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Swing Club Virgins


My wife and I have been married 14 years and into swinging for about 10 of them. We haven't done a ton, but the times we've had were a blast.

The first "swing" thing we ever did was go to a swing club back in '99. My wife and I had dressed up and gone out for a nice dinner after work on a Friday. We had been living in the Phoenix area for about a year and had heard of and seen some ads for the swing clubs in the area, but had never been. We had discussed experimenting some, what she might like, what I might like, etc. but it hadn't gone any further. After dinner we had grabbed one of the weekly area papers that list the weekend activities like concerts and such to check out movie times. While flipping through the paper my wife saw an ad for one of the clubs and said, "Hey, want to go check it out?"

I looked at her and said "You really want to?"

"Yeah," she said "I do. Let's check it out."

I was all for it, so we headed out. After a brief diversion while trying to find it, (men and directions and all) we pulled up to Discretions, a private social club for adults only, according to the sign.

One of the things my wife is turned on by was the thought of watching other people have sex. She has a voyeuristic side to her and I think she had this "Roman orgy" kind of scene in her head, so she was a little disappointed when it looked like a warehouse from the outside. I told her it was probably a nicer inside. Well, not exactly. The lounge looked kind of like an average bar, if it was in someone's garage. The hot tub area was a little scary. A nice lady met us at the door and took our $30 cover and told us the rules about 'no means no" and photography. There were maybe about 3 couples in the lounge and 2 in the hot tub, just hanging out. One naked guy was just walking around talking to everyone. On the back wall of the lounge was a small stage with stripper poles and mirrors. To the left end of the stage was a door leading to a hallway. At the opening of the hallway was a staircase to the right, and the hall went down and split in both directions. We walked up the stairs, and it was pretty much "strokers row". A porn was playing on a big screen and two or three single guys were either naked or had their pants down and were jacking off. We went back downstairs and headed down the hall, and to the left was a big room with a picture window so you could look in from the hall. There was a big bed, two or three couches and a couple ottomans, but no one inside. To the right was a series of rooms, some had doors, some had doors with about a 2 foot window in them, some with just a peephole, some had no door at all. They looked clean, with beds,towels and condoms available. We went out to the lounge, got a Coke from the bar (No alcohol allowed) and sat at a table.

My wife looked heartbroken. She wanted plush decadence and writhing bodies. It looked more like a frat house. I said we should hang out for awhile, we didn't plan it out or anything and it was still pretty early, like 9 PM or something. If it did not start to liven up in a bit, we'd leave and be $30 poorer for the lesson. She said OK, and we started to watch the few other patrons and try to guess what they did for a living. There was a TV above the bar, this one wasn't showing porn but ESPN, and they seemed more into watching it then "swinging".

It was starting to look like we might go home very disappointed when more people started to show up. Over about a half an hour the place really filled up and got going. We were about to go talk to a couple that had taken up residence at a table near us and we had watched while the woman had gotten off while being fingered by her man. It was very subtle at first, and then we realized his hand was up her dress and he was working her over. She had a hold of the table after a couple minutes and was throwing her head back in pleasure. It was crazy hot and just what we needed to see to convince us we hadn't made a mistake. We had just worked up the courage to go talk to them when we noticed a rush to the back of the room. My frame of reference being the average bar, my first thought was a fight. Margie (my wife) and I went to see what was going on and found a nice crowd gathered around the bed in the room on the left in the hall. An older gentleman, probably 70 or so, was sitting on the edge of the bed near the head and a hot trophy of a wife was laying nude and spread eagle across it, holding his hand. He looked like a college professor type and she looked like a porn star, about half his age with frizzy strawberry blond hair, not a tan line to be seen and long legs and high heels. We walked around into the room and found some space in the corner. I put my back to wall and Margie stood in front of me, and she pushed her ass into my crotch and gave it a little wiggle. She looked back at me with a wicked grin and I knew she was excited to see what was going to happen.

3 guys came walking in, all of them nude (one kept his socks on. I think it's impossible to look cool or sexy completely naked except for socks if you're a guy. Just my opinion). The man on the bed asked if they had decided who would be first and the winner of the draw (Sock guy) stepped up to the edge of the bed. He looked really fucking nervous. I really don't think he expected to have such a crowd. There had to be 20 to 25 people crammed in the room or pressing the noses to the window. The gal on the bed said "Come on baby, don't be nervous." as she spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy. This definitely helped Sock Guy, as he started to get hard and put his focus on her. He moved up towards the head of the bed, and the older man asked what he was doing. Sock Guy said he thought she'd suck him to get him hard, and the older guy said no, no oral, only vaginal sex. The Sock Guy looked disappointed and was starting to feel the pressure again. One of his team members stepped up and said he was ready if Sock Guy needed a minute. Sure enough he was ready, as he had a "High Noon" hard on ready to go. Sock Guy stepped back and contestant #2 climbed on the bed and got into position to go to work. The older guy tossed him a condom and he rolled it on. The wife on the bed started talking like a porn script and High Noon was digging it. They were in a missionary position, with High Noon up in a push up position driving it home. I had my arms around Bonnie's shoulders and she pulled my hands down to her breasts and pushed her ass harder into my crotch.

Margie is dirty blond, about 5"8", and the celebrity her body most reminds me of is Anna Nicole Smith back before the reality show days. Nice curvy hips, round ass with a capital "ow', 38 D's, just a real nice package. Not a small girl, but sexy as hell. She has never worn dresses or skirts very often, but she had a knee length skirt on this night, and a nice silky blouse. When she put my hands on her tits, I noticed she had unbuttoned the top 3 or 4 buttons on her blouse. I love looking at her cleavage and started peering down over her shoulder more than watching the action in front of us. She kept pushing that ass against me and I was hard as a rock. I thought back to the couple in the lounge and moved one of my hands down to Margie's hip. Her skirt had a zipper on the side, and I started to unzip it. She kind of gasped and asked what I was doing. I said relax, I'm not taking it off, just getting better access. I zipped it down just far enough that I could slip my hand inside and across her hip to her crotch. She fidgeted and her skirt started to slip off, so I grabbed the other side and kept it up to waist level while I slipped a finger in her panties and worked it down to her lips. She was good and slick and feeling her so excited made me feel like my dick was ready to spring through my pants.

Margie said "Hold on." so I pulled my hand out, she zipped back up and I thought "What the fuck?" Then she hiked up her skirt and just stripped her panties off slick as hell, put them in my pocket and pulled her skirt back down.

I just smiled and said "I love you." She kissed me hard and turned back around.

High Noon was coming as the wife held the professors hand, and despite a pretty good showing by High Noon and plenty of dirty talk by the wife, neither of the other guys looked ready to perform. Margie grabbed my hand and took off out of the room. She led me down the other wing of the hall to one of the rooms with no door and pulled me in. She started kissing me hard again grabbing at my belt.

I asked "You want to go right here?"

"We can give a better show than that!" she said. I didn't say another word.

Normally I'm a jeans kind of guy, but since we were going out somewhere nice, I had on slacks. Margie opened my belt and pants and gave my dick a good squeeze with a hot little smile on her face. I spun her around and grabbed her by the hips and bent her over. We were standing up next to the bed facing the door and Margie steadied herself with her right hand on a side table that the towels and condoms were on. I pulled her skirt up over her ass and the sight of her bare ass made my dick ache I wanted to be inside her so bad. I pulled my boxers down so they were right under my balls and grabbed Margie's ass as I slid in her pussy. Her head dropped down and she let out a nice low groan. I don't know if I've felt a hotter pussy in my life. I was way into the moment, so I'm not sure if the guy I noticed watching us in the door way as there the whole time or when he showed up, but I know I didn't care. I noticed him in the door and a mirror right next to the door inside the room. I could see Margie's face in the mirror, eyes closed and mouth slightly open and lips pursed. Her shirt was still partially open and I could see her cleavage as her tits swayed in our rhythm. A couple more people started filling up the doorway and seeing Bonnie in the mirror while these strangers got a show was fucking hot! Margie opened her eyes and saw we were being watched and ground her ass back against me even harder. The sound of the music (even if it was bad electronica) and my hips slapping against Margie's ass and the few comment s I could make out from the crowd (I heard one woman tell her man she wished she "could suck on those tits") made the whole thing even better. It wasn't much longer and I was shooting my load in my wife as about 8 or 9 people watched. It took us a minute to get ourselves together. A couple people clapped, and I heard a "Nice show!"

Margie straightened up, pulled her skirt down and told what was left of the crowd as she walked out "Now that's the way to start a weekend."

I laughed as I wiped off with a towel and threw it in the hamper in the far corner. I buckled up and walked out and one guy put a hand up for a high five. I gave him one and walked out to the lounge.

As I walked by the window room, I saw that Sock Guy had overcome his performance anxiety and was on top of the wife as the Professor held her hand and stroked her hair. They still had a crowd, but about half as much as before. The lounge was way more crowded and there were some amateur strippers working the poles. I figured Margie had gone to the restroom to clean up so I wouldn't be running down her legs the rest of the evening and she came out of the ladies room shortly thereafter. She came out and I gave her a long kiss. She started laughing and saying "I can't believe we did that!"

I asked if she had a good time and she gave me a sideways look and said "What do you think?"

I laughed and asked her if I could get her another Coke. She said she needed air and a harder drink than Coke, so we left and headed back out to the suburbs. We stopped at a bar about ½ a mile from our place and went in for a drink. As we sat there with our drinks, we kept looking at each other, and then at the other folks in the bar and we'd laugh. I reminded Margie that I had her panties in my pocket and we went home and had another round of hot sex just thinking about the night we'd just had.

That broke the ice for us, and over the next decade we fulfilled quite a few of our fantasies. But those stories will come later. Tune in later, same naughty channel.

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