tagErotic HorrorSweet Tooth Ch. 02

Sweet Tooth Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Sweetness

How paranoid can you get, Hannah thought to herself, it had been six months since the attack. However she still checked the house perimeter before going to bed, and had her friend Tom install some safety devices in her home. She just didn't go out after dark, no matter how her friend Beth had pled with her, no parties, no bar hopping, no clubs. Some nights she woke with cold sweats and nightmares, she had a right to her nightmares, it would start as always, the chill that ran up her spine, being slammed from behind, those luminous grey eyes reflected in the window, the fear of dying. Then it would twist into a wet dream, she was being held tight, almost crushing. Breath would whisper into her hair, her ear, and then the bite would come, did she long for the bite more than she longed for the satisfying sex. It felt almost euphoric in her dreams, the bite was sex, it made her tingle, took from her what he needed, how he needed it. The basic sex, was an after thought, he would lay her down, and crush her with his weight, fill her with his body, and make her take him as much as he had taken her, filling her, making her scream.

God she really had to.....

She looked up from the kitchen sink, and suddenly saw a man in her yard, standing in the garden near the roses, he bent to pluck one. He was tall, about 6'4", shoulder length dark hair, and a knee length black denim duster, blue jeans and boots. He looked up and caught her watching him, raising the rose to his face, then he looked at her and kissed the rose in salute. He began walking toward the house, she backed away from the window, he advanced to the back door, she backed into the hall, he came through the locked door. No alarm beeps sounded, how had he disabled the alarm? She turned and ran for the phone, but she wasn't fast enough. He had her in two steps, gripping her upper arms, pulling her back to his chest, she screamed, and he clamped a hard hand across her lips, cutting her lip on her teeth. He picked her up around the waist and walked her back to her bedroom.

Setting her feet on the floor, he stood behind her caressing the line of her ribs and hip, she felt his breath at the back of her neck, and fear coursed through her.

"Please don't hurt me, I won't tell, just go away." She cried out.

"You tempt me with your dreams sweetheart, at first your scarred just like the rest, but with you it turns to lust, and you want my bite, you want the rest I can give you, all I can give you."

"You can't know what I've been dreaming." She whispered, "That's just not possible."

"Trying to convince me or yourself sweetheart your dreams are so vivid."

He growled and turned her to him, one hand at the base of her neck, one hand on her ass, he pulled her in for a kiss. His tongue swept her mouth, worrying the cut on her lip, sucking at it. He grabbed both ass cheeks and rubbed her up and down his length. Her hands came up to burrow into his hair, clasping his head, rubbing his scalp. After what seemed hours, he pushed her back, dropped his jacket on the floor and ripped his t-shirt off over his head. Muscles rippled along his torso, biceps bulging, pecs hard, he stood letting her drink her fill. He stepped to her, pulling her palms up to his chest, tilted his head and gazed into her eyes. She began to caress him, rasping his nipples with her nails, pinching them, they grew hard as diamonds, and she leaned forward to nip them, lick them and kiss his chest. She anchored both hands in his waist band and pulled the button loose, running the backs of her hands over the veined flesh of his belly, she lowered the zip and pushed his jeans back, glancing up at him through hooded eyes, she licked her lip.

"Suck me sweetheart, take me into your mouth, eat me, drink me." He urged her on, pushing down on her shoulders, until she dropped to her knees, he tangled a hand in her hair.

"Your so big, how did you get this inside me?" She licked him. "Mmm, Good enough to eat."

She wrapped both hands around his cock, pulling and twisting it's length, she sucked him inside her mouth and began to pull him into her mouth, he plunged to the back of her throat, gagging her, still he pushed, her eyes began to water, she came up for air. Bending forward to suck at his balls, that oddly were almost hairless, she dropped her mouth back down over his pole, humming her pleasure, at giving him his, she reached under him and rimmed his brown eye with a wet finger, and pushed it in, he groaned, flexing his buttocks, trapping her finger, he released her and she pushed into him again.

"Ahh, you bitch, you're such a freak, suck my cock, eat me."

She pulled on him sucking and mouthing him, feeling him tighten and shudder, then drinking him, swallowing his life force. She popped out of his sphincter and dropped her hand to caress along his leg. He toed his boots off, and pushed his jeans off.

When he recovered, he picked her up and tossed her onto the bed, following her, pulling her P.J.s off he tossed them to the floor, and began nuzzling her neck, he stroked the peaks of her breasts, until she arched her back, then he suckled them, he pushed his hand down through her curls, gathering moisture and spreading it around her clit, he rubbed her and spread her, pinched her nubbin, causing her legs to contract and close around his hand holding him. He chuckled at her attempts to hold him still, he teased her more then and plunged a finger inside her. She turned her head and bit into his shoulder, crying out, she twisted off, and screamed her pleasure.

He rose above her then, siding himself in, feeling her muscles tighten and quiver around him, his arms reached around her, holding her while he hunched into her into her. She felt stretched with his sex, and slight discomfort at first, she drew in a slow breath and moaned attempting to accustom herself to his size. Slowly he began, rocking her hips, suckling her breasts and caressing her, she moaned and clutched his hair, he licked her neck at her pulse, sucking and pulling on her skin, then he nuzzled and bit, sinking his fangs in, pulling her blood out. The harder he thrust, the more he drank. Soon he came, with a yell above her, blood covering his mouth, she pushed her hips up to get more of him, and she whimpered and screamed. He remained inside her, gazing down into her eyes, licking the blood from his lips, a line of crimson had dribbled down below his chin, and she lapped it up. He took her lips then eating from her, sucking her tongue into his mouth, she ran her tongue over the tip of his fangs, this drove him crazy, and he grasped her head kissing her silly. He lowered his lips to her neck and cleaned off the residual blood flow.

"Sweet, your so sweet, mmmm, I have to stop myself from over indulging in you." He mused. "Hannah, I love the taste of your blood, it's so rich and dark."

"How do you know... What is your name, I don't know. You seem to know everything about me, all I know is that your "V" and your vampire."

He chuckled, "Curiosity killed the cat, I am Vilhelm Hermani Lickt, please call me Vil. I am about six hundred, years old, I was born in the Germanic Guild wars, of noble blood, spoiled and pampered, by all my kinsmen, and all my serfs. I was laid low, by a vampyre, I had come upon him in the act of murder. He changed me that night into a perfect creature, I will not fall ill, I do not grow old, I can sustain myself on food or blood, blood keeps me at my peak performance, and in a preternatural form." He kissed her nose, "Are you becoming bored with my tale sweet, I will get you some juice, you look pale."

He rose from the bed, and went to get some juice from the fridge, upon his return he made her drink it down then took the glass from her hands placing it on the night stand, he rolled over next to her, and stroked her breasts and stomach, marveling at the alabaster white of her skin, just under the surface he could see the hint of blue veins, hear the whoosh as the blood coursed through them, he closed his eyes and shuddered, then pushed himself away from her. He would not take her life this night.

"Sleep my sweet Hannah, dream of me, often, until I return."

He gathered his strewn clothes, and left her, she was already falling asleep.

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