tagBDSMSwitching Places Ch. 03

Switching Places Ch. 03


"Honey, why am I tied again?" Mike asked. "I thought we were done with the scene?"

"I'm sure, since you were there, you'll remember the small matter of speaking and coming without permission?" Her voice was harsh, Mistress voice. A fission of fearful excitement ran down his spine.

"Two things I'm unable to allow to go unpunished. If you're very good, I'll allow you to come by lunch time today. If you are not, you'll remain here until supper--longer if you continue to struggle with your lesson." Bree's face was stern.

Mike knew at that moment, he'd better not say one word. If Mistress said they'd be there a few hours or all day, she meant it. Slave-boy would have to grit his teeth through this and make it. To keep himself sane, he decided to begin plotting his revenge.

Her husband's muscle was twitching in his jaw again. It made her just a touch nervous. He'd deal with it and live, but would she? Slave-boy'd be screaming in pleasure in a little bit. Hopefully he'd forget all about being punished for something she'd pushed him into. She smiled, yes, some days, it was very good to be Mistress. She opened her bag and began to lay out an array of toys that interested her today.

She leaned over him and gave him a long, slow and torturous kiss good morning. She smiled and nibbled on his ear. "Relax honey! Be good and it'll be a short day."

Groaning partly from the kiss and heated words his wife whispered, partly from morning wood. Slave-boy resolutely said nothing. She laughed. "Good boy! I thought I'd have you. Let's see what we can do for your reward hmm?"

With that, her hands glided down and grasped his steel length and tugged gently on him a couple of times. "Oh, now this just won't do! I can't have you so worked up you can't think about what I'm going to do to you." She said evilly.

Mistress climbed onto the bed and began giving him head. She sucked and moaned while slurping around his cock. At the base of his shaft, her tongue slipped out farther and laved against his tightening sac. His muscles corded and bunched as they danced in time to her mouth and tongue. One hand slipped under his sack and began stroking him and squeezing until his thoughts centered around one thing only, coming.

His toes curled as he felt his climax boiling up from the base of his spine. "Mistress, permission to speak?" he asked.

"Speak." she said barely taking time to let go of his cock.

"Please Mistress may I come?" he pleaded.

"No. Hold." She said shortly. Slave-boy's breath came in harsh pants now. She doubled her efforts when he began to try and marshal his control. After a few more minutes, he knew he was in trouble if she didn't allow him to come.

"Mistress may I speak?" He asked again.

"Speak." She said tersely.

"Mistress, may I please come? I'm rapidly approaching the point of no control Mistress and I'm afraid I will fail you." Slave-boy was desperate to get through to her that he was done with this round.

"Come!" Mistress took pity on him and deep throated his cock to the base he could feel her nose buried in his groin just before she began a swallowing motion.

He screamed loudly as he came, "Thank you Mistress!"

"Very good slave." She said pleased. "You were very tasty too."

"May I speak Mistress?" he asked still hoarse from his climax seconds earlier.

"Speak," she said.

"Thank you Mistress for my lesson and my climax." Slave-boy said humbly.

She was no dummy! He was hoping for early release for good behavior. She narrowed her eyes at him.

"If you can give me three orgasms in forty five minutes, I'll consider giving you one more climax and then giving you freedom, assuming you behave." She said knowing he'd never been able to do it before.

"Mistress's pleasure would be an honor for me to give. May I be released in order to better serve her pleasure?" Slave-boy was eager to have his face full of her. Nothing tasted quite like naked wife early in the morning.

Mistress pulled out an egg timer and set it on the bedside table. Then began releasing his restraints. Once released, he knelt at her feet and waited while she set the timer. Promptly, slave-boy, tore the crotch over her suit aside and began placing kisses all over her soft, bare, lust pinked mound. Mistress' hands clutched his thick hair and tugged him in close as she hissed at him.

"Yes! Lick me, bite me, suck me, fuck me with that sweet tongue of yours!"

She widened her legs farther apart so he could have greater access. She wobbled slightly in her excitement and immediately he wrapped one arm around her with his hand resting on her soft as silk ass. His fingers dug into her just slightly in a kneading motion. Abruptly Slave-boy stopped and gently pushed her back onto their bed. She eagerly spread herself wide for him. He fell to his knees again and pulled her hips to the edge then shoved her legs up around her ears.

She shrieked when his tongue delved and flickered over her sensitive anus. It was winked it's excitement with each wet pass. Slave-boy flickered back up her slit to tease her depths. He swirled the outer rim of her weeping slot and nipped at the full and pouty lips that tried to hide her from him. When he plunged his tongue deep then just as rapidly flicked his tongue up and over her swollen clit, she came unglued coming with bursts of light behind her eyes. He smiled. That's one he thought.

Slave-boy nipped and teased her mound and tight little anal star until she was wildly ordered him to get her off again. He gave her no warning he simply opened his mouth on her and sucked in her clit hard. As he suckled he made sure to slide his tongue along the entire length of her aching bud. When her hips began to buck against his wicked mouth, he rammed three blunt fingers up her channel and pumped hard as he increased the intensity of his suction. Mistress shattered into his mouth and hand. That's two he thought to himself smugly. He glanced at the timer. He had one to go and thirty minutes to do it in.

Roughly, he pulled her cheeks apart and opened her wide to his ministrations. He almost chuckled at her startled intake of breath at the sudden increased sensation that being spread wide to almost an uncomfortable level brought. This time he started rimming her more insistently, his tongue pressing into her at odd intervals. She began to whimper with excitement. She loved a good reaming, and she was obviously due for one. Especially after her little cocky stunt of waking him tied a second time to the bed--ot that he was complaining about how she'd alleviated his morning wood. Slave-boy finally decided her sensitive and plumped up clit was recovered enough for an occasional rub of his thumb while he continued to worry and tease her back canal. He knew if he got her off like this, she'd beg him to take her ass and then say later it was her way of allowing him to come. He'd just be damned sure to put his cock ring on first or he'd never have the control he needed to both wait for permission and make her beg him for release.

His tongue became ever more insistent as it pushed into her tiny pink hole. He never got tired of sticking his cock into her. Twenty years hadn't dimmed the effect of watching his cock head force its way past her tight little ring. Slave-boy nipped and sucked at the soft globes that rose on either side of her anal rim. He was careful to keep her spread wide and extra sensitive. He began thumbing her clit and inner pussy walls continuously while he sped up his tongue. Her head began to whip back and forth as she fought to stave her climax off for just a bit more. Suddenly her body went still and rigid as she flew over the edge.

"Fuck my ass slave-boy! Fuck it good and you're' off the hook for the day!" She swore to him.

He grabbed for his cock ring and lube. He placed the uncomfortable ring around his painfully hardened cock, then added a few drops of desensitizing gel to the tip of his cock for good measure then lubed over his entire length as well as applying a generous amount to her ass. Mistress deserved the ass fucking he would give her. Slave-boy wanted to be sure it lasted, so she wouldn't forget who owned what. Once prepared. Her moans told him she was more than ready for action. He decided though to take his time and make her wait for it. When her hips began to meet his finger thrusts, he added more lube, drizzled some into her crease, then added another finger. He watched her hands clutch open and closed as the pleasure bit at her then slowly began pumping her again. Then he added a third finger and her body began to shake.

Out of patience, slave-boy withdrew his fingers from her and rolled her to her hands and knees. Keening now, Mistress needed this as badly as he did. He set his slick, swollen cock head against her hole. She groaned and pushed back against him while he pushed forward. He pulled back before he penetrated her because he wanted to saver the delicious feel of her ass swallowing his cock--watch her ass sucking him in.

He grabbed her hips holding her still then began a slow, inexorable push into her hot ass. Her head dropped against the cool sheets and she moaned in bliss. Once seated balls deep in her ass, he paused. Despite the cock ring and desensitizing gel, he was still too close to blowing a gasket. Holy fuck she was tight. It must be the multiple climaxes right before jamming his cock up her ass.

He felt her muscles working at him, coaxing his desperate dick to begin taking her. He withdrew painfully slowly until he could almost see the head of his cock then thrust brutally back into her. His thrusts came hard and furious after that. His balls slapped at her with each reaming thrust. He let go of her ass and allowed her to thrust back against him in counter rhythm once more and buried his hands in her hair then tugged her up so her back was against his chest and dropped down to his heels and sat her on his cock. He slid one hand from her fiery main to hold her close and pinched and rolled her nipple. She was close, he could feel it. The tight muscles milking him were getting more insistent, and clamped down on him tighter and tighter. Suddenly he knew they were both at the edge.

"Mistress may I speak?" He bit at her earlobe as he asked.

"Speak." she said, hoarse from need.

"May I come please Mistress?"

Fiercely, he bit down on her neck and she screamed again. "COME!"

He shuddered and jerkily thrust into her faster and faster until he surged deep and shot his molten cream into her still spasming ass. He stroked her back and hips as he lay his head on her shoulder. He said nothing just held her and stroked her. Still quivering, she let the game come to an end.

"You're free. Well done." Mistress said softly.

Tenderly, Mike withdrew from Bree's abused back side. Together they showered and talked lazily over room service. It was shaping up to be a spectacular anniversary week's vacation.

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