tagNon-EroticSwiss Miss Gets Steamed

Swiss Miss Gets Steamed


Women of the Apostolic faith are told when they accept the church that they must never cut their hair and to wear skirts to the ankle. The men are to keep their hair cut short. During church services the men sit on one side and women on the other side. In order to find their mates they pray.

With this now being said I will start my story.

In my home town the Swiss played a leading role in the community. Half the town council s made up of cousins, uncles and aunts. The owned the local dry cleaning business. had their noses in the local bank as well.

This is where I first met Carla Kloter. She was going into the bank as well as me. I held the door open for her and she said thank you.

I went in behind her and filled out my deposit slip at the granite counter in the waiting area. I went over to the line and waited behind her. We had to wait awhile as the bank was quite busy.

She stood sideways in line and I got to look at her profile. She was such a lovely sight. Her blonde hair was pinned up on top of her head.

She wore gold horned rim glasses, the kind like John Denver used to wear. Her 36C tits pressed tight against her white blouse. She wore an ankle length calico skirt and sneakers.

We both left the back at the same time and I held the door open for her once more.

"What a Gentleman you are," She said. "Your mother raised you right!" She added with a smile.

I smiled back and told her to have a nice day.

"You do the same. " She said back.

As I drove away I thought how gorgeous this lady was. In my mind she reminded me of Princess Grace in her forties. She was that stunning.

It was getting lunch time and I headed to Dell's Deli in town. Then I went off drop some shirts as the Dry Cleaners. There was no one at the counter so I ran the bell. To my surprise my bank cohort came from the back once more.

"Oh Hello we meet again." She said

"Yes we do!" I replied.

She took my shirts and we went through the real laundry list. She told me they would be ready on Friday.

She smiled as I gave her my name.

"Nice to meet you Mike, I am Carla" She said as she introduced herself.

"Nice to make your acquainted Carla!" I turned on my boyish charm and smiled at her.

My eyes went from her pretty green eyes to her left hand and noticed the wedding ring there

"Shit!" I half muttered.

"Excuse me? " She looked at me half quizzically.

"It will be fine, Friday I mean Carla. "Sorry just going over the week in my head." I said sort of thinking on the spot.

"Okay then we will see you sometimes on Friday." She said and bundled my shirts together and placed them in the blue bag with my name on the ticket.

I walked outside and smiled so glad that I had made a semi good save on that outburst.

"Just my luck that she is married damn it." I thought to myself.

The rest of my week was uneventful and it sort of flew.

When I got out of work I did some banking and then went to pick up my shirts. Carla came to the front.

"Nice to see you again Carla." I smiled.

"You as well Mike, hope you had a nice week?" She asked.

"I did, was pretty boring but went quick. How about You?

"The same let me get your shirts please. " She went into the back and brought my shirts in their blue boxes with their logo on them.

"So you have plans this weekend Mike?" She asked as she rang me up.

"Not much probably do some hiking, watch some Sox Baseball and finish reading my book?"

"Oh what book is it, I love to read different books?" She asked.

I told her the name of the book, she said that she would go and buy it this weekend.

"No need Carla, if you can wait till I am finished I will let you take to read.

"That is so nice of you Mike"

I handed her my credit card and she processed it. She handed me the receipt to sign. I handed it back to her when I was done.

She glanced up at the clock and smiled. "Fifteen more minutes and my weekend begins. " She sighed.

Well that is good right? I asked seeing a frown appear on her face.

Well I don't want to bother you with my woes Mike

"Please Carla it might help to talk about it

Well not here and she jerked her head toward the back of the store.

I nodded and leaned toward her

Would it be too forward me to ask you to meet for coffee?

She hesitated, thought about it and then whispered the name of the coffee shop just down the road." Give me half an hour I will meet you there."

I nodded and wished her a nice weekend for the boss and winked at her. Her cheeks turned a little red!

I drove to the coffeehouse and walked around the area a little bit, it felt good to get some fresh air.

I glanced at my watch and saw that twenty five minutes had pass, so I strolled back to the coffee house. Carla didn't show for another ten minutes.

"Sorry the boss kept me a bit later the usual. " She said as she arrived.

"No worries Carla, so what do you want? "" I asked her "My treat!"

She fussed for a little bit but then she ordered a simple lemon grass tea with honey.

Here was the typical middle aged woman. The husband had grown cold; her two boys were in college now and only came home to do the laundry. She ended up doing it most of the time.

Her husband was always away on business trips and when he was home, he basically grunted at her.

She had tried to discuss this with her Minister but that was useless. She talked to some of the women in her bible study group.

"Their advice was to read this or that chapter and verse and pray a lot." She laughed as she said it. "Oh here I go on about my troubles Mike. How about yourself"

I explained to her that I had never married and etc. During the course of your talk, we found out were lived only a couple of miles away from each other.

Carla was very pleasant company. She said that she would like to do this again, but I took it for what it was just a once in a life time chat over coffee.

I went back the next week to pick up my shirts but Carla wasn't there. I didn't ask because I knew the old bittie's in the back of the store would make it out more than what it was.

I was sitting in my apartment when I heard the clap of thunder and ran out to close the windows in my car. I turned around to see Carla coming up the sidewalk.

I called out to her as I saw that her clothes were soaked.

"What are you doing out there in the rain?" I asked.

She was a bit choked up, so it took some time for her to get the words out.

"Relax Carla!" I told her. "You need to get out of those wet clothes."

I went and grabbed my white terry cloth robe and handed it to her and showed her where the bathroom was.

"When you are done, we can put them in the dryer for a few and let them dry." I said.

She just nodded and went into the bathroom. She called out to me.

"Mike do you mind if I used your shower?"

"Sure Carla." I said "Let me get you a towel and wash cloth"

I wrapped on the door and she opened it a crack and I handed them to her.

I heard the shower start up.

I put some water on to boil in case she wanted some tea. I had some lemon tea and made to cups for us.

She came out in my robe tied tight. If was long on her but it didn't cover her ankles. Her blond hair hung down past her shoulders, almost touching the ass. She looked like an angel to me.

"Would you care for some lemon tea Carla?" I asked.

"Thank you Mike I would like that. She said.

I poured the hot water over the tea bags and we let them steep as we sat at my kitchen table.

"Mike do you have any alcohol?" She inquired.

I got up and searched through my cabinet and found a bottle of bourbon. I returned to the table and asked her if this would do.

She nodded and held up her tea cup. I filled it until she said stop.

"Sorry Mike it's just that the tea wasn't doing it for Me.!" She giggled. I needed something to take the chill off

She raised her tea cup and asked for a refill. After the third or fourth refill she started to loosen up. It seems that her husband while he was away had been cheating on her. What shocked her most she said was that it wasn't another woman but another man.

This was totally a shunning by their church. However no one else knew

I noticed that the robe had slipped open and she was showing her alabaster legs to me. Very smooth, toned and long.

She notice and giggled a little.

"Sorry!" She said but made no move to close the robe. In fact she pushed the material aside a little more. Now I was looking at mid thigh.

Let me just say that the liquor took a hold of her and seen she stood and dropped the robe. There she stood start naked. A little bit of sag in the tit department. Her golden hair flowed down behind her back. To me she looked liked a picture of Lady Godiva.

"So you mind me attractive?" She asked.

"Yes Very much so Carla!"

She came over and sat in my lap, right away she felt my joy. Soon we were in my bedroom making love. I was very intense.

And now I am looking at her and wondering if she would respect me this morning.

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