tagLoving WivesSwingers Club Monthly Dinner

Swingers Club Monthly Dinner


My name is Bernie and I am happily married to Brenda, a very pretty girl with a shapely figure. A month ago, we were strolling along in a mall when an attractive couple about our age ask us for directions to a store. They introduced themselves at Charles and Connie. We talked for awhile and decided to get some refreshments in the food court. We had a lot in common and have been seeing them socially since then.

Charles invited us to their home last Friday evening to play cards. We played for about an hour when the subject turned to sex.

Charles finally got around to say, "By the way, wouldn't it be kinda fun to get naked and play around?"

My wife grinned as if she didn't believe he said that. I began to wonder where the conversation was going.

I looked at Connie and jokingly said, "Oh sure, I would jump at the chance to get naked with you."

Connie quickly commented, "Well, that is a good offer."

It was all taken as a big joke, especially by my wife and myself.

Then Charles responded, "Seriously, have you two ever thought about it?"

"I had mentioned it to Brenda, but she didn't think too much about it. She thought that was just for weirdos."

"It's not just for weird people, lots of nice, friendly couples do it."

"Have you two ever done it.?"

"Now that you asked, yes we have been with some very nice people. It was very enjoyable."

"Where and how did you meet these other couples?"

"We belong to a club that meets for dinner once a month. There is a ballroom where we can dance. Actually, tomorrow night will be this month's dinner."

"Are you going?"

"Yes, we joined the club six months ago and we go to all the monthly dinners. We've met several very nice couples."

"Have you every met privately with them?"

"Yes, we've met with three different couples for an enjoyable evening. Of course, one couple at a time. We're not into group sex."

Both my wife and I were speechless after hearing what our new acquaintances were doing. It sounded very sexy to me, but I doubted my wife would approve. I took another look at Connie and wondered what it would be like to have sex with her. She had a very nice personality and was very pretty, too. Evidently Charles saw me look at Connie.

"Hey, buddy, do you like what you see?"

I was embarrassed, but responded, "Of course, Connie is a very sexy lady." I probably would not have said that, but with the drinks we had, I tossed caution aside.

Charles said, "If you are interested in attending the dinner tomorrow evening, there is one thing I must tell you. The club has a rule. No visitors can attend until they have had an evening of sex with a member in good standing and they must recommend the new couple. The only way you two could accompany us tomorrow night is for us to share sex tonight and then we recommend you. I'm sure you are a compatible couple and I feel that we would recommend you."

My wife spoke, "This is going just too fast. I don't know about it. I need to think and prepare myself if we ever did anything like that."

I interjected my thoughts, "What do you have to prepare for. We are with good friends and I know we both like sex. Don't you think it would be interesting to go with them tomorrow night to see what happens.?"

"Going tomorrow night to just visit, but that's not all we are expected to do."

Charles spoke up, "There is no pressure on anyone at the dinner. There is no sex there. You meet others, then if you want action, you go to a motel or back home."

My wife slowly let that sink in, then said, "That's fine for tomorrow night, but I don't know if I'm prepared for tonight. You are a handsome guy, and all of that, but....... Let's have another drink and I'll think about it."

Charles and Connie talked about their experiences at the dinners and meeting others while we all had another drink.

When our drinks were about finished, I said to my wife, "Why don't we give it a try. Charles has talked about doing it in the same room or in separate rooms. It's which every way you want to do it."

"I think I would be more comfortable in separate rooms, at least the first time. Alright, if that is what you want."

Both Charles and Connie smiled and indicated their approval. No one seemed to make the first move until Connie got up to take my hand. "Come on, big boy, let's go."

I looked at my wife who seemed very nervous. Charles stood up, took my wife's hand and pulled her to her feet. We all walked down the hall.

Connie said to Charles, "What don't you take Brenda in the master bedroom while Bernie and I go in the spare bedroom. We'll leave the doors open."

I noticed the doors were directly across the hall from each other. When the lights were turned on in both bedrooms, I could see the bed where Charles was going to have sex with my wife.

Connie turned down the bedspread, then turned off the light.

"We don't need the light to get undressed."

While we were still standing, I took Connie in my arms to share a long sexy kiss with her which warmed me up all the way down to my cock. After another similar kiss, I rubbed my erection against her body. She responded by rubbing back on me. We started undressing while helping each other. Once we were completely naked, we crawled in bed to hug and share more sexy kisses.

I looked across the hall to notice the lights were off in the other bedroom. A fairly bright night light was glowing in the hall allowing me to see the shape of the bed where my wife was in bed with Charles.

I kissed Connie's breasts taking turns on each nipple. Then I kissed on down her stomach to her bush. My tongue flicked over her clit causing her body to respond. I then moved into a six nine position to roll her on top of me. I felt a surge of sexual response as she deep throated my cock. My tongue was searching up and down her slit to find her hole. My tongue slid in, then moved to suck her clit.

I tried to look in the direction of the bedroom across the hall, but Connie's legs and butt were blocking my view. My mouth and face were snugly buried in her crotch. I hadn't heard any objections coming from the other bedroom, so assumed my wife was enjoying herself.

I was about to explode in Connie's mouth when she raised up to say, "Come up here and give it to me."

I moved up on top of her while she spread her legs and pulled her knees back to her breasts. This allowed me to be fully buried in her. I was in a position to look out across the hall to see the shape of the bed where my wife was being fucked. My eyes were now used to the darkness. The night light in the hall allowed me to see the shape of bodies on the bed in the other room. I then gave Connie my full attention by slowly moving my cock and sharing a tongue searching kiss with her. Then we laid still while her pussy muscles pulsated on my cock. That is when I began to hear noises from across the hall. I recognized my wife's familiar moans when she is approaching an orgasm. Connie and I continued to lie still while listening to the moaning from both Charles and my wife.

Connie softly said, "I think they are about to have an explosion."

"Yes, I believe you are right."

We laid still to hear the moans and groans increase from the other bedroom. Then Connie and I started movements again to build up to our own orgasms. I held back the best I could so that Connie would have her orgasm at the same time or before I did. She was bucking under me the best she could even though I had her pinned down. She started making orgasmic noises, then I decided to let myself go. I'm sure the couple across the hall heard us.

We laid still in each other's arms while we relaxed. We could hear soft voices from the other bedroom, but couldn't quite understand what they said. The lights went on in the other bedroom. I looked across to see Charles was already out of bed. I saw my wife's naked body as she got up from the bed and trudged into the bathroom.

Connie said, "Come on in the hall bathroom with me to clean up if you want to."

We both were naked as I followed her into the dimly lit hallway. She turned the bathroom light on and shut the door behind us. Now I could see her naked body in all it's glory. She was beautiful. I started to wash my cock in the sink.

She said, "Come on, I sometimes like to shower after what we just did. Get in the shower with me."

As we showered, I moved my hands over her shapely body. We kissed a couple more times then got out to dry. I told her I had to dry her shapely breasts. After drying them, I took time to kiss them some more.

We went back to our bedroom to dress. I looked across the hall into the other bedroom to see my wife and Charles getting dressed, too.

We all returned to the living room about the same time.

I greeted my wife, "Honey, how did it go?"

"I think we did alright, didn't we Charles?"

His response, "Yes, it was really wonderful. We'll have to do it again."

Charles continued, "We'll be glad to recommend you to our club. Would you like to go with us tomorrow night?"

I looked at my wife and she smiled back at me. "Yes, I think we will go."

"OK, we'll pick you up at seven o'clock. Dinner is at eight."

Goodnights were said and my wife and I went home.

While on our way home, I ask my wife what happened.

She told me Charles' cock was about the same as mine, but he used it a little different. She liked the variety. She had one orgasm while he sucked her clit, then she had another when he fucked her. She said she was very nervous to begin with, but in the beginning when they shared some sexy kisses, she settled down to enjoy his love making.

We were wondering what tomorrow night would bring.

Part 2

Charles and Connie picked us up the next evening as scheduled. We went to the local Holiday Inn for the dinner in their conference room. There were probably around forty couples, all ages. Everyone wore a name tag, first name only. After dinner, a disk jockey was playing music. Charles and my wife danced the first dance while I danced with Connie. After that, Charles and Connie drifted to dance with some of their friends.

Everyone was friendly. Other men asked my wife to dance while I danced with other girls. With only first names on the name tag, I wasn't sure who was married to who. I danced with Judy a couple of times and we enjoyed making small talk and dancing. She was probably ten years older than I am. She pointed out her husband dancing with another girl. She said she was going to get him to dance with my wife.

During the next break, she led her husband, James, over to meet my wife. He gave her a nice hello and a kiss on the cheek. He asked for the next dance.

During the next break, we two couples sat out to talk.

I asked, "How long have you been coming to these dinner dances?"

"Oh, it's been a couple of years now. We enjoy meeting new people. Who recommended you for the club."

"Our friends, Charles and Connie."

"Oh yes, they seem to be nice people. We haven't had a chance to get very well acquainted with them as yet. There are a lot of nice people here."

We ordered another round of drinks and continued getting acquainted. Another guy asked my wife to dance while the three of us watched. We noticed they were talking quite a bit while dancing. Then he returned my wife to our table.

She said, "I was just asked if we had paired off with anyone as yet. I told him I didn't think so, but I didn't know if we were going to pair off with anybody tonight."

James spoke up, "We're getting along pretty good. I definitely like your company."

That sounded like a hint that he would like to pair up with us. I looked at Judy. She was pretty and had a nice body. She joked a lot and I liked talking to her. I think spending some time in bed with her would be very nice. I wondered what my wife thought of James.

I asked my wife to dance. We talked about what we wanted to do tonight. She thought if we paired up with anyone tonight, it might as well be this couple. We had danced with others, but we felt comfortable with them. We sat back down at the table with James and Judy.

We noticed other couples had been pairing off and leaving. One group of four couples left together, but we weren't ready for that.

I took the initiative, "You seem to be more acquainted with the procedures around here. Do couples stay in the motel or do they go home with another couple."

Charles responded, "We're from out of town and have a room in this motel. We could go there if you and Brenda would like to share it with us."

"That's alright with us. Wait until I tell our friends, Charles and Connie, we're not riding home with them."

I found Charles and Connie sitting at a table talking to another couple. I let them know we would take a taxi home, later.

James said, "Come on, let's go to our room."

We just naturally paired off with me walking beside Judy. James was leading the way walking with my wife. Since my wife was in front of me, I watched her butt wiggle as she walked. I thought it wouldn't be long before she would be naked and James would have his cock in her while she erotically wiggled her ass. I put my arm around Judy's waist, pulled her to me for a short sexy kiss. That kiss was so good, we stopped, I held her close and kissed her very sexily. This was going to be a very sexy evening with this couple. James looked back to see us kiss. He turned to my wife to share a long sexy kiss with her while his hands were squeezing her butt. We were still in the motel hallway looking for the room.

Judy said, "We better get in the room before we get caught."

The room was the usual with two queen size beds. Last night my wife wanted to be in separate bedrooms, but tonight she won't have that much privacy.

James looked at me, "Bernie, lets get some ice for one more drink to our good relationship."

He grabbed the ice bucket, then we went to look for the ice.

James said, "Judy will show you a good time. She really likes to suck cock and loves for a guy to cum in her mouth. She doesn't like it in the ass because it hurts, but when she is about to have an orgasm, stick a finger in her ass. She likes that. What can you tell me about Brenda?"

"Well, just the usual suck and fuck. Nothing too wild. No rough stuff. I think you will like what she does. Does Judy have one or several orgasms?"

"She can have several. She is probably considered multi-orgasmic."

"Brenda is not like that. She can have a couple."

As we walked back to the room, James said, "Glad we had this little talk."

James poured each person a drink, then toasted, "May everyone enjoy a good time."

The two couples sat on the side of the beds facing each other. I sat with Judy on one bed while James was sitting with my wife on the other bed. We guys had one arm around the girls' waists while sipping the drinks in the other hands. We kicked off our shoes and played toesies with our own wives facing us. We made small talk until our drinks were about gone. I turned to kiss Judy. We put our nearly empty drinks on the night stand between the beds. I pushed her back to lie on the bed and rolled over on top of her for more kisses. I glanced back to see that James started removing my wife's clothing.

Since we were fully clothed, James said, "We have too many clothes on."

We all got up and started undressing.

Judy had removed her dress leaving her in just her hose, garter belt, panties, and bra. I unsnapped her bra to release her shapely breasts. She sat on the side of the bed to unhook her hose from her garter belt and remove them. I helped her roll down her hose and off her feet.

My wife was wearing panty hose. I watched as she sat on the bed for James to pull them down her hips and off her feet leaving her bush and crotch fully exposed. James took advantage to push her back on the bed, bent down at the side of the bed to bury his head at her crotch. My wife put both hands on the back of his head to encourage him to eat her pussy. Evidently, my wife had enough drinks that she wasn't self conscious about having sex with a man she had just met.

It was warm in the room and very comfortable without covering up.

I turned my attention to Connie. We kissed, then I rolled her over on top of me in a six nine position. I could feel her hands on my cock and balls, then I could feel her deep throat my cock. It really felt good. I was lapping her pussy with my tongue searching for her hole each time I passed over it. I looked over to the other bed to see Charles on top of my wife. He had her legs pushed up with her feet pointing to the ceiling. Soon I was hearing the familiar noises from my wife as she was approaching an orgasm.

I was sucking on Connie's clit. Even though she had my cock in her mouth, I could hear her moan as her body stiffen and go through an orgasm. I didn't want to cum too quick and wanted to make the feeling last. I couldn't hold back much longer as she was doing wonders to my cock. When I started cumming in her mouth, I felt her body go through another orgasm.

Connie and I relaxed as we continued to lay in a six nine position. My mind and thoughts had been completely concentrating on Connie. I didn't realize both Charles and my wife had finished and were now sitting up in bed.

I looked over at Charles to say, "Wow, your wife is really hot."

He responded, "I'm glad you think so. Brenda is one sexy gal, too."

We all made small talk for a few minutes before Charles started kissing my wife again. I saw his cock was very hard and ready for more sex with my wife. I then started kissing Connie's breasts while I moved one hand to her crotch.

For the next hour, we two couples moved into a variety of positions. I cum in Connie's pussy one time while she had three or four orgasms. I think my wife had at least one more orgasm and I saw her suck off Charles one time.

Brenda finally said, "That was enjoyable, but it's time to call it an evening. Bernie, call a cab."

Charles then said, "Why go now, stay the rest of the night."

My wife answered, "It's late and I'm very tired right now. Another time and I'll be ready."

Brenda and I got up to dress. I called a taxi.

We all agreed to attend the club's dinner dance next month.

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