nothing had happened. I stood there in shock.

I am not sure how long I stood there, but the next thing I remember was Jess and Amber walking toward me as they both began taking off their clothes.

"Amber was just telling me how her boyfriend broke up with her after she told him about all the things we did to you last time. So...her pussy could really use some attention. I figure since it is pretty much your fault she's single again, you can help her with that problem. I also figure while you are at it you can take care of me too. That's not going to be a problem, is it?"

"No, mistress," I responded, as she pulled me to the middle of the living room, pushed me down to my knees and then onto my back. Then she pulled my hands together over my head and around the leg of the couch and secured them together. At the same time Amber had a firm grip on my erection stroking it a few times before she fastened a cock ring on. It was incredibly tight, but seemed to make my cock harder than I can ever remember it being.

Amber leaned over to whisper in my ear while Jess rose to remove her bra and panties. "I know this is a smaller ring than you are used to, but the people I sell 'toys' for tell me it will keep you harder longer, enhancing our pleasure, and keep you from cumming too soon." Then she stood up and removed the remainder of her clothes as well.

Jess kneeled down next to me and began to caress my balls before suddenly tightening her grip. "I don't care how well this thing works. You had better not come until I tell you to or you will be severely punished. Got it?!"

"Yes, mistress," I whispered, as she still held tightly to my testicles.

"Good," she followed, as she released them. "Amber, he's all yours."

With almost no hesitation Amber and her neatly-trimmed pussy were seated on my face. "I know it has only been a couple weeks since my boyfriend left me, but I have been so horny since that day I spent with you and the ladies that my vibrator just doesn't do it for me right now. I had to get more of your magic tongue," she proclaimed, as I licked her already-wet pussy.

She was not kidding either. She had at least four orgasms before she turned around and forced me to eat out her ass as well. Amber orgasmed at least once from that before she slid back to let me eat her pussy once again while she began to suck on my cock. I knew I could not cum or I would be in a lot of trouble, but licking her delicious twat was making it very hard me to concentrate.

I thought I was in the clear when she started to get up after I had brought her to her third climax since tossing her salad. That was until I heard her say, "Jess, do mind if I fuck him? I haven't had a real cock inside me in two weeks."

I looked up to my first real signs of daylight in I don't know how long, to hear my wife say, "Nope, that's fine. You probably should give his mouth a break anyways. He is going to need it when I get done with this." My vision had just cleared when I saw her plunge her vibrator back inside her and she began to moan as I am sure she had been for some time.

The next thing I knew Amber slid her wet slit down my shaft. As wet as she was she was still incredibly tight and the sensation was almost unbearable. Jess must have seen the look on my face as I began to buck up against her as she rode me.

"Don't you dare come," she barked, "or you will pay!"

I snapped back to reality, determined to not bring any more pain or punishment upon myself until absolutely necessary.

"Yes, mistress," I grumbled, as I looked over into her determined eyes.

Just then I heard the now familiar sound of Amber climaxing once again, but this time it was different. She began to scream out in ecstasy, "Oh yes, oh Yes, OH YES, YES, YES, YES..." She continued to scream as she rode me like a bucking bronco. She began to pinch her beautiful pink nipples as her orgasm seemed to reach yet another level and she threw her head back and began to fuck me even harder than before.

My concentration was almost broken when she finally began to come back down and collapsed on top of wrapping her arms around my torso, holding her sweat glistening body to mine.

As she lay there catching her breath she gasped, "That... was... amaz..ing!" She took several more deep breaths then she whispered in my ear. "I am so glad I brought that cock ring with me too, for your sake and mine. I have a feeling Jess may not be so kind though." Then she bit down on my ear lobe before she rolled off.

I lay there catching my breath while I watched Jess walk toward me. "I bet you are pretty proud of yourself, aren't you slave? You got to eat out and fuck a pretty girl while your wife watched and you fended off your punishment," she sneered. "Well let's see how you do with out this little contraption." And then she grabbed my package and pulled the ring off with a jerk.

I winced a little as I waited for the pain to subside. Then Jess pulled out a long piece of shoestring and tied it tight around the base of my genitals. She reached up over my head and released my hands only to sit me up and secure them once again behind my back.

"I hope you're ready, slave," she jeered. "I plan to make it next to impossible for you not to come, and then I plan to punish you when you do. But first things first, get up and follow me," she commanded as she practically pulled me up by the string circling my cock and balls.

I sprang to my feet as fast as I could and followed her quickly over to the love seat where Amber now sat watching us. Jess sat right down on her lap and spread both of their legs. It was a sight to see. Two incredibly sexy, naked women sitting their legs wide open for me.

"You can take turns," Jess chimed, as she tugged on the string bringing me to my knees. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to her moistness.

I was more than happy to oblige as I found a vigor I had not known before, but could only attribute to being so turned on. Amber had to slump down a bit for me to go back and forth, but she didn't seem to mind. They both seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Every few minutes Jess would pull my hair and direct me from one waiting pussy to the other.

I did not notice at first, but every time Jess pulled my head away from herself, Amber would remedy it by putting two of her fingers inside my wife while she kissed her neck. Then when she pulled my head back up she would play with my wife's nipples instead. This array of events caused my wife to climax more times than I could count and made my cock start to drip with pre-come. Amber seemed to be doing pretty well herself.

After nearly an hour Jess yanked on the string and gasped for me to stop. I rocked back on my heels and started to catch my breath while Jess slid off of Amber into the empty spot next to her on the love seat.

"Now we're going to find out how much you can take," Jess teased, "but you still can't come." My divas sat there for a couple more minutes catching their breath before Amber finally rose and released my hands from their bondage. Then she disappeared into the bedroom. Shortly thereafter Jess stood, pulled me up by my "leash", and led me into the bedroom.

There, the two ladies sat on the edge of the bed next to each other while Amber tied another identical shoestring around my boys. Then both of them got down on their knees and began to lick my cock from top to bottom. Amber even went so far as to poke her finger tip in my asshole at the same time. After several minutes they stood back up, turned around next to each other and bent over to rest their folded arms on the bed. Now the both had their beautiful bottoms and pussies presented to me.

Jess looked back over her shoulder at me and said, "I am going to pull on this string and you are going to fuck me...but you cannot come."

Then Amber said, "Then, I am going to pull on this string and you are going to fuck me, but you cannot come."

Then Jess followed. "If you can go thirty minutes without shooting your load, then you get to come in our beautiful asses."

And Amber chimed in, "But if you come before the bell rings, then we get to fuck your ass." Then she reached up under a pillow and pulled out a little digital timer and pressed start.

No sooner had she pressed the button than Jess started tugging on her string pulling me towards her. "Fuck me," she commanded, pulling harder on the string. I slid my dick inside her slippery hole and slowly went at it trying to pace myself. "I said, 'fuck me'," Jess commanded once more, pulling even tighter on the reins. Now I picked up the pace and started really giving it to her.

"My turn," Amber blurted, as she pulled on her strings. I entered her the same way I started with Jess and met the same response. She pulled harder and told me I was going to have to do better than that.

Approximately every 3-4 minutes one of them would tug on their string and make me switch. Apparently as worked up as they were, that was about all they needed since they both had two more orgasms since we started this game. This was working to my advantage as I never got enough momentum to worry about cumming even though I was now forced to really pound them every time.

I looked down at the timer and saw I only had eight minutes to go. Jess saw it too and went to work. She knew how much I loved being talked dirty to and how hard it made me come.

"You only have eight minutes to go," she taunted, while I continued to give it to her. "In eight minutes you are going to get to not only fuck my luscious ass, but Amber's virgin ass also." Then I felt the tug of Amber pulling me back over to her.

As I moved over to her my wife rolled over onto her back and began to play with her own tits and clit as she teased me. "That's right. If you can hold out for only seven more minutes you'll get to go where no man has gone before." She continued this teasing until there were only three minutes to go. Then she really got to talking.

"So what's it like putting your big, giant cock in that tight pussy? I bet you can't wait to shove it in her ass." Then she reached up and smacked Amber's ass. Not only did this draw my attention down to the pretty pink hole I wanted so badly for my own, but it also excited Amber and caused her to push back even harder at me with each thrust.

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