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Switched Roles


As I entered the room, I was pleased to see my expectations unfold before me. My beautiful male sub, Marcus, on his knees with his head bowed. I walked over to him and laid my hand on his head.

“Did you accomplish all of your tasks?” I asked. I knew he had but I wanted to hear his answer.

“You know I did madam. I did everything you asked of me.” He said humbly.

“Since you have been well behaved, I have a treat for you. Tonight you are the Master and I am your sub. You have only to tell me what you want and I will do it for you.” I said as I stuck out my pink tongue.

“Don’t stick it out unless you mean to use it wench. Get on your knees. I want you to give me the best damn rim job that you can come up with. We will go on from there.” He said as he stood up, smirking.

All I did was grin once up at him before lowering my eyes to that of a humble sub on her knees before her master. I pulled off his pants and silk boxers and rolled him over onto his stomach on the bed. I licked him and dug my tongue into his tight asshole the way I knew he liked it.

I could hear him moan softly as I licked the space between his balls and his ass. I sucked his balls gently and dug my tongue back into his asshole. I slid my tongue out and slid a finger in its place and gently wiggled it around. He bucked and moaned a little louder as I massaged his balls. I added another finger along with the one already there. I wiggled them around and gently nibbled on his ass cheeks with my teeth. I took my fingers out of his ass and started to lick away at his ass again, digging my tongue in deep.

“Baby, don’t stop. Damn you are good.” He muttered roughly, his voice husky with desire and pleasure. Even though He couldn’t see me, I looked up and smiled

I wiped away the excess spit, making sure to catch it up on my fingers and slowly ran my fingers up and down his balls and arse. I played with his balls and rolled them between my fingers and leaned down to kiss them, sucking them into my mouth, trying to be careful not to scrape the sensitive skin with my teeth.

“Play with my ass more baby. Your tongue feels so good.” He voice was so guttural; it was almost incoherent.

I ran my fingers around his butt cheeks and spread them wide so that I had easier access to his ass. I flicked my tongue around the tight ring of his anus before digging my tongue in and licking him deeply. I slid my tongue in and out of his ass while my hands massaged his cheeks and held them apart. I stopped licking his buttocks and nipped gently at his cheeks while I slid two fingers into his asshole again and wiggled them around, sliding them in and out.

“You like that?” I whispered in a sultry, sexy voice “you want more?”

“Ohhh yes. I love it. Keep going.” He moaned out.

I rolled him over onto his back and brought his legs over his head so he could watch me as I licked and loved his ass with my tongue. I massaged his balls and cock with one hand while I licked his ass. I love the way his ass tastes. I dug my tongue in deep and kept it there as I ate his ass hungrily. I soon reached around to the bedside table and got the vibrator that rested there. I turned it on and held it against his asshole without pushing it in yet. I smiled when he gasped and writhed under me. I leaned down and kissed his beautiful anus and gave it a big lick before I shoved the vibrator into his arse hard.

I wriggled it against the inside of his rear a bit before I slowly slid it in and out. While I fucked his asshole with the vibrator, I took his now hard pulsing cock into my mouth. I flicked my tongue across the head of his cock and slid my tongue down the shaft before taking the whole thing in my mouth Sucking on him, I slide the vibrator in and out of his ass, slowly at first. I increased the pace, matching the rhythm of the vibrator with my sucking on his cock. I sat between his legs and grabbed his cock with one hand, gently stroking it. My hand thrust the vibrator into his ass while my other hand moved up and down his shaft. My thumb passed over the head before my hand went back down the shaft.

I left the vibrator stuck in his ass and massaged his balls as I moved down in between his legs. I bent my head down and kissed the tip of his manhood lightly and then again harder as I took him into my mouth. I caressed the head with my tongue, making little swirls. I took more of him into my mouth while my hand that was massaging his balls went back to the vibrator. My tongue glided down his shaft and came up and circled the tip and moved back down again. My head moved up and down faster and I sucked a bit harder. This time I was rougher when I massaged his cock. I rubbed the spot between his balls and his ass. I twisted the vibrator a couple times and turned up the vibe a little higher. I rammed it into his ass again hard.

“You like that you nasty little boy?” I asked. I got a moan in reply.

I leaned down and gently nibbled his balls and the inside of his thighs. I licked my way up and around, from his balls up and down on his cock then down to the ring of his asshole. The vibrator continued to work on his ass. I could hear him moan as I worked him over. As I massaged his balls I could feel them start to tighten. Just as they were about to explode, I began sucking on his cock again, all the while continuing to fuck his ass with the vibrator.

I took his cock into my mouth and tongued the thick vein that ran down it. I flicked my tongue at the head of his cock and on the underneath side, anywhere that I knew there was a place of heightened sensitivity. My tongue and mouth were there to tease it to orgasm. I deep throated him until he couldn’t help but explode in my mouth. All of the attention to his ass and balls drove him over the edge. My ever-pleasing mouth drank up all of his cum.

I could feel him shudder as he was racked with pleasure. I took the vibrator out of h is ass and replaced it with my tongue. I dug in for one last taste while looking up at his face. Seeing the pleasure etched there made me smile.

“Was that what you wanted master?” I asked contentedly.

“Yes it was baby, but don’t think that you are done for the night. I want you all night long.”

And so I was at his delicious beck and call all night long. Soon after I cleaned him up, he tied me to the bed face down and fucked my pussy. He pounded my cunt until I thought I was going to break, orgasm, or both. But he stopped right before I could do either. Damn his hide, he was as good at teasing as I was. He untied me from the bed and took me to the bathroom. He took me up against the wall in the shower as we were both cleaning up again. I could feel his cum mix with the juices from my pussy as well as the sweat and water that were coming off of us. My breasts were pressed hard against the tile wall. His cock slid in and out of my pussy with ease.

“Damn you are a horny bitch aren’t you? Well that just means that I am going to have to fuck you like a bitch in heat since that is how you are behaving.” He said in my ear. As if struck by inspiration, he suddenly turned off the water and dragged me out of the shower. “Stand there and don’t even think about moving from that spot until I get back.” He growled.

I could hear him on the phone, calling up a couple of his buddies. I was thinking, “Marcus, its close to 1 am, don’t you think its kind of late to be making a phone call?” Apparently not since as soon as he got off the phone he came back into the bathroom with me standing where I had been left, shivering.

“Well good news bitch.” He said to me “My friends will be here in ten minutes and you will be fucked the way you deserve.” He was smiling as he said this, and I felt ill at the thought of what I had gotten myself into. It was going to be a long night indeed.

His friends were over in less than five minutes. All five of the guys that came over were big men. About 6’ 1” or taller and all of them weighed about 200 lbs. I never did learn their names. Marcus came over to me and snapped a collar around my neck.

“Get on your hands and knees bitch,” he said as he knocked my feet out from under me. I did as I was told with no other choice.

He ‘walked’ me to the living room where the guys had gathered. I was led to the middle of the room and was told to stick my ass in the air. I did so and as soon as it was up in the air, a hand smacked my wet, naked ass hard. I yelped in surprise and was beat over the head with a magazine and told to keep quiet. I felt a smooth cool substance being spread on my cunt and ass and realized that they were lubing me up. I was right. No sooner were they done then I felt the beginning of a long night.

The first cock entered my pussy with no problem. I was still dripping wet and was horny as hell. The first one didn’t last long, he fucked me hard and he came in me and then the second one took over. He lasted a little longer than the first guy did. As he fucked my ass I could remember hearing him say something like “Damn Marcus, your bitch has a nice ass. I want to fuck it until it bleeds.” And he did but it felt so good at first feeling his hard thick cock slid in and out of me. Eventually, I could feel it start to rip my ass hole as he pounded into my ass with the force of a lust-powered piston and my ass became very sore. He finally came in my now-bloody ass with a loud groan of satisfaction.

The third, fourth, and fifth cocks decided to take me at the same time. The third one took my ass, which hurt a lot and stung like hell, the fourth took my well-used pussy, and the fifth decided that my mouth needed to be kept busy for a while. The cocks in my pussy and ass decided to bang me at the same time. It would have felt wonderful at the time, if my ass hadn’t been bleeding and sore from being so abused. As it was, not much sound came out as cock number five was fucking my mouth. He had a nice cock. It wasn’t so much long as it was thick. And it had a nice rigid vein that ran the length of it. I ran my tongue over it as I sucked him and I could feel more than hear him moan in pleasure. Three and four came about the same time that five did. My body was over flowing with cum. I felt sticky and dirty but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I think I passed out because I woke to the sound of the clock in the hall chiming 6 am. Dawn at last. The night was over finally. I looked around and found that I was still in the living room. I also found that Marcus had taken off my collar and had fallen asleep with a pair of manacles on. He must have thought that I was going to punish him for last night. Well I would have to think on that. I put a blanket over him so he wouldn’t be chilled and went to my room where I took a long hot shower and got dressed. I let Marcus sleep some more while I made and ate some breakfast and thought about what I would do with him. I can hear him start to stir and wake as he realizes that I bound his wrists. Now that he is awake, I am going to go fuck Marcus again.

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