tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 15

Sweet November Ch. 15


Thursday, November 21st

I woke up this morning somewhat refreshed from a good night's sleep, but as I began to pull myself out of bed the realization of how sore my muscles truly were began to hit me. My back was stiff and my shoulders and calves ached as I pulled myself to the edge of the bed and stood to head towards the bathroom. I stretched my arms and fingers as I walked gingerly across the warm carpet and I felt a few pops as my joints reacted in time. As I expected, there was a crème-colored envelope waiting for me when I approached the door.


Relax. Today all you have to do is show up. Get dressed and be downstairs by 10:00 a.m.

Moments later when I left the bathroom, I discovered that I had slept better than I had realized. Instead of it being just after eight in the morning like I presumed, it was twenty 'til ten. I was so glad I had taken a shower the night before.

I headed back into the bathroom to brush my teeth, shave, and do my hair as quickly as possible. Then I rushed back into my room to find a comfortable pair of jeans, a dark gray long-sleeve t-shirt, some athletic socks, and tennis shoes. Needless to say, it looked like relaxing would not be a problem.

Once I was comfortable with my appearance I headed out the door and down to the lobby to meet my ride. As per usual the same black Town Car sat waiting for me just outside the door. The only difference was this time when I got in my Asian Princess was not alone.

A woman in her late thirties was waiting for me in the back seat. While she was relatively good looking and I would not have minded serving her at all, I immediately got the feeling she was just there as a formality. Her business suit and ultra-serious demeanor struck me from the second I got in the car, but she chose not to speak until we were a good ten to fifteen blocks from the hotel. The second she did so, all my suspicions were confirmed.

"I represent someone who is a bit of a celebrity," she started. "I am here to ensure that the utmost care is taken in preserving her reputation. As I am sure you will understand, if the details of your encounter were to leak out to the public it could be devastating to her career. Does this make sense to you?"

"Yes," I replied, not quite sure of what was going on, or who she spoke of, but knowing that if she was involved in even a fraction of the stuff I had been apart of in the last couple weeks most people would not be able to handle it.

"Good," she followed. "As a precaution it is only fair that we inform you that if you did try to go to someone, you would be shut down as fast as you got started. We have put some people in place to vouch for her whereabouts during this time so that in case anything did leak out we would be able to deny it unequivocally and slap a defamation of character lawsuit on them so fast their head would spin."

"Okay," I responded, not knowing what else to say and becoming more and more curious about this person with every passing second.

"One last thing," she said. "You will not be meeting her today."

I shot her a confused look and waited for the other shoe to fall.

"She realized that you would have been put through a lot by this time, so she purchased you for two days." She paused briefly and smiled as we pulled into our destination. "So today will be used to get you back to better than new so that tomorrow you do not disappoint."

As she finished she smiled a teasing smile, winked and then reached for the door handle. As quickly as she got out of the back of the Town Car she transitioned to the back of a brand new Mercedes. There appeared to be a woman waiting for her in the back as the car drove away, but the dark tint on the windows forbade me from seeing anything more than the shadow of a woman.

I crawled out of my side of the car and found myself standing at the base of some steps that led up to a quaint little cottage on the edge of a beautiful private lake. Judging by the driveway and some of the landscaping I got the impression this was not merely a home, but more of a retreat or perhaps a bed and breakfast. Upon reaching the top of the steps and opening the door I discovered that it was actually an exclusive spa.

"Good morning!" came the greeting from a lovely raven-haired young lady who met me at the door. "We have been expecting you."

Then she reached under the counter and pulled out a white terrycloth robe and matching boxer shorts. "Please go put these on," she insisted pleasantly, as her bright blue eyes looked through me. "We will be ready in just a few moments."

I stepped into the small bathroom and quickly changed into the aforementioned attire. To my surprise it was even more comfortable than I imagined. Then I placed my clothes in a wicker basket with my name written on it and returned to the area where I had met the young woman.

"Follow me," she said, leading me through the cottage and out onto the deck facing the crystal clear lake. "Have a seat here. I will be right back."

The deck was heated and partially covered to be used as an all-season room, but with the windows slightly open the cool crisp air of November funneled in. There was even a slight hint of burning leaves caressing my nostrils as I reclined in the soft chair she had directed me to.

"Here you go. Drink this," she offered, as she held out a tall glass for me containing unrecognizable contents.

"What is it?" I could not help but ask, eyeing the green creamy liquid.

"It will help you relax and clean out your system," she responded, still holding it out for me to take.

I slowly took it from her and held it under my nose. Its pungent smell startled me a bit and I pulled my head back immediately.

"Its bark is worse than its bite," she promised, snickering a bit at my response.

I took a quick sip. The initial taste was a little strong, but the aftertaste was actually quite pleasant, almost tropical. I decided to go for it and gulped the whole thing down quickly. The flavors of kiwi and tangerine trickled over my taste buds as I swallowed the chalky concoction and felt its coolness fill my stomach.

"Go ahead and relax here for a few minutes while we let that sink in. I am going to get your sauna ready," she informed me, as she took the glass back from me. "By the way, you can call me Erica if you need anything."

I lounged comfortably in the chair while I looked out over the lake. It was calm and peaceful unlike anything I had experienced in quite some time. Suddenly I felt a cold shiver run over my body immediately followed by a warming sensation. It was as if Icy-Hot was running through my veins. I could only think the drink must be responsible and figured it best to let it run its course.

"I see the drink is working," I heard Erica say, as she walked up behind me.

"How's that?" I responded inquisitively.

"Take a look," she answered, pointing to the exposed part of my arms and legs.

I had begun to sweat and my skin was turning red. Amidst the other sensations I was feeling I had not even noticed.

"Don't worry. It's a normal, safe reaction," she assured me, obviously noticing my concern. "Now let's get you into that sauna to help this along."

Erica led me to me to the sauna in the corner of the establishment. Then she held out her hand suggesting that I give her my robe and shorts. Quickly I obliged and then stepped into the steam-filled room. After only a few minutes I began to get a little light-headed and decided to lie down on the wooden bench. Shortly thereafter I must have drifted off.


I have no idea how long I was out, but the next thing I remember was Erica and another woman standing over me trying to wake me up. By now the steam was all gone, but my head still felt foggy. In addition, my muscles felt like Jell-O as they worked to help me to my feet. After a couple attempts they got me up and walked me down the hall to the bathroom.

Standing me up in front of the toilet Erica told me to go ahead and pee. I did not realize how badly I needed to go, but as soon as I let myself, a steady stream released. As the women held me up Erica took my penis in her hand and held it steady so as to not allow it to spray everywhere. As much as I was embarrassed by this I was powerless to do anything.

After several minutes of urinating, the women practically carried me into another room where they set me in a barber's chair. While Erica made sure I was comfortable in the cold vinyl chair, her assistant went to the sink and began to work with some lotions and other various chemicals.

"I'm Meredith," the redheaded woman said, as she walked towards me with a quart-size plastic bag in her hands. The bag was filled with a milky white substance and she was kneading it in her fingers apparently to mix up the ingredients. "I am here to help you get back in the shape you need to be for tomorrow. Mistress J. wants you to be in top physical condition when she takes possession of you and Erica and I are going to make sure that happens."

I nodded my understanding and felt Erica take my arm. Looking down I watched helplessly as she wrapped a tourniquet around it and prepared to hook me up to an IV. What was in the bag I did not know, but they assured me it was for my benefit.

As Erica taped the needle in place and started the IV, Meredith finished kneading her bag as her brown eyes stared at my crotch. Then she stepped in front of me, pulled my legs apart and slid the opening over my soft cock and balls. I felt the lotions ooze over me and penetrate my skin. The feeling was wonderful and my cock began to grow. Meredith seemed happy by this development and grabbed the bag at the top and held it tight while pulling a rubber band up and around the base of my genitals to hold it in place. The liquid somehow continued to flow over and around my genitals while a tingling sensation kicked in.

"You may go back to sleep," Erica told me, as she pulled the chair into a reclining position. "We'll come back for you when it's time."

As relaxed as I was, I do not think she even left the room before I was asleep


Once again I found myself being awakened by Erica and Meredith, only this time I felt much less out of it. Gauging my surroundings, I realized I was still in the chair but the bag around my genitals was gone and my white terry cloth shorts had been returned. In addition my IV had been removed and a mere Band-Aid sat in its place.

"Hungry?" Meredith asked, as they motioned for me to follow and handed me back my robe.

"A little, I guess," I responded. I was a little perplexed, realizing I was not nearly as hungry as I imagined I should have been.

"You probably won't get too hungry," Erica responded, sensing my confusion. "The stuff we gave you should take care of that, but we thought we would offer you some pie none-the-less."

"Pie?" I questioned.

"Meredith makes an incredible rhubarb pie, and it is completely organic," Erica added, handing me a piece, "so it won't hurt the progress we are making here today."

I sat down at the table with the ladies and took a quick bite. Having never had rhubarb I was pleasantly surprised and slowly worked my way through my piece while trying to engage the women in conversation in order to find out who my mistress would be tomorrow. I soon discovered that either they did not know anything more than the first initial or were forbidden to say. Either way, I got nothing.

"Time to get back at it," Erica stated, as she stood up from the table. "We don't want to disappoint our mystery lady," she added with a wink, just to prod me even more.

Meredith and I stood and she led me to a room containing a simple massage table. Once again I was asked to strip and then told to lay face-down on the table. Over the next hour-and-a-half I received the greatest deep tissue massage I have ever been given in my entire life. The muscles in my body had never felt so energized and even my flexibility seemed to have increased.

At one point during the massage, while I was lying on my back, Meredith held my semi-erect cock in her hand and whispered to me, "I could have a lot of fun with this."

"What is stopping you?" I asked with my arms pulled back over my head.

She gave it a few quick strokes and it began to grow. "I can't," she said, stopping abruptly. "They'll kick me out if they find out...and they always find out."

I needed no further explanation, but I was definitely disappointed.

Once the massage was over she handed my shorts back to me and showed me back to the room where the barber's chair sat. While Meredith prepared to give me a pedicure, Erica walked in to give me a manicure. I could not help but think how strange this month had been. While most of it had been spent as someone's toy, much of it had been spent with me being taken care of like never before. What a strange November.

As the women trimmed and shaped my nails, I once again engaged them in conversation. This time I avoided the topic of the mystery woman and instead tried to learn more about their apparent secret society. This was met with even more obstacles than the previous topic and I soon found myself sitting in silence while they finished up.

The moment they finished the two women took me to take a shower. As I stripped off my shorts, they stripped down as well. The scrubs they were wearing all day had concealed their figures and I understood why. If their clients had any clue what was hidden beneath them they would be getting hit on all day long by men and women alike. While this might be good for some business, I got the impression they typically took this quite seriously.

Erica's beautiful black hair and piercing blue eyes were just the tip of the iceberg. She had an athletic build with nice strong arms and shapely legs and the ass of a gymnast. Her tits were small and perky and her sweet pink nipples stood out like pencil erasers, but the thing that grabbed my attention and would not let go was her perfectly trimmed, triangle-shaped, jet black pubic hair pointing down to her tight little pussy.

Meredith was just as astonishing; with short red hair and big brown eyes, you could easily get lost in her face alone. Then, when you were not looking, her lightly-freckled skin crept up on you and revealed her full round breast with large pink nipples that cried out to be sucked. Her ass was rounder than Erica's and fit her body well, but once again I found myself captivated by the sight of her curly reds drawing my attention to her luscious mound.

While Erica turned on the shower, Meredith pushed me in. They both followed close behind as the hot water ran over our bodies. I leaned down to press my lips to Meredith's, but she held me back. The ladies grabbed two bottles of body wash and poured them in their hands. Meredith took the blue wash she had and lathered it quickly in her hands and then began to wash my body from top to bottom. The body wash was grittier than I was used to and felt more like something I would expect at a mechanic's shop.

As Erica lathered her hands with the green wash she held, Meredith positioned me under the nozzle to rinse me off. She paid a little too much attention to my swollen member and Erica reminded her of the consequences.

Finally Erica covered my body with the body wash foam that had enveloped her hands. As harsh as the previous wash felt, this one was refreshing. The cool mint sensation it gave me was like an ice-blue cough drop all over my body. It was heavenly.

Next the ladies retreated from the shower and told me to wash and condition my hair. I stood there in stunned silence as the two sexy women exited, leaving me alone with my throbbing erection. Meredith looked longingly at me as she disappeared from sight, while Erica winked devilishly as she, too, disappeared.

I took the shampoo from the shelf and quickly washed and rinsed my hair. Just as quickly I applied and rinsed the conditioner and fled the shower in hopes of catching the women still dressing and enticing them into a quick tryst. I was unsuccessful.

Upon exiting the shower I found the wicker I basket I had left my clothes in earlier that day. On it sat a note:


Have fun tomorrow and no matter how HARD, avoid the temptation to rub one out before then.

I had to snicker a little, but honestly, found it more frustrating than funny. Grudgingly, I dried off, pulled my clothes from the basket, dressed and left the bathroom.

"Good bye!" I called out, as I reached for the handle on the front door.

No response came and I pulled open the door hoping to draw out a reply.

Still no response came. I stepped out the door, pulled it closed behind me and trod down the steps to the waiting Town Car. As I opened the door to the car, I looked back one last time to where no one stood waving. I crawled in realizing this was all part of my crazy month. They had rules to play by and so did I. Obviously they were better at this game than I was.

As the car pulled out of the driveway my Asian Princess threw an envelope in the back seat. Immediately I ripped it open to find this note:


Tomorrow will be a big day for both of us...one I hope neither of us will soon forget. Although you do not yet know who I am, it is of great importance to me that you understand how delicate this situation is. If you are able to keep this secret it will be a moment we will both be able to cherish for a long time. Please respect this request for privacy and I can promise you will not regret it.



P.S. In order to ensure we have the best possible time tomorrow it is imperative that you not climax until then.

After reading the note over several times, I folded it up and placed it in my pocket. My mind once again filled with possibilities. With every idea that filled my mind, there followed a reason it could not be. As I reached my hotel, I was crippled by the thought that this organization was much greater than I could wrap my head around and the possibilities were truly endless.

Upon exiting the car my chauffeur bid me good day, but I do not know if or how I responded. I do not remember hitting the button on the elevator, or opening the door to my room, but somehow I ended up in my hot tub trying to clear my mind enough to put together coherent thought and finally found a way to distract myself enough to relax again as Sportscenter came on the television and gave me something else to entertain my thoughts. Shortly after it ended I crawled into bed and fell asleep.

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