tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSydney's New Year's Bang

Sydney's New Year's Bang


Sydney Mason was one top-notch businesswoman. She was a Public Relations executive for Minova Corp and did her job very well. Indeed, Sydney had always excelled wherever she went.

The attractive 31-year old had a reputation for success. Sydney had a shapely figure and a 34-C bust that she prominently displayed with tight clothing. She was tall, standing almost 5-8, and usually wore heals to add an inch or two. Her hair was died platinum blond. Sydney's natural color was a dirty blond, but she found as a teenager that the platinum look accented her pale complexion. She was one of those women who avoided the sun. Her delicate creamy skin would burn rapidly, never allowing her to tan the way most women do. In fact, she often was taunted with the nickname 'albino' at school. At least until she was 13 and her body began developing faster than most girls in her class did. Sydney learned then and there that she could easily make friends amongst the guys.

Sydney had been an honor student throughout high school and college. And her success followed her into her career. Sydney was no prude. She enjoyed sex and had a healthy sex life. But she made sure that any man she was with had to earn the opportunity to get into her panties. While she had her share of lovers, each and every one had endured a harsh ritual in giving Sydney whatever she wanted until she rewarded them. Unfortunately for Sydney, her attitude also made it difficult for her to have a successful relationship. Nearly every man she was with had eventually grown tired with her pious manner. While she was beautiful and sexy, they could not take her for long and would eventually leave. Those few who did try to stay suffered the most from her harsh, dominant behavior and were eventually cast aside by her anyway.

Sydney was the same in the workplace. After a couple successful jobs she found herself working in sales at Minova Corp. Sydney excelled in this, using her charms and good looks to her advantage as she dealt with male executives at other companies. While privately Sydney was a high strung bitch. In public she knew how to make herself into the perfect sweetheart. She also knew how to dress to show off her shapely body in the best way possible. She enjoyed the notion that she left more than one high paid executive's office knowing that he was sporting a full erection. Sydney even slept with a few clients. But only after securing several high dollar contracts over a series of many months.

After a successful career in sales Sydney had been asked to join Minova's Public Relations Department as an Executive Manager. The job paid well and Sydney accepted immediately and had been doing a great job for over two years now.

John worked in the Public Relations Department with Sydney. He could not stand the pretty blonde's disposition around the office. Worse, he knew that an opening was about to come up for the vice president's position and was confident that Sydney would beat him out of the job. Even if it meant her blowing half the members of the Board of Directors to get it. John found Sydney to be a very attractive woman. But he knew that she didn't feel the same about him. John had no power or ability to provide Sydney with anything of value and therefore was useless to her. He only imagined how difficult things would be once she got the Director's position.

Sydney knew that John resented her and did not care. She also knew that he had the hots for her as well. "Fat chance he has." She thought to herself when she first noticed the bulge in his crotch after a one-on-one meeting they had together. She figured that once she got the job she would see to it that he either transferred out or would put enough pressure on him that he would quit.

Sydney went home that night and dressed to go out for a New Year's Eve party. She put on a tight fitting red dress that showed plenty of cleavage and a good amount of her long legs. After fixing herself up to look sexy enough to drive most men mad Sydney left and drove to a nearby nightclub where she knew that several co-workers would be. She mingled with everyone during the night but never did find anyone with whom she felt the urge to hook up with. She did run into one man, Eddie, a younger man from her neighborhood. He was there with several of his buddies. Sydney had met Eddie before and, though he was attractive, he was way too young for her and made too little money to attract someone of Sydney's stature. But Eddie dared to ask her to dance and was reprimanded by the leggy blond in return. Which caused no small amount of ribbing from his friends.

Shortly after midnight Sydney decided to call it a night and go home. Someone had come around offering fresh glasses of Champaign and insisted that she have "one for the road." Sydney was not one to turn down a free drink and took the offered glass and made one final toast to the New Year. The last thing she remembered was walking outside and heading to her car. She thought she remembered someone coming up to assist her but wasn't positive of what else transpired.

She awoke finding herself lying on the floor of her living room. She could hear the stereo playing and wondered when she had turned it on. She shook off the grogginess and realized that she was not alone. She saw Eddie sitting on the couch drinking a beer. There were several other men in the room, and a couple girls. Sydney made a quick count and discovered that she had fourteen unwelcome guests in all.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" She bellowed as she rose from the floor. Then she froze in panic when she saw her red dress lying a few feet away. Sydney looked down at herself only to discover that she was stark naked. She tried to cover her shaved pussy and exposed tits as she jumped to her feet.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"Relax, Sydney." Eddie replied. "You invited us all in for a little party. At least that's what you're neighbors will all testify too. They saw you come in willingly with us. Then after a few drinks you gave us a little strip tease show before passing out on the floor."

Sydney refused to believe what Eddie told her. But she was distracted from replying when she saw one of the men holding a camcorder in her direction.

"We have your dance on tape." Eddie continued.

"Get out of here before I call the cops!" Sydney shouted.

"Not before we get what we came for." Eddie said, jumping to his feet to come face to face with the naked blond.

Sydney turned to flee but was grabbed by Eddie, who tossed her to the floor. She fought against him but he easily overpowered her. When his mouth dropped to her breast and began sucking her nipple she began crying out for help.

"Shout all you want, bitch," Eddie told her. "You know that you're house is far enough away from the others to be heard.

Two men got down and held her arms while Eddie stood and began undressing. When he dropped his pants she saw his 8-inch cock standing at attention.

"Please, Eddie. Don't do this to me!" She begged.

"Well isn't this a switch," Eddie grinned. "The ice-queen about to get fucked by someone who hasn't paid you your due."

Eddie got on the floor between her legs and pressed his cock against her tight pussy. He began pressing into her dry hole, slowly making his way deeper with short strokes until Sydney's pussy began lubricating the entrance for him. Sydney blushed a bright red as she felt her pussy growing wet for her attacker. Then Eddie thrust all the way inside her. Sydney screamed in rage as this young punk began fucking her. She could not believe that he was taking her against her will like this. Sydney was no stranger to wanton sex. But never had she been used or abused. She had always been the one in command. Now here she was getting raped before a group of strangers. Worse, they were videotaping her ordeal.

Eddie rammed her cunt with pleasure. He had often watched Sydney, and couldn't believe that this opportunity had come up tonight. He never hesitated when the prospect arose, and quickly recruited some willing friends to participate. They had spiked a class with drugs and then had someone give it to her. Then followed her out when she left. Eddie ended up driving Sydney's car to her house. And made sure that they made enough noise when entering to attract some attention. Sydney was so out of it that she did whatever was asked of her, so any onlookers were surprised when they saw the uptight blond flashing her tits and letting a couple of the guys fondle her. Once inside she had done a little dance for them while undressing. Eddie knew that with that on camera that he had enough proof to show that she was willing. So now he busied himself by thrusting his cock into her smooth cunt waiting to fill her with his cum.

Sydney quit struggling, at least until she heard Eddie shout out that he was about to cum. Then she renewed her efforts in order to get him out of her before his seed entered her belly. Sydney had never let a man cum in her without a condom. But this time she had no choice in the matter. Eddie thrust faster and deeper into her cunt. Then groaned with delight as his semen began splattering her insides. He continued his thrust until completely satisfied that her twat had milked him dry.

When Eddie got off of her Sydney tried to struggle, but was quickly grabbed by more of the men. She discovered that now everyone in the room was naked. She was thrust over an ottoman and held still while a second man began to fuck her. When she tried to scream someone got in front of her and shoved his cock into her open mouth. Sydney tried to pull her head away but his hands grabbed both sides and held her tight as he began fucking her pretty face. Her attacker showed no mercy as he rammed his cock into her throat. Sydney could see the camera out of the corner of her eye and knew that this was all making it onto tape.

The man behind her continued ramming her cunt, filling her pussy with cum for the second time that night. He pulled out and Sydney felt a third man take his place. As he started fucking her she felt the cock in her mouth begin swelling a little more. Then she felt his sticky load pop into her mouth. The salty taste made her want to gag as more and more flooded her mouth. She was forced to swallow the load but some of it managed to spill out over her lips.

The cock in her mouth pulled out and Sydney was left panting as she was reamed from behind. Then she could feel him shooting his load into her as well.

Sydney was grabbed and lifted off the floor by several of the men. And laid on her back on the coffee table. Her head hung over one end and her ass hung off the other. Someone grabbed her legs and raised them while getting on their knees and shoving their cock into her pussy. Her head was forced back down and another man got over her face. He forced Sydney to lick his balls, then shoved his cock into her mouth. While she was once again being fucked from both ends she felt lips surround her hardened nipples and begin licking and sucking them. Someone's finger was also playing with her hardened clit. Much to her surprise and horror, Sydney could feel her body starting to respond to all the stimulation. It had been a couple months since her last sexual encounter, and she had been growing pretty horny with every passing day. Now her body was aching for release but she did not want to allow herself to climax with his twisted bunch of animals that were ravaging her. As she tried resisting she felt the man in her mouth begin to spew his cum into her. She tried to hold it without swallowing but he pinched her nose, blocking her breathing until she reluctantly swallowed. Only then did he allow her to breathe again.

As he pulled out another man took his place in her mouth. As she began sucking him the cock in her pussy unloaded its contents and was quickly replaced by another. Sydney gasped as this one entered her. She guessed that he was at least ten inches by the way he filled her. He began ramming her insides, striking hard against her cervix with every stroke. In all the madness Sydney began to lose it. She could feel her climax coming on. She tried to resist, but all of this stimulation was just too much for her. She fought back with all her effort, but then the cock in her mouth erupted in a gooey mess, coating her throat once more. As she focused on swallowing she mentally dropped her guard and her pussy exploded with rapture. "Yes!" She cried out as the cock in her mouth withdrew. She immediately wished she could have the word back as she saw the camera capturing her shouts of pleasure. But she could not hold back now. Sydney's cunt was spamsing with delight as the massive cock inside her brought her to orgasm. She was shocked to see that the lips and tongues working her tits were those of the two young ladies in the room. Despite the forced pleasure she was feeling she was disgusted by the thought of another woman touching her.

The man in her cunt brought her back to reality as he slammed harder and deeper than before. With a shout he blasted her insides with his seed. Sydney feared that he would permanently damage her pussy with his violent thrusts.

He pulled out of her and both holes were filled again by two more men. Sydney could not fight the urge to climax again as these two men invaded her. She orgasmed once more before they both spilled their semen into her. Then two more men took her. Her mind was racing with mixed emotions. She wanted to escape her attack. But her body was now in the throws of a third orgasm. She swallowed the cum of one man but the other continued fucking her. She caught herself shouting out her forced pleasure again as his cock brought her to a fourth climax before finally spilling into her.

Sydney lay atop the table fully humiliated. A dozen men had just taken her. Men whom she would never have allowed the chance to come close to her anywhere else. But now she had been taken violently. Forced to swallow the cum of five of them while taking another seven loads into her pussy. Something which she had never allowed even her closest boyfriends to do. And worst of all. She had climaxed four times for them. And all on tape.

"Please, leave me alone." She whispered.

But Eddie was standing over her. His cock hard once more. "Not yet, Sydney. We still have plenty of time to have some fun here."

Sydney tried to get up but was not able to. Then she felt someone between her legs again. At first she thought she was about to get fucked once more. But she was jolted by the touch of a tongue against her swollen clit. She raised her head and saw the black haired girl's faced buried in her crotch.

"Oh god no!" She cried out. But the young blond girl held her arms. Sydney fought back tears as she saw the camera capturing the image of her being licked by another woman. She had no strength to resist and collapsed back on the table as the other girl continued lapping at her well-used petals. Sydney's hips began rising and falling along with the licks. She understood all too well that this woman was doing a better job between her legs than most men have ever done. The other girl was playing with Sydney's boobs, watching her face with joy as Sydney struggled against the growing desires between her legs. The woman was good. Too damn good, Sydney thought. She was brought to the edge of orgasm several times only to be denied. Her breathing was heavy, her eyes rolling and she could not help but beg for release in order to end this. After several minutes of her looking into the camera and begging to be allowed to cum her show was brought to the finale. The girl munched on Sydney's clit until the platinum blond was crying out loud as her orgasm wracked her body.

Sydney's climax finished, and the black haired girl rounded the table and straddled Sydney's face. Sydney was held tight, but continued jerking her head to avoid the wet lips of the girl's pussy as they were being pressed against her face. Soon she was forced to end the struggle and allowed the pussy lips to come into direct contact with her mouth. She fought back the urge to gag as she began eating the pussy of the woman who had just gotten her off. This was the moment of final defeat for Sydney. The moment where her degradation destroyed the hardened shell around her. Sydney lapped the cunt at her mouth, forcing herself to concentrate on the girl's clit. Soon she could hear, as well as feel, that the woman atop her was having her own orgasm. Sydney's face was drenched by the pussy as she continued licking away. Then the girl got up and the blond girl took her place on Sydney's face. Sydney began orally pleasuring the second woman of her life. Sucking and licking the hard clit at her mouth. It took this girl quite a long time before she finally climaxed. But when she did her pussy drenched Sydney's mouth.

Sydney lay on the table when the blond got up. She had satisfied them all. Now she only wanted to be left alone. But she quickly learned that her ordeal was not yet over. She was grabbed and dragged to the ottoman once more. There she was held down as Eddie took position behind her. He thrust his cock into her cum-filled, soaking hole. He slowly slid in and out of her, stimulating her once more. Then pulled out and pressed his cock against her tight anal ring.

"No, please don't." Sydney cried out. This was another area that Sydney had never explored. The thought of being fucked in the ass both repulsed and frightened Sydney. Now she was about to experience it first hand. Eddie pressed on, breaking through her anal ring and sliding inside her chute until he had achieved full entry. Sydney cried out in pain as he pushed in. Then her cries were intensified as he began forcefully fucking her upturned ass. Sydney held tight to the ottoman as Eddie took her anal cherry. She could feel her ass stretching to accommodate him. And soon the pain was diminishing. Eddie took great pleasure in busting her ass open. He fucked her with long, deep strokes for several minutes before quickening his pace as he felt his balls tighten. Then he launched his hot cum into her ass.

Eddie pulled out with enough force to jerk Sydney backwards. She was quickly grabbed and forced to straddle another man. She sat on his cock and felt someone else getting behind her. Her cries began again as she felt another cock pressing into her ass. But she was silenced as a third man stood beside her, grabbing her head and forcing her to suck his cock. Now Sydney was being taken by three men at once. She felt the two cocks inside her rubbing together on either side of the thin flesh separating them. She thought she would be torn apart as the two men pistoned themselves inside her. Throughout it all she was forced to continue sucking on the cock in her mouth. The man in her ass came first, but did not pull out of her until the one in her pussy climaxed. Then both remain in position until she sucked and swallowed the cum from the cock in her mouth.

As soon as she was finished three more men grabbed her and the scene was repeated once more. Sydney found herself impaled by three more cocks. But this time her body was responding again. She was greedily sucking the cock in her mouth while rising and falling of her own accord with the cocks in her ass and pussy. Soon Sydney was having another orgasm. The pain in her ass was replaced by pleasure throughout her body.

After they finished with her three more men took Sydney. She found herself climaxing again before each of them filled her with their seed. Once finished, she looked to the last two remaining men. One of them was the guy with the huge cock. What Sydney had thought to be 10-inches was closer to 12. Her pussy was dripping but she wanted that cock in her again.

"Please fuck me." She said.

"What was that?" Eddie said to her."

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