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Sweet Temptations


It was an unusually slow Monday on an unusually warm March day in Chicago. Larry was in his home office, and bored waiting for return calls. He left his email screen open, and signed onto his fb account. He saw that his lover, Jen was on fb as well. He and Jen started an affair a few months ago, but were very careful not to send anything online that could be traceable. So he posted a generic post that would sound like a normal conversation, but had special meaning to them. So he posted on his wall

"Argh, my email inbox is exploding!" he posted

A few minutes later, Jen typed a reply on his wall.

"I sure don't miss that! Good luck with that!"

Two exclamation points in any response was her code that she was ok to leave and come over. And two capitol letters meant she was on her way and would be there within twenty minutes. Larry loved to be a creative lover whenever possible, so he moved quickly to clear the kitchen table, which would be part of his plan for this afternoon. He went back downstairs to his home office, and checked his email and voicemail again. Nada. He sent email to away, and sent his calls to voicemail, and only VIP calls to go to his cell. He then turned off all the lights except for one that was visible from the street in the left window.

In the meantime, Jen quickly finished what she was working on, and stacked up her finished work and unfinished work into two piles, then she headed out the door. She was very glad she was able to go see Larry again. The traffic seemed to take forever. Once she got to Larry's street, she drove past looking the light in the window that was her signal that everything was ok. It was lit. So, she parked a few houses down, got out of her car and locked up, and walked quickly to his house.

Larry peered out the door. He felt a nervous, electric energy go through him when he saw her. He smiled at her and held the door for her.

"Hey sexy" said Larry and pulled her in for a kiss.

The kiss was passionate and urgent and very intense. Their hands touched and roamed and caressed each other. Shirts were unbuttoned and zippers were unzipped, clothes taken off and fell to the floor. Jen felt Larry's hard cock against her leg and reached down to grab his hard on when she was surprised when he stopped her from touching him.

"Come here sexy" Larry said. He then abruptly spun her around and tied his dago tshirt around her eyes as a blindfold.

Jen laughed, a bit startled and said "Are we going to play blindman's bluff" She tried to take off her blindfold but Larry grabbed her hands. He then led her naked and blindfolded from the entryway to the kitchen. He led her to the edge of his kitchen table and turned her around so he could lift her up to sit on the edge of the table.

Jen was still sitting and as soon as her hands were released, she tried to peek through her blindfold.

"Hey, no peeking!" Larry protested. He swatted her hands playfully away from her face. Jen heard Larry's footsteps and heard the fridge open and close. Then, she sensed Larry close to her. She heard a chair or stool being moved. Then, she felt a very cold sensation on her breasts, along with Larry's warm touch putting a thick and wet substance on her breasts. Her nipple reacted immediately, quickly hardening under the cold. She shivered in response. Goosebumps appeared on her arms. Larry stood next to her, leaned over and rubbed both of her arms. He then proceeded to lick the whipped cream off the base of her breasts first. He made large, slow circles with his tongue. This made Jen moan and squirm around the edge of the table.

"Larry, please!" Jen pleaded, not knowing whether or not he wanted him to stop or continue.

"Please? Please what?" Larry teased, and moved to her other breast. He again moved his tongue around the base of her other breast, completely avoiding her nipple. Her nipples were not only hard from being cold, but also from being aroused. He continued to lick, using large strokes of his tongue. He cupped both of her breasts in his hands. The alternating sensation of hot and cold was very exciting to Jen. Next, Larry gentled flicked his finger over her nipples. This causes Jen to move and squirm on the table. He then gently licked the rest of the whipped cream off her nipples, barely touching them with his tongue. Abruptly, he moved off of Jen. She was very startled by this, and did not know what to expect.

"Larry?" Jen inquired

She heard him moving around softly, then felt his hands on her thighs, parting them. The next thing she felt was 2 sensations at the same time. She felt his warm tongue on her clit, and something very cold at the tip of her pussy. Larry pulled her legs up over his shoulders. He continued to lick her clit as he pushed a chocolate covered frozen banana just inside her pussy.

"OOOOOHHH that is cold!" screamed Jen, as she wriggled around.

Larry pulled out the banana. He saw an immediate reaction from her, as a sudden rush of thick white cream came out of her pussy. Larry inserted the banana back into her pussy. To Jen, it was so cold it was painful. It was SO intense.

"Coooollldd!! Larry, please!" Jen begged

"More please? Sure thing!" Larry smirked

He took her legs off his shoulders, but held onto her inner thighs as he very slowly pulled the banana back out and then pushed it back in slowly. He could see her outer lips swell with arousal. He slowly pulled the banana back out, as he did not want to damage any of her beautiful pussy from the cold. He guided her off the table and into his bedroom. He guided her to the edge of the bed and laid her back down. He broke off a piece of the banana and put it all the way into her pussy. He could hear her sudden intake of breath. He picked her up and scooted her up so she was all the way onto the bed.

He moved her to her side and then moved so they were side by side in a 69 position.

"Take off the blindfold Jen, I have something I know you like." Larry said

Jen opened her eyes and saw Larry's hard cock close to her.

"Oh my goodness. I just love your cock" Jen exclaimed.

She began to lick his shaft up and down. She took his balls into her mouth and sucked them. She then took his hard on into her mouth and sucked it. At the same time, Larry was eating her like she was an ice cream sundae. His tongue flicked into her pussy and played with her clit with his fingers. They were both enjoying the sensations of each other. Larry pulled Jen on top of him. At this angle, he was able to spread her open more and use his fingers and tongue to eat the banana out of her pussy.

He tasted and drank all of her juices that came out of her pussy and ate the banana. He continued to lick her pussy, working his tongue over her clit. He fingered her pussy hard, making her moan into his cock. She was so keyed up from all the food play, her orgasm was fast and intense. She stopped sucking his cock for fear of biting him and let out a primal moan.

Once she caught her breath , Jen continued sliding his cock in and out of her mouth and creating wonderful sensations in her mouth. To Larry, it was warm and wet and sensual. He felt his cock harden and expand even more if that was possible. Jen sucked harder and used her hand to stroke the base of his cock while she moved him in and out of her mouth. She could feel that he was close to orgasm. She tightened her mouth around him and squeezed the base of his cock hard.

Larry also let out a primal moan as his cum flowed out of his cock into her mouth. Jen swallowed all of his cum eagerly. She continued to lick and suck him until Larry asked her to stop.

They both lay there, catching her breath.

"So, are you ready for the cucumber yet?" Larry asked?

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