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Swim Coach


"Come on girls, we're gonna be late, let's GO!"

Jill Osborn pushed her two daughters out the door so she could take them to Wednesday night swim practice. Jill, was the typical stay-at-home 30-something MILF, who spent most of her day doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, and chauffeuring her teenagers to friends and activities. But for her, swim practice was a welcome two hour break from the daily grindstone, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, 6-8pm.

She loved taking her kids to swim practice, and made sure they never missed a practice. For one thing, most parents didn't attend swimming practices which are long and tedious, preferring to drop their kids off and come back in 2 hours. So unlike soccer or softball she wasn't forced to listen to the inane chatter and ridiculous gossip of other mothers.

She would take a crossword puzzlebook or a mystery novel and enjoy some quiet time. Which is what she did the first few years her daughters were on the Pennsylvania Aquatic Team(PAT).

Then last year, in preparation for his retirement, coach John brought in a new young assistant coach, Jason Kane. Jason was all of 26, cute in a Matt Damon sort of way. His six foot six inch frame, topped with light brown hair, blue eyes, wide easy grin and a strong jaw were eye-catching.

Jill found the rest even more mouthwatering---a chest chiseled by the gods, with rippling muscles and not a bit of hair seen except for a small trail of light brown that trickled from his belly button down. He almost never wore a shirt so that was always on display while his legs showed not an ounce of fat, his thighs like small oak trees. And of course, he looked great in his tight blue Speedos that were his standard "coach" uniform.

Jill knew the other mothers were missing out on this eye candy, and she enjoyed glancing up from her novels to take a quick look over his tight physique, and dripping wet body as he climbed in and out of the pool. To her delight, since becoming the head coach he went in and out of the pool more frequently.

Also this year her daughters had entered an older age bracket which had less girls and even less parents as most teenage girls don't want or need their parents watching over them. Most nights, Jill was the only parent in the stands, and often had a chance to talk to Jason as the girls changed before and after practice.

While most of their conversations were innocent discussions of the upcoming events and how she could help out with snacks or carpools, there was a slight undercurrent of sexual tension. She noticed his eyes often settled on her size 42DD rack. While very beautiful, with waist-length red hair, she was still flattered at the attention of someone slightly more than a decade younger, and would encourage his looks by wearing tighter tank tops, sometimes even forgoing her sports bra. While she kept tight control of herself during those brief conversations, Jill often found herself fantasizing about him and his Speedos at night and even during the day. She would even close her eyes while performing her marital duties with her husband, and imagine it was Jason with her in bed.

She knew he was engaged and had met his fiancé Eliza a few times---the woman was high-maintenance and often henpecked poor Jason whose wallet probably couldn't keep up with her expensive tastes.

One day after watching the superbitch fiancé again pestering Jason for money so she could go shopping, Jill realized Jason probably didn't get very much action from the uptight woman. Why did he stay with her? Jill shook her head as she knew many many people out there had no reason to be together but for whatever reason stayed and suffered.

Another problem had arisen, so to speak for Jason. Being a mentor figure and cute besides, he had several teenage girls with growing bodies flirting with him. Eighteen year-old Senior Claire was the worst tease, often trying to find some excuse to rub up against him, hugging him before and after each practice, dropping the neckline on her swimsuit lower and lower, etc. Claire was a normal teenage girl leader, often embarrassing her swim mates with some comment or tease sexual in nature that not only made the intended target blush, but would be loud enough to be overheard by Jason. He would redden as well and pretend he didn't hear.

Many times during the practices Jill would look up after hearing some of Claire's banter to enjoy the expression on his face. She also peek at his Speedos, admiring his package as it began to strain in the confines of the suit. Sometimes when it became a little "too" visible, she noticed he would call a timeout or leave the girls to swim laps while he disappeared into his office presumably to make a call.

Today started off as normal except that Claire had brought a new swimsuit(while many did wear the "uniform" suit to practice, they weren't required to do so for practices, just had to ensure it was a one piece). Claire's new suit was extremely skintight, probably two sizes too small for Claire. Her small breasts pushed against the material and her bulletsized nipples were clearly outlined.

After one drill that day, Claire had told a blonde joke to her friends..typically bawdy, and as usual, loud enough for Jason to hear. Despite himself, he chuckled aloud for the first time ever. His cheeks became crimson when he realized it was clear he couldn't pretend not to hear.

Claire lit up at the sound of his laughter and sight of his obvious embarrassment. She ran over and leaned on his arm, her barely covered nipples brushing against his skin. She whispered something in his ear and skipped off with a giggle. As Jill watched the red in his face deepened and he stammered about a break as he rushed to his office. Jill had noticed that the outline of his package had stretched the suit more than she had ever seen it before. She knew then what she had to do.

Jill headed straight to his office and caught hold of his door before he closed it. Following him in, she shut it quickly and quietly behind her.

He spun around, surprised, still blushing, but caught with his hands reaching toward his suit. Jill smiled when she saw his bulging Speedos.

"I need to talk to you".

"Um....can't it wait?" Hands quickly to his side, closing, flexing, failing in every attempt to mask his condition.

"No, I really need to talk to you, and you should listen to me."

Fidgeting, he nervously said, "Ok", and tried to move behind his desk so his dilemma would be less visible.

"Stop! I need you to face me".

He twisted, very jittery, unsure what he was getting into, and anxious to get back to his original agenda.

"I know what is happening---Claire is a real siren, and she provokes a natural response in most red-blooded males. But you are a coach, and you need to do a better job hiding your body's response."

His body slumped and his face paled and his eyes grew to size of saucers. He hadn't expected this... "Oh God, I know, I am so so sorry, I am going to quit coaching, this is so----", he wailed--


Jill held up a hand. "Don't quit---you are best coach girls ever had. I know it's tough. I was 15 once and flirted all the time with my science teacher...I know the power of a teenage girl's body"..

"So what do you want me to do?" Whining. Helpless.

Jill smiled, licked her lips, carefully lowered her face to look right at his full Speedos. "Allow me to help you..."

Jason hesitated, his face showing confusion.


"Sssshhh". Jill hushed him again, but this time placing an index finger on his mouth. Then tracing his pouting lips with her long fingertip, she commented..."better tell the girls to take a snack break, we need a bit more time than your usual 5 minute break.' He blushed again, not sure if she was implying she knew what he did during those 5 minute breaks.

"Uhm" As he tried to respond this she slipped the finger into his mouth allowing him to suck it. Then she abruptly pulled it out..."NOW!" Her firm tone sprang him into action.

He broke away, pushed past Jill and opened the door, but only stuck his head out, not wanting to display the state of his lower half.

"Uhm..girls...please take a snack break..I have some paperwork to fill out and I'LL BE OUT IN 15 minutes." His voice had jumped midsentence because Jill couldn't resist squeezing his tight hard ass...

He closed the door a little too loudly and spun around. "Why'd you do that?" He hissed, shocked, embarrassed.

Jill gave a throaty laugh and leaned forward to whisper in his ear "because your future rests..." she paused to place one hand on his the front of his Speedos while the other squeezed his ass again..."...in my hands! Now do you want my help?"

Jason groaned. It was part resignation but mostly lust.

Jill's heart beat faster as she knelt down...she was doing it, for the first time since high school, living out a fantasy. Her hand slipped inside the leg of his Speedos to feel for the silky flesh of his hard member.

She admired the look of it straining against the Speedos, storing the memory for the future, and proceeded to pull his Speedos down, freeing his engorged cock. As he stepped out of the Speedos, she watched his balls bounce, noticing more of a jaunt in the left sac. She bit off a giggle then snapped back to realization that here in front of her for first time in 15 years was another man's cock besides her husband's.

Before she was married Rick, she had seen her fair share, particularly at parties, but she had married young, right out of high school shortly after getting pregnant with her first daughter(which was the result of her partying!).

While she had grown to love her husband, the sex had settled into the stale pattern with occasional spicing up on anniversaries or their birthdays when they would try role-playing or light bondage. But 15 years of Coca Cola and she was ready to try Dr. Pepper.

Now, she took in the moment, the wondrous sight in front of her, of a virile male cock, approximately 26 years of age. The familiar musky scent mixed with chlorine made her swoon slightly. Jason had neat but slightly bushy pubic hairs. His cock was long, thick and circumcised, the fireman hat glistening with precum as his changebag-sized sac swayed underneath.

Jill took in a deep breath, leaned forward, and slowly exhaled cool air onto the tip. Jason shivered and groaned.

She smiled, twirled a finger into his pubic hair, wrapping several strands tightly and pulling it taut. She blew again onto the tip. It tilted upward to meet her mouth. As his breathing became ragged she looked him in the eyes and stated "Not that today, hon. It's a long season, and I intend to enjoy each and every practice. If you want that, you should.." she paused again to tug his short hairs, "...shave this. I want to take your whole length in and when I gag I don't want it to be for the wrong reasons. Besides, you're a swimmer, don't they say you should be as bare as possible? " She teasingly yanked the hair again and he grunted. His face registered disappointment, and confusion.

"Hmmm...but I can't let you go out in this condition can I? You need a release, right?" One hand gripped the base of his stiff cock as her fingers continued to twist and untwist his pubes, She pulled her other hand from behind his back and began ministering his whole package. She loved the satiny texture of his flesh against her hand, so soft yet stretched tight, unwrinkled. Pushing hard against it with her palm her green fingernails grazed his sac.

Taking a moment, she slid a finger up and down the length, enjoying as it became more rigid.. As her fingers and thumb, wrapped around she realized they barely touched. His length was only slightly longer than her husband's but the width was twice as thick.

Mindful of her limited time she shook herself from her revelry and rubbed and stroked, first very hard and fast, then slowly, but even harder. Time and again her thumbnail flicked over his urethra, eliciting a grunt each time.

Pulsating wildly Jason's member strained more and more until a sharp stab of his sac by her fingernail made him gasp and release several long white threads that shot past her onto side of his desk, staining the wood.

Jill grasped even more firmly, delighting in the fluid pounding through the thick vessel of flesh in her hands. With determination she wrung the last drops from him, which dribbled onto the floor.

She was overwhelmed and she felt close to having an orgasm right there, completely untouched herself, such was the assault on her senses---the scent of his volume of semen, the feel of his cock, the look of ecstasy on Jason's face, the sound of his gasping breath...she licked the air and could almost taste the passion. How exhilarating!

He slowly slid to the ground beside her, exhausted from his efforts.

This stirred Jill from her elation, She stood up, looked down at his sweating face and whispered..."...it's a long season. I can't wait until the next practice!"

She stepped past him, cracked the door slightly and slipped out.

Perspiration mingled with pool water across his heaving body. Jason reached up to the door knob, pulled himself to his feet and grabbed his Speedos.

"Yes, I can't wait either." he admitted to himself. "Unfortunately that isn't until tomorrow night. " He sighed, adjusted the Speedos, thought of wiping the dripping semen from his desk panel and decided he didn't have the time. Back to practice. Well, at least Claire would be less of a distraction....

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