Sweetheart Dance


I stepped between her knees and unzipped my trousers. My cock sprung out like a horse bolting from a barn. Pre-cum drooled from its tip. I could actually see the big blue vein on top of it twitching as blood pulsated through it.

"Baby-boy, your cock is, is so huge. Stroke that monster for Mama."

Curling my toes to keep from cumming, I took my throbbing cock in hand and began to slowly stroke it while feasting on the naked beauty of my mother.

Putting her middle finger into her mouth, Mother sucked it like it was a cock. Tracing her hand down her taut tummy, she snaked her fingers into her wet cunt. An expression of sexual bliss colored her face as her fingers worked their magic on her pussy. She huffed, "I'm so wet, Baby. The sight of your cock is making, Mama, so wet. Suck my tits while I lube your cock with my lust."

As I bent over her to suck on her breasts, she grabbed my cock and coated it with her nectar. I had to curl my toes again to keep from climaxing. I engulfed her hard nipple into my mouth and sucked on it like it was straw.

She ruffled my hair and hissed, "Feels good."

I gently bit down on her nipple, raising another moan from Mother. I looked down at her as she rapidly rocketed her fingers in and out of her hot hole. I watched amazed as she pressed down on her clit with the palm of her hand.

She panted, "I'm close...Baby-boy...so close...pinch my nipples. Please...pinch my nipples."

I did as she requested and took each nipple between my forefingers and thumps and gently but firmly applied pressure until she squealed with unmitigated delight. I said, "I love you, Mom."

Her eyes were glazed with passion. Her mouth formed a perfect circle as a moan erupted from her core. Her eyes rolled over and her entire body quaked as her quim convulsed around her digits. She puffed, "Cum, my pussy, cum."

"I love you Mom. You're so beautiful when you cum," I huffed then flogged myself without mercy with one hand while continuing to squeeze Mother's breast with the other. My entire shaft was coated with her warm wet excitement. My testicles tightened then cum spewed from my cock blasting her torso.

"Mama...I'm...cum....cumming," I stuttered as red lights exploded in my brain. My knees weakened and I clutched the dresser to keep from collapsing. Spurts of cum shot from my cock as Mother stroked more of it from my shaft. My eyes rolled over white and I fought back the beckoning black as blood pounded in my ears. At last the meteoric ride of my climax subsided and I was able to catch my breath.

"Baby-boy, this is a lot of cum," Mother giggled. Sperm coated Mother's torso from between her breasts down her torso, covering her belly. The largest amount was on her pussy. It completely covered her little landing strip of pubs and painted her bald vulva with its milky-white thickness.

"You inspired me," I chuckled. After replacing my cock into my jeans, I got her a towel to clean herself. I helped her slip off the dresser then kissed her on the cheek and said, "Thanks, Mom. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Baby-boy. We better get dressed."

While Mother showered, I put on my dress uniform. After I was dressed, I simply sat on the bed and waited.

Once she was done with her shower, Mother opened the bathroom door to let the steam out. The dresser mirror was angled in such a way that her reflection from the bathroom mirror was clearly visible to me. I got a full frontal view of my mother's nakedness. I smiled as she piled her long black hair up into a bun. With her arms raised above her head, I got to watch her large breasts dance.

Mother caught a glimpse of me in the mirror and the smile on her face let me know she was enjoying my covert attention. She cupped her bare breasts with her hands and teased me by tweaking her nipples to hardness. Laughing at my intake of breath she dropped her breasts and put her make-up on.

Watching her pucker her lips and roll the lipstick along them made my cock twitch. I sighed and said under my breath, "I wish that was my cock instead of lipstick."

Mother came out of the bathroom and sat next me bare bottomed on the bed. When I reached for her, she smacked my hand. She caressed black silk stockings up her legs then strapped sexy black stilettos to her feet. Standing up she stepped into her gown.

It was a black chiffon halter dress that was ankle length. The front was a deep V, down to her navel. A single band of material connected the two halter straps across her breasts, creating an A-line silhouette. There was a slit up the front from her ankle to just above mid-thigh. The back was open as well and it plunged to her butt-crack. In fact the top of her butt-crack was exposed.

She asked, "Is this dress too risqué? I bought it just for tonight."

"Of course it is, but you look ravenous," I replied with a reassuring smile. Noticing her anxious expression I added, "It'll be fine. You'll be the belle of the ball."

"I won't embarrass you, will I?"

"Mother, every solider at the dance will wish they were me." Smiling, I offered her my arm then added, "And, I'll have a hard-on all night knowing you're not wearing any underwear."

"I feel so sexy and naughty," she said giggling. She took my arm and we made our way across the street to the Monterey Aquarium and the Sweetheart Dance.

My battalion commander was at the door along with his wife. I started to make an introduction, "Colonel, this is my moth..."

"...date, I'm Ricky's date, Shelia," Mother interrupted.

The colonel's wife frowned with displeasure at my mother's appearance as the colonel kissed her hand. He gave mother the "once over" and me a knowing wink. We entered the commons and found our table. It was right beneath a replica of California Gray Whale hanging from the ceiling and next to a tank which housed a complete kelp forest, some which were thirty feet high. After introducing ourselves to the others at our table, we sat down.

Mother found it surprising that I didn't know the other soldiers at our table. Smiling, I explained that an Army division was a big unit with 15,000 troops posted at Fort Ord.

Dinner began with clam chowder followed by tuna steak, roasted cauliflower and cheesy aligot potatoes. It was served with a local white wine, which Mother found intriguing. Desert was cherry cheesecake.

After supper, the band began with a slow number. I followed Mother onto the dance floor so I could watch her ass wiggle in her gown. I was mesmerized by the oscillation of her bubble-butt as she shimmied her hips to the beat of the music. Looking over her shoulder, Mother smiled at me. Then she spun on her heel and opened her arms. I embraced her and we swayed to the music.

Temporarily, I rested my hand on her waist then slyly I cupped her butt with it, laying claim to it. Surprisingly, she let me leave it there.

"This is so romantic, Ricky, so many dashing young soldiers in their dress uniforms with their gaily gowned damsels. It's like a fairy tale fantasy."

My cock grew harder as Mother's hot breath caressed my neck and ear. Thoughts of my mother's panty-less pussy occupied my mind. I maneuvered away from the crowd and into the shadows of a large exhibit of sea life. I whispered, "I'm glad you like it. I have a fantasy of my own."

I spun Mother around so we both faced the huge aquarium. A school of tuna sped past us followed by a huge swarm of sardines swimming in their own glittering school. Then a couple of large sea turtles swam lazily across the 90-foot window.

Positioning my hands on my mother's hips, I held her in place as she shamelessly ground her butt into my crotch in time to the music. Moving my hands up, I brushed my fingertips against the sides of her breasts as she moved to the music.

Mother turned her head and kissed my cheek approvingly as my hand subtlety slipped inside the deep V-neck of her dress and found her bare breast. She hissed as I playfully pinched her nipple. Pushing her ass harder against me, she arched her back slightly as my free hand went under the high slit of her gown. She didn't seem to care that we were standing with people all around us. Ceasing her swaying, she stood almost motionless as my fingers moved up the length of her moist pussy. She jumped a bit as my fingers made contact with her clit.

"Do you want me to stop?" I spoke low into her ear, she shook her head then shuddered as I gently sank my finger fully into her sex and moved it around her aroused flesh.

Biting her bottom lip, she looked around to ensure no one was paying attention to us then she shifted her hips. She was letting me know without the words what she wanted. Feverishly, I fingered her in response. She answered my touch with an approving moan.

My eyes connected with Mother's as she swiveled her head, initiating a powerful erotic desire within me. I wanted to pleasure her like no other man ever had, not out of lust, but out of the deep love I had for her.

Mother cried out in climax. Her body shook as her pussy clenched and unclenched around my fingers. Her excitement coated my fingers as they slowed and finally stopped moving inside her. Thankfully, her gleeful cries were lost in the bass beats of the band's music. For me there was nothing more erotic than watching my mother when she had an orgasm.

She spun around and kissed me hard on the mouth. Her tongue penetrated my mouth and searched for mine as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Breaking the kiss, she looked at me with eyes simmering with sexual excitement. Her voice was husky with lust as she suggested, "How about taking me back to the hotel and fucking me silly?"

I stood there for a long moment dumbfounded not expecting her to speak so crudely or so provocatively. Smiling, like I just won the lotto, I took her by the hand and led her off the dance floor. I concurred, "Let's go fuck."

The hotel room glowed with ambient light from a full moon hovering over the Pacific. There was no need to turn on the lights and it would have broken the romantic mood the natural light created.

"Isn't it beautiful," said Mother looking out over the balcony. She turned to me, with a wicked grin then slipped out of her gown and tossed it to the floor. She stood before me just wearing black silk stockings and sexy black stiletto heels. Her stockings framed her pussy into a picture of wanton pleasure. The thin strip of pubic hair pointed at her bald labia whose lips were engorged with excitement and glistened with anticipation. Her clit peered from its hood seeking attention.

"Almost as beautiful as you," I said sincerely. I watched her in silence as she walked slowly towards me seductively swinging her hips. My eyes tarried on her breasts. I noticed her nipples were hard and stood at attention in the center of her pink areolas. My eyes roamed down to her pussy and I licked my lips. Impishly, she smiled at me wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me with passion. I gently, but firmly squeezed her breasts like I was checking a ripe fruit. I bent my head and took an erect nipple into my mouth and sucked it.

"That's it, Baby-boy," she hissed while running her fingers through my hair.

She pushed me away from her breasts and slid my uniform jacket off, it fall to the floor. Then she undid my tie and it joined the jacket on the floor. She unbuttoned my shirt kissing my chest as she undid each button. Leaving my shirt on me, she dropped to her knees and unzipped my trousers. Gleefully, she fished my hard cock out and studied it for a moment. Then she kissed its swollen helmet. After licking the pre-cum drooling from it, she looked me straight in the eye and said, "I'm going to enjoy sucking your cock, Baby-boy."

Smiling up at me, she stroked my cock with her hands, twisting and turning it in her hands. Then she lovingly licked the underside of my shaft. She never took her blue eyes off mine.

Gasping for breath, I groaned,"Ohhhh."

Finally, she drew my bulbous head into her mouth and sucked on it fiercely. Unable to accommodate all my cock in her mouth, she stroked the remaining shank. Soon, she was sucking and stroking my big cock for all she was worth.

My cock swelled and my testicles contracted before spewing cum. My shout of ecstasy reverberated throughout the room, "Cum, I'm cumming."

Mother's mouth filled with my cum. She swallowed all she could, but a bit leaked from the corner of her mouth. She twirled her tongue around my bloated cockhead cleaning cum from it. Then she released my cock from her mouth and giggled as I collapsed into a nearby chair. Noticing a dollop of cum resting on her breast, she wiped it up with her forefinger and licked it clean. She smiled at my gaze of astonishment and whispered huskily, "Your cum tastes great."

She rose from the floor and sauntered to the bed. Her buttocks jiggled as she ambled silently across the carpet. Glancing over her shoulder, she caught my eye and gave me a flirtatious grin. Sexily, she sprawled on the bed and spread her legs. She pinched a nipple with one hand and lazily ran a finger from her other hand between the folds of her labia. Seductively, she cooed, "I'm so wet. I'm ready for you to fuck me now, Baby-boy."

I stood and shed my shirt and trousers then stepped out of my boxers. My cock, once again erect swayed between my legs like a hungry beast on the prowl. I joined Mother on the bed. I made my way between her legs and teased her by blowing my hot breath over her wet pussy. Goose bumps rose all over her trunk. I brushed my lips on her bare skin above her stocking tops before sucking little hickeys on her thighs.

Mother's pussy was splayed wide before me like a blooming rose and her fragrance beckoned me to indulge. Nipping one of her pussy lips lightly with my teeth, I gently tugged it from side to side and sent snake-like tongue flickers into her interior. She moaned, tangling her fingers in my hair and pushing my face deep into her pussy. When I slid two fingers into her simmering snatch she gasped at the unexpected penetration and muttered, "That feels good, Baby-boy, so good."

When her clit peeked from its hood I darted my tongue against it then suck on it, she babbled unintelligibly as her body was racked with pleasure. Pulling my fingers from her pussy, I replaced them with my thumb. Meanwhile, I worked my saturated finger up her butthole while she clutched the bed sheets growling. I pinched my finger and thumb together like I was carrying a six-pack. At the same time I tenderly bit her clit.

Mother arched her back and screamed while her body convulsed with orgasmic gyrations. Suddenly, she collapsed into silence. Looking at me through half-open eyelids she feebly smiled. Huskily she said, "That was incredible, Baby-boy."

Smiling, I put my hands behind her knees and pushed them to her breasts as she seized my rock solid cock and guided into her wet wanton cunt. I slowly sank my cock into her until my bloated balls rested against her pretty pink pucker. Warranted gratification caused me to moan as the moist heat of her cunt enveloped me.

"So big, so hard, your cock feels so good inside me, Baby-boy," Mother whimpered. She dug her fingernails into my flesh as she clutched my ass. Her eyes widen in disbelief as her cunt convulsed around my cock in a sudden and unexpected orgasm. Surrendering to the pleasure, she closed her eyes while her body shuddered. She wailed, "Ahhhhhh!"

I hissed and fought back my own urge to cum as her cunt squeezed my cock like a velvet vice. I purred, "Mom, your pussy feels so good." Once she recovered, Mother demanded, "Fuck me, Baby-boy, fuck me."

With that kind of encouragement, I pounded her pussy to a pleasurable pulp. I set a fantastic pace that drove waves of ecstasy throughout her body. As I hammered my cock into my mother again and again, her big breasts bounced to and fro directly propelled by my cock.

She twisted her nipples, squealing with depraved delight. Her hips bucked furiously on my cock as her passion peaked. It was adorable the way the contorted contours of her face reflected the rapture of her orgasm. Wild-eyed she howled, "My pussy...cum, my pussy...cum."

After she relaxed, I frantically plunged my cock into her hot box like a lunatic while she bounded her heels across my ass like bronco rider. My balls tightened and I sank my cock fully into her snatch. I could feel the blood pound in my ears along with Mother's cries of pleasure. As my orgasm exploded into her pussy, I shot spurts of cum deep into her belly.

Drained, I fell on the bed beside Mother and rested my head on her bosom. She kissed me and said, "Thanks, Baby-boy for giving me the best Valentine's Day ever. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Mom," I said. My voice trembled with affection, "Thanks for being my sweetheart."

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