tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 17

Sweet November Ch. 17


Saturday, November 23rd

I woke this morning after a great night of sleep. The only problem I had was deciding what day it was. I knew it was Saturday, but in my mind I still could not fathom what had happened yesterday. At times I thought it had to have been a fantastically erotic dream and that today must actually be Friday, but as I walked towards the bathroom and saw the familiar crème envelope on the floor reality sunk in.

Today is Saturday. Tomorrow I go back home.

I left the envelope on the floor as I stepped into the bathroom. The weight of the situation hung over me. Tomorrow I would be returning to the love of my life, but at the same time she is not quite who I thought she was.

I could not help but wonder if she knew I was the one in the room with her yesterday. I could not help but wonder how things would be different when I got back. I could not help but wonder what else I did not know about.

That was where my mind stopped wondering and got stuck. 'What else don't I know about?' I thought to myself. Finally I decided to grab the envelope and hope for the best. If nothing else I ought to be able to distract myself for a few more hours before I was forced to face the facts.

Slave, I will be up to see you at 10:00 a.m. Don't bother getting dressed.

'Interesting,' I thought to myself, as I dropped the envelope on the counter and turned on the shower. 'I wonder what a woman willing to drop that kind of money has planned for today?' I shrugged to myself and then stepped under the hot running water knowing I had time to kill.

I took the extra time I had to do a little extra grooming. Even though I had shaved just yesterday I made sure there were no errant hairs anywhere on my body. In addition I spent a little more time washing and conditioning the hair on my head to make sure it was in pristine shape. After finishing my rounds in the shower I continued the extra work in front of the mirror.

Less than a month ago I would have worn a towel while I flossed and brushed my teeth, but the last couple weeks had given me incredible confidence in the nude. After everything I had been through, I could not think of too many people I would not be comfortable being naked with.

After shaving my face and styling my hair I headed back into the room to watch some TV. I did not see the point of getting dressed when my next proprietor would be arriving in less than an hour and I was really quite comfortable. In no time at all I landed on a program that held my attention and the minutes I had meant to kill were gone.


I sprang from the bed, turned off the television, and strutted confidently to the door. Without even looking I pulled the door open to let in my guest and turned to walk back into the room, once again without looking to see who it was. In my mind I had decided to just give them a glimpse of my ass for now. They could wait a few seconds to see the goods.

"Mmmh, mmmh, mmmh," she complimented. "My how you've grown."

I stopped as I neared the far corner of the bed and heard the door close behind me. The voice sounded familiar, but I had not heard it in several years. Slowly I turned just my head to confirm the identity of the woman standing behind me. To my surprise, there was not one woman, but three.

Abruptly, I sat down on the edge of the bed, crossed my legs, and reached back for one of the pillows at the head of the bed and pulled it back to cover up my nether regions. My fears had been confirmed.

The three women could not help but laugh as my confidence completely disappeared and utter humiliation and embarrassment swooped in and took its place. Deb and Diane took seats next to me on the bed as Donna pulled up the chair that was pushed up to the desk. As Donna took a seat directly in front of me I sat stunned.

These three women I had affectionately referred to as 'The Three Ds' since I was seven years old. These three women were my mom's best friends. These three women had been going out with my mom for "lady's night out" once a month for as long as I can remember. They were basically aunts to me.

"Relax," Donna said, as the other two firmly but not aggressively held my arms and she pulled the pillow out of my lap. "Let me tell you what is going on, and then we will be on our way."

I tried to relax and hear them out, but my hand kept creeping back to cover myself and they kept pulling my arms back so they could enjoy the view. Finally Donna took the pointed toe of her high heeled shoe and placed it strategically between my legs to ensure that I give her my full and undivided attention.

"It is probably best that I explain how this all came about," she started. "Also I better let you off the hook and assure you that your mom knows nothing about this. It will stay that way so long as you cooperate."

I nodded my agreement and understanding as the three of them proceeded to outline the situation. I learned that Donna had been part of the 'club' for a few years and had just recently invited Deb. Not too long after Diane was brought into the loop, but they assured me that my mom knew nothing of it, because "even though she was a lot of fun, she was just too traditional," they said. I could not have been happier to hear this.

They went on to tell me they had never attended the auction before now, but had the idea of getting one of the guys to be the entertainment for Donna's daughter's bachelorette party today. Unfortunately during the party Donna received a woeful phone call from her sobbing daughter about how the wedding had been called off. Upon receiving the news they decided against a purchase and resigned themselves to just enjoy the rest of the evening's festivities and drinks.

Apparently that all changed when I took the stage. As the story goes, two of the women actually spit out their drinks when they saw me strutting around. As the bidding progressed and the night was about to end Deb got the idea to bid on me, but by that time things had heated up and the prices were rising at a steady pace.

They went on to remind me how they had all had only daughters and always enjoyed coming over to see my mom and me, especially as I got older and my body became more muscular and I got more involved in athletics. The Three Ds admitted to each other that they had all fantasized about me at one time or another. It was at that time they determined to put their finances together in an effort to win me. As they retold this story I already knew the ending and was feeling even more uncomfortable.

Suddenly I felt the soft touch of Diane's hand as she delicately took my small, soft member in her fingers. I shuddered a bit and tried to pull away but Donna reminded me of the importance of cooperating.

Deb pushed gently on my shoulders, pushing me back down on the bed, and Donna slid over to take Diane's place. Then Deb and Donna held my wrists down to the bed as Diane switched to get comfortable between my legs and took my growing tool between her lips. It was strange to see these three women taking advantage of me in this way but as I struggled to free myself, I quickly found they were stronger than I imagined.

Of all the things I had been through in the past month, there was none I wanted to get away from more than this. As Diane continued to lick my shaft with her tongue I was taken aback. Diane was the largest of the three at about five-foot-nine. She had what I would consider the average housewife build. She was slightly overweight with large, sagging breasts. Her hair was short, straight and strawberry-blonde and went well with her round face and red cheeks. What surprised me most right now was her intensity as she brought my cock to life. I had always thought of Diane as the sweet, unassuming one of the bunch.

As my dick stiffened even more I looked up at the two women holding my arms. I was in disbelief as Deb held my wrist tight and with all her weight kept it down on the bed. This was quite a feat as Deb was the smallest of the three. At five-foot-two and under a hundred pounds she resembled little to be concerned about. What you had to know about Deb was she was the leader of the pack. She was incredibly feisty and always a bit of a flirt. Her most dominant features were the long lashes around her soft green eyes and gorgeous smile. I always heard she was the athletic one, but until she locked my arm in place I did not understand how much.

By now I was squirming pretty well as Diane went from sucking to stroking. I begged to be released as I knew my ensuing humiliation was not far away.

"Not a chance," Donna responded tauntingly as she held her position well. Much like Deb she had a firm lock on my arm and used her weight to secure it further. Unlike Deb, Donna was about five-foot-seven with long brown hair and a more voluptuous frame. Her ass was large, as were her tits and she was rather proud of both. Donna was a bit on the cynical side as well and began to tease me a bit as my cock grew larger and larger.

"Wow, look at that," Donna laughed. "It's getting so big and excited."

"Please, don't do this," I pleaded, as my cock reached its height of arousal. "You don't have to do this."

I struggled even more and in my attempt to pull my arms free accidentally kicked Diane to the floor. The women all gasped in shock as she pulled herself off the floor and stepped determinedly towards me.

"I was hoping you would not force us to do this," she said, as she grasped my balls firmly in her hand. "But you've left us no choice." She gave my boys a firm squeeze as she gritted her teeth in frustration at me and then released them before retrieving her purse from the floor.

From out of her purse Diane pulled four long strands of rope. Immediately she grabbed my left ankle and tied one end around it, then she pulled the other end tight and tied it around the leg at the corner of the bed. After that she proceeded to grab my right ankle and do the same to it. I struggled a bit, but Donna soon reminded me who was in charge by sitting down on my chest then grabbing and twisting my balls. I remained still as Diane quickly tied my right leg and both arms to the corresponding corners of the bed.

Now that I was secured the women got up off the bed to admire their captive. I could not have felt more naked and vulnerable as their familiar faces leered longingly at my muscular yet hairless body.

By now my penis had gone almost completely limp due to the power struggle and the ball twisting. This obviously disappointed the women, but unfortunately not enough to persuade them to stop.

This time Deb did the honors and crawled up between my legs and took my soft member in her mouth. One last time I begged for them to stop. This time Diane grabbed a wash cloth from the bathroom and stuffed it in my mouth.

"You might as well accept it," Diane remarked. "We are going to make you our little bitch today. First we are going to make that beautiful cock of yours shoot its load until we are satisfied you have had enough. Then we are going to leave you here to recover while we get ready for our party tonight. Then we will send someone back for you to be the entertainment at our party. It is going to be so much fun."

I shook my head hoping to change their minds, but it was obvious I was out of luck and my pleas were falling on deaf ears.

Donna began to tell me all the women who would be attending and the things they were going to do to me, but then she stopped abruptly and decided to keep it a "surprise". Suddenly I heard a loud slurping sound as Deb pulled her mouth from my cock and sat back on her knees to revel in her accomplishment. There in the center of the bed was my ten-inch cock standing proudly at attention.

Deb flicked the underside of the shaft hard with her middle finger and it jumped in rapid response. "Ladies," she announced, "It's ready. Who wants to go first?"

Without waiting for the other two to weigh in Diane moved into position next to me on the bed and rolled up the sleeves on her red silk blouse. Then she grabbed the base of my cock in her right hand and quickly went to task at driving me towards a climax. It did not take long for her to get me there and as my balls rose to indicate my imminent orgasm that only served to encourage her to pick up the pace.

With my fists clenched and my toes curled I felt my cum welling up inside me. With all the energy she could muster Diane squeezed my throbbing member and gave it a few more, short, fast strokes. I immediately began to shoot my load and she surprised me by pointing it right at my face. The first two streams hit me square across my lips, chin, cheeks, and nose, and the last couple streams simply fell onto my chest and stomach. The women laughed at my humiliation and the surprised look on my face. "I love the retarded look men make when they're about to come," Deb snickered, "but that right there took the cake."

It took no time for my cock to deflate in humiliation as the women continued their onslaught of teasing. "Look at that," Diane pointed, "it shoots and runs like a little boy with a pop gun."

Their teasing was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Room Service!"

Deb jumped up from her seat and ran to the door. A few short moments later she returned with three wine glasses in her hand and a bottle of Chardonnay. In no time they were all sitting around me on the bed toasting one another and clinking glasses as the giggled about the great time they were having. Meanwhile I remained bound in my position with a washcloth stuffed in my mouth and my own cum dripping from my face.

"My turn," Donna announced. She gulped down the last couple swallows of wine from her glass and set it on the table next to the bed. Then she disappeared for a short while into the bathroom where I could hear the sink running.

Moments later she reappeared with a damp washcloth in her hand. As she touched it to my boys I realized she had not allowed the water to warm up, leaving the cloth very cold to the touch.

I could not help but squirm a bit as she wiped off my cock, balls, and chest. In a moment of weakness she was even kind enough to wipe the sperm off of my face. I greatly appreciated this but the other two gave her hell over it.

Finally she put the cloth down and began to play with my genitals with both of her small, delicate hands. After a couple minutes of caressing and lightly grazing my testicles with her nails my cock had once again come to life. I was actually quite impressed with how quickly it popped back into action without a lot of time and effort being exhausted. Unfortunately the ladies were not.

Once my cock was hard enough for Donna's liking she went to her purse and grabbed a small bottle of lotion. Then she poured a generous amount into the palm of her hand, put the bottle down and lathered her hands together. After she had both hands covered in lotion she linked her fingers together and then closed her hands together around my erection. It felt really good as she slid her warm gooey hands up and down my shaft over and over again. With my eyes closed I almost forgot who was doing this to me.

In a few short minutes I felt myself nearing the edge again and began to strain against my bondage. I heard the women getting excited as they picked up on my cues and began to rustle around the bed to make sure they were positioned properly when I shot my second load. Donna kept up her pace but tightened her grip slightly as she took me over the top. This time my squirting was far less impressive, but the women seemed to enjoy it just the same. After a few more strokes I was spent and I waited for Donna's grip to loosen. To my surprise it never happened. She just kept going in spite of the fact I was well past being done.

I began to squirm as it began to get painful. It was now obvious to me she was going to milk another load out of me whether I wanted to give it or not. Deb and Diane began to tease incessantly and cheered Donna on.

By now my dick was only at half staff, but I could feel another load being pulled from me. My balls were aching and my shaft was in pain as she continued to pull and tug at my tired member. Finally Donna released my dick from both hands and went to a more traditional approach. She grabbed my semi-erect member tightly in her right hand and began to stroke it feverishly. It felt as if she would simply pull it off if she did not get what she wanted very soon.

Luckily my balls gave in and I soon felt another couple streams expel from my exhausted member. With every bit of liquid that oozed from the tip of my cock I could feel the agony in my testicles. I wanted so badly to roll up into the fetal position and protect them, but that was impossible.

Finally Donna released my now-limp dick, as Diane and Deb untied the rope from my appendages. Instinctively I rolled over on the bed to hide myself from them and they laughed once more at my misery.

As they gathered their things to leave Deb slapped my bare ass with her open hand. "I'll get mine from you tonight," she chuckled, and then threw another crème envelope on the pillow beside me before the three of them marched out the door.

Slave, The party has not even begun yet. Be ready by five for your ride to arrive. Your clothes are in the drawer.

After reading the envelope I grabbed a pillow and pulled it over my head. I could not believe I would have to endure further humiliation at the hands of these three. Furthermore, I could not imagine what they might have in store.

As exhausted and mentally spent as I was it must not have taken long for me to drift off to sleep with my head buried in pillows. A couple hours later when I woke again I had the agonizing feeling these next couple hours I had to myself would be the most tolerable ones of the day.

Despite my incredible desire to just lie in bed and hope the day would pass me by, I decided to pull myself out from the covers and get dressed. I figured I'd better get something to eat before it was too late as well. While I was at it, I decided to take a second shower hoping that would help me feel better about myself.

On my way to the shower I opened the bottom drawer to see what the women had arranged for me to wear. In the drawer I found a tailor-fit black t-shirt, a pair of flat-front khakis, matching socks, and a black cotton thong. I shook my head in wonder as I held the thong up with one finger and then dropped it back in the drawer before heading to the shower once again.

I took a much longer and much hotter shower than normal. I guess in the back of my mind I hoped I could wash away the events of the morning. It was not much use and I soon realized my skin was paying the price. Finally I gave up and turned off the shower and then exited. After that I dried off and did my hair once more before heading back into the room to get dressed.

As I pulled on the thong I was surprised by how good the pouch in the front felt holding my boys. Unfortunately it was not good enough to counteract the wedgie I was getting in the back. No matter how much I pulled at it, it always felt as though it was crawling deeper and deeper up my crack. Finally I gave up and pulled on my pants and shirt. When I looked in the bedroom mirror to check myself out, I was pretty pleased with the way the outfit showed off my muscular chest and ass. It was not until I gave myself one last inspection in the much brighter bathroom mirror that I noticed you could see right through these pants if the light was bright enough. I almost could not believe it...almost. The next couple hours were a bit of a blur as I ate a good-sized lunch and watched some TV. It did not take long before I found myself riding in that black Town Car once more wondering how the evening would unfold.

As we pulled up to our destination the Asian Princess looked back at me with uncertainty in her voice and wished me good luck. I thanked her and climbed out of the car and headed up the steps to entrance of Deb's house. Before I could even knock on the door it swung open and the three women greeted me once again.

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