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Sweet Revenge Ch. 10


Author's note: I wanted to respond to some of the comments I received from readers. I know that Stuart's actions in Chapter 8 were over-the-top evil. I did warn you in advance not to read it. Unfortunately, those depraved acts were inspired by a real-life woman I met while volunteering at a shelter for abused women. She married what she thought was prince charming. During her two years of marriage, her husband broke several of her bones, burned her with cigarettes, whipped her with the buckle end of his belt, isolated her from all her family and friends, and finally started forcing her to entertain his buddies. She finally got up the courage to leave him. The last I saw of her, she was on the road to making a better life for herself, one day at a time.

I do feel the need to apologize to the folks that wrote saying this story shouldn't have been posted in BDSM. I know that it was not representative of true BDSM which should involve consent from both partners and a caring relationship. However, there is not really a category that totally fits here on Literotica.

Hope you enjoy the second to the last chapter of this story. One more to go after this, and I will post it as quickly as I can.


Richard and Karina luxuriated in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Finally, all the anger and bitterness between them was gone. There was only love, and that fine emotion cast a warm glow over the sated pair. Her head rested on his shoulder and one creamy thigh was draped over his darker ones. Richard idly caressed her hip and leg, enjoying the feel of her breasts pressed wantonly against his side. He must have died and gone to heaven.

After a long time, Karina rose on one elbow and looked at his other shoulder. The scar from his recent wound was red and puckered. She traced the scar with tender fingers and bit her bottom lip, as she met his eyes.

"I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that you were not killed."

Richard gave her a lazy grin. "And I can't tell you how happy I am that you did not order me shot." After a moment, he sobered, furrowing his brow in question. "But tell me, what exactly did happen on the day you left the village?"

Karina recounted for him how she had awoken in her father's house, after having been drugged, and filled in the details of the tale her father and Stuart had told her. Richard's expression turned distant, as he remembered how she had passed out the night before her 'rescue', and his mouth turned down in an angry grimace.

"Karina, I believe you were drugged, but not by me. You passed out the night before your disappearance. You didn't even wake up when I removed your dress and put you in bed, but I thought you were simply exhausted. Only two women in the village know how to mix the sleeping potion you were given. One is Fatima, who would never have drugged you, and the other is Samiya."

Karina's eyes widened, and she sat up beside him on the bed, kneeling to face him. "That bitch! That's why she was so sweet to me. I remember she brought me some tea after dinner. She must have drugged me then!"

Richard nodded thoughtfully. "That makes sense. The question I have is how did she know your father and Rawlins were coming for you? Unless..." His eyes met Karina's and they declared almost in unison, "She must have been working with them!"

Richard sat up and faced Karina, bringing her in between his thighs. "That would explain how Rawlins knew all the details of our relationship. I swear Karina, I never told him anything about us. Rawlins must have gotten the details of our relationship from Samiya."

Karina's eyes narrowed as she digested that information. "I can't believe she could be so traitorous. You have no idea how much I suffered because of what she must have told Stuart about us." She shivered slightly but continued, "It infuriated him to know that I had been your mistress." She looked down at her lap, and her chin quivered slightly. "Stuart used to taunt me and say that I was nothing but a dirty little whore. Whenever he thought about you as my lover, he would get very angry. Those were the times when he hurt me the most."

She said the last words so softly that Richard had to strain to catch them. He swallowed hard as he watched her. He clasped her hand and reached out a finger to lift her chin. His eyes met hers unflinchingly.

"You have never been a whore, Karina. I forced you to become my mistress against your will. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I am the one who is ashamed of the way I treated you."

He traced her cheek with his thumb, wiping away the tears that overflowed her eyes. When he continued, his voice was husky with emotion.

"You are the love of my life, Karina. Even with Ameena, I never reached the depth of emotion you have stirred in my heart, and I don't know how I could ever live without you. When I thought you had betrayed me and that you wanted me dead...I tried to hate you, but I couldn't. There is nothing that you could do to make me stop loving you." He watched her face turn radiant at his words, and he cleared his throat before continuing. "I had made up my mind to propose to you, but you disappeared before I could get up the nerve. I want very much for you to be my wife."

Karina's eyes clouded, and she looked down at her lap again. He wouldn't want to marry her if he knew what she had done. She spoke in a whisper. "I can't marry you now. Stuart will never let me go. I'm content just to be yours, for as long as you want me."

Richard frowned and grasped her shoulders. "I won't rest until you are my wife, Karina. We belong together, you and I. I will never let you go, and I will never let that bastard you married have the power to hurt you again. I would have already killed him and been done with it, if he hadn't been unconscious when I came to confront him. It was more important to get you out of that house while I had the chance, but don't be mistaken. Stuart Rawlins will have to answer for all he's done, and I intend to make sure he suffers before he dies." The steely determination in his voice sent shivers down her spine.

"You can't just kill him. You would be executed for murder!"

Richard frowned and looked away. "Karina, there's something else you don't know." He met her wide eyes once again. "Rawlins admitted to me, on the day he shot me, that he was the one who raped and killed Ameena." Karina gasped in horror, but he continued quietly. "I guess he thought it was safe enough to tell me, since he thought I would be dead." Richard's frown was full of chagrin. "You were right all along. Your father was not the man I should have been seeking revenge against. I'm sorry . . . for everything. I'm amazed that you don't hate me."

Karina felt a wave of tenderness, and she reached out to caress his cheek. "If you hadn't made the mistake, I would never have met you." She ran a teasing fingernail over his chest with a smile. "I would never have met my hot-blooded, misguided, stubborn, magnificent Arabian Sheik, and I would never have been your sweet haremgirl." She smiled up at him, all traces of teasing fading from her eyes. "I love you, Richard."

Richard watched her in awe, hardly able to believe that she loved him. He would spend the rest of his life trying to earn that love. He raised a skeptical brow at her and grinned before hugging her close.

"Haremgirl is it now? I won't rest until you are my wife. I have a very jealous nature where you're concerned, and I won't be satisfied until you have sworn to be mine. Thoughts of your husband putting his hands on you nearly killed me." He felt her stiffen in his arms. He craned his neck to try and see her face. "What's the matter, Karina?"

Karina hid her face in the crook of his neck and gave a small shake of her head. "Nothing. Nothing at all."

Richard held her at arms length and scanned her features. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, and her face was deathly pale.

"Karina, what is it?" he asked, suddenly concerned. When she remained stubbornly mute, he lifted her chin. "Look at me, Karina."

Karina opened her eyes and tears spilled down her cheeks once more. Richard felt his heart constrict as he witnessed her pain.

"Please tell me what's wrong," he whispered. "I meant what I said. There's nothing that would ever make me stop loving you. Trust me."

Karina searched his eyes, wanting desperately to believe him. She tried to turn away, but he held her chin firmly. It was obvious he wasn't going to be satisfied until she told him what was bothering her. She took a shaky breath for courage, terrified that once he heard what she had done, he wouldn't want her anymore.

"You're wrong, Richard," she whispered. "I have been a whore. Not just for Stuart, but for all his friends. They each paid him a fee to use me like a prostitute. I did everything they demanded. I let them defile me in every manner possible, and I was too frightened to even protest. I'm nothing but a horrible coward. I feel so dirty and ashamed."

She began to sob in earnest, and Richard hugged her close to his chest. He was trembling with rage. The thought of what Rawlins had done to Karina made Richard long to have the man's throat in his hands that very moment. He wanted nothing more than to strangle the life out of the slimy cocksucker!

Karina finally registered the fact that Richard was cuddling her tenderly against him while he gently stroked her hair. She could hear his heart thudding against her ear, and she began to calm. Her breath finally slowed, and she chanced a look up at Richard's face. He met her gaze, and her eyes darted away nervously.

"You must hate me for what I've done," she whispered.

"Hate you? Karina, I only hate that evil, demented bastard you married." Richard stroked her hair. "I could never hate you, Karina. You are so good and so pure and so fine that I can never be worthy of your love. I only wish I had protected you. You should never have had to suffer."

Karina squeezed him around the waist, holding on for dear life. "But can you ever look at me the same, knowing what I let those men do to me? Are you sure that you still want me?"

Richard held her at arm's length, and his amazement was obvious on his face. "Karina, you really have no understanding of the effect you have on me, do you?" When she shook her head, he rolled his eyes in obvious frustration. He cupped her cheeks and willed her to believe him as he looked deep into her eyes. "What those men did to you is unforgivable. I wish I could find each one of them and castrate them before I slit their fucking throats! But that has nothing to do with us. It has nothing to do with how I feel about you. My every happiness depends on you! Do I still want you?" He gave a self-deprecating laugh. "Want is too mild a word for what I feel. I need you, I crave you, I can't live without you."

He could still see traces of doubt in her lovely eyes. He glanced down at her nakedness and gave a frustrated groan. Taking Karina's trembling hand, Richard placed it over his rigid erection and squeezed his hand over hers. She could feel him throbbing against her palm, and her eyes widened.

"Does that answer your question, Karina? I want you so badly it hurts! I'm only amazed that you would even want me to touch you after what those men did to you."

As if she were coming out of a fog, Karina sat back on her knees to face him. She was kneeling between his thighs, and she could feel the heat from his pulsing erection against her palm. She felt a flood of relief that there were no more secrets between them. Richard loved her and she loved him. Using her body to prove her devotion seemed only natural, and for the first time in a long time, she was free from her shame.

Karina nibbled her bottom lip as she lightly raked his balls with her nail. When he flinched and looked startled, she chuckled low in her throat.

"Oh, I definitely want you to touch me," she whispered, continuing to tease his cock. She used one finger to caress the tip, where fluid was beginning to seep out of the tiny hole. Her eyes sparkled when she glanced up from beneath her lashes. "What would you like your haremgirl to do, my Sheik?"

Richard smiled lecherously down at her, letting his eyes devour her naked form. "I want you to keep doing what you're doing while I get reacquainted with these." He lightly nibbled her lips. "And these," he purred huskily, as his hands cupped her heavy breasts, lightly tracing around her nipples. The pink peaks hardened to tight buds, and he smiled as he let his hands rove down her body. "And this," his hands continued to highlight the parts he was interested in, her tiny waist, full hips, long slender legs and finally, her golden triangle of curls and the tender flesh hidden between her thighs.

By the time he had finished cataloguing all the things he wanted from her, she was trembling with need, and she pushed him back onto the pillows. She followed to land on his chest, her shimmering hair falling all around him. She lightly tickled his chest with her tongue, paying particular attention to his nipples.

"Whatever my Sheik demands, he shall have. I am, after all, your captive slave."

She quickly let him know that it was only her heart that he held captive. Their lips melded, and he eagerly traced her ripe curves as she teased him by rubbing her body against him suggestively. He slipped his fingers between her thighs to stroke the slick flesh in between, doing some teasing of his own. He grinned wickedly when she released a helpless moan and pressed against his hand.

She gave him a siren smile, as she straddled his hips. She balanced on her knees and used her hot, moist folds to tease the very tip of his straining erection.

"Have you had enough, or would you like more from your haremgirl?" she taunted, rocking her hips to torment him.

His smile was positively wolfish as he gripped her hips and pulled her all the way down onto his throbbing length, until he was fully encased in her scalding sheath. With a sharp thrust of his hips, he butted against her womb, and Karina moaned. Her teasing grin was gone, replaced by a look of stark desire.

"Not nearly enough!" he growled. He fondled her clit and grinned. "Pleasure me, sweet haremgirl!"

Karina was quick to oblige, riding him with eager abandon. She didn't rest until she had satisfied his every wish. The more she pleasured him, the greater her own satisfaction. It became a contest to see who could lavish more devotion on the other.

They finally collapsed in a tangle of sweaty limbs. Their fulfillment was bone deep, and they found the first good night's sleep since their separation, wrapped in each other's arms.


Stuart Rawlins cracked one eye open and saw bright sun streaming in through a tiny slit between the drapery panels. It must be almost noon, he mused as he closed his eye again and stretched contentedly. He rolled over and blindly groped for Karina, but he found only cold sheets.

He opened his eyes with a frown. Where was the little slut? She was supposed to be handy when he wanted her, and she knew he always wanted her when he first woke up. His frown deepened as he remembered the previous evening. He must have fallen asleep, and he remembered ordering her to eat dinner in her bedroom the previous night. The thought of her cowering in her room, wondering when he would summon her made him grin.

He relaxed back on the pillows and folded his arms under his head. It was just as well that Karina had been given a night to sleep. He had planned another party with his friends for that evening, and he wanted her to be well rested. His evil grin widened as he remembered Karina with a cock invading every orifice and red welts covering her body. She had looked delightful with cum dripping from her face and breasts and oozing from her abused pussy. They had taken turns tormenting the little slut until they had all collapsed from exhaustion. The night had been so enjoyable, they were begging him for a repeat performance, and Stuart had promised that he would let them try some new methods of torture on his unsuspecting wife. A bullwhip might be nice. Or perhaps nipple piercing...

He stretched once more before rising to don his robe. He planned to have a steady income from selling Karina's body. Fortunately, she had once been the most sought after women in Cairo. There were plenty of men who would pay to enjoy her, and the enjoyment he got from seeing her abasement was an added bonus. He could just imagine the look on her face once she realized that the orgy the week before had merely been the first!

Stuart padded through to Karina's bedroom, intent on satisfying his morning lust. He opened her door and stood frozen in shock. Karina was nowhere to be seen! He hurried back to his room and yanked the bell pull. James appeared, looking a bit groggy.

"Where the hell is Karina?" Stuart snarled.

James' face registered surprise. "She's not in her room, my Lord?"

"Would I be asking you if she were?" Stuart yelled. "Find her! Send some men to her father's house. I'm sure the little bitch went running to her father for protection."

James scrambled to carry out his orders. Stuart slammed open the wardrobe doors and rifled through his clothes. Damn that little bitch! She would pay for her disobedience. He couldn't wait to get his hands on her, and then she would pay dearly!


William Sinclair sat behind the desk in his study, not really seeing the papers spread before him. He was worried about Karina. It had been over a month since her marriage, and he hadn't even seen her during that time. He had waited patiently, not wanting to disturb the newlyweds, but he was growing increasingly anxious to see his daughter. He wanted to see for himself that she was happy and contented.

William was jolted out of his contemplation when his study door was flung unceremoniously open and his son-in-law stalked in. Before William had time to react, Stuart slammed the door behind him, shutting out the stuttering butler.

"Where is she?" Stuart growled, advancing with angry strides.

"Who? Karina?" William asked with a perplexed frown.

"Of course Karina! And don't pretend she isn't here!"

"Why would Karina be here," William demanded. "Did the two of you have a disagreement? If you've not been treating my daughter well, you will have to answer to me!"

Stuart blinked, sensing for the first time that his father-in-law had no idea what was going on. "Karina really isn't here?"

"Of course not! What has happened?"

"It's nothing," Stuart said, turning away. His mind was racing with possibilities. He had to find Karina before her father did. "We had a lover's quarrel, that's all. I'm sure she has just gone shopping or something. She mentioned something about wanting to purchase some things for the baby."

William eyed him suspiciously. "It's not like Karina to go shopping without telling anyone. But if she has, I'll find her."

William rang for the butler and gave instructions for his coach to be brought around. While he waited impatiently, he pinned Stuart with a sharp glare. "I don't know what is going on, but I am going to get to the bottom of this. I should have followed my instincts earlier. I've wondered why Karina hasn't come to visit me or her sister. You must have been keeping her away from us."

Stuart tried to allay his suspicions. "Really, sir. There is no need to get so agitated. I'm sure Karina will be home by lunch time. I'll have her send word to you."

"I hope you are right, Stuart. Nevertheless, I intend to satisfy myself that Karina is alright. And this time, I won't be satisfied until I see her in person." He gave his son-in-law another assessing glare. "You know your own way out."

With that, he left Stuart standing in the middle of the study, gnashing his teeth in frustration. Stuart slammed his fist onto the desk. Damn that little bitch! When he found her, she was going to wish she were dead!

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