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Switched Off


Every now and then Greta would bend Andres over and take him as a man takes a woman. At first he was afraid it would become the focal act of their sex life but she chose it only when the need took her. It reinforced her role in the relationship and she noticed him becoming more timid. Not just in the bedroom, but whenever they were together. Since taking him she had symbolically become the head of the relationship, it was only natural that he acted that way.

She saw him more as the female in the relationship. There was no denying that he was male, he still prided himself on it and as a lover he was insistent but she had opened up a more delicate side to him that was showing more and more. When they made love he was more vocal and yielding. Each of his orgasms was deeper, bringing a cry that was unfamiliar coming from his strong, well shaped lips. His butt was tight and compact and often she would imagine it spread open for her dildo as he drove into her.

That was the only image on her mind this morning. It had been almost a full two weeks since she last took him anally and the urge had returned with a vengeance. That morning, as he rose from the bed, she watched his body. His hungry asshole as he bent over, the beautifully sculpted cheeks as he walked to the shower, it set the idea in motion.

As he showered she reached to her bedstand and found her vibrator and dildo. Most days she wanted nothing more than her fingers but now she needed more. With the vibrator tingling at her clit and the dildo forcefully opening her labia, she imagined the sounds he made as she entered him. Low but feminine, it made him sound like a girl.

She took the day off work, not in the mood to come in. She spent the day naked, masturbating, her head heavy with thoughts of sex. By late afternoon she showered, waiting until the bathroom was thick with steam and enjoying the time alone. By the time Andres returned home she was in a silk bathrobe, reading on the recliner.

He walked through the door, still aggravating from a long day. Greeting her with just a grunt, she closed her magazine and followed him to the bedroom to watch him change out of his suit. She was proud of him. With her insistence, he put more effort into maintaining his physique and was rewarded with a lean, muscular, beautiful body. As she watched he stripped naked, skinning out of his underwear to reveal a thick, though soft penis. Despite what she wanted, he was too frustrated to think of sex at the moment. Bending over to put on a pair of navy green sweatpants, she smiled at the sight of his heavy balls hanging between his thighs.

"Andres," she called to him, taking his wrist and leading him to the living room. He wanted to protest. There was dinner to be made and laundry to be washed, but he kept quiet, allowing his girlfriend to lead him.

Urging him to his knees, she sat in front of him, her knees on either side of him. His eyes were uncertain, impatient. "Easy, hun," she cautioned. "Remember what's most important. Your chores can wait." He was frustrated, on edge. She knew it was up to her to calm him down. With a slow part of silk, she displayed her pussy and the soft hairs covering her sex. His eyes remained focused on her and his mouth slightly open.

With a slight tug on his hair, she pulled him to her pussy. She had taught him well and immediately he began licking just as she liked. His tongue was expert, tracing slowly up the lips of her labia and planting gentle, soft kisses on each of her folds. If ever there was a man that adored eating pussy it was her boyfriend. It's something he prides himself on and she takes advantage of it as much as she can. Her happiest memories with him were with his head between her legs.

She was still damp from playing with her toys earlier and his tongue only inflamed her more. He teased along her inner walls, stroking her canal, as she began undulating beneath him. She was insatiable today and with his tongue paying her homage she felt like she was on autopilot.

Her juices leaked from her cleft, wetting his lips, sliding down his tongue and chin. She moaned and wrapped her legs around his head. One fist clenched his hair, pulling her deep into her. When she was close to climax he knew her well enough to allow her to take control. Obediently, he held his tongue out as she bucked against him, running her slit up and down his tongue. As her peak neared, she rose up on her knees to press him painfully against her clit. "Suck me," she moaned. "Hold my clit!"

Following her directions, he formed a tight ring around her most sensitive spot with his lips. Sliding the tip of his tongue over the very end, he gently massaged it. That was just what she liked. In moments she was quaking, the familiar rush of heat passing through her. Her orgasms had always been notoriously intense and this one was no different.

Almost violently pressing him against her, she cried out, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. As it surged through her, she bobbed his head back and forth against her. She came forcefully, splashing his face with a spray of juices. Afterwards she lay against the couch, breathing heavily. Dazed, Andres knelt before her, moisture dripping down his face. As she closed her eyes and relaxed, her robe opened to her swollen pussy, he got up and went to the kitchen to begin making dinner.

Greta drifted to sleep as she came down from her orgasm. She wasn't aware of it, all she could see was herself mounting her boyfriend as she did last time. He squealed happily, eventually releasing into the sheets as she pounded his backside. When she took him he was always such a compliant lover. He never refused her advances and each time took to the bottom role more easily.

She was becoming enamored of being in charge as well. It was a rush strapping on a cock, feeling the weight of it between her legs, running it through her closed fist. Spreading his tight cheeks and entering his ass. It really brought something new to their relationship. Things have definitely changed.

Standing in the kitchen doorway she watched him cook. He was adorable, the way he knew his way around. He was a great cook and having him whip something up was an added bonus. Just watching him cook was a treat.

His ass looked so cute under the thin sweatpants he wore. Greta stood and watched, feeling herself getting more and more worked up. That night she would bed him and fuck him once more. God, she was insatiable, she laughed to herself.

She watched it, feeling fuzzy from a day of nothing but rest and orgasms and got an idea in her head. He wasn't due for a little while longer. She should really take it easy on him. What the hell, she thought. He's up for it. If she wants it he better give it.

When she returned from her bedroom the strap on was securely around her waist. The buckles held tight around her round ass and the root of the shaft was firmly between her pussy lips. It made her feel full and caused her nipples to poke. She walked up to him and began groping his ass through his pants. Unaware of her intentions he swayed with her, his attention more on a tomato he was slicing than his girlfriend.

She ran her hands in his pants, feeling the smooth skin of his ass and his full cheeks. With a finger tickling his asshole, she toyed with him. He sighed happily though she could feel him growing nervous. With a quick yank she pulled them down to his ankles, leaving him bare. She slapped the heft of his asscheeks proudly. His cock was stiff and pressed against the counter top.

One palm on each of his cheeks, she opened him up to spy his tiny hole.

"Please hun, we're about to have dinner."

She put her hand on the back of his neck, forcing him to bend over the countertop. His ass jutted out until her phallus prodded his back passage. "Just be quiet and stay still. I want this."

She held him that way, pressing the cock into his ass. It slid in easily and she felt him exhale in pleasure. Slowly she began to fuck him. God, it was exhilarating. The sight of her cock pistoning in and out of his hole sent shivers to her pussy. Already it was weeping. She closed her eyes and let the feeling guide her. The root massaged the walls of her pussy, slowly drawing the orgasm from her. She began to moan from deep within her.

Her hold on him was released and she watched the bare back of Andres and how it traveled down to the muscular cheeks of his ass. When she was lost in the feeling, he broke from her and ran naked across the kitchen. His cock bobbed in the air as he maneuvered away from her.

Astonished at this act, it took Greta a moment to realize what happened. She moved to catch him and soon had her arms around his bare ass. As he made a turn, she pulled him towards her, momentarily pulling him off his feet. He went down all legs and arms while she went down on top of him.

"Don't run," she barked, her lips at his ear. "Looks like I was too easy on you. Well then." With a forceful push she pressed the length deep inside his ass. He cried out.

Hands locked around his wrists, her body pining him to the tile floor, she felt her pulse increase.

Whenever she had fucked him it had always been loving. He was the reluctant virgin while she was the seducer. Now he had been broken in and needed something harder. He was no longer a virgin, in fact he had become very loose from his girlfriend penetrating him.

Maybe that's why he ran, he wanted to reclaim his place as the man. Slowly she worked at whittling down this image until she was on a higher footing than he was. With her initial use of the dildo on her boyfriend, she slowly began taking a more active role between them. He had become meek, giving in to all her wants with little word of dissent. She had become the alpha, the head of the relationship and there was no going back to what he had.

All these thoughts passed through his mind and, as she sawed the phallus in and out of his anus she heard him weep. It was a sad, quiet sound that belied his feelings. He was having difficulty with the new arrangement and had a hard time handling all that came with it.

Greta felt this and began petting him. As she fucked his ass, she ran her fingers through his hair, soothing him with gentle words and soft sounds. She relaxed her grip and he was able to twist free. Naked, he stood up, his erect penis bobbing in the air. She could see his asshole and how loose it looked from her reaming.

She caught him as he turned to the bedroom and wrestled him to the bed. He showed resistance but in his state she was able to easily overpower him. Greta twisted his arm behind his back and positioned herself kneeling between his legs. He was breathing heavy but the fight had gone through him. She was in control again and would have him as he liked.

This time there was no intention of making it easy on him. The shaft pressed violently into his ass, raping him. He was blubbering now, the pain in his bottom overwhelming his feelings. He ached, he moaned yet his cock was stiff and needy. When Greta reached around and possessively gripped his male sack it was full and warm. He needed to expend soon. His balls rolled in her hand.

The urgency of the act, the forcefulness kept her heated. She came pounding into his ass, the root of the shaft quaking within her canal. A torrent of juices coated it, spilling out and down the shaft. It made him slick and dripped into his hole.

For the first time she was living out a private fantasy. So many nights she had dreamed of taking her sleeping boyfriend, ruthlessly entering his delicate little behind and pounding into him. It was rape, calling it anything else would be lying. She wanted to rape Andres, overwhelm him with her sexuality, force herself onto him, conquer and take him. That's exactly what she'd done.

As her orgasm surged she was relentless. Her feminine body smacking against his upturned ass bruised his tender cheeks. His crying had turned to quiet, pitiful weeping. He was bent over, his face pressed into the mattress, his violated ass bent in the air. She held on to each side of his rump, mounting him like a woman possessed. Between his legs his cock had grown to full stiffness and his balls had shrunk, almost retreating inside him.

Her soft, warm hand traveled beneath him. Orgasm fading, she found the root of his prick and clenched it tightly between thumb and forefinger. Her pace slowed. Rather than pound into him, she slowly fucked him. His ass was sore yet she could feel the urgency in his prick. Desperately he needed to come.

Back to the loving girlfriend, she spoke to him gently. "Come on now honey, lets have a nice big load." He was pushed to the edge. His entire body clenched in anticipation. The last time he got fucked he remembered how wonderful it was. His body was used to the act. Even with his girlfriend taking him, he couldn't stop what came naturally.

Greta gripped him tightly, squeezing him as she made her way down his shaft, pushing the seed out of his member. Without a sound, jets of come launched from the head of his prick to a puddle on the pillow beneath him. A deep, complete orgasm appeared a moment later. All the tension, all the pent up need, all the force seem released at that one moment as his body spasmed.

He moaned deeply as his cock continued to spew. Greta remained with him, slowing her thrusts to a gentle massage in his anus. The feeling extended his orgasm, which by now caused him to roll and grunt incoherently.

"Doesn't that feel good, sweetie,"Greta cooed. "A nice good anal orgasm. Don't you love it when your girlfriend fucks your ass to give you such deep comes?"

He moaned an affirmative and Greta saw his ring flex and clench against her shaft. She let him ride out the waves, watching each motion his orgasm stirred within him.

When it passed he was lying still, his legs spread wide and his anus wet against Greta's strap on. He seemed to be asleep so she slowly inched it out of his butt. Noticing she was breathing heavy, she lay against him, her cock still shining with her juices and lube. Half asleep, Andres threw an arm across her chest as she laid soft kisses on his cheek. Moments later he drifted to sleep. Greta closed her eyes and felt his warmth, the heated scene of her lover and their sex filling her, helping her finally rest in her man's arms.

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