tagIncest/TabooSweetheart Dance

Sweetheart Dance


I was feeling dejected. The latest girl I had asked to the Sweetheart Dance, had rejected me out of hand. At twenty-two, I wasn't a bad looking guy it's just that the local Monterey women had plenty of men stationed at Fort Ord from which to choose.

When a guy felt as low as I did, he sought comfort from the one place he knew he'd always get it, his mother. I was no different. I sat at the desk in my room at the Bachelor Officer's Quarters and placed a video-call home on my computer. It was after 10 PM back in Indianapolis. It was getting near her bedtime, but I suspected that she was still up watching the news.

In the blink of an eye, my mother's image appeared on my computer screen. Unsurprisingly, she was wearing a purple negligee that covered, but did not conceal her huge breasts. Mother had always been something of an exhibitionist, wearing the skimpiest of outfits around the house. As a result, I spent most of my adolescence sporting a semi-permanent erection. Even now, my cock hardened at the sight of her cantaloupe-sized breasts each capped with a dusky areola and a stiff nipple.

Mother's eyes sparkled as she squealed, "Ricky, how's my baby boy?"

I chuckled. I was a grown man that had flown helicopters in combat for United States Army, but my mother still called me, her baby boy. I said, "Not so good, Mom. I bought tickets for the Sweetheart Dance and now I can't find a date."

"I'm sorry Baby-boy. Why did you buy tickets before you had a date?" Mother pushed a strand of shoulder length black hair out of her face.

Sighing I said, "The dance is at the City Aquarium down on Cannery Row so there are just so many seats available. If you don't buy the tickets early you don't get them, now I'm stuck with them."

"No way to get rid of them?"

"Not really, the dance is Saturday."

Mother pursed her lips. "That's too bad. All those soldiers in their dress uniforms will be so romantic. You'd think those young ladies would jump all over that."

Chuckling again, I said, "You'd think, but I really don't know that many girls out here. I just got back from Afghanistan a few weeks ago."

"I know. I was worried to death while you were deployed. But even in the States you're so far from home. I miss you so much Baby-boy. I wish I could be your date."

I perked up with a wide grin. I declared, "That's it! You can be my date."

Mother's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "What?"

"You can be my date, Mom. It's the perfect solution. I know you already have a couple of formal gowns. You just fly out on Friday and I'll book you a room at the Cannery Row Hotel. We' go to the dance on Saturday and you can fly back Sunday."

Mother chewed her lip again, I thought it made her look sexy. "Won't you be embarrassed to take your mother to the dance?" She frowned and added, "I'm so old."

"You're not old, Mom. You just turned forty last month, besides you don't look a day over thirty. Everybody will think you're a cougar."

"What's a cougar?"

"A cougar is an older woman who goes after younger guys. Believe me Mom, you are one hot cougar. Please be my date."

She said, "I'd like too, but I don't know if Norman has anything planned for Valentine's Day."

"Fuck Norman," I spat. Norman was my stepfather. He had married Mom ten years ago. I had never cared for him and he simply tolerated me in return.

"Baby-boy, don't be like that, Norman's my husband and I love him."

"He might be your husband, but he's never been my father," I seethed.

I didn't like sharing my mother with Norman nor had I ever. My mother had gotten pregnant with me her senior year in high school and hadn't married my father. After I was born, Mother had worked for a short-while as a stripper. I supposed, her 38DD-28-39 figure on her five-foot three-inch frame was very popular. Following her stint as an exotic dancer, she lived with a couple of different men who sexually exploited her. When I was twelve, she was waitressing at a sports bar where her tight ass and huge boobs kept her in hefty tips. It was where she finally met Norman, a few months later she married him, she was Norman's second wife.

Mother's attention was diverted by another presence in the bedroom. She spoke to the interloper, "Norman, we were just talking about you."

My stepfather remained out of my sightline. He said, "Who's we?"

"Ricky, he's on the computer. He wants me to fly out to California this weekend. Can I?"

"Kind of late notice, don't you think?" growled Norman, "Airline tickets will be expensive."

I grumbled, "I'll buy your plane tickets."

Ignoring me, Mother said, "It's for a special occasion, the Sweetheart Dance on Valentine's Day. Ricky wants me to be his date."

"Can't find his own girl, so he wants to borrow mine huh?" Norman chuckled, "I tell you what Shelia, you go, but I'll need to give you your Valentine's present early."

Mother's face broke into a naughty grin, "How early?"

"Right now, I just took a little blue pill," Norman's said with lust. Suddenly, he appeared in the picture frame. His bulky frame knelt down beside Mother's chair. He swiveled it in his direction.

"I've got to go, Ricky. I'll call you later," Mother babbled, trying to close her laptop.

Unbeknownst to Mother, she had failed to completely close her laptop so now the web-camera was pointing directly at her crotch. I should have closed my own laptop, but I couldn't tear my eyes away as Mother slowly dragged the hem of her nightie up her thighs revealing her pussy to Norman and covertly to me.

Conflicting emotions stuck in my throat. My cock throbbed with lust as my mother spread her legs wide, revealing a thin strip of pubic hair on her mound and her cleanly shaven labia. At the same time, my stomach churned with jealousy as my stepfather lowered his bald head to my mother's splayed cunt. Quickly, I silenced the computer's microphone and loudly cleared my throat of the bitter pile as I watched my screen.

Norman was fifty and a nice enough guy who treated my mother well, a podiatrist by trade. He kissed mother's knee then ran his tongue up her inner thigh. After kissing her hairless labia, he pierced her pussy with his tongue. As he lapped at her cunt, he worked two fingers inside her. He wiggled his fingers in a come-hither motion, if the vigor of her moans was any indication mother must have really enjoyed it.

Intrigued with Norman's oral aptitude, I pulled my hard cock from my shorts and watched his tongue dart skillfully around my mother's snatch. I bit my lip as his tongue continued to torment her pussy, she groaned her gratification. My cock was so engorged with blood I thought I was going to pass out. I could hear my pulse in my ears and actually feel it pounding in my cock. My mouth was dry and I was panting. I grasped my cock and began stroking it.

Slithering his tongue into Mother's gushing gash, Norman explored the depths of it. With the tip of his tongue, he teased her clit and probed her drenched interior with his finger. The wet swooshing sound of my stepfather's digit machine-gunning in and out of my mother pussy reverberated from my computer's speakers.

Mother moaned and whimpered her sensuous delight. She pulled on her nipples with wicked endeavor. Her soft voice murmured, "I'm going...going...to...to cum."

Norman's tongue assaulted my mother's anus. He darted it in and out and swirling it around as she hissed and hooted. Satisfied that she was on the verge of orgasm, my stepfather trailed his tongue through my mother's labia then he lightly bit her clit and shoved a wet finger up her ass.

"My pussy, my pussy," Mother hollered, banging her fist on the desk as her climax was achieved. She recovered and said with a hoarse voice, "That was a fabulous cum."

Norman was slowly stroking his hard cock, it was about the size of a kosher pickle. With a tremor in his voice, he said, "I'm going to butt-fuck you now, Babe."

"I love getting butt-fucked by you," Mother said coyly as she watched Norman fondle himself. "I have the most intense orgasms when you butt-fuck me."

Mother brushed the computer on the desk as she stood up, once again changing the angle of the web camera. She had barely gotten her shaky legs underneath her when Norman spun her around and pushed her over the back of the chair.

"Shelia, you have a beautiful ass." He slid his foot between hers then he pushed hers apart.

Grabbing the arms of the chair, Mother held onto them with white knuckles. Watching from my vantage point, I saw as her eyes widen when he penetrated her cunt with his stubby cock. She braced herself against the chair and closed her eyes as Norman pounded her pussy with his little pecker. She whimpered, "oh,oh,oh."

Wet flesh on flesh smacks rose above Mother's moans of pleasure. A sheen of sweat glistened on Norman's bald head. He gripped Mother's hips like a drowning man clings to flotsam. His big hairy belly seemed to rest on her bare backside and jiggled like jello with his thrusts. He puffed, "It's like fucking melted butter. This feels so good!"

Abruptly, Norman pulled his cock from Mother's pussy. She protested, "Please don't stop."

With a laugh Norman pushed her back down as she started to rise up. He slapped her bare ass with his open palm. The sound of the smack echoed in the computer speakers. He commanded, "Be still, Shelia."

Mother froze when she felt the head of his stiff cock tap her butthole. Her husband's cock wasn't big, but it was as solid as granite. Even though his cock and her butt were well lubricated, it took her breath away as he inched his shaft into her. She growled, "Gaw! You're so hard."

"Relax Babe," Norman said as he paused to allow Mother to catch her breath after he had fully invested his cock into her ass. He slowly withdrew his cock and the camera captured Mother's mouth twisted into a perfect round "O." He practically pulled all the way out of her. With a groan, he inched himself back into her and she clinched her teeth together in an amorous grimace also caught by the camera.

"Ahh...your cock...feels...feels so good," Mother panted. Her face was contorted in an erotic expression of pained pleasure. Her breasts hung from her chest like ripe grapefruit and swayed under the transparent nightie with each thrust of Norman's cock. Her nipples looked hard enough to etch her name on the computer screen and my stepfather wickedly pinched them until she yelped a protest.

His passion inflamed, Norman began to thrust his cock into her ass like it was rocket blasting from earth. A high pitched squeal of delight escaped Mother's lips as her husband drilled her ass. He responded with primordial guttural rumblings from the back of his throat.

"Fuck...fuck my...my ass," she wailed.

It was more than Norman could stand. His face and bald head had reddened with exertion. Rivulets of sweat ran down his fat face. With a final thrust he buried himself into Mother's ass and panted, "I'm cumming."

Once he recovered Norman kept his still hard cock deep inside Mother's ass. He jammed a couple of fingers into her gaping gash. Then he pressed his palm against her hyper-aroused clit.

Mother's eyes rolled back in her head as the dam of orgasm was breached. Ejaculate spewed from her cunt and splattered with a whoosh on the floor. She howled her happiness, "Uh, woo!"

I pushed a key on my computer to turn the web-camera off. With imagine of my mother's face pleasantly contorted in orgasmic rapture burned into my mind, I stroked my cock with vigor until a frothy outburst of cum spewed forth. A psychedelic haze of white and red flashed behind my shut eyes. A growl of ecstasy surged from my core, "Ahh!"

My plans blew-up as fast as I made them. My mother was able to fly from Indianapolis on Friday, but only as far as L.A., she had to wait until Saturday morning to catch a shuttle flight to Monterey. I ended up on duty Friday anyway and wasn't relieved until noon. I was a horny wreck by then. I couldn't get the image of my mother's blissful orgasmic face out of my mind.

When I arrived at the hotel, I found Mom by the pool on a chaise lounge sporting blue bikini. I paused to gape at her lovely figure. My cock immediately grew hard as I day-dreamed of what it would be like to fuck her. I feared I might have a stroke if the blood kept rushing from my brain to my cock.

Spotting me, she waved and called, "Over here, Baby-boy. "

"Hey," I returned, opening the pool gate.

"Give me a hug," she said opening her arms to receive my embrace. The bikini top created a deep cleavage between her two huge boobs.

I moved between her outstretched arms and gave her a bear hug. I felt her big breasts pressing against my chest. My cock hardened and I pulled her tighter knowing she could feel my hard-on against her pelvic. I lovingly patted her bottom as we broke the embrace, she cocked an eyebrow, but said nothing.

"I'm sorry about your flight delay in L.A." I offered.

"There's no need to apologize, you weren't flying the plane. I got a good night's sleep at the hotel, so I'll be well rested for tonight's activity. Let's go to my room and talk."

She leaned over to pick up her towel. Blue material invaded the crack of her ass. Slipping her index fingers under the leg holes of her bikini beneath each buttock, she pressed the material out of her bottom in a very lady-like fashion. Looking over her shoulder, she caught me watching. She teased, "Enjoying the show?"

"You betcha," I said nodding with a wide smile.

As we headed to the hotel, I followed behind my mother, so I could ogle her ass. In my mind, I willed the blue fabric of her bikini to creep back into the crack of her ass. I smiled as each step seemed to accomplish that very thing. Soon, I could see her white buttock peeking out from her bikini. I carried the garment bag with my dress uniform in such a way as to hide my hard-on as we entered the hotel lobby.

We had to wait for the elevator and I smiled at my mother in the mirrored doors. She smiled back at me. The blue bikini really brought out the blue in her eyes which cast a sultry simmer. Once again she manipulated her forefingers along the inside of her bikini to remove the material from the crack of her ass.

I noticed in the mirror that her maneuver had tightened the material across the front of her bikini and produced a tell-tale camel-toe. My cock grew hard as my lust-filled eyes drank in the contours of her outlined cunt. I wondered about the pleasurable delights hidden just beneath the bikini's material. When Mother giggled, I realized I had been busted. I blushed and swallowed audibly.

The elevator chimed and the doors opened and we entered it. Standing next to the control, Mother pushed the proper floor number. A comfortable silence filled the elevator. We were so familiar with each other we didn't need to talk to communicate. The air was filled with sexual tension that was difficult to give voice to anyway.

With a quiver in her voice, Mother said, "I have really been looking forward to this weekend."

Unable to control myself any longer, I pulled my mother into a tight embrace and kissed her fully on the lips. Instinctively, her lips parted and my tongue penetrated her mouth. For a moment, it gleefully frolicked then entwined with hers. My erection strained against her pubic bone and she lustily ground her pelvis against my hard-on, confirming she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

The doors to the elevator opened with a chime when it arrived at our floor. Mother pushed against my chest breaking our kiss and leaving my mouth burning with fire. Her eyes were wide with wonder and she seemed shocked at her own eager response. She panted with a hushed tone, "We need to go."

Nodding, I followed her down the hall to her room. Peeking down at her posterior, I was pleased to find that her bikini had ridden up her ass again, revealing the undulating curves of her buttocks. I loved to watch the rise and fall of each buttock and the sideways sway of her hips. More blue material inched into her crack. I couldn't believe I could get so hard just by watching my mother walk.

Mother stopped at her room's door and handed me her key-card, but before I could slide it into the keypad she kissed me. Her tongue invaded my mouth and wrestled with mine for a moment. As I tried to pull her into an embrace, she broke our kiss and pushed me back to arm's length. Her blue eyes flared with mixed emotions as she said, "I know you want me, Baby-boy and believe me I want you too. But, we're playing with fire, if we aren't real careful we'll both get burned and scarred. Promise me that when we go into the room that nothing will happen."

I moved to kiss her again, but she turned her head avoiding it.

"Ricky, I mean it."

I sighed, "I promise."

Once in the room, Mother crossed to the sliding door of the balcony and opened it. She stepped outside and looked out over the Pacific. Turning to me, she said, "Isn't it breathing taking."

"You are and the ocean view is nice too," I teased. Joining Mother on the balcony, I started to move beside her, but she stopped me with upturned hand like a traffic cop.

"Just stay there and I'll stay here. We need to talk about some things."


"I know you watched me and Norman the other night," said Mother looking at me. Although, I remained silent, I knew my blush confirmed what she already knew. She continued, "I'm very confused at the moment. Not only about what you watching me having sex, but that I actually wanted you to watch. Knowing you were watching helped me have the most awesome orgasm. What kind of deviant am I?"

"You're not a deviant and you look beautiful when you cum, by the way. Maybe, I'm the pervert. I've wanted have sex with you for so long and I've been so jealous of Norman. I hate him because he gets to have sex with you and I don't. I guess it's an Oedipus thing, but I do love you, Mother, with all my heart."

"And, I love you. Unresolved Oedipus feelings might explain your lust, but it doesn't explain mine. Why am I lusting after my own son?"

"Maybe, it's because you just turned forty. Maybe, it's that whole cougar thing. I don't know. But, I'm glad you want me as bad as I want you. So what are we going to do about it?"

Mother stepped towards me and placed her hand on my cheek. She looked into my eyes to gauge my reaction. She said, "I propose that we make our love relationship a physical one, but only for this weekend. You must understand, it can never be repeated."

"I understand," I said nodding. Then I moved to embrace her, but she put her hand on my chest stopping me.

Shaking her head, she said, "Not so fast tiger. I want our first time to be beautiful and romantic, not a quickie like a couple of lust-filled animals pawing at each other just to get off."

"Just looking at you in that bikini has already given me a case of blue balls," I confessed.

Mother giggled and she took my hand. With a teasing tone she said, "Poor baby, we can't have that, come with me."

"Okay," I choked. As if in a dream I took her hand and followed her back into the hotel room.

She reached behind her neck and untied the string that held the bikini top. Then she yanked the second tie from around her back and pulled the top off. She held the top between her fingers before letting it fall to the floor. Gleefully, she rubbed her just released breasts like a rider rubs down a horse after a hard ride. Her beauty took my breath away. She cupped her breasts. Using the thumb and forefinger of each hand she rolled her nipples between them until they looked hard enough to cut glass. She moaned.

Mother untied the string on each side of her bikini bottoms and they too fell to the floor. She backed up until her buttocks were pressed against the dresser. Then she hopped up on it, her bare breasts swayed from her exertion. She pulled up my knees until they were next to her breasts, spreading her legs wide and presenting me an open invitation. Her pussy lips pouted proudly with yearning and glistened with the promise of wet wonderful pleasure. The aromatic scent of her sex made my nostrils flare. Her voice was thick with lust, "Take your cock out, Ricky, show Mama."

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