tagBDSMSweet Submission Ch. 03

Sweet Submission Ch. 03


Suzanne put a piece of trash form the party into the bag she was holding. Taking a deep breath she looked around room, pleased to see almost everything back in order. She felt a pair of hands go around her waist.

"Slave you almost earned a Good girl", her Master told her as he kissed the top of her blonde head.

Daniel her Master went and sat on their floral couch. As he sat he said, "You did a fine job on most of the party Slave but unfortunately you did make some errors I want to correct so they don't happen again."

Suzanne immediately lowered her eyes and meekly replied, "What did I do Master?"

Daniel told her to come to him which she did and knelt when he told her too. He grabbed her hair and she let out a small gasp of surprise at the unexpected grab.

"Firstly," he said, "you didn't keep my drink topped up as often as you should have, and more importantly you let our guests run empty before you offered more. You were supposed to anticiapte their needs."

He pulled on her hair harder, "Secondly you constantly touched me, what have I told you before about doing that without my permission?"

Suzanne said nothing.

"Well?" He jerked he hair so hard tears rolled down her face.

"I'm sorry Master I wasn't thinking. I will try not to do it again."

Abruptly he let her go. "Ok Slave. This was our first party with you as my Slave and I had hoped you would've presented better. You did ok but I was hoping for more."

He started to absently stroke her hair, "I want you to go outside, pull up your skirt and sit in the snow while I think about your punishment."

Suzanne a little surprised at the demand nodded, got off her kneed and grabbed coat and went outside.

It was dark out so she knew the neighbors couldn't see her so she simply found a spot of snow near the house and pulled up her red mini skirt and sat down.

Immediately she felt the cold hit her ass and crotch like a truck. It didn't take long for a tingly sensation from the cold to make her pussy numb. While she was sitting there she thought to herself, "I wonder what he will do?" She had been scolded before for putting her arms around him without his permission. With the excitement of the party, not to mention a few drinks she realized she did it without thinking.

Now sorry she displeased her master at their very first gathering she waited patiently for him to come get her. Trying not to focus on the pain she was now feeling on her ass and thighs she looked at the clear sky and watched the stars.

What seemed like an eternity but in reality was maybe 10 minutes later he opened the door and whistled for her to come in.

Suzanne got up and went in right away. As soon as she came in Daniel pointed to the floor. Suzanne knelt.

"I want to see your ass Slave. Put your face on the floor and show me." He told her.

She knelt with her face on the floor and pulled up her skirt to her waist so he could see. He gently touched her pink cheeks but she didn't feel it from the cold.

He slapped her ass.


Not once but several times. The warmth of the house making her skin feel warm again she felt true pain at the tingly hot pain the slaps were doing to her. She bit her tongue as he slapped, trying not to cry out as she was supposed to do.

For 20 minutes he spanked her. By the time Daniel was done Suzanne was feeling the true pain and knew she'd remember this lesson.

Daniel grabbed her hair and lifted her head. Tears streaked her face Suzanne hoped he was done punishing her.

With his spare hand he unzipped his pants and forced her mouth on his erection. Suzanne began to suck his cock. As she sucked he told her, "That's a good Slave. I don't like punishing you but it's the only way you will learn to obey me. You will do better next time?"

Suzanne nodded as best she could while sucking on his throbbing dick.

"Good girl."

He moaned as she sucked harder. Then she sucked harder still but moved very slowly to his head and slowly pushing back to his balls. For several minutes she did this, tasting his sweet pre cum.

By now Suzanne was very wet herself, aching to have her pussy touched she let out a small involuntary moan.

"Slave faster!" he gasped out.

Suzanne started to suck his cock fast, her head bobbing in and out. She loved sucking his cock and let out little cries of pleasure. He grabbed her head and held it still. His hands on the side of her head he thrust his cock into her hot mouth deeply. As he fucked her mouth he told her what a good little bitch she was.

"Slave you love it when I fuck your mouth don't you? You little slut. All wet from sucking your Masters cock. Such a good mouth you have for fucking." He said.

Suzanne couldn't do anything but moan deeply. She did like being his little slut and her own pussy was fairly dripping, begging to be fucked too.

A couple more deep thrusts and she felt his hot cum in her mouth and throat. She swallowed it like a good slave. Then she zipped his pants back up.

He stoked her damp hair, "Good girl. Go wash up and then come back and see me."

Suzanne got up on shaky legs. Her ass was still stinging and she wanted to orgasm. When she got to the bathroom she considered fingering herself but kept herself in check. It was for her Master, not her to decide.

She gingerly touched her ass as she looked at it in the mirror. Red welts covered her cheeks. She let out a deep sigh and brushed her teeth then washed her face. She got out of her party outfit and slipped into a silky blue nightie.

Going back into the living room she noticed Daniel had something rather shiny sitting on the couch.

"Come here Slave." He said.

Suzanne went and stood in front of him.

"I got this for you. I want you to wear it. For the rest of the night you will wear it as your punishment." He told her.

Suzanne saw it was a spreader bar for her ankles. He pulled it out and shackled one end to her ankle. She spread her other leg so he could shackle the other.

Suzanne wondered how she could possibly move in it without falling so she just stood there a minute taking it all in. He had never done anything like this before.

"Go ahead Slave, walk around for me." He said as he shooed her away with his hand.

Suzanne tried to turn around in them but ended up falling on her tender ass instead.

"Master I don't know if I can do this." She pleaded.

He looked sternly at her, "Slave just be lucky I didn't tie your hands too. Take your time. I expect you to have walking in it mastered by the end of the night."

Suzanne let out a deep breath and refrained from talking back to her Master. Getting in a kneeling position she got back to her feet. Slowly she took a step forward. Feeling her body sway she steadied herself before taking another.

She managed to walk to the end of the room without falling. Daniel sat on the couch and watched her. Feeling confident now she moved faster. That was a mistake and before she could catch herself she fell forward this time to her knees.

"Ouch!" She cried as she hit the floor.

Daniel got up and helped her to her feet. "There, there Slave. That was good. Keep it up. I'm very proud of you. I like to see you walking in that. Now go get me a beer."

He kissed her cheek and patted her bottom.

Suzanne was pleased that he atleast was giving her time to adjust to this new form of domination. Slowly she shimmied to the kitchen to get his beer. Just going to the kitchen in the spreader bar worked up a sweat.

Again the walk back was painfully slow it seemed but Suzanne managed to do it without falling.

"Good girl. Now come into the bedroom, try to walk faster if you can."

Suzanne tried to go faster but as she expected she did take a tumble forward again.

Once she made it to the bedroom she found her Master putting a rope on the O ring that was above the headboard.

"Get on the bed Pussycat. I'm going to tie your hands now." He told her.

Suzanne got on the bed and laid face up. Shivering with anticipation she waited for his next instructions. He slid his hands under her nightie cupping her breasts with his hands. He quickly pinched her nipples then took her nightie off.

He got out a black blindfold and tied it over her face. He asked her to put her hands above her head, which she did and he tied her hands to the O ring.

Once she was tied he ran his hands down her arms, over her swollen breasts. He stopped to play with her hard nipples before running his hands down her belly. He thrust 2 fingers in her pussy and Suzanne groaned. He sat and fingered her for a minute until he could tell she was close to an orgasm then took them out and ran his hands down to her ankles.

He adjusted the width of the spreader bar. Suzanne had no idea it spread that far and felt the pull in her legs all the way to her hips. He left it there.

Daniel took a moment to look at his Slave blindfolded and tied to the bed with the spreader bar on her ankles. She looked beautiful he thought.

Taking the crop he ran it along her body stroking her face with it, then moving down to her belly. He knew it was driving her mad whether or not he was going to strike her with it. He wasn't about to disappoint her.

He struck her thigh with it, then he struck her pussy.

"Master!" Suzanne cried.

"Slave you will obey me! Now I'm going to give you the chance to cum but you have to obey me." He said.

"Yes Master I will obey you." She said.

He picked up the candle that was burning and poured the wax on her nipples.

She sucked in her breath.

Daniel picked up her vibrator, set it on pulsating and put it in her pussy. He noticed how turned on she was by how easily it slid in.

"You horny bitch, I only just started and your already wet as fuck." He said.

The vibrator inside her Suzanne felt both pleasure and pain as Daniel once again poured wax on her body.

She moaned, "Oh Master."

"Slave if you cum without my permission I will double the spanking I did to you earlier. Keep yourself in check." He commanded her.

She felt him climb on the bed and he put his erection on her lips. He didn't stick his cock in her mouth but rather slowly ran it across her lips. She felt his own wetness on her lips and she licked it off.

He slapped her face.

"Slave did I say you could do that?"

"No Master, I'm sorry." She told him.

"Open your mouth Slave but don't suck." He commanded.

Suzanne opened her mouth and he stuck his cock in it. He slid his cock in and out a few times then he withdrew it and got off the bed.

"I'm going to turn you face down now Slave." He told her.

The O ring was on a small chain so she could easily turn over. He helped her turn with the spreader bar on her ankles and soon she was face down.


Whack, whack, whack!

He struck her ass with the crop. He stroked his cock as he hit her. Suzanne's ass sore from the previous spanking cried out with each hit. The vibrator still pulsating inside her gave her a provocative feeling of pleasure and pain as he struck her.

A few more whacks and he stopped. Taking the vibrator out, he then mounted her. Her pussy slick and ready, his cock slid in easily. While he pumped her he slapped her ass and back with his hand.

"Oh Master please let me cum, I need to come now!"

"How bad do you want to cum whore?" he asked.

"I want to cum very bad, please Master I'll do anything!" She begged.

He screwed her harder, "Slave you call that begging? Very well."


She didn't need anything else. Suzanne had a huge orgasm that went on and on.

"Oh Master, Master that feels wonderful! Oh Master!" she moaned out.

Moments later she felt her Master have his own orgasm.

Both sweating profusely Daniel pulled himself out of his Slave.He untied Suzanne but left the spreader bar on her. "Slave clean me." He said.

Suzanne dizzy with pleasure licked his cock. He gave her permission to take off the bar and after she had done so she went to get his cum towel to dry him off properly.

"Master is there anything else I can do for you?" She asked.

"Not tonight Slave, put on a movie for me then finish cleaning up our party mess. I hope you learned to remember your manners for our next party. I don't like to punish you but I will. For the rest of the week you will wear the spreader bar every evening until we go to bed. Remember you are my property and you will obey me properly. When you obey me I will reward you. Understand?"

Suzanne nodded, "Yes Master dear. I will obey you like a good Slave."

"Good girl."

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