To say that I was eager would be an understatement. Eager couldn't even begin to describe the feelings inside me.

Here I was, in a taxi, on the way to finally meet the woman who had submitted to me online. The woman who had turned her back on her husband and former master for me.

Online, we had done it all. I'd fucked her ass, I'd fisted her. My flogger had raised stinging, red welts on her skin. Online, we'd even made love. But now, just a few more minutes down the road, we'd being doing it all again in real time.

My hand was shaking and moist as I rang her doorbell.

"Yes, Master. It's open," she called from the other side of the door.

Pushing the door open, I saw her. poetess, my slut. Naked, in the position, with her ass facing me. Oh yes, she knows how much I treasure her ass.

Dropping my bag, I went up behind her. My left hand grabbed her hair, while my right gave her ass a hard open-palmed slap. And another.


"Yes slut."

"May I say how my heart is filled with joy." Her voice was shaking, her breathing already rapid. "Now that I've finally met you."

"Yes slut, I know. I feel the same." I let go of her hair and stroked her head. That's when I noticed it. The collar I'd sent to her. Thick black leather, with 3 solid rings.

I smiled inwardly. The slut was already well-trained, and prepared.

"Master... do I have your permission to show you something that I've made ready for You?"

"Of course."

She lead me to a room off the hallway. It was almost empty. In the centre of the room was a solid table, but no chairs. On one wall, about 6 feet from the floor and a yard or so apart, there were two solid chains with leather cuffs attached. A similar arrangement could be seen on the floor, about one yard from the wall.

I was impressed and told her so.

"Thank you, Master. May I suggest a trial? To see if it meets Your needs?"

I nodded and lead her to the wall where I secured her wrists and then her ankles. Then I stood back and admired My poetess. Arms above her head. Legs spread wide.

She was unable to move away... as if she'd want to.

Satisfied, I walked up behind her and stood very close. I could feel the heat of her. I could smell her want.

My hand went to a thigh. It stroked. Slowly. Softly.

Then it slapped. Hard. Fast.


"What about your husband?" My voice was harsh. "The one who calls himself your master."

"Don't worry about him. He's still away on business," she replied nervously.

Hand slapped thigh again. Hard.

"And, Sir? He's no longer my Master. You're the only One I serve. The only One who can meet my needs."

My hand went to her pussy. The folds were wet, swollen. "And what are those needs?"

"Discipline, Sir." Her voice shook. "And pain."

I went to the hallway to get my bag. As I undid the clasps, I could hear the rate of her breathing increasing. When I pulled out the flogger and swung it through the air, she gasped. When I swung it quickly at her pussy, she moaned.

"Is that what you've been waiting for, slut?"

"Yes... Master." Her voice was raw. "Oh, yes."

I swung the flogger again. Harder this time. And I could see her ass and her legs clenching.

My arm lashed out again. She moaned.

And the door opened loudly, followed by a shouted, "What the fuck!"

I saw a stocky, red faced man filling the doorway, his hands clenched at his sides.

"Poetess?" I asked quietly, "Who's this?"

"I happen to be her Master," he answered for her, "and her husband."


She looked over her shoulder at me. The momentary look of fear in her eyes changed to one of devotion.

"He's no one, Master. I now serve only You."

He made a move toward her, but I quickly stepped in front of him. "You heard My Poetess. It's time for you to go."

My height - I had a good four or five inches on him - and the calmness of my voice worked to my advantage. He backed away slightly.

In a voice that was now less assured, he said, "I'm going. But only for a minute." And he stomped out the door.

As I heard his feet on the stairs, I turned to Poetess. "Is this really the man that you married? That you served?"

"Yes, Master, I married him, and I did serve." Her voice was quiet. "But I discovered long ago that he only wanted someone to beat."

"Well, Poetess, maybe it's about time you gave him a taste of his own whip."

"Yes, Master."

"So, tell Me. Where does he keep his toys?"

"Over there," she said, indicating with her head, "in the closet."

I walked over, opened the door and looked inside. The back wall was a Dom's dream. Arranged carefully were canes, floggers and single tail whips. Cuffs and chains. Clamps for both nipple and clit.

After selecting a 7 foot long braided single tail, I walked back over to where Poetess stood waiting, her wrists and ankles still secured.

"This might have just the right sting for him," I said, and began undoing her cuffs.

After she accepted the whip from me, I noticed a change in her eyes, the look now harder, much more assured. She threw her arm forward sharply, making the leather... SNAP.

We heard footsteps and then her erstwhile master was standing at the door, naked now and holding a single tail of his own.

When he saw his former submissive and what was in her hand, his eyes opened wide and his body seemed to sag. All but one part of his body... his cock. It was coming to life, stiffening rapidly.

He still hadn't said a word, and when the first lash of the whip landed, the only sound he emitted was a moan. A low, long moan.

His cock also jumped noticeably.

I could feel something changing in the room. Looking over at Poetess, I saw a confident smile form on her lips. She threw the single tail again.

This time, when leather met skin, the cock not only jumped. It erupted in single, fine stream of cum that landed three feet from its producer.

"Poetess...?" I asked, "Now that you've put the bastard in his place, maybe you and I should get to our unfinished business."

Looking at me with what seemed like pity, she said, "Oh, our business is finished."

"How dare you speak..."

"Listen," she spoke patiently, "I've got the best of both worlds now. I know that I can keep him in his place. And I'm damn sure that I can make him give me what I want when I need it."

Her eyes locked with her husband's, and she added, "Isn't that right, sub?"

"Yes, Mistress."

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