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We had been married for seven years when Rick suggested we spice up our sex life by "swinging". It came right out of the blue, I thought our sex life was o.k. but apparently my husband had other thoughts.

Rick had been my high school sweetheart and we had married shortly after graduating. I had never been with another man.

Rick met a guy at work who was into swinging and told him how great it was an invited us to join their group.

My husband is a good-looking guy and at twenty-nine I still turned guys' heads. We would be a welcome addition to any swingers' group.

Rick pressured me incessantly until finally I agreed to give it a try. It took a lot to get me to agree to my husband fucking another woman but Rick seemed quite comfortable with some other guy fucking me.

I was nervous all day thinking about what I was getting into that night. Sitting in the hair salon wondering how I had let myself get talked into this.

Rick was excited and had bought me new sexy lingerie for the occasion. I could tell he really wanted me to be hot. A skimpy demi-bra that left the upper slopes of my breasts bare to below the nipples. Crotchless panties, which were wide-open framing my shaven labia and a scarlet garter belt suspending thigh high black net stockings. I looked like a virtual Mata Hari.

We parked about a block away from the Simpson's hose as they asked. Janet Simpson did not want a hoard of cars parked outside their place drawing the nosy neighbors' attention.

It was a modest red brick side split and we could hear the crowd inside as we walked up the front walk. Ken Simpson came to the door and welcomed us in.

The number of people overwhelmed me, there must have been twenty or more couples of various ages overflowing the living room and spilling into the kitchen.

Ken took my coat leaving me in my black silk chemise and a black micro-mini not much wider than a belt.

I was relieved to see that many of the women were dressed like sluts also. There was one young blonde who was topless already, her perky tits drawing a lot of attention.

Curiously my eyes scanned the room to see whose cock I may be getting in me. There was a large selection, young guys, old guys, fat guys, and skinny guys, there was even a black guy there.

I noticed the black guy was checking me out while chatting with the bare breasted blonde. I knew he was going to hit on me.

A glass of gin and cub soda was put in my hand and Simpson escorted me to the couch and plunked me down between two guys who were obviously drunk already. Rick was nowhere in sight.

I was starting to panic being in this sex charged environment and my husband having vanished leaving me alone to deal with these drunks.

The chubby balding guy on my left reached across and put his hand on my right thigh well above my knee. On my right was one of those repulsive bigheaded guys who think they are God's gift to woman.

As I felt chubby guy's hand slowly working its way up my leg the other guy put his arm around me and drew me closer to him.

"My name is Norman and I want to fuck you." He introduced himself.

I was shocked by his bluntness. Meanwhile chubby guy had discovered my panties were crotchless and his fingers were in me.

I was sitting between the two drunks getting mauled when the black guy came over to my rescue.

"Care to dance Gorgeous?" he asked.

The guy was as big a house standing over six feet tall and must have weighed close to three hundred pounds. The two who had been mauling me looked at him annoyed but did not protest.

He took me over to where three other couples were dancing to Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf" where we begin dancing.

"My name is Luke." My partner said over the loud music.

"Michelle." I replied, "Thanks for saving me from this two jerks."

"You didn't look like you were enjoying yourself?" Like said.

"Trust me, I wasn't." I assured him.

"You came her to have someone to make love to you, not use you." Luke added.

I felt myself starting to blush. Luke thought I was on the prowl. What else would he thing with me being at a swingers' meeting dressed like a slut?

I felt Luke's big hand slid up under the back of my skirt raising the skirt and exposing most of my almost bare buttocks. As we glided around the dance floor I knew the others were looking at Luke's hand caressing my ass cheeks, I didn't care anymore.

Luke soon discovered my panties were crotchless and his finger slid into where chubby guy's had been earlier. I was wet now while he finger fucked me for all to watch. I was too horny to protest and just swiveled my pussy on his persistent fingers while he brought me to orgasm in front of the entire room.

Now I was embarrassed, I had just cum with a dozen people watching me. Thankfully Luke led me to a bedroom to finish what he had started.

A couple of other guys tagged along with us. When we found a vacant bedroom I was thrown across the bed and quickly stripped by many hands. I lay naked and ready to be used; my pussy was hungry for a cock, any cock!

All three guys begin to strip so they could enjoy me. I watched Luke removing his clothes; God was he a big guy. When he slid down his boxers and I got my first look at his cock I couldn't believe my eyes. He was at least ten inches long and as thick as a baseball bat. Surely I could not take a cock that big in me!

My husband's dick was an average six inches and I always managed to get off on it, what would this monstrosity feel like crammed into my fuck hole?

I was naked on a bed with three men I had never met before. I knew the time had come; I was going to be gang fucked by all of them.

The first guy to mount me was not a bad looking blonde guy in his forties. I closed my eyes as he forced himself between my legs. I felt his cockhead spreading my labia as he started to penetrate me. His cock felt about the same as my husband's as it journeyed into my waiting cunt. When I felt his balls kiss my pussy lips I contracted my pelvic muscle gripping his cock with my vagina wall. My hips rose to meet his thrusts and we were fucking.

The stranger's cock felt good in me and I responded to it as if he were my regular lover. My body bucked like a wild animal's as he pounded me harder and harder.

"You love it you horny bitch." He moaned as he tried to make me come.

"Yes, yes, fuck me you bastard!" I answered.

I opened my eyes as something slapped me across my mouth; it was Luke's big black cock!

"Suck it bitch." He demanded.

Submissively I wrapped my hand around his thick shaft. It felt as idf I had a "Louisville Slugger" in my grip. My heart raced, would I be able to fit him into my mouth?

I opened my mouth as if a dentist was examining me; carefully I guided the huge shiny helmet between my lips. I felt the huge black monster sliding over my tongue until it touched my throat. Instinctively my mouth closed, sealing my lips around his hard shaft. I maintained my grip on the base of his cock as I inhaled deeply forming a vacuum around his meat. I begin stroking as my tongue danced up and around my mouthful of meat.

I felt Luke's mighty cock throbbing in my mouth as I excited it and knew he was about to giver me a mouthful of his sticky white goo in return for my efforts.

"Suck it baby, suck the Nigga's cock!" he moaned.

No more kind and caring protector, he was now just a horny black man using some white slut. His cock was fucking my throat now and it was all I could do not to gag.

Blonde guy had settled into a steady rhythm, his hard cock pistoning in and out of my fuck hole while I slurped on the big cock filling m mouth. If Rick could only see he precious wife now he would be proud.

I knew I was only moments away from receiving sperm from not one man but two, both strangers to me.

Luke's cock erupted first spilling an incredible amount of his milky white sperm into my mouth. His cum flooded my tongue and teeth and started seeping down my throat. I kept my lips sealed around his cock so not to allow any of his cum to escape and begin swallowing.

As I was desperately trying to gulp down Luke's cum I felt a warm surge in my pussy, blonde guy was coming in me. I could not control myself, I cum with two men's cum flowing into me. It was so beautiful.

As soon as my two lovers withdrew from my body two more were waiting to use it.

I was pulled on top of the third guy and he shoved his erection up into me soaked pussy. Holding my hips he spread my ass cheeks for his buddy to enter my ass while he fucked my pussy.

I did not see the forth guy who was about to fuck me anally. I felt a cockhead forcing its way into my sphincter as I rode the other cock.

I looked down into the eyes of the guy whose cock was buried deep in my pussy and I recognized it was Danny, the manager of the grocery store where I shopped.

As I worked on my second orgasm the unknown cock tore into my ass like a crazed pitbull uncaring of my agony. I bit my tongue and concentrated on the cock in my cunt.

God help me, I had gone from an everyday housewife to a cock-loving whore. Four stranger's cocks had been in me so far, one in my ass, and I was loving it!

"Fuck me Danny!" I moaned as the guy in my ass shoved his cock home.

Danny held my pendulous breasts in his hands as he thrust his hips up driving his meat deep into me.

It was an accelerating feeling having two cocks simultaneously fucking me separated only by a thin wall of skin. I could feel each cock thrusting into me and withdrawing independently.

I do not know which cock triggered my next orgasm, the one in my pussy, the one in my ass or both. All I know is the entire lower portion of my body spasm as a tremendous sensation crashed through my loins.

"Oh my fucking God!" I cried as the cocks persistently pounded me into oblivion.

I was a quivering piece of meat when the two cocks drained their sperm into my throbbing orifices. I had been double penetrated the first time in my life.

Luke wanted my freshly fucked ass. As the unknown cock vacated my anus I felt Luke's huge black monster working into my sphincter before it tightened again.

Sloppy with its predecessor's cum Luke's cock mercilessly stretched my asshole to new dimensions previously unknown. The black man pulled me onto his cock like an old rubber boot. In spite of the pain I liked my ass being fucked.

I rocked back onto Luke's cock as another cock was pressed against my lips. I opened my mouth and took it in. I was in the "doggy" position with a cock in both ends of me. What a dirty slut I had transformed into.

Word circulated through the house of the nymphomaniac in the upstairs bedroom. Soon there was a line up of hard cocks waiting to sample me.

I had lost count of the number of cocks that had dumped their cum in or on me when my husband showed up.

"C'mon Michelle, it's time for us to go." Rick said as I was taking a couple of cocks about to cum.

"Get lost pal!" one guy said as he approached cumming in me.

"I don't want to go yet." I said as I prepared for another orgasm.

"If you don't come now I am going to leave you here." Rick warned.

"Good night dear, don't wait up!" I smiled as I felt another orgasm growing.

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