A quick morning dip

Another entry from the diary of the Viking
To guard my memories from the ravages of time

The sun is rising in the east over the water. We had escaped for a few days of holiday in Mulege, a quaint fishing town on the sea of Cortez in Baja California. We had arrived last night tired and travel weary. The passion was there but not the energy and fire. Our feelings for each other are special but sometimes love is enough when the flesh is weary. Even so, you had kissed me and snuggled like it was the best loving you had ever had but I knew better. We had snuggled and slept well nonetheless. There is something special about trusting and loving your partner. We did sleep well, side by side.

You had slept soundly against my body. The gentle sound of your breathing reminded me of the steady even tempo of the sea. In and out…like the very pulse of life. Even after I awoke, your steady even breathing brought me contentment. You started to stir. I was impatient. You knew I had something on my mind. You had sleepily agreed to slip on your sundress when I pressed.

And now we walked down the long quiet beach. The sun slowly warming the air as it creeps above the horizon. The tide is out. There is wide stretch of wet sand dotted with a few shells. The sundress swishes softly as you walk. It softly follows the curves of your body I love so well. The cross-over ties were always a temptation for me.

The red globe of the sun was above the horizon now. Our shadows stretched many yards up the beach. I pulled you into my arms and hugged and kissed you. You could tell that I was refreshed, more alive than you had ever seen me. The sea air, the water and your beauty have made me young again. My embrace was strong and gentle. You melted against my body. We kissed and kissed again. Then our tongues danced. My tongue probed your mouth. I caressed your hair.

You looked into my eyes and could see an impish grin. Something was about to happen. It always did when I got that look. Your sundress slowly slipped to the sand. I smiled. You knew I untied the straps. You also knew I appreciated the perfection before me. I stepped back and pulled off my shirt and my shorts. We were the only people in the universe. We were primal. We were in love. You could see my passion mounting as I stood before you.

I gently lifted you in my arms. You wrapped your arms around my neck. We kissed again. You could feel the hair on my chest. Then I started walking towards the sea. You squealed. It was too early to swim. You had something else in mind. I plunged ahead. The small waves lapped at my calves. The water was to my knees and then to my waist just covering my erect cock. You were hanging on now. This was not what you had in mind.

I kissed you and said it was a warm bath. You would love it and gently bent my knees. We slowly sank into the water and your squeals subsided as the warm water began to caress you, first your ass and feet, slowly flowing over your pussy and then up to your tits.

I gently wrapped your legs around me and we headed to deeper water. It was a long shallow beach. My hands were on your ass. Your arms were around my neck. You could see the fire in my eyes, the energy and passion together at last. You knew I was going to love you till you came.

In the water you were almost weightless in my arms. I moved you into position. You could feel my cock at the doors. Your legs were wide around my hips. With just a little push I slid in. I pulled you to me. We were joined. We started the dance of lovers, in and out. You could feel every vein. My cock was alive. The red glow of the sun was captured in my eyes. I was drowning in the pools of your eyes.

Our passions started to build. You were moaning now. You were ready, in and out. You knew I was yours and I knew that you were mine, in and out. The steady rhythm was in time with the sea. Each wave sent me deeper. I was in your universe now. You were my universe.

My breathing was getting short. You were panting. You wanted me to come with you. I could feel the waves of passion coursing through your body. You threw your head back and announced your release which triggered my release. You could feel each surge as I filled your pussy with three blasts of my life force. I held you tight. The moment should never have ended. We were one. The universe was ours.

Then my stomach growled and the spell was broken. You laughed and teased, “Still hungry for more?” However, that is another story.

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