tagLoving WivesSwim Coach Ch. 03

Swim Coach Ch. 03


That night, Jill arrived home later than usual as one of her daughters remembered a last minute project that called for posterboards and other arts and craft items. Obviously most of the students in the area had similar assignments as the school supplies shelves in most stores were bare and it wasn't until the 6th store that she finished finding the requisite materials.

The girls went right to work on their homework. Jill in meantime settled back on the living room couch and heaving an exhausted sigh, stabbed the answering machine. A couple of robotic voice ads for politicians were erased mid-word of the opening sentences. Then a call from a teacher reminding parents about chaperoning a class trip. Finally she heard the familiar tone of her husband as Rick gave another excuse for staying an extra night in Charleston---something about a late dinner meeting with a client who was heading back to Asia the next day, so Rick would catch a red-eye and be in early in the morning.

She sighed again. Events of the past two days had been so quick, so overwhelming she hadn't time to take stock of what was happening. Letting her daughters know she was going for a bath, she went into the master bath, started the water flowing into her sunken tub, and dropped in a few dollops of her favorite bubble bath.

Jill loved her husband. But the last few years, the romance was clearly diminishing and as he progressed up the business ladder, his work hours extended more and more. During the week, by the time he came to bed, he was much too tired to do anything more than cuddle. On weekends they were busy running the kids to various sporting events and attending the usual neighborhood or work-related birthday parties, or weddings, or christenings, bar mitzvahs, etc. She was happily married but lately sexually unfulfilled.

Still she knew that couldn't be an excuse to take things further with Jason.

Recalling the last two days, she truly didn't consider herself cheating, yet, as she had not allowed Jason to touch her, nor, most important in her mind, had they kissed. Somehow that seemed a line in the sand she didn't feel ready to cross.

The situation, while a bit spontaneous and seemingly unreal, was, she believed, in her firm control. She's simply living out a bit of a fantasy---one that had begun last year when Jason became an assistant coach. Her kids had been in sports for almost 10 years, and Jill knew almost every mother, especially the single ones, had fantasies of the male coaches, especially the coaches in their 20's, 30's and even early 40's. Most of these men were physically fit, and often wore tight shorts or went without their shirts, showcasing their years of exercise.

Hell, even the female coaches, ref's or even good looking mom's were ogled by the men, and not just the divorced fathers. She had caught and teased her husband for checking out Samantha, the 22 year old beach-bunny soccer referee a few years ago or Lisa the young statuesque blonde volleyball coach. Her husband had countered with friendly jests about her drooling over the studly softball coach when the girls were in grade school. Little did he know that when she had coached herself their daughters' soccer teams, she had also been the target of advances from various divorced and married fathers, a few of which weren't so hard on the eyes.

And while most men upon seeing the ring on her finger offered little substance to their flirting, she still received her fair share of suggestive invitations, lewd comments, and the dubious experience of being constantly undressed by men's eyes.

Fantasy was one thing, unwanted passes were another and although, depending on the source, she might be occasionally flattered, she turned down all. She loved her husband.

Theirs was the above normal marriage, she thought. Relaxed after more than a decade and a half, where they could josh with each other, and realize that their years of shared challenges, joys, tribulations and family had formed bonds between them that could not be easily broken. They had married young, and for better or worse, missed out on the "playing the field" that their friends had gone thru as typical rite of passage of twenty-somethings. She really didn't regret it, given all the drama that her friends had endured before finding "Mr. right", or watching as other friends too long in the field, who had tied the knot with Mr. Wrong in desperation. The latter either endured torment of a wrong decision or were acrimoniously divorced, and had become hateful of all men. Jill was not at all envious of her friends, and felt marrying Rick so early in life had actually worked out very well.

She felt her marriage so perfect, the awareness that others of the opposite sex could be cute, or handsome, or even arousing, didn't spark the same irrational jealousy experienced by other couples. Instead, if anything, it became another bond between them, the shared knowledge of what physically appealed to each. Often the teasing continued into the bedroom, verbal wordplay part of a joined fantasy that kindled some of their strongest lovemaking of recent years and countered the otherwise stale routines.

Threesomes were a common fantasy, as they painted for each other exotic settings enhanced by an anonymous hot stud or sexy Hollywood starlet duplicating one spouse's efforts to please the other. Occasionally a comment might lead their collective imagination to encompass a taboo: while neither was desirous of an encounter with the same gender, neither automatically dismissed an impulsive oral action in heat of passion as disgusting and the rare suggestion slipped into the fantasy added to the thrills. These fantasies were selfless, the creator intent on enhancing the recipient's pleasure; the audience's resulting joyful orgasms delighting the author.

Rick did know about her crush on Jason as it had been a constant joke at the dinner table last year with even the girls making her blush. Rick loved the effect, and perhaps he recognized that Jason had made more of an impression than any of the past hunks.

One night a few months ago, her most overwhelming orgasms had been when he described in vivid fashion an escapade of them with Jason at an indoor pool. Given her reaction, Rick had followed up with comments suggesting she should wear certain outfits to the poolhouse or daring her to casually drop unmistakable innuendo into conversations with Jason. She would offer back up imaginary meetings with Jason and joke that she was going to bring Jason home to join them one night. In reality they both knew that odds were better they would be abducted by aliens before a young 20-something stud with a hot fiancé would be sexually attracted to a middle-aged, slightly overweight, married couple.

Then the unexpected opportunity that had arisen two days ago, that had allowed Jill to live out briefly a partial fantasy lifted a curtain in her mind. She realized that there was a thin line between reality and imagination and if she had made even that become real, well the possibilities were...

She tested the water, adjusted the faucets accordingly and stood in front of the full-length mirrors that lined the back wall of the bathroom. Pushing her hair back from her face she assessed her body in side profile. Five foot seven, with long flowing red hair, an unusually large chest, and the complementing Rubenesque figure, despite two pregnancies and being in her thirties, many considered her attractive

Yes, she could definitely stand to shed some pounds, as she had never really recovered from the necessary C-section when her second daughter Rachelle was born. She had always been "big-boned", as her mother called it. But she had also been blessed with an enormous chest. At her age, gravity's pull was starting to have an effect, and her back increasingly ached. There were days she thought about getting a breast reduction but she was inwardly very proud of her beauties.

Of course, starting in 5th grade and through the awkward middle-school years, she hadn't considered it a blessing, loathing the nicknames like "coconuts" or "monster tits" and all the other verbal cruelties that only 13-15 year old girls can inflict on each other. She had trouble finding bras to fit comfortably and would stay home from school rather than go to school without a bra.

But by freshman year of high school, it dawned on her that no boy had called her "fat" to her face since elementary school---girls would ridicule all they wanted, but their boyfriends were eyeing her chest or maneuvering to "accidentally" cop a feel. They overlooked the "extra pounds" and in her eyes she forgot any weight problem. And it wasn't just boys.

Jill had a power over men, and as a high school student she no longer was embarrassed of her endowments. She dated around, but guarded her treasures better than Fort Knox, determined no one could call her a slut. Although she lost her virginity to the captain of the HS football team on Junior Prom night, it was only after over 8 months of gentlemanly courting and dating. She was very proud she wasn't just another notch in his fabled belt. He left for college 5 months later. Her senior year she loosened up, flirting and teasing. She was definitely more secure with her body than many of her more petite classmates and friends—at least two of her friends had been hospitalized for anorexia.

Shortly before graduation her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, so Jill stayed local attending night classes at Penn State's Ambler campus, and on weekend's, when her father was home, she would go hang out with her classmates. A few shots of vodka and she was the life of the party, playing strip poker, erotic sex boardgames from Spencers, or just dancing topless.

She would hook up with cute guys, but rarely went past third base—until she met Rick at one party. They hit it off, and immediately she violated her rules against any action on first date. He made her laugh, for first time in months since her mother had been diagnosed, she felt happy. A month later when she became pregnant despite the birth control, he shocked her by proposing. They married shortly after Juliette was born—fortunately her mother had been able attend the wedding, passing only a few weeks later.

Jill sighed, shut the water off and eased slowly into the hot foam with her drink in hand.

Need to focus. Rick---her husband, her true love, soulmate, her life, on one hand. And on the other hand Jason--simply speaking--lust, pure unrelenting physical animal attraction, however you wanted to say it. There wasn't a single memorable conversation between them, nothing that compelled her to him other than his raw physique. In a small way she felt a bit guilty because she knew any more sessions with Jason without telling Rick would lead situation beyond the control she now had. No matter what happened with Jason, Rick was her love, her past and future.

Her friend Doreen had admitted to having a monthlong torrid affair with a neighbor, but she was only person Jill knew whose affair had not led down the long cruel path to divorce. Doreen's moment of weakness had only lasted a month or so, and despite almost being caught by her husband several times, he remained oblivious. She suspected part of Doreen's delight was in getting away with it, like a teen trying to sneak the boyfriend into her bedroom without her dad knowing. Doreen had admitted to tempting fate, doing the deed with her lover while her husband was a room over in earshot, with other neighbors at a party. She could even hear her husband talking and had bit her tongue to keep from being heard herself, until her lover covered her mouth.

Doreen's relationship was obviously quite different than Jill's—while empathizing with Doreen's desires, Jill did know that she would never hurt Rick intentionally. She knew she couldn't look Rick straight in the face after these past two days. She had to broach the topic before the next practice.

"Somehow I have to reconcile the two...," she mused. Seeing and holding another man's genitals other than her husband's for the first time since marriage, had definitely thrilled her way beyond any fantasy had. She sipped her drink, realized her hand held an empty glass, so she reached up and placed it on the side of the tub. Sinking back down into the bubbles and relaxing once again, with a washcloth- covered hand sliding between her legs, she began plotting how to have both men together.

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