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Jed Atkins and his wife Emma had recently downsized and had moved into the new patio home development about two months ago. They were both in their late forties and were ready to settle in and enjoy life after kids. Most of the other folks in the community were slightly older than they were but all of them were very nice and friendly. Especially their next door neighbors Jack and Sally.

"I tell you I don't trust him," Jed said to his wife as they looked over at Jack sitting on his patio smiling at them.

"He's just being friendly," Emma said, sipping on her hot coffee.

"Friendly!" Jed proclaimed. "Squeezing your ass at the barbeque is a little more than friendly."

"He's harmless," Emma laughed. She felt good knowing her husband was jealous because most of the time he showed little emotion or affection towards her. Maybe things would pick up in the bedroom she wondered. She thought back about the barbeque and how Jack had cornered her in the den while everyone was outside and how he slowly slid his hand down her upper back to her waist. She gasped when his fingers slipped lower over her round buttocks and gently squeezed them. She was so shocked she just looked at his smiling face and walked quickly away from him. It was later that night when she mentioned it to Jed. He wanted to call the man out at that moment but Emma calmed him down.

"I wonder how he would like it if I squeezed Sally's ass." Jed puffed.

"Well she does have a nice ass," Emma giggled.

"I wouldn't know," he lied. He had admired both Sally's ass and firm breasts since he first met them.

"Yeah right," she smiled.


"I can't believe you just touched her like you did." Sally said to her husband as they looked at Jed and Emma across the small bunch of shrubs separating their two homes.

"I thought you wanted to get to know them better." Jack commented.

"As friends," she injected, "our swinging days are over." They had not swapped spouses with anyone for almost ten years.

"I thought you enjoyed swinging?" Sally thought about the four or five times they traded off with the couples in their last neighborhood. It had started innocently enough at a swim party until they all had too much to drink. The women soon removed their tops and the men made sure to touch as many of the soft mounds as they could in the dark pool water. She was not aware that Jack had entered the house with another woman until she found herself alone with one of the men.

"We shouldn't do this," Sally told the man as he pushed his hard-on against her bikini covered ass. The booze and his closeness were quickly lowering her resistance. His bulge felt so big and so hard against her.

His lips nibbled on her tender neck as his fingers moved under her arms and slowly over her soft breasts and hard nips. "It's just touching," he whispered as he toyed with the hard pink digits.

"My husband," Sally moaned as he pushed and rubbed his manhood against her backside.

"He's probably doing more than we are right now."

She was satisfied just allowing him to touch her soft treasures but one of his hands moved off and slowly down to the top of her bottom. As it slid under the edge she grabbed his wrist. "Don't."

"I know you want me to touch you," he whispered, keeping his fingertips under the elastic band. He gently rubbed across the tiny blonde hairs under her navel.

"No, it's not right," she moaned feeling his huge penis now resting length-wise between her buttocks.

"If you husband cared he wouldn't be in the house with another woman," he reasoned, "right?"

The man was right. She imagined Jack fucking one of her neighbors. Her grip on his wrist loosened and her hand fell to her side. She was his to touch. Her head fell back onto his shoulder as his fingertips made the slow journey down under the top of her bottoms. She thought he would quickly touch her but he was teasing her and taking his time. "Oh please," she moaned.

The man smiled knowing she now wanted his fingers in her damp pussy. He touched the top of her narrow strip of soft pubic hair and moved lower to gently curl the neatly trimmed bush in his fingers. He felt her ass now pushing and moving back against his hard-on.

Sally didn't care what the man did to her now as long as she was satisfied. Finally, his fingertips moved down into the top of her slit and then lower over her pulsating clit. This time she pushed her hand down over the front of her bikini bottom until she found the top of his fingers that were touching her passion knob. She pushed down harder and cried out, "Yes right there!" Suddenly he pulled his hand from her bikini.

"No please," she said as she turned to face him.

"Touch me," he said looking in her deep blue eyes.

Sally looked at him first in fear. Did she have enough nerve to just touch him? She looked again at the house and down at her arm and hand as they moved forward through the cool water until she found the top of his swim suit. Her eyes closed as her fingers pulled the waistband out and slid quickly under it. Her fingers moved cautiously down into his pubic hair until she touched the base of his shaft. It was pointing out at her as she slowly curled her fingers around it and followed it out to the tip. He was at least two inches bigger than her six inch husband.

"It's yours," he whispered.

Sally's body relaxed as her fingers explored another man's hard-on for the first time. It felt similar to her husband but somewhat different. It was slightly thinner she believed as her fingers squeezed him tightly.

"Do you just want to touch it?" He whispered.

Of course she thought. Surely he didn't think she would let him fuck her. "Yes," she whispered back at him.

"Are you sure?" he asked as his fingers once again moved down the front of her bikini to find her moist folds. His face moved closer to hers until his lips brushed teasingly against hers. He moved back and her lips followed until their mouths pressed hard together and their tongues raced out and met.

Sally felt his middle finger invade deeply into her pussy. It felt so good. Her fingers stroked him to match his finger-fucking of her pussy. She didn't realize her bottoms were being lowered until his hand turned slightly to slide another finger into her.

"OH GOD!" She moaned as she allowed him to push her last garment down over her thighs to her feet below. She stepped out of them and watched as they floated to the surface. She was now naked with a man's fingers pushing in and out of her.

Her eyes opened and she looked into his. Her eyes begged him to do it. He pulled his finger away and quickly stripped off his trunks. She moved back against the side of the pool for support as he moved forward between her legs which quickly wrapped around his hips.

Sally braced herself as his hot tip pushed between her opened lips and slowly buried itself deeply within her. The water allowed their bodies to move freely as he fucked in and out of her depths. The effects of the booze had completely worn off and the two of them were now totally aware of what they were doing.

"Don't stop," she begged as her body was close to coming. Her eyes opened wide when she felt the fuse ignite and that's when she saw her husband standing on the edge of the pool looking down at her. At first she panicked but relaxed when she saw his smile as well as a naked female standing next to him. She couldn't stop the climax now if she wanted to. Her scream could be heard almost a block away. "OH YES!"

Sally felt the man's sperm empty deep inside of her and quickly pulled away from him. She moved to the steps and walked out naked to stand in front of Jack. Neither of them said a word for almost a minute.

"I couldn't stop," she said hoping that he was not mad that she had let the man fuck her.

"Me neither," he smiled telling her that he had done the same thing. They quickly gathered up their clothes and headed home

It was two weeks later at another party when the women threw their house keys in a large bowl and watched as the men selected them for a hot night of raw sex. During one of the parties a group sex orgy evolved as eight bodies twisted together on the soft rug in front of a fireplace. It was the first time Sally was intimate with another woman.

Their sex lives improved immensely until two of the neighbors were caught cheating away from the parties. It was OK to have sex at a party but it was not OK to have sex separately. The man was Jack. Sally moved in with her sister for almost four months before she would move back in with him. Since that time no mention was made of the swinging.


"Don't even tell me you want to swap with Emma and Jed," Sally said to her husband.

"Hey, I made a mistake and was wrong. But I know you enjoyed the swinging as much or even more than I did."

Sally knew he was right. The sex was the best that she could have ever imagined. When she was with another man she felt free to try different things and didn't mind when they tried different things to her. She even missed the female sex when they participated in the group orgy.

"I'll have to think about it," she said looking over at Jed. He did have a nice body and had always seemed to look at her when they were together.

"Good," he said.


It was two days later when Emma heard a light tapping on her backdoor. Jed had just left the house for a golf match and she was still in her pajamas. She opened the curtain and saw Sally standing there. She quickly opened the door to let her neighbor inside.

"Hi," Sally said as she moved to sit at the small kitchen table. "Do you mind if I sit for a while?"

"Of course not," Emma said. She noticed the woman had a light robe on that poorly hid the round shape of her breasts.

"I saw Jed leave and wanted to come over and apologize for my husband," the blonde woman said.

Emma realized she had found out about the ass grabbing. "It was not a big deal."

"Does Jed know?"

"Yes, I don't keep secrets from my husband," Emma said. "He is still somewhat upset but he will get over it." She laughed.

"What's so funny," Sally wondered.

"He wondered how Jack would have liked it if he touched your ass."

"Really?" Sally said not smiling. "I'm sure Jack wouldn't care so if he would stop being upset no problem."

"Men are so immature at times," Emma grinned. "Touching someone's ass is not that big a deal."

"It didn't upset you when Jack did it?"

"Well I was surprised but, quickly got over it. It felt good to have a man show me some attention."

"Same here," Sally said agreeing. "Why do they always want something they can't have?"

They finished their cups of coffee and Sally asked Emma, "How would you like to go to a bachelorette party this Friday night?"

Emma thought about it. "I have Friday open. Who is it for?"

"My niece Jenna," Sally answered. "It's a small party of about 5 women."

"OK. Do I need to bring a gift?" Emma asked.

"Nope. Just yourself." Sally grinned. She had found out from her sister that a male stripper would be there and hoped it would loosen Emma up some. "I'll pick you up around 7:00PM." Sally turned and left.

***** Later as Emma and Jed lay in the bed she told him about the party. "Some of those parties get kind of wild you know," he said.

"You are thinking of bachelor parties," she replied. "I'm sure this party will be very tame. It's for her niece and her mother will be there as well."

"Fine," he said thinking that she was asking him for permission.


The next morning as Jed walked to the mailbox to get the newspaper Sally walked out her driveway at the same time. He smiled and quickly noticed the lightweight robe snug around her chest and hips. "Good morning," He said as he stood just watching her body move towards him.

Sally stood next to him. "You can touch my ass anytime you want if it will make you feel better."

"What?" he asked not believing she was saying this to him. "My wife has been talking."

"Jack and I want to be your friends so remember what I just said," she smiled as she grabbed the newspaper and walked with a defined wiggle back into her house. Jack stood still with his mouth open.

He thought about giving his wife hell but kept hearing her voice, "You can touch my ass anytime you want." Shit he thought as he quickly walked back in the house to hide the forming bulge in his pajamas.


Emma called Sally on Friday and asked her what she should wear to the party. Sally told her a skirt or dress would be fine. She picked out her nicest skirt that came down to about mid-thigh and a nice silk blouse. At 6:45PM Sally knocked on her door and Jack answered it.

"Is Emma ready?"

Jack smiled and moved back to let her in. "She will be down in a few minutes."

"Good," Sally smiled. She moved up to him and whispered in his ear. "This is your chance."

There was no doubt in his mind what she was talking about. He smiled into her blue eyes and moved his hands around her back. Before he could chicken out his fingers moved down until her smooth ass rested in his two large hands. He couldn't feel any panties as he gently explored their softness. She pushed her thigh forward until it touched the hard-on under his slacks. They heard Emma's footsteps and quickly moved away from each other.

"Now we are even," he whispered with a smile.

"Nope," she grinned as she reached down and grabbed his large bulge. She quickly measured its length and thickness before she pulled away. "Not even anymore."

"Sorry I'm late," Emma said as she turned the corner to see Jack standing close to Sally. He turned and looked away which she immediately knew something was wrong.

"Did I miss something?"

"Nope," Sally lied. "Let's go."

Emma didn't push it anymore but she knew something was said or done at the front door. She put it in the back of her mind as she watched Sally pull her car into a rear parking lot of a small café. "The party is here?"

"Yes, the café belongs to my sister. We will be in the small private room in the back." Sally said smiling. Sally's sister was as wild as she was and there was no doubt she would have a cute stripper for Jenna. At the last bachelorette party things went a lot further that she had imagined and afterwards she watched as her sister gave the young guy a blowjob. Luckily only one other woman and she were there at the time.

Sally brought Emma in and introduced her to her niece and her maid of honor Karen. Her sister Janet led Emma to her seat and they started the wine flowing. After about an hour of wine and fun the women all had a good buzz. Emma was feeling no pain when she heard a knock on the rear door. She figured more women would be coming in but instead a policeman came in.

"I've heard there was a party going on here and you women were doing a lot of drinking," he said smiling.

"Yes and what are you going to do about it?" Jenna shouted as she stood up face to face with him. Emma looked at he girl thinking she was nuts to confront him this away. Her eyes opened big when he grabbed her body and turned her around. Before she could blink the policeman slipped handcuffs on the bride-to-be's wrist.

Janet pushed a chair into the middle of the room and the cop pushed Jenna down onto it. The girls skirt was high on her thighs but no one made any motion to pull it down. It was when the music started that Emma knew she had been had. The man tossed off his police hat and slowly unbuttoned his shirt while his body wiggled back and forth in front of Jenna who was now smiling ear to ear.

"You didn't tell about this." Emma whispered to Sally as he took off his shirt showing the six women his tan muscular chest.

"YEAH!" Janet screamed as she grabbed the shirt and tossed it next to his hat.

"Are you surprised?" Sally asked Emma as the man grabbed a hold of the sides of his pants and pulled until they quickly ripped away from his body. He stood there in only his tight bikini briefs that had an obvious eight inch penis pushing outward inside.

"God!" Emma said as she leaned forward. "He's not going to take his underwear off is he?"

"I guess we will just have to wait and see." Sally grinned. There was no doubt that his bare prick would be bouncing around in a short amount of time.

Emma watched in amazement as the man dancing up to Jenna and opened his thighs until his body pushed his large bulge forward against the young woman's chest. At first the girl acted embarrassed but her eyes locked onto the bikini briefs and aimed her lips down until she kissed the curled sausage. The women were now hooting and hollowing for him to take off his tiny covering.

"Take it out!" Sally screamed next to her. Surely he wouldn't do that Emma thought but her eyes opened wide again when his fingers pinched the sides of the briefs and pushed downward. Jenna's head was in Emma's way so she could not see the man's penis. Her body was up and moving to the side before she even told it too.

"Holy...!" Emma cried out when she saw how big he was. He had Jed beat by at least three inches. The man moved forward again until his penis which was now pointing outward pushed against Jenna's covered breast. She again had to move to the side to see what he was doing. She gasped when his fingers moved down to unbutton the girl's blouse. Surely he wasn't going to.........Emma had to sit down when he pulled open the blouse exposing the small blue bra. His fingers found the front clasp and pulled the bra open allowing them all to see her small but firm mounds with tiny little cherry nipples pointing outward.

"Are you OK?" Sally whispered in Emma's ear. She had seen the woman suddenly sit down and hoped she would not faint.

"Yes, oh my God, look at what he is doing now!" Emma said while watching him grab his hard-on and directed the mushroom tip to rub back and forth across her hard nipple.

"You've never had a nipple rub before?" Sally whispered. She glanced down to see the hard tips of Emma's nipples pushing out the thin material of her silk blouse. Emma didn't see her as Janet moved over and whispered in her sister's ear. She did see Janet whisper in the man's ear and did see him turn to look at her. Her heart almost stopped when he moved back from the handcuffed girl and walked towards her. Her hands pushed out to keep him back but he kept coming until her hands pushed against his chest and his forward motion pushed her chair back on two legs.

"Don't please." Emma cried out in fear. She panicked again when someone grabbed her arms and pulled them back behind her. She heard the clicks of the handcuffs before she felt the cold metal on her wrists.

"Stop. Don't do this." She groaned as the chair was lowered to the floor and her body moved within an inch of the tip of his long prick.

"Go ahead she wants it." Sally said to the guy who was worried he could get into trouble doing something to a woman who didn't want him to.

"Sally!" Emma cried out. She looked at her laughing neighbor and started laughing too. Here she was a grown woman afraid of a young naked male. After all what could he do to her in front of all of these women?

"OK," she said to him, "get it over with."

Her body was on fire and trembling as the man pushed his hard-on forward until the tip now pushed against her large and soft breast. Her eyes never left the massive crown as he again aimed it across the obvious bud of her mound.

"Take off her blouse too." Jenna cried out while enjoying the show. She didn't want to be the only women topless.

Emma started to complain but stopped realizing it would probably do no good and the wine had eliminated a lot of her shyness. She smiled at him giving him the OK.

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