tagLoving WivesSwinging With An Older Couple

Swinging With An Older Couple


We met this older couple at a nude resort we belong to. Bill and Mary were from S.C. and traveling around in a huge motor home visiting nude resorts and campgrounds.

Bill is very nice looking 67-year-old, silver hair, tan body, in great shape. Mary was a 47-year-old petite woman with a pretty face, tight body and nice breasts, probable C or D cup.

We seemed to really hit it off with them as we chatted in the hot spring with them, in the nude of course.

Anyway, they invited us for dinner at their motorhome, as we just tent camp, we readily accepted.

They made us a nice dinner and a couple bottles of red wine were finished off in the process. Everyone was still naked and the wine made us all a little looser.

As the sun sat, we moved the party inside the motorhome. We all got some hugs and back rubs and stuff like that.

Eventually the conversation turned to sex and seemed to stay there. Bill asked us both if we thought Mary was a sexy little woman. We both definitely did!

Bill said they had talked about Mary having sex with another man as Bill watched. They said they really liked us and would we be open to that kind of thing.

We told them how we liked to share a woman on occasion, would Mary be open to both of us? They were so excited about this and Bill asked if he could videotape everything.

We agreed as long as they promised to be discreet with the tape and provide us a copy. So Bill got the camcorder out and Mary laid a blanket over the couch. Bill took a seat in the chair across from the couch and began the tape.

All of this talk I think had Mary and I a little wet already, and Fred's cock was already enlarged although not fully erect yet. Fred and I both went to Mary and caressed her body as she stood before Bill.

Her nipples came to life and her trim little pussy was warm and damp. She dry humped Fred's cock a little when he pressed it against her buttocks and lower back.

Fred moved to the couch and motioned for Mary. He said, "show Bill how well you can suck my cock."

Mary went to her knees and slowly worked her way onto Fred's clean shaven half swollen cock. Fred held her hair back so Bill could get a good view of his wife with another man's cock in her mouth.

I was left out, so I decided to sit in Bill's lap as he taped the action. I teased him with my boobies a little bit and whispered "you like seeing your wife sucking another man, don't you" "look at her lips stretched around Fred's big cock" in his ear.

He loved it!!!

Soon, I decided to rejoin the action, I knelt behind Mary and fondled her dangling breasts, her now soaked pussy, and her nice little ass. I tried to lick her but wasn't positioned right.

Fred pulled her off of him, had her sit on the floor facing Bill with her back against the couch (and some pillows for support). I buried my head into her breasts and fingered her hole as Fred did caressed her.

I worked my way down to her trimmed bush and lightly explorer her labia with my tongue. Mary moaned softly as my tongue flitted lightly against her clit. She tasted fresh and was so wet.

Once I looked up and I saw her head was turned and sucking Fred's large cock again.

I stayed down on her and soon had her writhing and humping against me. Fred was now behind her on the couch, pulling her titties, clawing at her neck and face, helping me to bring her to a boil.

She soon orgasmed with moans and sweat breaking out over her body. As she began to relax, I backed off of her and back onto Bill's lap. I rubbed my wet face against him and teased his ears with my tongue.

Fred sat on the edge of the couch and pulled a tired and sweaty Mary up to stand in front of him, he said "you're not done yet" and turned her to face Bill.

Fred spread his legs around Mary's and pulled her ass down to him. Once situated, you could see Fred's fully erect cock between Mary's legs.

I said to Bill "are you ready to watch Fred fuck your wife," then I went to help.

I got to the side so Bill could see, Fred raised Mary up over him, I grabbed his cock and guided it slowly into her soaked cunt.

She went slowly down onto him until all you could see was his shaved balls against her split lips.

She humped him slow and deep at first. I moved in and tongued her clit as she rode Fred's cock, my ass in the air towards Bill.

This quickly drove Mary wild and she began to gasp and moan and pick up the pace. As their pace got too fast, I retreated to Bill's lap again.

I whispered, "you like watching Fred fuck your wife don't you." He was breathing heavy and showing a hard one himself by now.

Fred and Mary were really going at it fast and furious now, Mary was running her hands across her sweaty breasts as her body rose and fell onto Fred's cock.

Fred told her to tell Bill when she was cumming and she did almost immediately, saying "Bill, I'm gonna cum, I'm going to cum so good"

And soon she did, gasping "I'm cumming, oh yes lord I'm cumming" as she fondled her sweaty self like a horny school girl.

Once Mary began to slow it down again, Fred surprised her by pushing her up off of him.

He moved out from behind her and bends her over the couch. Fred says it's his turn now and he is going to cum all over Mary's ass.

Fred enters Mary from behind and she buries her head into the back of the couch. He fucks her hard and furious, saying how does she like it, and how he's going to cum on her ass.

Bill had to get up to catch this on video. Soon Fred said he was going to cum and pulled out and spurted his cum all over Mary's ass and lower back for Bill and I to see.

I began to rub my body against Bill and told him it was his turn. I took the camera from him and handed it to Fred, I said Fred will vidoetape us.

I let him fondle my breasts and ass, then dropped to my knees. I looked up at him and teased his cock with my lips and tongue.

I took his cock slowly into my mouth and went all the way down on him, I only sucked him for just a little bit before he came in my mouth, I think he was too excited.

We put the camera down, and everyone cleaned up and got some fresh drinks. We all sat together and talked about how great it was.

After a bit, Bill rewound the tape and we all watched it together on their TV. Great tape!!!

Actually, the story goes on. Now that everyone was more comfortable together we talked about some more fantasies. And I mentioned that no-one really took care of me, I was still horny.

Bill had brought up the subject of anal sex.

Fred and I (well mostly Fred) had mentioned that we enjoyed anal sex but had never done it with anyone else around. Bill was quite interested in this and said how he'd like to get something like that on tape as well.

Fred asked Bill if he had any lubrication we could use, and Bill dug out a tube of KY gel and loaded up a new tape in the camcorder.

Fred got on his knees in front of me and pulled my ass to the edge of the couch. Fred kissed me deeply and worked his way down my neck and breasts. He whispered to me if it was OK to fuck me in the ass for Bill and Mary.

I said sure, I was still very horny.

The kissing and anticipation of what was to come was already getting my juices flowing again. Fred gently bit my thighs and stomach, and teased me with his tongue.

Soon his tongue flicked my lips, up and down, side to side, very slow and gentle. Mary held my hand as I let my mind get into it. He paused and restarted several times, which he knows drives me wild.

He lubed his fingers with the KY and spread it around my ass and he continued to work me with his tongue. As the KY and my ass warmed up to the experience, he pressed a finger into my ass.

I sqirmed a little, he lubed up some more and re-entered my ass with his finger. It felt much better this time.

His tongue kept working my lips and clit as he worked his finger farther and farther into my ass. Once I get used to it, I want it bigger and deeper.

Mary continued to hold my hand and stroke my breasts a little, and Bill was filming everything. The whole scene was driving me wild, and I began to grind on Fred's face and finger.

Fred slowly pulled his finger out, which really drives me wild, and lubed some more. Now he entered me with 2 fingers, a little tense at first, soon I relaxed enough to comfortably take 2 fingers in there.

As he worked his fingers in and out of me and kept his tongue working on my clit, I clawed at his hair and moaned "yes, yes, that's the way, yesssss."

Soon I was huffing and puffing and having an orgasm as Bill and Mary watched me. Fred pulled his fingers out as I came which really makes it intense.

Fred came up on me and kissed my breasts and french kissed me so I could taste myself. I was in another world.

He stood in front of me and pulled me towards his thick cock. I was still delirious and I went down on him like a hungry dog.

He pulled me off after a couple of minutes, he got me turned around with my head towards Mary on the couch and my ass facing him.

Fred lubed my ass some more and his cock and I felt it sliding around my ass crack. He asked me "Liz, are you ready for this?" I said "yes, but go slow" and I braced my head against Mary's leg.

I felt his cock pressing against my ass, I couldn't wait to have it inside me. I reached back and spread my cheeks for him and I relaxed my ass to accept him.

He pressed harder and my ass finally yeilded to his thick hard cock. I grimaced at the size of it, it hurt and I grabbed Mary's leg and held on hard. I tried to relax.

As I relaxed it felt better and better, and I wanted more. Fred told Bill he was going to give it to me an inch at a time as I was ready.

So he asked if I was ready for 2 inches, I said yes but he told me "Say give me 2 inches in my ass" - so I did, and I felt his cock sink further into me. It still hurt a little so I caught my breath and tried to relax.

Soon I was ready for more and said "give me 3 inches" and he did. Now it was starting to feel real good. As I got used to it, I said "gimme 4 Fred, gimme 4" and I felt him move deeper into my ass.

Fred said "you ready for 5 Liz" and I said "yes, 5 give me 5," it felt so good now, I wanted more. I was getting a little delirous again and almost begged Fred to "give me 6 inches in my ass please Fred."

Fred said "you want it all Liz" and I said "yes give it all to me Fred give it all to me." He told Bill "I am going to bury my cock into her tight little ass."

And I felt him go the rest of the way, I could feel my ass cheeks pressed into his hips. He said it felt incredible.

Fred said he was going to fuck my little ass now and slid his cock back slowly and then forward again until buried, I was moaning loud.

He did this for a while as Bill filmed us, as we loosened up he began going faster and pulling farther out of me. He reached around with his hands and rubbed my dripping wet pussy with his hands.

This really drove me wild. Soon he was pounding into my ass pretty hard and you could hear his balls slapping against me.

He went on and on, was out of my mind and I think I came at least twice before he pulled all the way out and soaked my ass with his juices.

To my surprise he even reentered my cum soaked ass one more time with his throbbing cock. I think showing off for Bill's video.

We collapsed in a sweaty juicy heap on the floor. Bill put down the camcorder and he and Mary got some towels and helped clean us up.

Bill thought that what we did was just the coolest thing he ever saw, I don't know about Mary.

We are planning to get together with them again sometime as we all enjoyed our little adventure so much.

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