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Swim Team Practice


(Sometimes you don't think to write things down until much later, as is the case with this story. While most of it is fiction, there are some parts that are real. The setting is the late 60's in Iowa.)

Jill, Tina, and Amber were all seniors at Roosevelt High School, having turned 18 in close succession. All three were very popular in their large high school of 2,000 kids. Their popularity standing was enhanced by the fact that all three were cheerleaders. Usually one's perception of a high school cheerleader is that she is not only sexy but an easy fuck. The girls were sexy alright. Jill and Tina had light brown hair tied up in ponytails and Amber had long silky, blond hair halfway down her back. All three had very striking features, something that is a pre-requisite for being a cheerleader. (You gotta have something to provide incentive for the team to win.)

Having looks and popularity to match, the girls had their pick of any guy in the school to go out with. Since they felt like they could get any guy they wanted, when ever they wanted, they basically played the field, never really having a steady boyfriend for any length of time. They would let a guy kiss them but never any further than that. The way they acted and dressed, they sent the clear signal that you can look but you can't touch. As sophisticated as they seemed, all three had never had sex but were always trying to check out guy's bodies. It was this curiosity that would get them into a predicament they weren't prepared for.

It was late in the swimming season and the girls had cheerleading practice early in the morning on Saturdays in preparation for other sports events. Now as most everyone knows, the cheerleaders don't normally do their routines for swimming. They usually just sit in the bleachers to act as moral support. As usual at a swim meet Jill, Tina, and Amber would be in the bleachers to provide the moral support, but they also had an ulterior motive. The swim meets gave them a chance to check out some of the best looking guys in nothing but swimming trunks. With the guys wearing tight trunks for less drag in the water, it was usually pretty evident who had the biggest 'package'.

As the girls sat through a meet, they would whisper back and forth speculations as to the length and girth of each swimmer. It was kind of a game for them. Later the next day, they would relate to their friends who looked the biggest and who looked the smallest. A lot of times, the girls assessment was somewhat cruel. It was not hard to guess that some of this assessment would filter back to the guys on the swim team. For the guys who were well endowed, it was a boost to their ego. For the guys the girls made fun of, it wasn't much of a stretch to say they were pretty pissed at having been dissed by the girls.

It was at one of those Saturday cheerleading practices that the girls decided to check things out a little further. The cheerleading practices would normally take about an hour. The swimming team practice would normally start at about the same time but would last for 2 hours. Today's cheerleading practice concluded early because some of the other girls had places to be and it just didn't work very well for less than half the squad going through the routines. After 10 mutes, practice ended and all but Jill, Tina, and Amber were left. They thought about leaving as well until Tina stopped the other girls. The devilish look in her eye let the other girls know she had something interesting in mind.

Tina knew that during swim team practice the doors to the upper level bleachers and the locker room were locked. A number of girls had heard rumors that during practice, the coach would have the guys swim naked. The excuse was that it was an easy way to check for any obvious signs of VD. For some of the guys it seemed a little odd. At the beginning of each practice, the coach would line all the guys up and the coach would walk past the front of each guy, like a drill sergeant inspecting the troops. After the inspection, the coach would give instructions on what he wanted each swimmer to work on and during the last half hour of practice, how many laps to swim for conditioning. According to some of the guys, the coach was pretty consistent about his routine. Inspect the 'troops', issue the orders, then go back to his office, close the blinds, and take a nap until just before practice ended.

Tina wanted to know if the rumors were true or if it was some tall tale. It wasn't enough that she see for herself, she wanted witnesses to verify her story. That's where Jill and Amber came in.

She told the other girls her plan. First they would look through the crack in the upper doors to make sure all the swim team was assembled; the coach usually never started practice until all were present. When all the guys were present, Tina could use the locker room key she had swiped and made a duplicate of , to go through the locker room door and watch the guys through a crack in the folding screen placed just in front of where the locker room exited out onto the pool area. The plan seemed flawless. All the guys' attention would be locked on the coach and no one would notice the 3 pair of eyes watching them.

The coach was so predictable. By the time Jill, Tina, and Amber had made their way through the locker room to hide behind the screen, the coach was just finishing up his pre-inspection pep talk. As 3 pairs of eyes watched through the crack in the screen, the coach had the guys line up at the edge of the pool, facing the locker room door. The girl's eyes lit up and big smiles appeared on their faces. Just 30 feet in front of them was the well built varsity swim team, each sporting a pretty good 'package'. Most of the guy's cocks were average size, a few were super size and some were less than average.

As the coach started down the line of 12 seniors for his 'inspection', the girls began to make their own notations, scoring each guy as to how good his body was and good his cock looked. For the guys with the above-average size cocks, the girls were whispering to each other as to what it might be like to experience them first hand. For the guys with the less-than-average size, the girls were whispering cruel comments about how maybe these guys needed a pair of tweezers to grab hold of their cock and stifling giggles at the same time.

With the inspection done, the coach gave instructions for what kinds of laps and how many of them to do before walking back to his office. As predictable as ever, he closed the door, closed the blinds, put on head phones to listen to music that sometimes put him to sleep.

Most of the swimmers started their laps. A few stood and talked with each other, then walked off to the left side of the pool to pick up one of the starting blocks that had not been moved out of the way earlier. The two guys who had been talking, Mike and Jerry, moved the starting block to the wall just out of the girl's view. As they did so, the girl's eyes were diverted back to the other members of the team. What they failed to notice was that Mike and Jerry did not return back into view right away.

Unknown to the girls, there was a 13th member of the swim team who had been sitting in a chair right beside the screen and out of the girl's view. Ron had suffered a cut on his leg that was almost healed but would keep him out of the pool for at least 1 more day. Just as Mike and Jerry had finished setting the starting block down on the floor and turned to walk back to the pool, Ron had gotten up and walked over to them. He explained that the team had some spies watching them all the time and he recognized on of the voices. Ron told Mike and Jerry that he had heard the girl's entire conversation, including the cruel put-downs about some of the guys and the parts about what it would be like to experience some of the bigger cocks. As Ron related all the details, the three of them formulated a plan.

Quietly, Ron went back to where he had been sitting by the screen. Mike and Jerry came back into the Girl's view and went over to 4 other swimmers and began talking to them in hushed voices. The girls couldn't hear what the guys were saying, but they were still enjoying the view, so much so that all three began to get a little wet and tingly between their legs. What they did hear was Mike telling Chris that they needed to time some of the laps and he would need the stopwatch in Chris' locker.

As Chris turned and started walking toward the locker room, the girls started to panic. They quietly bolted for the locker room and hid behind some of the equipment in a corner, out of view of the rest of the locker room. They figured that if they would have exited the locker room entirely, they would have been discovered by the sound of the outer door closing. With the way the locker room was situated, the girls could not see Chris but would be able to hear him.

Chris' entry into the locker room was timed just as the girls got into hiding. As Chris walked into the locker room he started whistling a tune. When he reached his locker, he began making more than his usual noises of opening the locker and rummaging through its contents. At the moment Ron heard the girls duck back into the locker room, he signaled to 6 other guys. While Chris was rummaging through the locker for the stopwatch, 6 of the swim team silently made their way in to the locker room behind a row of lockers. At last, Chris closed his locker and made a point of saying out loud to himself that "now we can get some timings on the breast strokes.

The girls waited for a few minutes for Chris to exit the locker room before sending Tina to check to see if the coast was clear. To Tina, the locker room was again quiet and when she looked through the screen, it looked as though everything was normal again. Motioning to the two other girls, they all three took up their original positions of watching the guys. None of the girls seemed to notice there were fewer bodies in the water than last time.

In one swift motion, all three girls had a towel wrapped around their eyes and pairs of hands had grabbed their arms. Their startled cries got the attention of the other swimmers but not the coach, whose earphones kept him oblivious to the girls screams. Ron motioned all the other swimmers to come to the locker room where the girls were being pulled.

While the girls twisted and turned, trying to break free, Ron briefed everyone on what the girls had been doing and the remarks they had made about everyone. Most of the guys already knew the girls reputation for dissing the guys on the swim team and were glad to have the opportunity for payback. The girls were in for the payback of their life.

The guys knew the fun couldn't begin until the girls had been prepared and being prepared meant the girls had to be naked. With that, numerous hands went to work taking the girl's clothes off. First came their tops, followed by skirts. There was a small pause to admire the guys handy-work so far. Jill had on a black lace bra that let her nipples show nicely in any of the tops she wore. She also had a matching black thong that made sure to not leave any panty lines on any thing she wore. Tina had on a matching pink lace bra and panties. Amber had on an equally sexy white matching bra and panty set.

The time for the girls to retain their remaining clothes was over. As hands unhooking bras and pulling off panties, Jill, Tina, and Amber re-doubled their efforts to get away. It was no use. It took less than 60 seconds to remove all traces of clothing from the girls. Jill's 36C creamy, firm breasts were topped with firm pink nipples. Her pussy hair was closely trimmed into a narrow band. Tina's pussy was shaved completely so that no hair would show at the edges of her cheerleader panties when she did the splits. This had happened to one of the other girls, on the cheerleading team, in front of hundreds of classmates at a school assembly months ago and was the talk of all the guys afterward. Tina's breasts were 35B with eraser like nipples when excited. Amber's nipples were inverted when not stimulated but popped out further than the other girls when excited. Her pussy was covered with fine blonde hair that had been neatly trimmed.

Still blindfolded by the towels around their eyes, the girls were tied to weight benches so that their legs were spread wide. The girls knew what was coming and pleaded for the boys to let them go. Their pleadings were suddenly interrupted from mouths that locked on to all the girl's nipples and another mouth locked on to their pussy. Lips and tongues sucked and lapped at their nipples until each nipple stood up stiff and tall. Tongues went to work on pussies, lapping up and down each of the girl's slits.

The protests and pleadings started to diminish as their bodies uncontrollably started to take over. Each girl's pussy was beginning to get involuntarily wet from the intense stimulation. Suddenly, the tongues at their pussies ceased their assault. The girls issued a collective sigh thinking the worst was over and they would be released. Little did they realize that what they had bee through already was the warm-up for the main event.

It was at this time that Mike spoke up. "You three girls have been a real cock tease for the last 3 years. Not only that, you've thought that making fun of a guy's manhood had no consequences. You girls are about to learn what happens when you look and talk that way." With that, Mike silently signaled the other guys to begin.

Tina was the first to find out what was going to happen next. At first there was a finger sliding up and down her slit, then rubbing her clit. In quick succession, the other girls were being subjected to the same thing. Being virgins, the girls thought maybe this was as far as the boys would go. That notion was changed when, one by one, the finger at their pussy was replaced with a hard cock. The boys figured they'd start with the guy's with the smallest cock first, to loosen the girls up, then progress to the guys with the largest cocks. The realization of what was happening sunk in with the girls just as the head of each boy's cock had just disappeared into their pussies.

At once, the girls started to struggle in earnest to avoid the invading cock, while pleading not to take their virginity. Mike spoke again, "It's too late for that. You've been asking for this for too long." With that, each boy shoved his cock hard into his girl, slicing through the membrane, and planted into her as far as it would go. The initial shock and pain brought a collective 'head-thrown-back' scream from the girls. Mike ordered that the guys put something in their mouth to keep them quite. The handiest thing available was the closest boy's cock, which was quickly inserted into the girl's open mouths.

As the cock at their pussy pounded away, the cock in their mouth did also. Helplessly bound to the weight benches, all the girls could do was take the pounding. Their screams of protest were muffled by the cock in their mouths. It didn't take long for the boys to shoot a sticky load of cum in their pussies and fill their mouths with a generous amount of the same that had to be swallowed to keep from choking. As each boy pulled out, another would take his place and the assault on their pussies and mouths would continue. The boys that had just filled the girls with cum would take over sucking the girl's nipples so that the boys maintained a constant stimulation of the girl's bodies.

For Amber, it was a day her anal virginity would be taken as well. The third boy to fuck her, had the other guys raise her legs so that he could get a good aim at her ass. The cum that was already dripping out of her pussy, sown her ass, was all the lubrication that was needed for his cock to enter her. That wasn't to say it didn't take a little doing to get the head of his cock past her anal ring but once that was accomplished, getting the rest of his cock into her was easier. As tight as Amber's pussy was, her has was even tighter. It took a little while to loosen her up but it wasn't long before she could feel the boy's balls slapping away at her ass. Within a few minutes, she felt him drive his cock all the way in and hold it there, followed by four blasts of hot cum.

It was not time for the last guys on the swim team to take their turn. The guys with the biggest cocks had been saved for last so that the girls pussies would have been stretched out enough to accommodate the length and girth. What had started out as full blown screams, turned to whimpers, turned to moans of pleasure as the last 3 guys inserted their cocks into the girl's pussies. The girls never thought their pussies could feel so full. As the boys began to pound away, everyone could see that all three girls were on the verge of a massive orgasm. It was something they couldn't help. Their body had taken over their mind and it was only a matter of time.

It was in the midst of this, that the towels over their eyes were removed. Even though they were now able to see what was happening, they couldn't have seen much. The boys that were fucking their mouths had their cocks shoved in to the root. At the same time, on boy had grabbed his camera, taking shot after shot of the girls sucking a cock and getting fucked. He was careful not to show the faces of the boys who were fucking them. Other boys had a movie camera out, capturing the scene on video.

The boy in Jill was the first one to shoot his cum into her. This was just too much for her body to handle and her pussy clamped down hard, like a vise, on the boy's cock as her body shook. Her orgasmic scream was muffled by a cock still in her mouth that was just softening from having shot its load. Amber was next. She bucked and shook so hard, the boys thought she would tip over the weight bench. Likewise, Tina just about pulled a couple of muscles when she climaxed. As the boys pulled out their limp cocks coated in cum, the team hi-5'd on a job well done.

The boys untied the girls and as they came back down to earth, the boys explained that the girls fucking and sucking had all been caught on video and still pictures. The girls were told that if they said anything about this to anyone or continued with the cruel insults, as had been done in the past, the pictures and video would be made available for the whole school to see. Since none of the boy's faces showed, the boys would deny everything and it would be hard to prove who it was in the video and pictures that was fucking them.

With that admonition, the boys told them to get dressed quickly or the girls would be thrown naked into the coach's office for him to have fun with them as well. The girls complied and left, but not before the boys confiscated the pilfered locker room key and told the girls they might have to make themselves available for some future after-meet celebrations.

As the outer locker room door was closing behind the girls, the boys were back in the pool, doing laps and washing off from the time in the locker room. A minute later, the coach took off his headphones and came out of his office and gathered up the team to congratulate them on a great workout and tell them when their next meet was. After another round of hi-5's, the boys showered, dressed, and left to go home.

On Monday, Jill, Tina, and Amber's friends noticed a change in the girl's attitudes. Gone was the usual flirting and gone was the character assassinations the three girls were so infamous for. As for the girls, their attendance suffered a little from being late to school those last three months of high school. At June's graduation ceremonies the three girl's friends noticed a certain glow about the girls. Most just spaced it off as happy to have graduated. A few wondered if there was more to it than that . . . . . . but maybe that's for another story.

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