tagIncest/TabooSweet Sister Ch. 08

Sweet Sister Ch. 08


By the time I had moved the chaise lounges, pads and tables out onto the lawn, the sky had cleared and the sun was beating down. I went back inside. I could hear soft sighs and gasps coming from down the hall. After putting on sunscreen and washing my hands I fixed myself a couple of sandwiches. I carried the sandwiches, a new book and a bottle of water out to the lounge. It was hot and humid. I was glad that I didn’t have on any sticky clothing.

Kim and Sheri came out of the house after I had been reading for about an hour. I sat up as they walked across the lawn. “How long have you been out here, Brad?” Sheri called.

“About an hour or so.” They sat down on either side of me on the lounge. “You’d both better get some sunscreen on.”

Kim looked up, “The sun is rather fierce, isn’t it?”

“It sure is. Would you ladies like something to eat? Sandwiches? Fruit?”

Sheri looked at Kim, “Both sound good. Let’s go inside and fix something to eat. Can we bring you anything, Brad?”

“A couple bottles of water would be nice, thanks.”

“We’ll bring out a cooler full. And, Sheri, we can put on sunscreen while we are inside.”

“Bring the sunscreen with you when you come back out. I need to reapply it.”

“O.K.” I watched as they trotted across the lawn. I had a mental picture of bouncing tits. And a nice view of two very fine asses.

They returned in a short time. Sheri was carrying a tray of sandwiches and fruit and Kim carried a cooler. Kim handed me a bottle of water. “Did you bring the sunscreen?”

“Oh. I’m sorry. I forgot. I’ll go get it.”

“Why don’t you eat first. I can reapply it later.”

Sheri gave me a sly smile, “Maybe you should let us apply it.” She winked at Kim.

“Sound like a good deal to me.”

We talked while they ate their sandwiches and fruit.

When they had finished eating, Sheri carried the tray back inside and returned with the sunscreen.

Kim leaned back on the her lounge, “I’m sweating like I’ve been running three miles and I’ve been sitting in the sun less than an hour.”

Sheri laughed, “My Dad would say you were sweating like a whore in church. My Mom would chastise him for his language and he’s say ‘Well, at least, sweating like a pig.’ Mom would tell him ladies didn’t sweat, they glowed.”

“Well, I must be glowing all over,” Kim giggled.

“Well, it’s nice we aren’t wearing any tight sticky clothes. You’re lucky, Kim.”

“Lucky? Why?”

“You don’t have these.” Sheri put her hands under her breasts and lifted them. “I hate wearing a hot, tight bra on a day like today.”

“Me too.”

“I think my tits are too big for the rest of me.”

“You have beautiful breasts, Sheri. Doesn’t she, Brad? I wish mine were like yours.”

“I love your breasts, Kim. I think they are beautiful. Don’t you, Brad?”

“You both have beautiful breasts. And legs. And smiles. And eyes. And butts. But especially, breasts. You’re two fresh, beautiful women.” Both of them were looking down. I was pretty sure they were pleased that I thought they were beautiful. Which they were.

Kim looked up, “We were going to reapply your sunscreen.” She got up and walked over to my lounge. Sheri followed. “Where do you need sunscreen?”

“I’ve been lying on my stomach so I was going to reapply some there.”

“Lay back. We’ll do it for you.”

Each of them took an arm. They worked their way up to my shoulders and then across my chest and stomach. Sheri rubbed and pinched a nipple. They each took a leg. They started at my feet and worked up to my thighs. They stopped at my crotch.

“I think we need to apply lots there.”

“Yes, especially there.”

Kim rubbed and coated my balls. Sheri worked on my cock. She spent a lot of time smoothing lotion the length of it.

“Uh, ladies. That’s nice, but I think you better stop before you pop my rocks.”

They both laughed, “We don’t want you to get sunburned there.”

“Especially there.”

I sat on my lounge and read. Sheri was lying flat on her back on her lounge. She seemed to be dozing. I enjoyed watching the regular rise and fall of her breasts. Kim was lying on her belly. She had her chin propped on the end of the lounge pad as she read her book, which was flat on the grass.

Sheri sat up abruptly, “Gawd, it’s hot!” She picked up a towel and wiped her face and under her breasts.

“Let me hook up a hose and spray nozzle. We can cool each other with the spray.” I walked across the lawn and hooked up the hose. The heat had really relaxed my ball sac. My balls were hanging low and swinging as I dragged the hose across the yard. Kim was now sitting up. Both women watched as I came across the yard.

“Who’s going to be first? Sheri jumped to her feet. “It’s gonna be cold.”

“Cold will be good,” she smiled, “I’m burning up.” I set the nozzle on a fine spray and cracked it. Sheri shrieked as the cold water hit her, “Geez, that’s cold!” She slowly turned around in the spray. I liked the way her nipples hardened and her areola got all goose pimply. Kim stepped into the spray. She also shrieked and her nipples and areola reacted the same way.

Sheri took the nozzle from me. “Your turn.” She adjusted the nozzle to a coarser spray. I gasped as the cold water hit me. My ball sac immediately contracted.

After cooling down, we reapplied the sunscreen. Sheri rubbed the lotion on Kim’s shoulders and chest. I watched as she carefully rubbed sunscreen onto Kim’s breasts. After paying particular attention to Kim’s nipples, she worked her way down to Kim’s belly and hips.

Kim blushed as Sheri nuzzled her nose in Kim’s bushy pussy thatch. After Sheri finished coating Kim’s thighs and legs, she turned to me, “Do you need some, Brad?”

“Yes, on my back and legs. I think I’ll lie on my stomach and read.”

She stood, “Turn around.” As she rubbed the lotion on my back, Kim lay down on her lounge. I watched as she spread her legs and applied some lotion to the creases between her thighs and her pussy and under her breasts. Kim rubbed a liberal amount of lotion into her pussy hair and on the inside of her thighs. She lay back, with her legs still spread, and stretched her arms over her head.

Kim closed her eyes as she opened and exposed her body to the sky, sun and Sheri’s and my gazes. Sheri stopped applying lotion, “Boy, lying like that makes me want to eat her cunt. I bet you’d like to fuck her.”

I turned to look at her. She smiled and kneeled down to start rubbing sunscreen of my ass and legs, “I’d like to fuck her.” She was rubbing lotion on the inside of my thighs when she pushed her hand between my legs and gave my balls a gentle squeeze. When she pulled her hand back, Sheri dragged a finger through my ass crack. She stopped briefly and pressed her finger against my puckered asshole.

I looked down at her. She smiled, licked her lips and finished rubbing lotion on me. She stood up and handed me the lotion. “Please do my back.” I followed Sheri over to her lounge where she lay down on her belly. I started at her shoulders and worked my way down to the small of her back.

Then I moved to one of her feet. I did first one leg, from foot to thigh, then the other. I returned to the small of her back and began to apply more lotion. I worked my way down to her firm ass cheeks. Sheri spread her legs a little as my fingertips slipped into the cleft between her ass cheeks.

As I pressed deeper into her cleft, she raised her hips and spread her legs further. I rubbed my index finger lightly across her rosebud pucker. Sheri pushed herself up on her elbows. She smiled as she looked at me over her shoulder. I took a chance and pressed on her pucker.

My fingertip slightly penetrated her butt hole. Sheri squeezed her ass cheeks together with my hand in the cleft.

I withdrew my hand and moved up by her head. I knelt beside her as I rubbed some more lotion on her shoulders. “Are you into anal,” I whispered.

Sheri looked at me and whispered, “I’ve never had penetration, but, yes, I’d like to try it. I’d really like to feel a hard cock up my ass.” She kiss my cheek then lay down.

I looked over at Kim. She was still spread eagled on her back. I looked at Sheri. After I lay down on my lounge, I gave myself a hard-on picturing Sheri eating out Kim as I pumped my cock between Sheri’s firm ass cheeks and up her virgin ass.

Every fifteen minutes we used the spray nozzle and hose to cool down. After an hour or so, we all had had enough of the hot sun and the humidity. We cooled down in the spray from the hose and then went inside and cooled down further under a tepid shower. We washed the sunscreen off each other. Kim yawned while we were toweling ourselves dry. “I think I had too much sun. I feel exhausted.”

“Don’t yawn, Kim,” Sheri yawned. “I’ll need a nap.”

“Me too. Do you need a nap, Brad?”

“I could use one, I guess.”

Sheri hung up her towel, “Let’s take one together.” Kim and I followed her up the stairs. Sheri led the way into my bedroom with the king size bed. She dimmed the room by closing the blinds and then she turned the spread and covers down and sort of piled the pillows near the head of the bed. “Brad, lie in the center.”

I got on the bed and lay on my back in the center of the mattress. Sheri lay down on one side of me and Kim lay on the other. Sheri pulled the sheet up over us. “I think snuggling in a pile is fun.” Sheri moved around so my arm was around her shoulders and her head was resting on my shoulder.

Kim got into a similar position. Both the women placed one hand on either my chest or my stomach. I dozed off with someone’s fingers tracing little trails through my pubic hair.

When I awakened, Sheri, who was snoring softly, still had her head on my shoulder and Kim, whose head was lying on my chest, was drooling slightly. I smiled to myself. I moved my free hand down to touch Kim’s neck. She stirred slightly. I fell back asleep.

I awakened again when Sheri pushed herself into a sitting position. She stretched her arms over her head, “I feel better.” She looked at me, “How long have we been sleeping?”

“About two hours.” The room was even more dim. “It’s early evening.”

Sheri ran her fingers through her tousled hair. I looked at her and put my hand on her thigh. “I like watching you wake up.”

She looked at her reflection in the mirrored closet doors, “I’m a mess.”

“You’re beautiful. Your tousled hair is cute and you look soft and cuddly.”

Sheri smiled and lay back down with her head on my shoulder. She looked at me, “You’re sweet to say that.”

“I’m not just saying it to say it. You’re a beautiful woman, Sheri.”

She pushed herself up and leaned over me. “Thank you.” She kissed me softly on the lips then pushed her tongue into my mouth. I ran one hand down to the small of her back. With the other hand, I softly brushed the side of her face. Sheri’s hand slipped down and covered my cock. I could feel her nipples harden as her breasts flattened against my chest.

Our movement awakened Kim. “Now why didn’t I leave a wake up call like that?”

Sheri sat up and leaned over me. She took Kim’s head in her hands and kissed her full on the mouth. I could imagine what she was doing with her tongue. They broke the kiss.

Kim took a deep breath, “Well, hello to you too!”

We all laughed as the two women snuggled down against me again. We cuddled and petted and kissed each other for another half hour or so. There is nothing nicer than being intimate with people, either women or men, who are comfortable with themselves and the situation and who enjoy the shared intimacy.

“I’m hungry.” Kim sat up. “Is anyone else hungry?”

I looked up at her, “I could use something to eat. How about you, Sheri?”

“Yes, something light would be good.”

We all trooped to the kitchen.

“Anyone want any thing special?”

“No, let’s see what is in the refrigerator and just take potluck.”

We made a little dinner out of the fruit, salad, meat and other food that was in the refrigerator. We chatted as we ate. Neither Kim nor Sheri was looking forward to the end of their spring break. “Anyone interested in soaking in the hot tub?”

“No, I’ve had enough heat today. I really should hit the books.”

“Oh, Kim, you don’t have to study every day. Relaxing and forgetting the books is what spring break is for. Like we did today. You can bet almost no one is hitting the books like we have been doing.”

“I guess you’re right. Today was nice, just making love and lying naked in the sun.” Kim blew Sheri a kiss.

We talked about other things as we finished eating. “Have either of you ladies played much with toys?”

Kim arched an eyebrow, “Toys?”

Sheri smiled, “A little.”


“Sure. You know, vibrators, plugs, dongs, dildos.”

Kim grinned, “I didn’t think you meant dolls or toy cars.”

Sheri laughed, “I doubt if Brad will ever need an inflatable doll to get off.” She put her hand under the table and squeezed my thigh.

Kim spluttered, “That isn’t what I meant about dolls.” Then she grinned, “I have a vibrator.”

“I have a couple of vibrators too.”

“I’ve got a nice assortment of toys and I thought, since no one is interested in soaking, I’d get them out and we could take them on some test drives.”

Sheri clapped her hands, “Let’s!”

Kim looked a little more skeptical, “Well, o.k.”

We cleaned up the dishes and kitchen. “Let’s go back to the bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable.”

Once in the bedroom, Kim and Sheri sat on the bed. I got two boxes out of the closet. I dumped the larger one on the bed. There was a pile of vibrators of various sizes, clamps, cock rings, realistic looking penises which stroked and vibrated, double dongs, vibrating eggs, butt plugs, etc.

Kim picked up a vibrator nipple clamp, “What’s this?”

Sheri took it from her, “I’ll show you.” She scooted over in front of Kim and leaned forward and began to suck one of Kim’s breasts. Kim looked a me and rolled her eyes. Sheri stopped sucking and looked at Kim’s hard nipple. “Hold your boob.” Kim cupped her breast in her hand. Sheri attached the clamp to Kim’s nipple, “That’s not too tight, is it?’ Kim shook her head ‘no’. Sheri tightened the clamp a little more. Kim winched. She backed off the clamp. “There.”

I heard a buzzing sound as Sheri flipped the switch. Kim held her breast then she grinned, “Got another one?”

“My turn.” I found another nipple clamp. I scooted next to Kim. She held her breast so I could suck the nipple. Her nipple hardened between my lips. I attached the clamp then turned on the vibrator.

We watched as Sheri pushed a vibrating egg into her pussy. She picked up a second one and looked at Kim. Kim shrugged then lay back and spread her legs. Sheri got on her knees between Kim’s legs. I watched as she nuzzled and kissed Kim’s auburn thatch. Kim sighed as Sheri licked her pussy then Sheri spread her pussy lips with the fingers on one of her hands.

Sheri finger fucked Kim for a couple of minutes then inserted the egg. Kim moaned softly and raised and rotated her hips as Sheri turned on the vibrations.

I searched the pile of toys for a medium butt plug, vibrating, of course, and a bottle of lube. The women watched as I lubed my ass and the plug then pushed the plug into my butt.

Sheri was running a vibrator over her breasts and pussy. Kim had detached her nipple clamps. She was digging through the pile of toys. “What’s this?” She held up a vibrator cock ring.

“That’s a vibrating cock ring. One head goes behind the balls and the other rests on top of the cock. The top one buzzes the woman’s clit.

“And,” Sheri interjected, “If Brad were to fuck another man in the missionary position, it could vibrate against his balls when Brad’s cock was buried deep in his ass.”

Kim looked deep in thought, “And if Brad fucked a man doggie style, his balls would buzz the other man’s balls, right? And the top vibrator would buzz his butthole when Brad was balls deep.”

Sheri took the cock ring. She turned it around in her hands. “If Brad wore this and fucked you or me like a doggie, his balls would tingle our pussy and this top buzzer would tingle our little puckered rosebud.”

“Wouldn’t the vibrations carry through the hard-on and wouldn’t you be able to feel them inside your pussy?” Kim took the cock ring from Sheri. “This is too much!” She looked at me and grinned, “May we put this on you?”

I leaned back on my elbows with my legs spread. Sheri lifted my cock and balls. Kim opened the cock ring and slipped it around my cock. Sheri was squeezing and twisting my cock in her hand. She grinned at me, “I don’t think Brad really needs a cock ring or buzzer to get himself up.”

Kim closed the cock ring. She spent a fair amount of time adjusting my balls so they lay right on top of the buzzer. I liked that. My cock quickly reached a full erection when she turned on the vibrators. Sheri still held my cock in her hand. “I can feel the vibrations. I wonder. . .” She bent over and slipped her mouth over me. She tightened her lips and slid them up and down the cock shaft before sitting back up. “I could feel the vibrations so you would probably feel them in your pussy.”

“Let me see,” Kim moved next to me. Sheri held my cock upright as Kim lowered her mouth over it. She licked the cockhead then pushed it deep into her mouth. I sighed as she began a circle suck. I groaned as she took my cock out off her mouth. “I could feel them too.” She grinned, “I’d like to have an electric toothbrush like that.”

Sheri clapped her hands and laughed, “That’d wake up the girls at the apartment!”

Kim continued, “Put toothpaste on your man’s dick and brush your teeth while giving him a blowjob. I like that.”

Sheri hugged Kim, “I’d have the cleanest teeth in town.”

“And if his dick was hairy enough, you could floss at the same time.” The two women collapsed on the bed in a fit of giggles.

Sheri moaned and rolled onto her back. Kim was licking and kissing her pussy. She removed the egg from inside Sheri then resumed eating her. I was amazed about how unselfconscious Sheri and Kim had become in the last few days when it came to being nude and to sex. Especially sex. They sucked my cock and ate each other’s pussy without so much as a blush. Sheri found a vibrator which she began to run over her breasts.

Kim sat up. She picked up a large vibrating, stroking penis. She lubed the head by licking it then she pressed it against Sheri’s pussy. Sheri spread her legs farther apart and arched her back. She groaned as Kim pushed the artificial cock into her cunt. Kim held the tool steady and Sheri squeezed her breasts as the machine fucked her. I took off the cock ring. I didn’t need a toy to keep a hard-on.

I moved behind Kim and put my hand under her and between her legs. I cupped her cunt and squeezed gently. She squeezed her vaginal muscles and the egg she was using dropped in my hand. I licked it clean and tossed it onto the carpet.

Kim turned off the vibrating cock. She picked up a nipple clamp. “I bet if I attached this to your clit and turned it and the cock on, you’d go through the ceiling.”

Sheri pushed herself up on her elbows. “We don’t need toys to send us through the ceiling when we’ve got the real thing right here.” She pushed the cock away from her pussy as she sat up. I took the cock from Kim and licked it clean. I got off the bed and carried the cock into the bathroom. I placed it on the counter and pulled the plug out of my butt. I wiped it clean and put it in the sink and cleaned my butt.

The women had the toys cleaned off the bed when I returned. My hard-on led the way back into the bedroom. Sheri patted the center of the bed. She and Kim moved around as I lay down. Sheri leaned over so her breasts hung over my face. I chased and caught a nipple with my lips. I was happily sucking Sheri’s tits when I felt Kim’s tongue slide down my cock shaft and begin to lick my balls. I tried to swallow Sheri’s tit as Kim sucked a nut into her warm mouth.

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