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Shannon and Taylor were having their close friends Lisa and Bob come over for a day of relaxing. The plan was to cool off in the pool and soak in the hot tub while Taylor smokes different meats for dinner.

Taylor was a flirt and Shannon knew it, she also had suspicions that he might not be faithful. He joked about swinging and over the past year the idea has started to grow on her. Why not open things up a little she thought; after all she wasn't getting any younger. Why not experiment while she was still young. The only thing she needed was for Taylor to take the lead and be in control of the situation and she knew that she could do it.

Shannon was excited about today as she put on her new Victoria Secret Gold buckle monokini. It was a mix between a one piece and a bikini but showed a lot of skin and if the guys get out of hand she could easily flash her breasts. What she liked about the suit was how it hid one of her trouble areas; she was very self conscious of her stomach. She smiled at Taylor as he fired up the Egg while she seasoned the meats.

Shannon grew up catholic and has dreamed about the "white picket fence" life but Taylor wasn't ready to get married. Taylor was a flirt and Shannon wasn't 100% sure that he didn't stay while out of town on business. She did enjoy going out with him and liked watching him flirt with her friends. Over the past years they have had some close calls. Today Shannon knew that Lisa would be topless but didn't think things would move beyond that. Even though Shannon was catholic she felt that there was nothing wrong with kissing or light touching another woman, and the guys sure loved watching! She wasn't sure if they were ready to become swingers but the idea was growing on her. What she enjoyed about the parties was feeling alive and free, she looked forward to having other men show interest in her but due to her upbringing she became very uncomfortable when the conversation of sex came up. For her, things just had to happen and could never plan swapping. Every time that a guy talked about sex Shannon felt pressure and that killed her mood.

Taylor was kicking it and realized that life couldn't get much better. He and his girlfriend Shannon had a beautiful house and thankfully they both were still employed. Sure every time that he looked at his 401k made him nauseous. Right now it was time to enjoy a cool Saturday morning while sipping a Bloody Mary. Their plan was simple, their good friends Lisa and Bob were coming over and they would have a cook out, enjoy some good food while floating in the pool and soaking in the hot tub.

The group had met while working for a now defunct technology company. Taylor hooked up with Shannon while Bob started to date Lisa. What drew Taylor to Shannon was flirty and he found the way she dressed sexy. Course he also loved her 36C breasts and loved how comfortable she was with her body. She had no problems flashing other men or women and he loved that. Lisa was a little taller than Shannon; she was a runner and had a toned body with 36b breasts and large nipples. Taylor loved to flirt with Lisa and watch her nipples become hard, he called them the pokers. Bob was six feet four inches with a lean body while Taylor was six two and a large solid build.

With the collapse of the real estate market all his neighbor homes were in foreclosure. Having the extra privacy was nice but he and Shannon were now stuck in a home that was worth 30% less than they paid for it.

Shannon and Taylor made a pact to cut back on expenses. No longer were they going out to dinner every night. Shannon loved to cook and thought it would be best to stay in for some home cook meals. They also stopped purchasing fifty dollar bottles of wine and made a game of finding great wine for less than ten dollars.

Since Shannon grew up in an Italian household she learned how to cook from an early age. In fact, she loved cooking. Since everyone was having troubles and worries she knew that having friends over would be a great way to grow closer. Plus, she enjoyed hosting parties and all the girls in the group helped her cook and clean.

Shannon came out and refilled Taylor's glass. She looked at him, "Not sure which is harder to believe, the fact that we've become home bodies in the last two months or that were finally able to sit outside during the freaking day and be so comfortable."

Taylor whisked that smile that sent shivers through her body, "Yeah, got to love this time of year."

Ten minutes later there was a knock at the door and in walked Bob and Lisa. Bob was carrying some trays of food while Lisa had the wine. The couples warmly greeted each other and Taylor led Bob outside.

Lisa smiled and teased Shannon by rising up her white cover-up exposing her new black bikini. Shannon smiled and did the same. The girls laughed and hugged both teasing, "Oh how the guys have no hope today."

Shannon went to the refrigerator, "Girl, what's your color?"

Lisa giggled, "Oh yummy, let's start off with a white."

Shannon grabbed a bottle. Taylor saw the girls grab a bottle of wine and went back into the house. He decanted the bottle and gave the girls a generous pour. He wanted to get the party started and get the girls relaxed with a little buzz.

Taylor realized that the girls had a little buzz from drinking wine on an empty stomach. Now was the perfect time to spring his surprise. "Lisa, Shannon got a gift the other day that would make you totally jealous."

The way that Taylor said those words captured Lisa's attention, "Oh? What did she get?"

Taylor cleared his throat, "It's called a Sybian."

Shannon was shocked that he told their close friends. After all this was a sex toy and something you don't share with friends! Shannon slapped Taylor's shoulder, "Taylor what are you doing? Your not suppose to tell anyone about that, you promised!"

What Shannon did not say was how she would love to share her toy. Having sex with Taylor has always been great but riding a Sybian was different an amazing. She loved having her pussy filled while feeling the vibrations from the machine.

Taylor looked stunned, but deep down he knew what he was doing. He was trying to start something, "I don't understand why talking about the Sybian is a big deal?"

Lisa walked over to Shannon and playfully slapped her shoulder. Lisa knew what the Sybian was and had always wanted try one. Bob has shown her several amateur movies with women riding the toy. "Yeah Shannon what's the big deal?"

Shannon shrugged her shoulders knowing she would lose, "Fine." Shannon was kind of thrown off by Lisa's reaction, how did she know what a Sybian was?

Taylor went into their bedroom and retrieved the toy from their closet. Once he set the machine up he called everyone into the room. Once everyone came into the bedroom he looked up and asked "Okay, who's first?" Taylor looked at Shannon hoping that she would take it for a ride.

"You've got be kidding me." Now part of Shannon was embarrassed, after all her friends were looking at her favorite sex toy. She started to wonder if anyone could notice her scent on the dildo. Oh but how she loved riding that toy and even though she was embarrassed she could feel her pussy dampen.

Taylor tried to be smart, "Babe, we paid a lot of money for this thing you should be using it every day!"

There was no way Lisa was not going to try that machine, "I'm game if Bob is okay with it." She first became aware of the machine three years ago but there was no way she could afford one. Lisa reached out and touched the black vinyl.

Bob was completely caught off guard. Sure Lisa liked to flirt and flashes but he never expected her to use a sex toy in front of others. All he could do was say, "Go for it." Now Bob started to wonder where this was heading, would she really ride that toy? What if she did? What would that do to their relationship? Bob and Lisa never talked about enjoying lovers but if she rode that toy would that change their relationship?

Shannon could feel her nipples harden and her juices starting to flow while she enjoyed the thought that her friend was about to mount her toy. She knew that her friend would enjoy the ride and reach a very powerful orgasm. How would the others react watching her cum? What would this do with their friendship? Shannon only hoped that she could work up the courage to ride the Sybian as deep down she was an exhibitionist but needed Lisa's help and encouragement to free herself and allow the slut in her to come out.

Lisa looked down and grabbed the dildo part of the toy, "Guessing this is where I sit?" Taylor had been hitting on her for the past year and truth be told she enjoyed the attention. Lisa wanted to expand her relationship and explore things with Shannon. Lisa was attracted to Shannon and was open to sleeping with her and felt that by using her toy thing would heat up between the two couples. Bob tended to sit back and watch thing happen so Lisa had to be a little aggressive and push things forward. Lisa's pussy was wet in anticipation of her ride. She was comfortable with her body and loved to flash but even for her this was something new. She knew that the guys would love watching her and she wanted them to watch her. The dildo wasn't the longest plastic cock she's enjoyed, but it was thick and she knew it would give her something to grip onto.

Shannon laughed then moved next to Lisa, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Lisa looked into Shannon's eyes, "Do you enjoy riding this toy?"

Shannon blushed not able to hide how much she enjoyed riding the Sybain, "Girl, its freaking amazing." Why hold back she knew Lisa and knew that look on her face. There was no way Lisa wasn't gonna ride that toy.

"Yeah, then I'm gonna. Bob rented a couple of movies where the women were riding these things and I want to try. So, if you'll don't mind but I'm game!"

Sure the group has seen Lisa and Shannon nude before, but it's late at night and mostly in the hot tub. This was something new. Sure there are times during the day where the girls will flash on the beach but this was new. Taylor was excited and couldn't wait to watch Lisa mount that dildo. Who knows, maybe Shannon will do the same after Lisa enjoys her first orgasm of the night.

Lisa had to think about how she was going to pull this off. There was a little part of her that wanted to be modest but what the Hell? She was about to ride a sexy toy in front of her friends so why be modest? Hell with it, she reached down and pulled her cover up off. She still had her bikini on. Lisa knew that her nipples were hard and that the guys would enjoy seeing them poke though her bikini top. Time to turn the heat up and since everyone has seen her topless it was time to expand their friendship. Even though Bob never talked about it she was confident that Bob would be comfortable with her choice. After all Bob enjoyed watching her flash so why not step things up?

Bob was aroused and started to worry about what Lisa was about to do. Part of him wanted to watch her after all he loved seeing her nude and felt very lucky to have her as a girlfriend. He knew that other men looked at her and if given the chance Taylor would fuck Lisa. Deep down he also wanted to fuck Shannon. Was their relationship strong enough? Damn, he needed to adjust his hard cock. Then he started to think about what if Taylor actually did Lisa and what if he could do Shannon?

Taylor realized that Lisa was serious. More importantly Shannon was not trying to stop her. That meant that tonight things were about to change. After all he's had a little crush on Lisa from the moment he saw her. He loved how flirty she was and how she enjoyed flashing. Lisa was the one girl that brought out the naughty side in Shannon. Taylor has been trying to get the girls into swapping and tonight they were about to take one step towards his goal.

With Lisa's cover up on the floor she could felt the cool air. Slowly she walked over to the Sybian and went down to her hands and knees. She felt her body come alive knowing that everyone was going to watch her mount this toy. Her pussy was wet and she started to feel the need to be filled. Once she mounted the toy, she pulled her thong to the side exposing her shaved pussy to her friends. Slowly she lowered herself down on the dildo. The dildo wasn't large but it was thick. She gasped once the dildo was fully in and her clit rested against base of the toy. This machine was designed to give a woman maximum pleasure. Not only was her pussy filled but her clit rested against a nub. She loved having her walls stretched to accommodate the thickness. When she opened her eyes she noticed Shannon had the controls. The machine came to life.

Shannon turned the machine on and watched for Lisa's reaction. She felt kind of strange sharing her sex toy. The guys were started to show signs of arousal and Taylor was fully hard. Shannon knew that things were about to become very interesting as they all watched Lisa ride the toy. How would she react after she came? What would Bob do?

Bob reached down and started to untied Lisa's bikini. He wanted to see her breasts and knew that Taylor would also. Lisa smiled while looking up at Shannon.

Shannon felt a little jealous as the guys were only paying attention to Lisa. Shannon reached down and unclipped her bikini and pulled the top off. She then pulled her cover up over her head so that the guys could see her body. Lisa smiled and blew her a kiss. Taylor reached up and cupped Lisa's bare breasts but quickly pulled his hands back. Bob moved closer and started to lick her left nipple. Taylor started to tease Lisa's right nipple. Bob removed Lisa's bikini top while Shannon removed her bikini bottom. Now both women were nude, while Lisa was enjoying the toy Shannon hoped that the guys would start to touch her.

Part of Shannon was stunned, watching her best friend riding her sex toy. She was happy for Lisa to let go and enjoy the toy but she wanted the guys to focus on her. Shannon knew that it was time to heat things up and what more would the guys love but if she started to touch Lisa.

Now she felt more confident as Bob and Taylor started to touch her. Shannon reached between Lisa's legs to feel her very wet pussy, "You like Sybian don't you?"

"Oh yeah, I love it." Lisa closed her eyes, "But I think the boys need to undress."

Shannon knew how Lisa felt after all she's enjoyed that toy many nights. The first part of excitement was sitting on the dildo, and then the rush of arousal when the vibrator kicked on. Shannon was embarrassed feeling a little guilty from watching Lisa knowing that both men loved watching her on the toy, she wanted the attention.

One of Shannon's fantasies has long been to hold two hard cocks. She's always wanted to be with two men but never thought it would happen since most men are unable to share their women. However, as she watched Bob and Taylor she knew that things might heat up. She enjoyed watching the guys undress and enjoyed seeing their bodies. Lisa was totally lost in her own world riding that toy.

Shannon was happy to see that both men were hard and even happier when she reached out to hold their cocks. Oh how Shannon enjoyed the rush from the feeling of power, arousal as her hand slide down their thick shafts. She liked how tight their skin was over the rock hard shafts.

Now Shannon was torn, what did she want? How would it feel to have Taylor behind her with his thick cock deep in her pussy while taking Bob in her mouth?

Lisa was lost in her own world and did not mind that Shannon was holding Bob's cock, she liked that fact that Shannon was doing that and hoped to watch Shannon suck on him. Lisa wasn't sure what Shannon would do or how far she would take things. Would Shannon suck both guys? What if Shannon mounted Bob?

Shannon was reading Lisa's body language and knew that she was in a good place. She leaned forward taking Bob's cock into her mouth. She hoped that Taylor would pick up on things and take her to bed so that she could be double teamed. She needed a hard cock and wanted to suck off Bob. Shannon noticed that the tip of Bob cock was smaller than Taylor's and found it easer taking him deep into her mouth. Shannon went down taking all of Bob's hard cock into her mouth.

Taylor reached down and pulled her up, "Bob, we can take this to the bed and watch Lisa."

Shannon had not kissed another man in many years let alone sucked a guy's cock other than Taylor's. When she looked down, Lisa seemed to be enjoying herself riding the Sybian. Taylor manhandled Shannon till she was on her hands and knees. When Shannon opened her mouth Bob moved his cock against her lips. Shannon took him in her mouth again.

When Lisa opened her eyes she was happy to see Shannon sandwiched between the two men. She knew how much Bob loved receiving head and was happy her friend was sucking him off. Lisa watched as Taylor moved behind Shannon. She gasped when Taylor reached down and held his cock to guide himself into Shannon.

It's been a fantasy of Lisa to watch another couple having sex and even though Taylor was doing Shannon Lisa was unable to focus on them due to the Sybian. Oh, she had to get one for herself. Never did she think Bob would be with another woman, but now things were different with his cock in her best friend's mouth. She closed her eyes to focus on riding the Sybian with her orgasm quickly approaching.

Shannon loved being between two men to have them focus on her. Bob was shy at first not touching her until she reached for his hand and placed it on her breasts. Oh yeah, she could have this happen again. To feel Taylor thick cock in her, while sucking on Bob was truly amazing. Every time Taylor pushed his cock deep into her it forced her to take Bob deeper into her mouth. Talk about a rush feeling two men touching her both wanting to feel her body and use her for their own pleasure.

Lisa could feel her orgasm starting to build. She did what felt natural and pressed her clit hard against the vibrator sending more waves of pleasure though her body.

Taylor couldn't believe his luck watching Lisa ride the Sybian while Shannon was giving a blow job to Bob. He's been trying to expand their bedroom with others and now it was happening. When he looked down, he could tell that Lisa was getting close and hoped that Lisa would join them in bed soon. He wanted to do Lisa for some time and seeing that Shannon was sucking Bob maybe Lisa would want Taylor to do her.

Lisa never enjoyed giving head she would rather get fucked then suck on a cock; however, she did love it when Bob went down on her.

Lisa screamed, "Oh, oh my god! Oh geese it so good Bob, I'm cumming."

Then Taylor pulled out and Lisa was impressed. His cock looked to be double the thickness of Bob's and Lisa wanted that in her.

"Oh I've never felt something like that before, Shannon I love your toy it's freaking amazing!"

Shannon laughed, "Good, them come up here and take one of the guys for me."

Lisa slowly dismounted the toy, made her way up to the bed and pulled Taylor back till his cock slipped out of Shannon. "That toy was great but now I need something thick in me."

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