tagFetishSycophant Ch. 01

Sycophant Ch. 01


The lull of a hot Indian summer day lingered even after sundown, dewy air hanging over the city. Only the familiar chime of a shop-door bell alerted anyone to relief of the muggy weather as cool air offered salvation when the door swung open. People passed in and out, unremarkable each one of them in the way a customer is a customer, an order is a simple order. A regular, however, was different. Each day this woman ordered a different item, her timeliness making her shopping like clockwork. Eight fifteen, on the dot. Not a minute late or early she strolled in, the familiar click of pumps across the wooden floor. Ezra sprung to life much like a dog howls and perks up when its owner returns, eager to crack open the case and indulge the woman's desire for the day. Strange to some, the unspoken relationship between the two grew a little stronger, a little closer every day she stopped in, pocket book in hand ready to purchase sweets in anticipation. Ezra knew her rhythm, her mannerisms, her favorites. He played this card well that day, as this was the day he made his move, played his hand instead of folding like so many times before.

"Valerie!" Nimble fingers toyed with a few buttons on the register, nervous jitters getting the best of him, as usual. "How uh...how are you?" Was she staring at the smudges of flour on his shirt? Maybe she was making note of his lack of a haircut. Or thought it was cute? The possibilities were infinite as each minute detail sped through his head, a trait well desired in pastry but also despised when it came to the social aspects of life.

"As always, hungry! What've ya got?" Valerie ran her tongue over her lips, painted a deep plum today. Each quirk of her lip and every time she swooned over billowing mounds of whipped cream was torture to Ezra. Worst of all was when he 'forgot' to place a napkin under her plate and she simply licked the corners of her mouth, dark verdant eyes flicking over to him. Simply sumptuous. Oh, yes. Valerie knew he loved her reckless eating habits, often forgoing fork for fingers on shortcake. The time she plucked the johnny jump-ups from a fondant smoothed white cake and stuck them in her hair. She wasn't oblivious to her admirer. She'd never be the first to admit, however. Ezra had to work for it.

"An oldie but goodie: dark chocolate covered berries over a vanilla custard...Would uh.." They were alone. Fortune obviously smiled upon him that night.

"You like to try it before you buy?"

It took more effort to keep his hand from shaking as he scooped out a generous spoonful of custard, a few chocolate smothered raspberries and strawberry slices resting on top. She was hungry, as always according to her. Hungry could mean so many things. It could be her appetite, one that she needed no help fulfilling, as evidence to her thick waistline, though so tiny in comparison to rounded hips. Hips that sat in the table in front of Ezra, shifting while she sat there everyday ever so gently; Valerie had an adorable habit of wriggling in her seat when something was extra-delicious, which meant Ezra bore witness to her swaying every night. Or perhaps that hungry look on her face when he turned the spoon handle towards her that disappeared instantaneously, wide eyed no more as they shut and something else opened. Valerie's grip on the edge of the table tightened just a bit more, lips parted as she waited for Ezra to do what he only daydreamed of.

"..Valerie?" She opened an eye, quirked a brow, and leaned forward. Did she know the top button of her blouse was open ever so slightly that he could...no. Ezra knew he shouldn't look. He also knew he shouldn't be spoon feeding a regular customer, but he lifted the treat to her mouth, bottom of the spoon resting on those plum colored lips as she did the rest. Ezra caught a glimpse, he was only human after all. It was simply enchanting, really, the way the canary yellow bra played against her immaculate skin, colored like something belonging in the display case, perhaps a delicate milk chocolate square. He was sure a kiss on Valerie's skin would be more sweet and melt even faster, however. So he dove in for a taste. As quickly as she savored the vanilla crème, Valerie leaned over the counter as Ezra's hot breath warmed her neck while the strain on her blouse grew more tense, till a 'pop' resonated through the air. It was serendipitous, the ivory clasp busting, giving Ezra more surface area to caress with soft lips, tongue flitting out to sample a drop of stray custard slowly trailing down to nestle between her breasts. All the while, the lights outside began to glow as dusk came and still nobody else entered or even passed the shop.

Valerie was...intoxicating, simply. He drank in her scent, a mix of vanilla, redolent roses, and strongest of all, chocolate while he buried his face in her cleavage, resurfacing for air and to dot her lips and cheeks. Of course she had no qualms with this as heard by her soft moans and low growls that picked up with her heaving chest. The ravenous, reckless passion was broken for a moment, Ezra grasping her hand to lead her around the register. Even then he couldn't stop himself from lavishing her hand and arm with kisses, the action potential of lust never stopping, never slowing down.

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