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Swing Club


I had never been to a swing club before, but I'd always wanted to see what it was like. She had never been to a swing club, and had never wondered about it. We were out one evening to a part of town that had a lot of bars and taverns. This was a Saturday night, and one or two of these places featured specifically sexual themes on Saturdays. But I found it to be pretty tame. I wanted to see what a swing club was like, and nothing else would do. I didn't want to share her with anyone else. I just wanted to see what a really carnal environment was like.

We have a swing club in town that has been busted by the police. But, their raid was thrown out of court because the only complainers were cops. The judge decided that the complaint wasn't valid unless regular citizens made it, and none of them were complaining. Following this, the club operated with near impunity; and, it still does. This is where I decided to take her.

We paid the substantial fee and went in to a place that had two parts. The up front part was like a nightclub, with a dance floor, tables and bars with bartenders. It was dimly lit, smoky, and quite crowded. We held hands as we made our way slowly down an aisle between the dance floor and the tables, just taking everything in.

The people on the dance floor were at best partially clothed and writhing to the beat of their dance steps. The people at the tables were in close contact with each other in fours and sixes. We came around to the next aisle, between the tables and the bar; it was hard to move through with the crowd. I pushed through, and she gamely followed me around until we arrived at our starting point.

She whispered to me "Someone touched me under my skirt!"

"Did they?" I asked.

"Yes, and I think it was another woman" she said.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm O.K."

She was going along with me. I have always found that the crowd at the ballgame was as interesting as the players. But this was that effect times about a thousand. In here, the crowd was the players and everywhere we looked, we saw people that looked just like any other people, from pretty to ugly just letting it all hang out. There were people in nice evening clothes, people in costumes, and people in no clothes.

It was too much to take in all at once; there was too much to see. But gradually over time, the crowd began to thin out, and we adjusted to the environment until we could focus together on the same things.

By this time, not having freaked us out too bad, I think we were both starting to respond to the environment and feel the old horns start to grow. There was a group of about four at the tables, who were making out and feeling each other without concern to who might be watching. We watched their performance for a little while, and saw some ass and some thong, but nothing much more.

Then she said to me, "Look at what they're doing!" she said, pointing with her chin over her shoulder.

I hugged her to me and looked. There were two women with a man between them. The women's tops were down, and his penis was out, being rubbed on by the two of them while he kissed one, and then the other. These were not exceptionally pretty people, but they didn't care what they looked like, only how they felt.

As I hugged her, I pulled her short skirt slowly above her hips to reveal her really beautiful ass, accented by the thong she was wearing. As I did this, she gasped, and buried her face in my shoulder.

The color of her thong matched her French blue cocktail dress, which was short and silky. It was held up with spaghetti straps, gathered below the bodice, and then hung freely to about mid thigh. This was her best, sexy dress; a perfect contrast to her creamy pale skin and blond hair, and a perfect compliment to her blue, blue eyes. Her nipples poked my chest, and she trembled in my arms as I rubbed that beautiful bare ass. We kissed and rubbed tongues like we couldn't get enough.

When our kiss ended, I looked in her eyes to see the unmistakable, unbelievable thrill starting to course through her, in spite of her feelings of propriety, and I decided to take the game a little further.

I kept her in my arms as I moved around her to hold her from behind. Then, I slowly pulled her straps down until her perfect breasts and distended nipples popped free. She gasped again. Now I held her from behind, skirt up with my erection sandwiched in her asscheeks, my hands on her breasts, my fingers plucking her stiff, red nipples. She swooned with her passion, surrendered, her head rolling back on my shoulder.

She had never in her life been this exposed in a public setting. I took advantage of her lack of resistance to pull her skirt up in front and reach into the front of her thong, feeling the curls of her pubis, wanting to touch even more. But, she quickly recovered herself, turned in my arms to face me, smiling.

"I wonder what's back there." she said, indicating the back area of the club.

There's a changing room in the back, with lockers. The patrons use this area to get completely undressed and store their clothes before going into the back area wearing only towels.

Once in the back area, towels remain or are removed. There are private rooms big enough for more than one couple, large open rooms with several mattresses, a room full of hot tubs, and corridors connecting all these filled with big comfortable couches. By this time, about 2:00 in the morning, it is so choked with people there is almost no place to go.

People are fucking all over the place. And, incredibly, others are just having conversation. There could be people fucking on one end of a couch; and on the other end people sitting around casually talking, and smoking and drinking, like nothing unusual was happening. Single guys are walking around like lost souls, wide eyed and pulling on their cocks while watching the uninhibited performances. Some newcomers are appalled and leave. I heard one woman say "There's no way I'm doing that in here!", to her man's consternation.

We walked all around this area, like we did in the front, holding hands and making our way slowly around, sensationally overwhelmed. Sometimes a person can be so overwhelmed they can't perform. We were overwhelmed, but I definitely wanted to perform. So as I led us around, I was looking for a spot to settle down and have sex. The private rooms were all full and locked shut. The mattresses in the open rooms were crowded with bodies. We finally found a spot on the end of a couch we both could sit, and we started to make out.

She had tied her towel over her breasts. As we kissed, I untied it, and parted it to rub her tummy, and make my way down to her pussy to touch and caress her. She allowed her legs to part and moaned in my mouth as we rubbed tongues. After making out for what seemed like forever, but was probably only a short time, I needed to take advantage of her more. I slid to the floor between her legs, and spread them wide so I could kiss and suckle her divine pussy lips.

As I was licking her, another woman came to sit on the couch next to her, one of a threesome waiting for a room. The woman began to talk to her.

"He does that well, doesn't he?" she said.

My wife could hardly acknowledge her, overwhelmed by the sensations she was feeling. Her mouth was open, panting and gasping for air; or pursed like a kiss to shape her moans. Her forehead frowned in passion, her eyes only half open and glazed.

After a moment, she managed a response, "Yes, yes he does it really well."

"It looks like it feels wonderful." the woman said.

Hearing their conversation, I sucked her clitoris between my lips and licked it rapidly with my fast moving tongue, causing her to roll her head back while she slumped more, her hips moving, legs spreading, increasing her contact with the woman next to her, side to side. I tried to keep the sensations just below an intensity level that would be unbearable. If I felt I got close to unbearable, I would let go, licking much more gently, releasing her, but sustaining the stimulation at a lower level.

"AAAHH, AAAHH Honey!" she would moan as I let her down. I loved it that she couldn't help showing her reactions to my ministrations.

The woman began to gently stroke my wife's shoulder. "Is it O.K. to touch you like this?" she asked.

My wife's head drifted to the side so she could look at the woman. She couldn't utter a word. It was obvious that this additional contact, though subtle, carried her to a higher passion pitch. Her eyes looked almost hurt with passion. She nodded her permission.

So while I sucked and licked, our new partner stroked her shoulder, and down her arm, and then back up, slowly, deliberately, expanding her bounds. She was very patient. She stroked her fingers gently along my wife's neck and chin. She assumed she could go where she wanted by moving very slowly and deliberately.

My wife didn't ask her to stop. It was incredible to be part of, and to witness her first ever, delicious ravishment by more than one person. The woman touched her ear, and her neck below her ear.

My wife was breathing raggedly, and a river was flowing from between her legs, soaking the towel she was sitting on. She watched as the hand drifted from her neck to her shoulder and down her arm. Her chin seemed to follow the hand as her mouth drifted more open. Her eyes followed to see what the woman would do. The woman's hand was now adjacent to her right breast, swollen areola, nipple stiff and blood red.

"Is this alright?" the woman asked.

It took a moment for my wife to find her voice to whisper, "Yes."

At that, the woman gently cupped her breast, stroking slowly the underside. Again assuming permission, she gradually moved from this cupping feel to touching the nipple with her thumb and index fingertips, touching much more gently than a pinch. Gentle she was, but our combined efforts caused my wife to lurch and thrust, responding to our stimulations with fucking spasms, just this side of an orgasm.

My wife was hot, hot, and ready, so ready for it.

The woman asked, "Can I kiss you?"

My wife rolled her head back, mouth still open, panting raggedly. The woman licked my wife's lips very slowly, patiently; and then kissed her, kissed her with passion. My wife groaned at this and surrendered to one of the most beautiful orgasms I ever witnessed, hips thrusting, holding the woman's hand to her breast, and kissing back with exceptional fervor. With her other hand she grabbed a handful of my hair, and held my head between her legs, and was possessed by her thrusts and spasms, captive for an endless time until it worked through her. When the orgasmic tension let her go it was like a wire was cut.

The woman continued their kiss until my wife was still, and then slowly withdrew her touch back up her arm, and shoulder and away. It was only as I backed my face away from her luscious loins that I noticed the circle of masturbaters, men and women that had surrounded us to witness my wife's ravishment.

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You left me wanting to read more.

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