tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 16

Sweet November Ch. 16


Friday, November 22nd

'Only two days left before I get to go home,' I thought to myself as I woke up.

Although the more I thought about it, the more I realized that was not necessarily a good thing. After all, here at the hotel I got to sleep in a comfortable bed, get room service and watch a little TV now and then.

When I get back home I am sure I will be stuck sleeping on the floor for another week and cleaning up the house. The upside is that I would get to be back with my wife. As exhausted as I had been lately I had not thought much about how I missed her, but I really did miss her.

I crawled out of the bed and stretched as I headed to the bathroom to relieve myself. As I began to move I realized how refreshed and alive I felt. Whatever those ladies had done yesterday, it worked. My muscles were not sore anymore and I felt ready to take on the world. I do not think I have felt this good since my college days.

As I continued to walk towards the bathroom, I spotted the crème-colored envelope slid under my door that I had grown so accustomed to seeing. As usual, I picked it up and took it with me to read.


Enjoy your morning. You will be picked up in your room at 1:30 sharp.

Be sure to eat before that and wear whatever you like. You will be changing when you get there.

As I finished up and turned on the shower, I realized I had quite a bit of time on my hands and had no idea what to do with it. Unfortunately I did not have too many options considering I did not have a car to get me anywhere. For now I decided to just get ready and see where the morning took me.

As I lathered up I could not help but notice how much softer my skin felt than normal. Being a white-collar guy I always tried to take pretty decent care of myself in order to look and feel my best. I felt like it gave my confidence a little extra boost. However, this was a whole new level. Even my hair felt softer and I did not remember them even touching it.

I had to guess the IV, the lotions, the body wash, and the drink all played a part in the equation, but I never figured the difference would be this noticeable. In fact even my cock seemed a little softer and smoother as I washed it. The bad part here was that I paid a little too much attention on it and soon found myself sporting some solid wood.

I grabbed my shaft in my hand and began to slide my fist up and down as I worked myself into a frenzy. As my excitement grew, I was haunted by the thought that I had been told not to climax until later. I slowed down the pace and began to roll my enlarged balls in my hand as I considered the consequences. I wanted to come so badly, but with everything that I had witnessed these past few days, I knew it would come back to haunt me...somehow they would know...somehow I would pay.

I pulled my hand from my throbbing member and placed it on the shower knob. I turned it to cold as fast as I could before I had a chance to change my mind. The rapid change in temperature took my breath away, as well as deflated my erection. Finally, I stepped out of the shower shivering as I reached out for my towel.

"That was close," I heard a vaguely familiar voice say, and I stumbled coming out of the shower from the surprise.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, as I took the towel from her hand. I recognized her as the woman in the car yesterday.

"Just checkin' out the goods," she responded, as she looked me up and down with a wicked grin on her lips. "And I must say, 'I like what I see'."

Then she stepped forward confidently and grabbed my balls in her hands. I gasped a little as she squeezed. "It is very important to her that these remain full. Do you understand?" she asked, locking eyes with me.

I hesitated briefly as she held her stare and then gave a subtle pull. "Yes, I understand," I gulped.

"Good, we'll see you in a little while," she responded curtly, then released my balls and stepped quickly from the room. Her heels clicked with every step and then she was gone.

I leaned over the sink with my palms pressed down on the counter as I caught my breath. Once again, my mind raced with possibilities of who the mystery woman could be. I could not get my mind off of it as I finished getting ready and got dressed.

Finally, I decided to leave the room and head down to the business center to do a little web surfing as well as check up on my e-mail. After replying to a few e-mails and surfing for quite some time to get my mind clear, I looked up at the clock and discovered it was almost noon.

Not wanting to press my luck, I shut it down and headed out the door to the restaurant's lounge. As much as I wanted to go someplace different, I had no money and this could be charged to the room.

I sat at the bar and watched the TV while I waited for my sandwich to arrive. This served to keep my mind occupied through my meal until it was nearly one and I decided to head back to my room. I knew I would only have to wait a while and this would give me one last chance to use the restroom before I headed out.

After sitting on the bed for several minutes flipping through channels on the television, I heard a knock on the door. As I rose to answer it, I looked down at the alarm clock near my bed and saw it read 1:30 on the dot.

With every step I took, my stomach began to churn. Butterflies had apparently decided to take up residence there and I could only hope that I did not look as anxious as I felt. Taking a deep breath I reached for and opened the door.

"You ready to go?" the woman from earlier asked, as I pulled open the door.

"Of course," I responded confidently, hoping she could not see through my bravado.

"Great, let's go," she responded, and started towards the elevator. Even though she was much smaller and older than I, I had to step fast to keep up.

Once inside the elevator she pulled a key from her pocket and slid it into the keyhole next to the numbers to indicate what floor. The doors quickly closed and I felt the elevator going up. I was unaware that this hotel had a penthouse suite, but I got the feeling that was where we were headed. I was wrong.

When we got to the top, we exited the elevator and headed out a steel door to a short flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs was another steel door that led us outside to where a helicopter was waiting.

"Get in," the woman hollered, and motioned for me to go to the passenger side. Meanwhile she climbed into the driver's seat and fired it up.

I struggled with the door a bit as I tried to pull it shut and took almost as long getting my seatbelt on as well. As I worked to get comfortable she must have sensed my confusion with the whole situation.

Over the noise of the helicopter she began to tell me, "Mistress J. values her privacy a lot, so when she hires people like me to be her assistant it is always a big plus if we have other capabilities so that she can employ as few people as possible." As we lifted off she finished, "I am her agent, adviser, accountant, and pilot. About the only things I don't do is prepare her meals and direct her movies."

I was mesmerized by the view as we flew across town to a sky-rise where the mystery woman was waiting. After landing softly on the roof we exited the helicopter and headed for a door on the corner of the roof. Once inside, the assistant pulled a key card from her pocket to let us through to the living quarters. I had heard rumors about people staying in this hotel's penthouse suite, but I had never known anyone who had or even seen pictures.

It was incredible. Much of the suite was covered in beautiful hardwood floors, while the rest had carpet that felt like silk. The chandeliers and Victorian-themed furniture continued the upper-class feel of the room as did the grand piano and countless other amenities. I was a bit blown away by it all.

"You will need to change in there," my guide said, pointing to a room off to the side of the great room. "She will be ready for you in just a few minutes."

Nervously, I headed towards the room and went inside. The room was about 12'x 12' but it was completely empty except for one lone chair that appeared to have been borrowed from the dining room. On it sat a mid-sized cardboard box.

I opened the box to find four white leather cuffs, a white leather collar and a white leather jock strap. I found this a bit unusual but figured everyone has their vices. After I stripped out of my clothes and put the newly appointed ones on, and I placed mine in the box and put the box on the chair. Just as I set it down I heard the door open behind me.

"Don't turn around," I heard a familiar voice say. "I am not ready for you to see me yet."

I stopped myself just in time and held my position. 'Where do I know that voice from?' I thought to myself.

She stepped up behind me and pulled a padded white blindfold over my eyes. Once she had it secured and felt confident I could not see her she began to walk around me grazing my body with her fingertips. As she came to stand in front of me she pushed the chair away from me to give herself some more room while she continued her inspection. Periodically I would hear her mumble something under her breath as she traced my abs with her fingertips or ran her nails across my exposed ass.

Suddenly she stopped in front of me once again and ran her fingers over my chest as she addressed me. "Do you know who I am?" she asked.

I shrugged as she moved the back of her fingers to graze my hardened nipples.

"I can't hear you," she responded, and then pinched both nipples between her thumbs and forefingers causing me to rise up on my toes.

"I'm not sure, Mistress." I blurted in response.

"You don't recognize my voice?" she asked, as she went back to caressing my chest and then moved on to my arm as she stepped behind me once again.

"Sort of," I answered, as she traced my shoulders before running her nails softly down my back. I was racking my brain trying to figure it out. I knew I recognized it from a movie or two my wife had coerced me into watching, but I could not figure it out.

"Lucky for you I am not going to keep it a mystery much longer," she said. "I just want to quickly go over a few ground rules." As she finished the sentence she squeezed my ass firmly and then strutted around me and took a seat in the chair after knocking the box holding my clothes to the floor.

"First off, in a couple minutes I am going to remove your mask; when that happens, the fun will have officially started. There will be no more pleasantries. There will be no more chitchat." As she spoke the sultriness in her voice began to fade as she became more commanding. I was starting to put the pieces together. I knew she was in a few of the 'chick flicks' my wife watched, but she was in that action movie I just saw as well. It wasn't a big part, but I remembered her.

"Once I remove the blindfold I will be completely in control," she continued. "I will be your queen and you will worship me."

'It couldn't be,' I thought to myself. 'If this is who I think it is I will have no trouble worshipping her. I've had fantasies about this.'

"Secondly," she went on, having no realization of my epiphany, "if I deem it necessary, you will endure whatever punishment I desire with or without explanation."

She stood to her feet and took her place in front of me as if she were preparing to remove my blindfold. "Finally, it is your responsibility to keep me happy and part of that responsibility lies in giving me pleasure if I deem you worthy. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Julia," I replied.

With a gasp she reached up and pulled off my mask. "When did you figure it out?" she demanded.

"When you sat down and relaxed, Mistress," I answered. "Before that, your seductive whispering threw me off."

She paused for a quick moment and then picked right back up where she left off. "No more chitchat," she reminded me. "Now kiss my feet."

Obediently I got down on my knees and began to kiss her red, pointy-toed boots. I kissed them tenderly from the toe back to the four-inch heel and then up the sides to the spot where they stopped, right where her calf met the crook of her knee. After that I went back down and continued covering her boots waiting for her next order.

The whole time I was planting the kisses I was trying to convince myself that this was real. There was something I found incredibly intoxicating about this woman, but I had never been able to put my finger on it. I don't know if it was simply the strong, yet vulnerable, women she always seemed to play in the movies or the unique look she had about her. I loved her oval-shaped chocolate-brown eyes with her mid-length blonde hair. I adored her not-quite-perfect smile with the slight overbite and faultless lips. Her body is great as well. Although she is not gifted up top, her breasts fit her frame nicely and her ass and legs more than made up for it. Needless to say I could not think of too many people I would rather be worshipping more.

"That's enough," she shouted kicking me away. I got the impression she might have said it more than once, but I must have been lost in the moment.

"Follow me," she ordered.

I got up off the floor and followed closely behind her.

"No, slave, on your knees," she barked when she saw me. "You should be crawling."

Immediately I fell to my knees and crawled after her. I was enjoying the view as I followed. She was wearing a shiny red thong that matched her corset exactly. They both tied on the sides with black ribbon that I hoped I would get the chance to untie with my teeth. I had noticed earlier what a phenomenal job the corset did of drawing attention to her fine ass while at the same time pushing her breasts up into a delicious position. My mouth was already beginning to water as I watched her tush sway, while I tried to keep up with her.

As we headed further into the great room the carpet stopped and turned into hard wood. A few feet into it the crawling began to hurt my knees and I raised myself up on my toes and palms and continued to keep up as her heels clicked quickly across the floor. Apparently this was not the reaction she wanted and she stopped dead in her track when she realized what I was doing.

"Don't make me punish you already," she remarked, and then stepped back to where I'd stopped and placed her right boot firmly on the small of my back and pushed me back down to a prostrate position.

"I'm sorry," I managed to squeak out, as the pointed toe of her boot dug into my back and I fell over onto my side.

"Just don't let it happen again," she snapped, and then marched forward again.

I picked myself off the floor and crawled quickly to catch up in spite of the harsh texture of the floor against my knees. My ability to catch up to her fast pace had apparently pleased her, based on the devilish smile on her lips and light in her eyes. She continued to lead me until we found ourselves positioned in the center of an entirely different room.

"Stand up, slave!" Julia barked, as she motioned to me. "Now it is time for me to inspect the entire package."

As I rose to my feet, she kicked roughly at my ankles so that I stood with my feet about shoulder-width apart. Then she grabbed my wrists and pulled my arms up over my head until my fingers were folded behind my head. "Now, don't move!" she commanded. "Not a muscle," she added, to make her point.

My new position had the interesting effect of flexing nearly all of my muscles at least a little bit, giving her the best view of my body. She seemed very pleased with these results.

After surveying my toned body for a few moments she stepped up and grabbed the waistband of my jock strap and pulled it down to my feet. She tugged a bit at it trying to free it from my ankles. I picked up my foot to allow her to pull it free and then she snickered. She had tricked me into disobeying and I fell right into her trap.

"You know I have to punish you now," she laughed mockingly.

"Yes, mistress," I responded, remembering how she had told me not to move, and in a few short seconds she had enticed me into disobeying that order.

"We'll get to that later; for now let's see what you've got for me," she said teasingly, as she tossed my jock aside and turned her attention to my semi-erect cock.

Standing before me she placed the palm of her hand under my smooth, large, hairless balls and just let them rest in her hand. "They're so full," she commented, as she lifted them a bit and let them fall back into her open hand again. "I like that."

Then she gave them a firm squeeze as she tugged them down and towards her. A gulp escaped my lips and her head snapped up so that her eyes met with mine.

"What was that?" she demanded.

"Nothing, Mistress Julia," I responded.

"Don't move and don't make a sound," she ordered, and turned her attention back to my package again.

"They are so soft and smooth," she relished, as she began to caress them with her fingertips. "Whatever it is those girls do at that spa to make them this way you must be sure to thank them for me, won't you?"

"Yes, Mistress," I answered, reveling in the delight of her touch and hoping her direct questioning warranted a response.

After a few more moments of exquisitely teasing my boys, she turned her attention to my now fully-erect cock.

"Wow, this is very nice to the touch," Julia commented, with a sense of surprise in her tone. "I bet you had a really hard time not playing with this, this morning. Didn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress Julia," I answered, as shivers ran up my spine and I fought the urge to shudder.

Using only two fingers she traced the veins on my member slowly and methodically. The sensation was electrifying as I struggled to stand still while she expertly teased my cock alone. After several minutes of tracing she turned her attention to the underside of my shaft and massaged slowly up and down. By now I was clenching my teeth doing everything I could not to move.

Suddenly she stopped.

"Don't move!" she reminded me once again, and disappeared from sight.

Time seemed to slow, agonizingly, as I awaited her return. I was so turned on I could feel my body fighting the urge to thrust against the nothingness before me in an effort to gain release.

Finally I heard the familiar sound of her boots clicking across the floor behind me. I soon realized she had brought a chair into the room and set it directly behind me as she stood on the seat. Reaching towards the ceiling she pulled a chain through an O-ring in the ceiling. Before stepping down from the chair she removed my hands from behind my head and locked them to the chain. There was hardly any slack in the chain once she made an adjustment or two and I knew I was completely at her mercy. To add to the effect, she locked a heavy spreader bar to the cuffs on my ankles to keep them about shoulder-width apart.

After she felt good about my restraint, she stepped up behind me and reached around to grab my cock in her hand. At the same time she pressed her now-bare chest into my back. The soft, cool touch of her body and the firm grip of her hand felt simply amazing. Slowly, she began to slide her hand up and down my throbbing member, taking me slowly yet methodically to the edge.

"You will not come until I tell you to," she whispered seductively in my ear, while maintaining her slow and steady pace on my excited member.

Over the next twenty minutes her pace never changed, but occasionally she would tickle the underside of my balls with her free hand or give my ass a firm squeeze. The effect this had was to bring me very slowly to the height of excitement and cause me to squirm and yearn for stronger contact until I could not take it any longer.

"Please, Mistress Julia," I begged, hoping she would give me the stimulation I so desperately required.

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